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Expedition 3FR00TS
The smart, the silly, and the crazy.
Name Expedition 3FR00TS
Type Expedition group
Head Equally ruled.
Job Explorers
Members Not yet organized.
Headquarters Various meeting places.

Expedition 3FR00TS is a quest to rediscover the Three Fruits of Happiness. There are several valiant penguins involved in the expedition, all embarked on finding something that will change the world once it is found.


When the map to the Three Fruits was found, the South Pole Council approved a bill to an expedition for journeying to the location of the Fruits in January 2011. Many penguins were sent confidential messages inviting them to join.

Austin8310's message

The group still doesn't have enough team members. As of now, the expedition still needs further financing before it can begin the journey. There are 17 members involved that have been chosen because of their special talents and skills that will be essential on the trip. The expedition has begun on the 11th of February, 2011.


Character Special skills Traits Why this character wants to go
Icmer Logistics, electronics Expressive, calm, patient, a bit of a spaz Wants to take a bite of the Fruits (nom).
Johnathan Wolfhunter Protection, engineering, piloting Intelligent, military genius, strong, cocky, money-lover, over-emotion, bribe prone In it for the money.
Austin8310 Fighting, tracking, commanding. Good with weapons, leadership, decent military tactical skill, strong, somewhat unsocial. In it for the glory.
Speeddasher Dark powers, Trained Ninja. Weapons Specialist, strength that exceeds the normal penguin, immortal life-form, imune to disease. In it for the adventure and hoping it will raise his Ninja Skills even higher.
Fudd Lapooh Pranking, coming up with wild and crazy plans Excellent prankster, insane. Just coming along for the ride.
Swiss Ninja Hochstadt Leadership, strategist, fighter, brought a troop of RDA Troopers with him. Selfish, Egotistical, Bossy. He's in this for the self glory, the money, fame, and power.
Pop Cat Manipulating water Nice, loyal Hopes it will improve his powers. Plus he wants to go on an adventure.
Mudd Lapooh Uhhh, none Bumbling idiot He thinks that the note on the fridge told him to join the expedition (he can't even read!)
Gudd Lapooh Brawling Strong, intelligent, great bodyguard Volunteered to protect the team.
James of the Jungle Travelling large sections of jungle quickly Simple, rather clumsy James is currently craving fruit.
Ninjinian Supplier of jet skis/boats, map expert, funding money Minor cookie fits, wealthy, political Was invited and dared by the UnitedTerra Parliament to accept.
Flywish Defender Cocky, strong, fighter Getting boring waiting to attack DTA
Raven Mwa Mwa Fighter Heartless Wanted to hang out with Flywish
Sonic Xtreme Support Weak Wanted to see a big adventure
Rocket Slug Add something here! Add something here! Add something here!
King Triskelle Triskelle wields the Amulet of Water. He also is skilled in ancient High Penguin magic, and wields a sword. Triskelle is a great leader, who is able to exhort and motivate others. He is eloquent, witty, agile, and unpredictable. His magic makes him one of the most powerful High Penguins alive. For adventure's sake. Triskelle loves adventure, having just finished one. Frostborough is currently under reconstruction, with Lasaralyn and Will Whitefoot in command. (During Twilight and Shadow, Triskelle travelled across Antarctica. He happened to go through the mountains of Trans-Antarctica and the forest of Cel Adroth on his way.)
Dark Lorgas Demolitions,Fighting,EVIL,Good Drawing,Programing,Hacking,Inventing,Cooking,and Manipulation. Insane(Sometimes),Cocky,Greedy(Usually),EVIL,Agile,Merciless,Cold,Manipulator. He wants the fruits for his own reason,and is going to betray the team once he gets the fruits.
Expedition 3FR00TS
The noble members.
Start February 2011
End Estimated 30 day trip.
Prerequisites Special talent and skill.
Level 100+
Location N/A
Rewards Glory and a great story to tell.
Various older journeys (all failed) Unknown.


See this.
The map the expedition will be following is very outdated, so it requires proper interpretation to prevent everyone from getting lost.

The map that Master Tin made.

Progress Log[edit]

1/16/11: Confidential letters are sent out to various penguins across Antarctica during the night.
1/17/11: Icmer, Johnathan Wolfhunter, Austin Devecter, and Speeddasher are the first to respond.
1/18/11: XTUX Hun does not respond to the message, so Fudd Lapooh takes his place, much to the chargin of the others.
1/21/11: Swiss Ninja Hochstadt agreed to come along on the trip (along with several RDA troops).
1/23/11: Pop Cat decides that a good adventure would be nice. He joined, bringing Builder with.
1/23/11: Start is delayed to early February because of further insufficient funding.
1/24/11: Sancho Monte Captio agrees to donate 11.5 million pebbles in equipment, transportation, electronic tracking devices and is also providing free flight passes for all those who are traveling, valid for nine months on any SkyAlliance member airline, but is not joining the expedition.
1/26/11: Mudd Lapooh joins without an invitation, and becomes a major nuisance to the expedition.
1/31/11: Of the many penguins that were invited to participate in the expedition, few respond. Judge Xavier threatens cutting funding if this continues. Also, Gudd Lapooh and James of the Jungle join the expedition.
2/1/11: Icmer is spammed with the message he already replied to by a bug. Ninjinian agrees to join in on the expedition.
2/5/11: A wake-up call is sent to people who forgot to respond their invitations.
2/6/11: Flywish accepts challenge and wants to bring Raven and Sonic Xtreme along too.
2/9/11: Rocket Slug agrees to come along the expedition.
2/11/11: King Triskelle finally replies only a little while until the expedition was about to start.
2/11/11: The expedition later stops in the city of Mojave, where Flywish disappears from surfing.

4/12/11: Dark Lorgas Appears and offers his Help.He Sys that he will help if he can join the expedition.


Chapter 1: The Begininning[edit]

Outskirts of South Pole City, South Pole City
8:30 AM, February 11, 2011

Finally, after a month of waiting, the expedition has gained a sufficient amount of members. After many delays and false starts, the expedition has begun on February 11, 2011. The 17 members; King Triskelle, Speeddasher, Austin8310, Fudd Lapooh, Mudd Lapooh, Gudd Lapooh, Icmer, Swiss Ninja Hochstadt, Rocket Slug, Flywish, Pop Cat, James of the Jungle, Ninjinian, Raven, Sonic Xtreme, and Johnathan Wolfhunter are all very eager on this day.

The group members are all outside the city limits of South Pole City, since that is where the map begins. The members are all standing behind a truck next to a podium. There is a huge crowd of onlookers, all cheering good luck to the expedition. They'll need it. 11 trucks of equipment and a bus is waiting for the expedition. Several penguins load up all the high-tech gear they'll all need for the mission.

While the entire expedition is standing behind the truck, Judge Xavier walks up to a makeshift podium out on the snow. There was commotion everywhere amongst the many penguins and creatures that were there.

"Ah-hem. Excuse me."

Everyone becomes quiet as Judge Xavier began.

"We are here today to begin a quest to accomplish a very important goal. If you had not known, several weeks ago a discovery was made that would change the world. A map has been found that leads to the lost Three Fruits of Happiness. Therefore, we cannot hesitate to follow this important source."

Those who weren't silent before were now.

"That is why one month ago we had passed a bill suggesting we organize an expedition to find what would be the greatest scientific find in all of Antarctic history!"

Huge cheers broke out between the spectators. They all knew what he had said, but they were listening very intently nonetheless.

"And now for the very valiant penguins that will carry on this goal!" announced Xavier.

"Penguins and puffles!" one very angry puffle shouted within the audience.

"Yes, I forgot. Penguins and puffles..." one slightly annoyed Xavier said.

"And now welcome the expeditionaries!"

"Swiss Ninja Hochstadt! Ninjinian! Pop Cat! Rocket Slug! Icmer! King Triskelle! Raven! Speeddasher! Austin8310! Fudd La..."

While Judge Xavier recited the group members as they went through the podium, there was one black-colored penguin within the crowd that wasn't cheering for anyone at all. He even booed for Swiss Ninja. As the expedition individually walked up and down the podium they all noticed this distinct penguin from all the others.

"Hey, did anyone else notice that strange black penguin in the audience?" asked Austin.

"Austin, don't worry. He didn't look suspicious to me." assured Swiss.

"WILL YOU ALL JUST SHUT UP!'" screamed Raven as he was listening to his Icepod.

"Jeez, what's wrong with him?" said Ninjinian.

Chapter 2: Surfing at Mojave[edit]

Mojave, Trans-Antarctica
9:45 AM, February 11, 2011

Everyone was now inside the coach bus that would take them along Highway One. The bus was heading to West Pengolia, so that they would hopefully spare all the hard work of navigating through the Trans-Antarctic mountains on foot.

The bus ride was pretty much uneventful for about an hour. Everyone was either watching the 1080p plasma TVs or sleeping. That stayed until the bus had to pull up for gas at Mojave.

"Alright, finally something to do!" said a glad Rocket Slug.

"Ugh, I'm so tired. I'd rather just stay here and watch Snow Wars." said Mudd Lapooh.

"You're always tired." announced Fudd Lapooh.

Outside, all the penguins were astounded by this ocean city.

"Yup, the same Mojave as I had built it." said Swiss.

"You guys do whatever you want. I'm still waiting for more shipments of that watercraft Ninjinian said he would ship. I'll be at the Harbor if any of you need me." said Icmer.

"Like any of us actually needs you for anything." spat Austin.

"dolt, stupid little agent who thinks he's so cool..."

Flywish decided to just surf for a bit with the others until Icmer receives his shipments and until the bus refuels.

"Hey Trisk, check this move out!"

He jumped away from the surfboard and back down again.

"Good one Flywish! I'm not much a surfer being a High Penguin."

"Don't be so down, Triskelle! I'm sure you'll be a great surfer! You see, the trick is to stay balanced!"

Triskelle then got a board and started to surf.

"Hey, this isn't so hard!"

"See, what did I tell you!" responded Flywish.

Unbeknown to to them, something very terrible would soon happen. While Triskelle was getting the hang of surfing, Flywish spontaneously got sucked beneath the tide.

"Heeyyyyyyyy what's happening?!!" yelled Flywish.

For a moment, Flywish though he saw the same black-feathered penguin he saw back at South Pole City.

"It's you!" proclaimed Flywish before getting sucked beneath the waves.

Rocket Slug, who was reading magazines under an umbrella, noticed this and immediately rushed to the water. Once she reached the location where Flywish was in need of help, he was nowhere to be seen.

"Triskelle! Trisk! Come take a look over here!

"What's wrong Rocket?"

"Flywish disappeared!"

"Disappeared?" asked Triskelle.

"Yes, I saw him being sucked beneath the waves." responded Rocket Slug.

Triskelle peered into the water. There was no sign of Flywish to be seen.

"That certainly is something peculiar. Are you sure his board didn't flip or a wave threw him over?"

"I'm sure."

"Then we must get the others over here."

Rocket Slug and Triskelle managed to get Pop Cat and Ninjinian over to the scene.

"What happened?" asked Ninjinian.

"Flywish disappeared in the water." replied Triskelle.

"Oh really? I might be able to help." said Pop Cat.

Pop Cat began to swirl the water around the three and lowered them into an underwater air pocket.

"Why didn't I think of that? I still have the Amulet of Water around my neck." said Triskelle.

Pop Cat began scanning the ocean's surface, moving the air pocket along whenever he moved.

"Mind if I take over?" asked Triskelle.

There was nothing much interesting to be seen until they had suddenly come across a door on the ocean floor. It was made of 4 planks, and the wood did not look weathered or old. Ninjinian attempted to pull it open, but it was no use.

"You know, it's not everyday one gets to search for a missing penguin and get to go underwater and find a mysterious door with the promise of adventure just lying there." said Rocket Slug.

Johnathan Wolfhunter sat in the most comfortable seat in the coach bus watching the movie Snow Wars. Isn't it great to get loads of fame and money while doing absolutely no effort at all? He doubted there would be anything dangerous the expedition will encounter, and he'll just let the others do all the work.

"Ugh, this movie is soooooo boring!"

He switched the TV off. With the chances of encountering danger on the trip slim, why not do a little sharpshooting to prevent his skills from getting rusty during the long expedition? It was better than going outside in that city they called what? Mohav? Mahjave? Mejovie? He didn't care. He loaded up his BA1 Snowball Sniper Rifle and walked outside.

He found a nearby tree to shoot at.


Wolfhunter reloaded his rifle.


While Wolfhunter was doing target practice, Icmer came up behind him.

"Um, what are you doing?"

"I'm practicing my shooting. You know, mercenary stuff?" replied Johnathan.

"Right. So after I've got all those shipments packed up, I tried looking for the other guys. Do you have an idea where they are?" asked Icmer.

"Nope." said Wolfhunter.

"Oh great."

Icmer waddled away from Wolfhunter and tried to locate the other members.

Icmer found the Lapoohs in a nearby restaurant.

"Do any of you puffles know where the rest of the expedition is?"

"Well I know where that Wolfhunter guy is! He's still in the bus." said Mudd Lapooh.

"No duh, Mudd." said Icmer.

"Well, I heard Flywish, Triskelle and Rocket Slug are down at the beach. I hope we get out of this stupid town, they don't even serve pie here!" said Fudd Lapooh.

"This is a pizzeria, Fudd."


"Uh, no. In fact, how about you eat this pie I brought along?" said Gudd Lapooh, holding up an OxiPie.

"Oooh look at the time! I think I should go now..." said Icmer.

"WAIT! Austin and Swiss are meeting in this building near the center of town!" said Gudd.

The 4 penguins; Rocket Slug, Ninjinian, Triskelle, and Pop Cat are underwater within an air bubble. They have recently discovered a mysterious door on the seabed.

"Any idea on how to get this door open?" asked Rocket Slug.

"Not really. Maybe we should get back to the group to ask them to help us." replied Pop Cat.

"That sounds like a good idea." said Triskelle.

"I'd rather not. We can get this door open ourselves! See, let me show you." said Ninjinian.

Ninjinian took out a paper clip and bent it into a straight line. Then he started jamming it into the trapdoor lock until a click was heard.

"Did you hear that? Now we can finally get to Flywish."

Ninjinian threw open the door. Inside, the party saw a long winding staircase going down as far as the eye can see.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's find Flywish!" said Rocket Slug. --- Icmer goes on the bus leading to the other side of town. He asks the locals for any building fitting the description that Fudd and Gudd gave. When he found the building, Swiss and Austin were discussing something.

"This expedition is pointless. We'll just waste our time and energy traveling with them. Traveling All of Antarctica was much more fun than this. And I know this must be degrading for you King." said Austin.

"Yes, you nailed it perfectly. Although we must get those fruits. They are too powerful and will probably benefit us if we can make use of them." said Swiss Ninja.

"Your point...?"

"We desert those other losers, let them do all the work, and follow them from a safe distance while they are traveling. Then, when they found the fruits, get our troops and snatch it from them." said Swiss.

"Isn't that kind of


  • Several penguins have joined the group that have not been invited, but they are let in anyway.
  • The map actually leads to somewhere in the mountains of West Pengolia.
    • None of the other older expeditions have even come close to that location.
  • The map also begins at South Pole City.

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