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The Executive Cabinet of the United States of Antarctica, more commonly as the Executive Cabinet, is the cabinet and a major part of the complicated Executive branch. It is headed by the President of the United States of Antarctica, who appoints various Ministers through the various bureaucracies, called Ministries, that he creates. In some cases, they also act as a privy council to the Chief Justice, which has been held by Judge Xavier ever since The Club left.



List of Ministries[edit]

These contain brief information on each ministry with representation in the Executive Cabinet.

Ministry of Economics[edit]

Ministry of International Relations[edit]

Ministry of Health[edit]

Ministry of Transport[edit]

Responsible for making sure transportation is done good. Agencies include:

  • Federal Antarctic Highway Administration- Maintains all interstate and USA highways. Also makes sure state and county highways are complying with federal regulations.
  • Bureau of Railroads- Responsible for making sure railroads are in order. Owns Antrak, the USA's federal passenger train system. The Bureau has received the most funding and attention of all of the MoT's agencies by the Ministry of Transport since Trainman1405 became the Minister of Transport in 2017.
  • Federal Maritime Administration-Makes and enforces regulations for ships and all watercraft. Your town has a local office, where you must register your boat.

Ministry of Defense[edit]

Ministry of Homeland Security[edit]

Ministry of Trade and Commerce[edit]

Ministry of Education[edit]

Ministry of Agriculture[edit]

Ministry of the Environment[edit]

Ministry of Walri[edit]

Ministry of Labour[edit]

Ministry of Oceans and Aquaculture[edit]

Ministry of Communications[edit]

Although not under their direct jurisdiction, Penguin Mail answers to the Minister of Communications, who also appoints the head of Penguin Mail.

Ministry of Justice[edit]

This agency runs the USA's various Law Enforcement Agencies. Agencies include:

  • PSA-Abolished in 2010 due to top secret documents being leaked by Herbert.
  • EPF-Originally the Special Operations component of the PSA, started in 2008. Replaced it in 2010 (see above).
  • AIA-The USA's other main law enforcement agency.
  • Bureau of Cream Soda, Ditto, and Guns Originally part of the IIRS, to enforce taxes on these items, when certain guns and forms of Ditto were banned, was transferred to the MOJ. Parody of the real life ATF.

Other Bureaucracies[edit]

Car Tsar[edit]



Attorney General's Bureaucracies[edit]


Primary members[edit]

These members were appointed or accepted by the President or are essential for a successful cabinet.

Other members[edit]

These members were appointed by the heads of ministries but are still seated on the cabinet.

Former members[edit]