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Chapter I:The Boiler[edit]

It was a dark and stormy night on November 1st, 2010 when Explorer 767 woke up.

The wind was howling outside, and the blizzard showed no sign of slowing down any sooner.

"EXPLOORER! IT IS FREEZING! YOU TURN ON THE %&$%^$*&%#@%(*@^%@[email protected])^&#$ HEATER RIGHT NOW OR I'LL %&$^%^&#^&%&$#%#^#%!" screamed his pet puffle Mabel, and Explorer groaned.

Mabel seemed to be the grouchiest puffle on the planet, and he knew that if he did not turn it on, she would keep him awake for the rest of the night.

Explorer got up and walked away from his bed.

It was pitch black, and Explorer stumbled around, trying to find the doorknob.

After a few seconds he found it, and stepped out into the hallway.

A cold draft blew into the room, and Explorer shivered.

No wonder Mabel was angry!

The heat must've been down all the way!

Explorer stormed down the hall and stopped at the meter.

He tried to turn the knob, but it was frozen at the coldest settings.

"Meh. The boiler must be frozen. But I wonder who turned it down all the way?" Explorer mumbled as he walked further down the hallway and towards a small door marked "Boiler Room" at the end of the hallway.

Taking a small key off of a nearby hook, Explorer unlocked the door and descended down the spiral stairs into the blackness.

Once at the bottom, Explorer walked on and stopped at a gigantic boiler.

He gathered all his strength and started to pull on a knob to manually turn it off.

It was stuck.

Explorer quickly grabbed a wrench and started to twist the knob, and after what seemed to be hours, he finally got it at "off".

Now to turn it back on.

Explorer grabbed the wrench again and twisted the knob with all his might towards the hottest setting.

A little smoke began to emerge from the boiler, and Explorer stopped to examine the boiler.

Without warning it exploded violently, and Explorer was flung to the wall.


The wall gave way and tumbled down on Explorer, leaving him trapped under the rubble.

"HELP! HELP! FRED, MABEL, ANYONE HELP!" he screamed as he tried to move, but with no success.

"Oh well. At least I'm not unconscious." mumbled Explorer and another piece of wall fell down on him right on cue.

"Drat you Benny..." grumbled Explorer as he slipped into unconsciousness and remembered no more.



"Hello, this is Aunt Arctic on the very scene of the...accident as we witness rescue crews dig Explorer 767 out of his basement!" shouted Aunt Arctic, holding her microphone.

"So Aunt Arctic, how did Explorer get stuck in his basement?" asked a reporter, and Aunt Arctic stared at him.

"Well, the EPF agents are investigating the cri-I mean scene of action right now for possible clues and-OH! Here comes Explorer now!"

Aunt Arctic gestured at the door just as two EPF agents came out, pushing Explorer on a wheeled stretcher, unconscious.

The reporters all gasped and whipped out their cameras to take snapshots.

"What happened in the basement?" shouted Aunt Arctic loudly.

"Were you attacked by riotous Underground PWN Mafia members?" screamed Clod Hampsterson from The UnitedDaily Press.

"Are you my Uncle Bungee's biggest fan?" screeched a little puffle, and one of the EPF agents stood up.

"SILENCE EVERYONE!" shouted the EPF agent over the racket, but to no avail.

The reporters babbled on, and the EPF agents looked at each other.

"You know what this means?" asked the one.

"Yep." replied the other.

"Well, then it's time to bring out the Ditto, crowd control edition!"

And with that, he whipped out a gigantic tank of Ditto and sprayed the gas at the crowd, forcing them to move back.

"OWWWWWWWWW!" screamed Aunt Arctic.

"I'M... BEING FROZEN FROM MY FEET UP!" screamed a reporter and soon he and everyone else were totally paralysed.

Within moments the crowds were still and the EPF agents continued on the the hospital without any further incidents.

When they came to the door, the agents instantly vanished, and a nurse walked up the the stretcher and pushed it inside.

She turned left, took him up the elevator and dropped him off at the emergency section.

After a few minutes of waiting, a loud female voice blared "Patient A113, Patient A113, please come to Room 404".

"But madam, he's UNCONSCIOUS!" shouted a nearby penguin, and another nurse came up to the stretcher and pushed it to room 404.

She knocked pressed her flipper on a scanner, and the door slided open smoothly.

Inside sat a rather short penguin with an oversized lab coat on a brand new leather chair, holding a cup of coffee.

"Come in." he spoke, his beak barely moving, and the nurse pushed in his stretcher and ran off, forgetting to close the door behind her.

"Hmmmmm... Now let me see..." he mumbled, "Seems to have some minor burns... Doesn't explain why he is unconscious though..."

"Sir!" shouted a penguin who happened to be just outside the door. "The CSI investigators said that he was trapped under a collapsed wall and-"

"Now hold on a minute! What on earth was the EPF doing there?"

"Well Sir, the EPF was there in case it was a case of arson or attempted murder, but it wasn't. They concluded that the boiler had exploded and he had been buried underneath the collapsed wall, which explains why he is unconscious."

The doctor looked again at Explorer and indeed there was a big bruise on his head.

"Can't believe I missed that..." grumbled the doctor as he pulled out a bottle marked "propylene glycol".

"Does he take any pills?" inquired the doctor.

"To the best of my knowledge, no." replied the penguin.

"Good. Because if he did, there would be the slight chance of him getting extremely Fat after him taking this medicine."

And with that, the doctor put some of the propylene glycol in a syringe and coated the inside of his beak with it.

"He should revive within one hour." spoke the doctor quietly.

"Well actually, he DOES take pills. I just wanted you to give him some of that, stuff."

The doctor quickly spun around, his face red with rage.

"GGAAUURRDDSS! ARRREST THAT SCOUNDREL NAOW!" shouted the doctor, and within seconds the hospital was alive with activity.

Robots poured out of the garbage bin and stared at the penguin with anger.

"Don't just stand there! ARREST HIM!" screamed the doctor, and the penguin started to run down the halls.

Suddenly the robots sprang into action and gave chase to the villain, who was fleeing down the stairs!

The robots quickly gained ground, and the penguin was seeming to be getting tired.

"HALT!" shouted a voice at the bottom of the stairs, and the penguin looked to see a group of police officers gathered at the bottom.

He was trapped!

A police officer put handcuffs on him and they escorted him out the doors into a police car.

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