Explorer's Ultimate Disaster Story/Chapter II

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Chapter II: The Theft[edit]

Explorer groaned and sat up in his stretcher.

His forehead felt rather tender and his vision was rather blurry.

"So, you're OK, hm?" spoke a voice behind him, and Explorer slowly turned his head, for his neck was sore.

"Meh. I'm fine." mumbled Explorer. "May I leave now?"

"You have clearance."

The doctor handed Explorer a card.

"If you leave without this, you'll explode. Just kidding, but you WILL need to show this to the nurses in order for you to leave."

"Thank you very much." said Explorer, and he slowly stood up and staggered out of the room.

He went down the hall and took the elevator to the main floor, then turned right and walked to the reception office.

"The doctor gave me clearance to leave. Here's the card."

Explorer handed the card to the receptionist and he swiped it through the machine.

"You are now free to go."

Explorer mumbled goodbye and walked outside.

"Better go to the Coffee Shop and find Fred 676. He always meets me there on Mondays."

He whistled a tune he had heard played by the Penguin Band as he walked down the Town Square's sidewalk towards the Coffee Shop.

"Hey Explorer! How's it going?" asked a voice beside him, and Explorer jumped.

It was Hipengy, the guy who was always being stocked by fangirls!

"Do you like my disguise?"

Explorer turned and looked at Hipengy.

He had put on a white Card Jitsu belt.

"Disguise? I can hardly tell the difference."

"I needed to get away from those bothersome fangirls, especially Lelee, and since they never expect that I would wear something different-"

"It's Hipengy! GET HIM!" screamed someone behind them and sure enough, it was another disgruntled fangirl.

"RUN!" screamed Hipengy, remembering what had happened last time when he tried to talk his way out of trouble in Revenge of the Fangirls.

Flee from rabbid fangirl.png

Together they sped into the Coffee Shop and slammed the door.

"We gotta hide!" whispered Explorer, and Hipengy nodded.

They crawled underneath a sofa, and not too soon either.

The door flung open, and in came a very angry fangirl.

"Coffee Shop Barista! Have you seen Hipnopengy? He dumped me!" she screamed.

"Not Hipnopengy!HIPGY!" screamed the Coffee Shop Barista back at her.

"Not Hipgy! HYPIGGY!" shouted one of the penguins on the couch.

"If nobody agrees with me, I'll shove this platter up 'yer nose!" shouted the fangirl and she lept up and threw the plate at the Barista.


It hit her right in the face, and she collapsed right on the spot.

"Anyone ELSE wanna challenge me?" growled the fangirl, and all the penguins present fearfully nodded.

"I'm gonna find Hipengy whatever it takes!" she declared, and she started to rip up the couches one by one.

Explorer gasped.

If he and Hipengy were found together, he would be surely beaten with him!

Thinking quickly, he grabbed a Stamp and tossed it out the door.

The fangirl glared at Explorer, but suddenly she stopped and looked at the stamp lying on the floor, her eyes growing bigger.

"OHHHHHHHHH! THE RARE CHEEZBURGER STAMP! I MUST HAVE IT!" shouted the fangirl as she ran outside and picked it up.

"Quick! Upstairs!" shouted Explorer and tugged on Hipengy's Santa hat.

"I'm sorry, but I have to do something about... Her." He motioned at the Coffee Shop Barista, who was lying on the ground, breathing heavily.

"Ok, bye!" shouted Explorer, just before running upstairs.

He knew that the Barista would be OK, but Hipengy didn't know that and it was a good chance to get away from him.

Once upstairs, Explorer pulled out his map and went to his igloo.

Then, the thought occurred to him, why didn't he just do that in the first place?

It was very simple and obvious, and any normal penguin would've done the same in that situation, but Explorer is not normal.

Anyways back to our story, Explorer had just arrived outside his igloo and was just about to...


"DYEAHHHHHH! WHY IS THE DOOR LOCKED?" screamed Explorer, and he looked across the street.

His brother Fred lived in the igloo across the street, and he had the spare key to Explorer's house.

Explorere ran over to the other side of the street.


"FRED? YOU IN THERE?" shouted Explorer.

No answer.


No answer, and Explorer noticed that the window nearby was open.

"Strange," thought Explorer aloud, "Fred never opens that window. And if it were open, he would've heard me!"

This thought hit him like a rocket, and Exp-

"More like The Humongous Insane Superweapon." grumbled Explorer.

Explorer quickly clamered into the window and tumbled into Fred's igloo.

The impact hurt him, as the window in a standard igloo is very high, and Explorer groaned in pain, then looked at his surroundings.

Fred appeared to not be at home, and his igloo was empty except for a small red spot on the floor.
Explorer examining Fred's igloo

It was... It... Was... Blood?

Explorer was not sure, so he waddled over to the spot on the floor and examined it closely.

It was nothing but a bit of hot sauce.

Explorer sighed, then remembered what he had came for.

He waddled over to the keyring and picked up the key to his house, and then turned around.

Explorer gasped in astonishment.

The room was absolutely devoid of all furniture!

Now this was REALLY strange, as Fred never put away his furniture, and just to make sure, Explorer checked the igloo's storage room.

It was empty too!

And since it was impossible to legally sell your furniture (unless you sold it on the black market, which Explorer knew Fred would never do), Explorer could come up with one conclusion.

The furniture had been stolen!

"I must find Fred and tell him of this great calamaty!" exclaimed Explorer, and he rushed out the door.

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