Evilositian Army

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Evilositian Army
Their logo as drawn horribly by Evil Pengy
Name Evilositian Army
Type Small Army
Foundation June 30, 2013
Head Evil Pengy
Job Miscellaneous mischief making
Members Chibi Pengu, Count Candula, Dr. Warp, The Juicer, Mailman X, Parf, Señor Enchilada, Scrubby, Sir Puffley, Sparkly Applesauce
Headquarters Lair of Evilosity

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The Evilositian Army is an "army" consisting of various supervillains (and not so supervillains) commanded by Evil Pengy, with the intent of carrying out his evil deeds and hopefully one day taking over Antarctica. They were founded after his escape from the Elite Penguin Force in June 2013, and have been causing mischief around Antarctica ever since. Thanks to Evil Pengy's philosophy of "if you're not with me, you're my enemy", the Evilositian Army considers all other villain groups rivals.



After committing mostly petty crimes ever since the beginning of his criminal career in 2005, after breaking out of jail in 2013, Evil Pengy decided to do some serious damage. To show Antarctica that he was back in action, he planned to destroy Shops Island, although after Warp's nuke was a failure, he decided to take it over instead and created his "army" to accomplish his goal. Parf tagged along, even though Evil Pengy didn't really like him, while Warp and Chibi Pengu were forced to join by Evil Pengy's orders. He then got to work recruiting other villains using a list of emails he had stolen from the Walrus Crime Ring, although only Radztur, Count Candula, Sir Puffley, Mailman X, WATuDOIN, and Notta Secretagent actually joined as a result of Evil Pengy previously ticking off most of the villains he contacted. Afterwards, they stupidly launched their attack on Shops Island, but were shot down by the Shopper Intelligence Agency once they reached Shops City.

After escaping SIA custody, they escaped on a stolen fishing boat to regroup and landed on Chill Island. They were easily able to take over, and planned on using it as their base of operations before they tried taking over Shops again. The interference of Tyler forced them into Chill World, where they successfully defeated the drone, but were quickly cornered by the Chill Island Protection Force. Evil Pengy attempted to escape, but was stopped by the arrival of the Elite Penguin Force, led by PSA and Notta Secretagent, who was shockingly discovered to actually be a secret agent. Evil Pengy, Count Candula, Sir Puffley, and Mailman X were taken into EPF custody, while Dr. Warp, Parf, Chibi Pengu, Radztur, and WATuDOIN escaped, with the latter two leaving the army entirely.


In 2015, Evil Pengy attempted to expand the Evilositian Army by creating branches of the Evilositian Army in other locations around Antarctica to maximize their chaos. The first branch was created after Evil Pengy recruited mr skeltal, his second-in-command Mister Bones, and Something the So-and-So. Evil Pengy and mr skeltal soon got into an argument over who should be the leader of the army after mr skeltal claimed that he would be better suited for it. mr skeltal left after this and turned the branch into League of Villainous Evildoers. As a result, Evil Pengy scrapped the plan to create other branches as he felt he didn't have enough control over them.

Despite this incident, he later recruited Señor Enchilada, The Juicer, Scrubby, and Sparkly Applesauce.

Attempt to capture Kermit[edit]

In October 2017, the army went to Eastshield in an attempt to capture the Club Penguin Weekee's beloved mascot Kermit the Frog and ransom him back to the administration after Evil Pengy received an anonymous letter by Constantine intended to manipulate them into causing harm to the heroic frog. Upon arrival, they began spamming and vandalizing the Weekee with the Bombs of Trolling to lure out Kermit and ambush him. As expected, he arrived shortly, but they made the mistake of severely underestimating his fighting abilities, and were easily fought off. The next day, they returned with various traps hastily constructed by Warp. These proved to be useless as Kermit skillfully evaded them and then turned them on the army, destroying them due to their flimsy nature. This continued for several days before the army decided to give up and go home. The Weekee was heavily damaged by their Bombs of Trolling during the attacks, but this was easily fixed by the Rollbacks.

Assault on Acadia[edit]

On June 10, 2018, Evil Pengy mobilized the army to lead an assault on Acadia, after picking it out of a hat months prior when trying to decide which country's day to ruin. Dr. Warp custom built and tested special fighter jets all year for the mission.

Personally led by Evil Pengy, and supervised by Warp from the Evil Blimp, the Evilositian Army flew into Acadia that night. It wasn't an ordinary attack though, as the jets were armed with large amounts of eggs and liquid cheese, which made a large mess on the mainland. Using a combination of sophisticated cloaking devices and flying close to the clouds, they were initially able to avoid detection by the Acadian Air Force, and confused residents by causing them to think it was raining eggs and cheese. Although the attack was considered a success, Mailman X, Sir Puffley, The Juicer, and Scrubby were shot down by the Acadian military, while Parf ended up crashing it on his own through sheer incompetence. The five were captured by the to go on trial, although Scrubby easily escaped using his soapy abilities and hid out in Acadia.

The remaining members of the Evilositian Army returned to Acadia shortly after to break the captured members out of jail, assisted by Scrubby.


The Evilositian Army's main goal is to cause mischief, chaos, and mayhem across Antarctica. The army is somewhat a loose alliance, as more often than not all of its members operate by themselves and do their own thing, and are only assembled together when Evil Pengy comes up with a big scheme and needs extra manpower.


Because of the eclectic collection of villains making up the army, their equipment widely varies. Their main weapons are Dr. Warp's Bombs of Trolling, most often used by Evil Pengy, and their main transportation is Evil Pengy's Evil Blimp. They also often make use of Count Candula's cursed candies, and whatever villainous items they can find in Mailman X's mailbag.

For the Evilositian Army's assault on Acadia, the Evilositian Fighter Jets were created by Dr. Warp. These special jets have the capabilities to hold 50 gallons of liquid cheese and 500 dozen eggs, and obviously the ability to fire them. They are also equipped with a highly sophisticated cloaking device to avoid initial detection. Four of the original nine fighter jets are currently in the Evilositian Army's possession, with the other five having been crashed and totaled in Acadia during the raid.

Dr. Warp has also invented other equipment for uses in their various missions. Most of his inventions for this purpose are made on extremely short notice though, and usually fail miserably, like the Super Nuke of Destruction I Guess, intended to blow up Shops Island, or the Frog Traps, used to attempt to capture Kermit.


The Evilositian Army's headquarters is Evil Pengy's home, the Lair of Evilosity. Thanks to the intervention of the Bureau of Entropy, the members of the Evilositian Army are the only ones who are able to remember the lair's location.


  • Evil Pengy - The founder and leader of the army.
  • Parf - An annoying petty thief who somehow found himself involved with Evil Pengy.
  • Dr. Warp - Evil Pengy's inventor, who also makes gadgets for the army's uses.
  • Chibi Pengu - A Mwa Mwa Penguin-like mad science creation of Dr. Warp's. He isn't strong or intelligent enough to serve any real purpose in the army, so he's just sort of there.
  • Sir Puffley - An infamous Puffish criminal.
  • Count Candula - The alter-ego of an unassuming candy maker. Desiring to usher in an age of eternal Halloween, he has been experimenting with cursed candies for years to create a personal army.
  • Mailman X - The army's obligatory X-Antibody.
  • Señor Enchilada
  • The Juicer - An unstable penguin obsessed with making juices using bizarre fruit combinations.
  • Scrubby - A penguin transformed into soap during a fateful confrontation with Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal, giving him shapeshifting powers.
  • Sparkly Applesauce

Former Members[edit]

  • WATuDOIN - A ninja mercenary with a strange interest in balloons. During the Evilositian Army's takeover of Chill Island, WATuDOIN fled at the first sign of trouble and has not been associated with the army since.
  • Radztur - A Shopper supervillain and self-declared nemesis of Chill57181. After the Evilositian Army was defeated on Chill Island, Radztur quit, considering Evil Pengy good for a laugh but not wanting to work for him.
  • Notta Secretagent - Shockingly, an undercover secret agent. He was kicked out of the army after revealing his true identity.


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