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Chapter III: The Adventure Begins![edit]

"Explorer 767, you may come forward."

Explorer sighed and waddled up to the desk and looked at the penguin inside.

He was an average sized penguin with black feathers and a police uniform, and he looked young but still experienced.

"So tell me, Explorer 767, hehehehehehe what a funny name what are you doing here on this fine evening?" asked the penguin.

"I have been looking for my brother Fred 676 for the entire afternoon, and I still havn't found him." replied Explorer 767, who had heard the penguin's remark about his name but didn't react.

"I see. A lot of things like this happen all the time. Have you checked his tracker?"

"Yes, I wasted 1,000 of my coins on that tracker. Didn't have a clue where he was."

"Was he about to leave for a foreign country?" asked the officer, a joking look in his eyes.

"Don't be rediculous, of course not!" shot back Explorer.

"Did you ask if anyone had seen him that day?"

"Yes. They all said he was going on a walk through the forest with... With...Fudd Lapooh."

At the thought of that name Explorer's anger boiled up from within him, and he struggled to refrain from exploding in anger. He hated Fudd, his greatest rival, and merely mentioning his name was infurating to Explorer.

"Anything else?" asked the police officer, who seemed to be loosing interest.

"Nope, other that all his furnature was stolen on the same day."

The police officer leapt out of his seat in surprise, and could not regain his composure.

"STOLE HIS FURNATURE? THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE! NOBODY HAS EVER MANAGED TO DO IT BEFORE!" he exclaimed in surprise, and he picked up a phone.

"Chief, we've got a serious case on our hands. Please send the CSI to Fred 676's house immidately!"

"Why?" arose a grizzled voice from the phone, "My men are tired from their work at Explorer's house. Now we've got ANOTHER case?"

"Come on ol' man." replied the officer, "It's just accross the street. It won't be too much."

"Ok, and-HEY! DON'T CALL ME OL' MAN! YOU'RE BEING DEMOTED!" shouted the chief, and the line went dead.

"May I have the pleasure of knowing your name?" asked Explorer, and the officer (now a lower rank) fidgted.

"Well... I... Ummmm... Well.... Ummmmm....." stuttered the officer, and he quickly scribbled something on a note and handed it to Explorer.

It read:"Barcalonousiffia Grandoseaffinitius" and Explorer struggled to restrain his laughter.

"I cannot pronounce it either." mumbled Grandoseaffinitius, and Explorer started giggling uncontrollably.

"May I call you "Barc" for short?" asked Explorer meekly, and Grandoseaffinitius nodded yes.

Outside, all was quiet.

As Explorer discussed his predicament to Barc, the sun set and it became dark out.

Once the meeting was over, Explorer said goodby and stepped out the door.

It was pitch black outiside, and he pulled out a flashlight to see.

The streets were empty, and all the lights from the igloos were out.

Feeling adventurous, he decided to not use his map and instead he walked through the darkness towards his igloo.

It was eerily quiet, and Explorer began to feel nervous.

He'd only been able to live a normal life because of his brother Fred, and now with him gone... He wasn't so sure.

"Perhaps Fred is at home waiting for me." he muttered, and he instantly cheered up.

Just then, his flashlight battery went dead.

He fumbled around in the dark to find another battery in his inventory, but it was too dark to see anything.

Suddenly, he heard footsteps behind him.

He spun around, and tried to see through the blackness who was out at this hour.


Something heavy smashed into Explorer's back, and he remembered no more.

Groaning, Explorer opened his eyes to see himself lying in a forest.

The back of his neck stung, and he groggily reached back and put his flipper to the back of his neck.

It felt soggy and wet, and he pulled back his flipper in alarm only to see it stained red.


Startled, he put his flipper back to his neck and felt carefully.

He felt a fairly large, but not deep cut in his neck which was bleeding profusely.

Upon sitting up Explorer realized that he was laying amoungst may pieces of shattered glass, one of which must have cut his neck.

A bird started to sing, and for the first time he looked around him.

He was in a forest, and one that did not look farmiliar.

A small stream flowed past him, and Explorer slowly and painfully waddled into it.

After washing himself, he felt the top of his head and suddenly realized that his trademark propellor cap was gone!

Explorer jumped upon noticing this, and started to breath heavily.

Something was not right here, and the water seemed to be... Green?

Pain exploded in his wound, and flashes of blinding light appeared before his eyes.

Explorer stumbled, then fell down again as the world blackened.

"Explorer 767? Hello?"

Explorer's eyes shot open to see a black penguin with a police uniform standing over him.

It was Barc.

"Barc? How'd you get out here?" asked Explorer weakly, and Barc stared at him blankly.

"I.. I don't know. I was walking home at night, it was pitch black, then suddenly-"

"You were hit from behind the head?" interjected Explorer, and Barc nodded.

"Same thing happened to you, eh?" asked Barc, and Explorer replied with a simple "Yes.".

Explorer stood up and stared at the encroaching trees.

"Where are we?"

"I don't know" replied Barc. "But the first thing we've got to do is get outta this forest."

"Which direction should we take?" asked Explorer, and Barc smiled.

"I dunno, but we gotta get moving. I estimate that the plaza should be north, so we should go that way."

And with that, Barc stepped forward and started waddling north.

Explorer put on his hat which was lying right beside him ("Barc must've found it." thought Explorer) and followed his guide through the trees, and after a few hours of nonstop walking they stopped for a rest.

"This can't be Club Penguin. Club Penguin's forests aren't THIS big." grumbled Explorer, and Barc nodded his head in agreement.

"Wish we would've filled up with water at that stream. Not that we had anything to store it in." he continued, frowning.

"Acctually, I'm guessing that we're in Snowzerland." spoke Barc out of the blue, and Explorer started.

"WHY WOULD YOU COME UP WITH SOMETHING LIKE THAT?" asked Explorer loudly, his curiosity getting the better of him.

"Well, that tree appears to have a platform on it, and there's a Snoss soldier sitting on it right no-"

"PUT YOUR HANDS UP!" shouted the soldier from the platform, and suddenly the pair were surrounded by snoss troops, brandishing their weapons.

A tank rumbled in, and some army helicopters flew in for unnessecary air cover.

"This is massive overkill." mumbled Explorer, and one of the snoss privates giggled.

"SILENCE!" screamed the lookout, "GUARDS, TAKE THE SCUM PRISONER!"

The troops moved in and put handcuffs on the two.

"NOW "ESCORT" THEM TO THE PRISION CAMP!" screamed the lookout at the top of his lungs, and he tried to say more but appeared to have lost his voice.

"Serves him right." thought Explorer as the soldiers lead him to their secret hideout.

The lookout scribbled a note and handed it to a major, who read: "You are hereby under arrest for tresspassing on the Imperial Empire of Snowzerland.

"See? I was right!" whispered Barc, moments before a soldier slapped him in the face.

Barc fell down on his back, and blushed as the troops laughed.

His beak was starting to bleed, and Explorer helped him up.

"Psssttt, Barc? I know how we can escape".

Explorer pointed towards a small gap between some soldiers.

"If we can make our way towards that gap, we can break free of the group."

"Not without getting killed!" spoke the surprised Barc, but he later gave his agreement.

Slowly but surely the pair made their way towards the gap, and once they were in it, it was just a matter of-

"General? The prisoners are escaping!" shouted a private, and the entire batallion turned to look at Explorer and Barc.

They were running away as best as they could, but their handcuffs were getting in the way.

"STOP THEM!" shouted the general, and immidately the soldiers began firing on them.

They all missed, but the handcuffs were hit and shattered, completely freeing the two escapees.

"NO! I DIDN'T SAY SHOOT THEM, I SAID STOP THEM!" roared the general with rage, and the troops gave chase.

But Explorer and Barc had a head start, and they quickly got out of the soldier's guns range.

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