Explorer's Ultimate Disaster Story/Chapter VII

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Chapter VII:Traveling Antartica (by air)[edit]

November 6th, 2010

On Club Penguin Island, not much had happened since Explorer 767's leaving.

But in his igloo sat 6 very hungry puffles who happened to be his own.


"WAAAAAA!!!!!!" went Danny, crying like a baby.

"SHUT UP, YOU %(#&^#$&*#!" shouted Mabel, and the others frowned.

Most of them were feeling quite sad, and had shed quite a few tears, with Danny having cried the most.

"I haven't been fed for days!" wept the normally ever cheerful Scooter, who sat in a puddle of tears.

"Don't worry Scooter, I'm sure he'll be back soon...I'm sure of it." mumbled Clyde, who was shedding some tears of his own."

"If this keeps up, we're gonna have to move out!" grumbled Mabel, and Clyde whacked her.

"Shut up Mabel! You're making it all worse." growled Clyde, his fur bristling.


"SHHHUUUTTTT UUUUPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Mabel, interrupting Danny, who began to weep quietly.

"Dudes, even though Mabel may be being a little harsh, I think she may be right." spoke up Xavier, surprising the others. "If Explorer doesn't feed us soon, we're all gonna starve and have to run away."

The puffles sat there, stunned, then resumed crying.

Mabel however, just sat there, frowning.

"Phreak, you oughtta shut up that %&$# mouth of yours right now, or I'll-"


"I guess you are right, though. We've gotta come up with something, and fast, or else we're gonna be in big trouble." thought Clyde aloud, as the others continued crying and Mabel continued frowning.