Evilositian Army

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Evilositian Army
Their logo as drawn horribly by Evil Pengy
Name Evilositian Army
Type Small Army
Foundation June 30, 2013
Head Evil Pengy
Job Miscellaneous mischief making
Members Parf, Dr. Warp, Chibi Pengu, Sir Puffley, Count Candula, Mailman X, Señor Enchilada, The Juicer, Scrubby, Sparkly Applesauce
Headquarters Lair of Evilosity

Speaker.png Click here to listen to the Evilositian Army's theme!

The Evilositian Army is an "army" consisting of various supervillains (and not so supervillains) commanded by Evil Pengy, with the intent of carrying out his evil deeds and hopefully one day taking over Antarctica. They were founded after his escape from the Elite Penguin Force in 2013. Although officially an army, it's more just a group of supervillains teaming up to cause trouble.

Thanks to Evil Pengy's philosophy of "if you're not with me, you're my enemy", the Evilositian Army considers all other villain groups rivals.


After committing mostly petty crimes ever since the beginning of his criminal career in 2005, after breaking out of jail in 2013, Evil Pengy decided to do some serious damage. To show the world that he was back in action, he planned to destroy Shops Island, although after Warp's nuke was a failure, he decided to take it over instead and created his "army" to accomplish his goal. Parf tagged along, even though Evil Pengy didn't really like him, while Warp and Chibi Pengu were forced to join at ban-point. He then got to work recruiting other villains, although only a few actually joined. Afterwards, they stupidly launched their attack on Shops Island, and briefly took over one of their independent states, Chill Island.

Following their defeat, Radztur and WATuDOIN left the army, and Notta Secretagent was kicked out when they discovered the shocking truth that he actually was a secret agent.

In 2015, Evil Pengy attempted to expand the Evilositian Army by recruiting mr skeltal and his team of misfits. Evil Pengy and mr skeltal soon got into an argument over who should be the leader of the army after mr skeltal claimed that he would be better suited for it. mr skeltal left after this and took his team with him to create the League of Villainous Evil-doers. Despite this incident, he later recruited Señor Enchilada, The Juicer, Scrubby, and Sparkly Applesauce.

In October 2017, the army went to Eastshield in an attempt to capture the Club Penguin Weekee's beloved mascot Kermit and ransom him back to the administration. They made the mistake of severely underestimating him, and were easily fought off. Unfortunately, the Weekee was heavily damaged by their Bombs of Trolling in the process.

In June 2018, Evil Pengy mobilized the army to lead an assault on Acadia with eggs and cheese. They flew fighter jets custom made and tested all year by Warp, personally led by Evil Pengy. During the assault, Mailman X, Sir Puffley, The Juicer, and Scrubby were shot down, and Parf crashed his fighter. The five were captured by the Acadian army to go on trial.


The army's primary weapons are the Bombs of Trolling. Warp also invents other weapons from time to time, which usually don't function that well.

They also occasionally make use of Count Candula's cursed candies.


Former Members[edit]


  • While preparing to go to battle, they wear shower caps as an inside joke.
  • The army is sometimes referred to as "Unorganized Crime".
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