Exclamator-Class Space Cruiser

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Exclamator-Class Space Cruiser
The CSV-Supreme Conqueror, an Exclamator-Class Space Cruiser.
Product Information
National Origin Culldromeislesflag.png Culldrome Isles
Ship class Exclamator-Class Space Cruiser
  • Battleship
  • Carrier
  • Support
Length 700 meters
Width 400 meters
Height 175 meters
Hyperspace No
Crew 350
Other Information
Era 21st Century
Affiliation Culldrome Isles

The Exclamator-Class Space Cruiser is a class of Culldrome built space cruisers, capable of space travel. They are designed to carry the Culldrome built A-Wing fighters and to support them in space.


The concept of a large Culldrome-built space ship came around in 2013, in the aftermath of the Great Space Race of 2013. Culldrome was foreshadowed by the technological mights of the USA, Shops Island and Snowzerland. It quickly developed the A-Wing, a small exploratory and fighter spacecraft. Mass production of the A-Wing occurred and the need for a large carrier ship rose. As a result, the Exclamator-Class Space Cruiser was built. After the founding of The Axle Powers, imports and scientific co-operation allowed Culldrome to successfully construct the ship. Today, there are a few more Exclamator-Class being built in mass production, giving Culldrome a small edge in spaceflight.


The Exclamator Space Cruisers are one of the largest spacecraft at present. It has length of 700 meters, a width of 400 meters and a height of 175 meters. The cruisers resemble an elongated triangular shape, with the rear end being much deeper, height wise, as opposed to the front end being thin.

At the front of the ships are the storage compartments, containing food, ammunition and other supplies. Behind that are the large vehicle maintenance, storage and hangar areas. The hangar can house up to 1000 A-Wings. Behind the hangar are the crew quarters, which house 350 crew members and up to 5000 soldiers. Behind that are the maintenance bays, engine rooms and other special and important equipment needed by the ship to function. Above these sections lie the command center and the bridge. This is where the ship and the surrounding battles are commanded from. There are also special offices and quarters for high ranking officials to use.


The Exclamator Cruisers use many sorts of systems to be able to act as a powerful complement of the Culldrome Space Division. It has hundreds of thousands of electrical systems, powered by Porcyals. Several large Porcyals are used to provide the insane amount of electricity for the ship's systems. The Porcyals are also used to power the cruiser's propulsion systems. The Exclamator uses heavy duty ion engines for slow travel and maneuvering. It also uses several large electro-matter engines for fast, interplanetary travel, capable of traveling at around 90% the speed of light. For take-off, landing and hovering, the Exclamator uses dozens of small repulsor engines on its underside.

The extensive electrical systems also powers the Exclamator's shield system. Capable of defending against heavy bombardment, dozens of shield generators scattered around the ship protect it. The shields can cover the entire ship but are usually turned off during travel and non-combat situations. In the ship's hangar bays and the main bridge, the shields have a much higher power, to protect these vital points. The higher power shields have a blue glow and are easily noticeable. However, small friendly spaceships, fitted with a special transmitter, can easily pass these shields so that they can land in the hangar bays.


The Exclamator Space Cruisers have a wide variety of weapons and armaments.

The most used weapons are the Offensive Laser Turrets, or OLT. Although basic, there are dozens of OLTs on the body of the Exclamator ships and their combined power can be devastating to other ships and fighters. The OLT has two modes of firing, Beam or Rain. Beam mode creates a high power beam of purple energy, which is both powerful and energy-hungry. Rain mode creates a large amount of low-powered laser beams, shooting in rapid succession. The modes are changed to best suit the situation.

Another weapon used is the Super Turbolaser. The Super Turbolaser combines four small cannons into one turret. The cannons of the Super Turbolasers can fire in two modes; two at a time or all four together. The Turbolasers have a short cool down time after firing, so firing two cannons at a time allows for quick rapid fire.

The Exclamator ships also use Energy Projectors, which are shaped like a dish. There are two energy projectors on the ship, located on the underside. The projectors are very powerful, and have a very long cool down time. Usage of the Projectors require all electronics on the ship to momentarily flicker and turn off, so as to not overload the ship's power source. When firing, a purple beam is emitted from the projector dish towards the target. The projectors can also have their energy output to be tweaked, allowing it to destroy anything from cities to tiny fighters.

For support, the ship also has several EMP Cannons. These cannons fire small electromagnetic pulses towards their targets, knocking out their electronic systems, both for offense and defense. This allows large ships, which would ordinarily be impossible to take down, to become easy targets.


CSV-Unrelenting Force, testing its landing gear.

The Exclamator cruisers are multipurpose and have many uses. Their primary use is as a carrier, transporting multitudes of spacecraft and soldiers wherever needed. Compared to conventional ships, the cruisers are much superior; the army and air force sometimes use the Exclamator ships as transports. Another main purpose of the cruiser is as a support ship. The Exclamator ships can provide cover fire, supplies and aid to soldiers and space fighters.

In addition to this, the space cruisers can act as a space battleship in its own right. The Exclamator ships have many armaments and can engage large battleships or small fighters and have the power to take them down. They can also take down cities and military bases amongst other things.


  • CSV-Unrelenting Force (Culldrome Space Division's Capital Ship. A larger and more powerful variant.)
  • CSV-Supreme Conqueror
  • CSV-Culldrome Isles
  • CSV-Unstoppable Fury
  • CSV-Absolute Power


  • The Exclamator Cruisers are compatible with the Shopper Prosperity Space Station.
    • The two also frequently support each other in space, such as exchanging supplies.
  • Ed Island contributed a lot with the designing of the Exclamator, helping to design and produce much of the ship's flight computers and systems.
  • They were used in the battle for New Delphis.
  • The cruisers are known as Culldrome's scientific crown jewel, but is also known to have cost vast amounts of money.

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