Explorer's Ultimate Disaster Story

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Explorer's Ultimate Disaster Story
Story information
Genre Action, Adventure, Drama, Comedy
Form Novel;
Third person omniscient
Protagonist Explorer 767
Deuteragonist Barc
Antagonist A mysterious Illuminati group

Explorer's Ultimate Disaster Story is an epic tale of Explorer 767's noble quest to find his missing brother, Fred 676. As he traveled the continent in search of his brother he met many interesting Penguins and Puffles, all the while dodging mysterious attacks on him. Nobody can be trusted, seemingly unimportant events cause massive catastrophies, and everything seems tied together. Something is not right, and it's a race against time before another, bigger catastrophe occurs, one that could potentually change the course of history!

The Story[edit]

Part I:The Incident[edit]

Part II:The Break-in[edit]


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