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Title Exalted Exiled One
Gender Male
Race Walrus
Faction Banished Walrus
Health 80%
Level .5
Status Citzen
Location Dorkugal

Exile1 or DaWalrus was the first Walrus banished


Exile1 was born DaWalrus. He was the modern nerd, wearing glasses, graduation hats, and bow-ties. His momma(not Big Momma Walrus) always told him he would grow up and live in Dorkugal. DaWalrus held onto the dream. So he began to preach that penguins are good and not to vandalize.. Because of that, he got banished.

Soon he took shelter in an abandoned pizza parlor. He ate the leftover hot sauce and ingredients. He changed his name to Exile1 because he was the first one exiled. He refuses to answer to DaWalrus

The pizza parlor was about to be torn down. Someone checed if anyone was inside, and they found Exile. They called the PSA ad brought him to be interviewed. The PSA confirmed he was good after 30 minutes.

Exile is living in Dorkugal.


Exile will be the first walrus to attend Penguin Academy


  • Exile is thinking of changing his name. Tell him not too!

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