Exploration Island

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Exploration Island
Key details
Type Island
Level ???
Location North-east of the Kingdom of Happyface 141
Inhabitants Barkjon, Club Penguin Exploration Group

Exploration Island
MottoHome of Indulgence!
AnthemMay We Prosper
(and largest city)
Exploration Island City
Official languages Margatian English
Recognised regional languages Margatian English
Species  Penguins, puffles
Demonym Exploration Islanders
Membership Margatian Commonwealth
 -  President (Head of State) Frederick Mueller
 -  Prime Minister (Head of Government) Barnabas Lee
 -  Governor-General John Derringer
Dominion Dominion of Margate 
 -  Incorporated into the Margatian Commonwealth 2015 
 -  2015 estimate 2,900,510 
 -  2015 census 3,000,687 
Currency Margatian Dollar (M$)
Drives on the Right
Calling code 345
Only has one official city.

Exploration Island is a Margatian Dominion to the north-east of The Kingdom of Happyface141. It is known for being a tourist and gambler's paradise, as well as cultivating some of the best coconuts in Antarctica.


Barkjon found this island when he was coming back to Club Penguin from the Penguin Academy. He got off course and found this island. He explored it and decided to build a cabin there. The next day, he built it on the side of a mountain there. Soon, penguins traveled to the island and set up a new settlement, residing in a peaceful anarchy. Eventually, it became a gambler's paradise when numerous casinos were set up here.

However, in 2015, a criminal organization pulled off a scam against the entire island and ended up overrunning the place, tricking the entire population into losing their hard-earned money. As the island was quite close to the Sub-Antarctic, Margate decided to intervene in order to stop the spread of crime. When the task was done, the Margatian government decided to hold an election for the locals in order to set up a proper form of government. Since the island was close to bankruptcy, Margate decided to pay off all of its debts in exchange for becoming a member of the Margatian Commonwealth and becoming a Margatian Dominion.


Exploration Island is a small island with three mountains on it, each almost touching each other. They are surrounded by a rocky beach. The tallest mountain has a rough climb and a pointy top, and almost reaches the clouds, so Barkjon named it Cloudpiercing Mountain. The smallest mountain has a flat top (because it was once a volcano) so he named it Flat Top Mountain. The middle mountain has a somewhat flat top. Barkjon decided to build a cabin on the side of it. He named it Cabin Mountain. There is a large house on Flat Top mountain belonging to the Club Penguin Exploration Group.


  • Flat Top Mountain
  • Cloudpiercing Mountain
  • Cabin Mountain
  • Barkjon's cabin
  • The Club Penguin Exploration Group clubhouse/cabin
  • A Small private Airport on top of a mesa.
  • Exploration Island Town - A small Viking Penguin town settled in late 2009. Not too far from the airport, it has soon boo


Barkjon, the CPEG.


Crabs. Beware of them!


Wood, rocks, sand, puffleonium, coconuts and Cream Soda.

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