Joking Islands

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Joking Islands
Key details
Type Island Group
Level Unknown
Location Seas of Lowlaw Island
Inhabitants Penguins, Puffles

Explorer Cabin
Key details
Type Log Cabin
Level 777
Location Joking Islands, Mt. Explore
Inhabitants Penguins, Puffles

The Joking Islands are a small group of islands located east of Lowlaw Island and located within the Lowlaw group of islands. The Explorer Cabin is located here.


The island was formed by volcanic activity millions of years ago. The volcano on the island, now called Mount Explore, was the source of all the volcanic activity. As Mount Explore erupted, the land mass of the main island expanded. The last time the volcano erupted is estimated to be in the year 45, which makes the volcanic mountain dormant. After a few years, the caldera was flooded with rainwater and an island formed in the middle. The island is now called Volcanic Island. The island and the area surrounding the volcano contains a lot of fertile land.

On the bottom slopes of Mount Explore is where the Explorer Cabin is located. The island was discovered by Chub 777 while sailing around Lowlaw Island. The island was mapped and explored by his crew. The main island is abundant with O-Berries due to the warm climate. Fruits such as bananas and oranges can also be found on the island. Due to this a small warehouse has been built to store fruit.

There are several small islands located in the bay (named Prank Bay) but they are too small to have names. The beaches are sandy and there is a large forest sprawling through the island. It is thought that the islands were once small hills but after the Ice Age, most of the world ice melted and made the sea levels rise. The hills became islands.

Explorer Cabin[edit]

Explorer Cabin is a log cabin that was constructed by Chub 777 and a team of builders. The cabin took a month to build. The cabin was built to serve as Chub 777's holiday house. Although he doesn't use it for holidays, Chub visits the cabin whenever he starts and finishes his adventures and gets ready for his next adventure. The cabin is usually not visited by the public but Chub's family are known to visit it sometimes.



A small wharf is located on the west coast of the island. This is where Chub 777's ship, the C-Pengaberg, docks. A small wooden shed is located nearby where sailing equipment such as ropes, barrels and wood is stored. A small, winding path starts here. The path eventually reaches a place with a sign; an apple with a left arrow, and a house with a right arrow. If you turn left, you will arrive at a large warehouse where fruit can be stored and picked. If you turn right, you will arrive at the Explorer Cabin.

Just outside the Explorer Cabin is another path. This path leads to a cave. If you follow the cave, you will end up outside again. You can climb up Mount Explore from this point. Upon reaching the summit, one can swim to Volcanic Island in the middle of the lake. This is the highest point in the next few hundred miles. You can plant a flag on the summit. During the winter night, the lake freezes over and you can skate on it. Other than this, most of the island is either unexplored or not visited a lot.

Explorer Cabin[edit]

In front of Explorer Cabin is a small porch. Upon entering, you will arrive in a large multipurpose room. The living room area is located near the entrance. The kitchen and dining room area is located at the back of the back of the room. There is a glass sliding-door at the back where the kitchen is. This leads to a veranda and a small cave that was artificially carved. The cave acts as a shed where climbing equipment, fruit boxes and even an air conditioning system are located.

Back inside, a flight of stairs leads to an indoor balcony that winds around the main room. There are entrances to 5 rooms: Chub's room, his brother's room, a guest room, the study and an entertainment room. There is a state-of-the-art entertainment system complete with a 50" 3D TV, PengStation 3, Vii and even a pinball machine. The study contains bookshelves, a globe and navigational equipment used by Chub 777. There is also a radio transceiver in here for two-way voice communication to the mainland and even other countries. In addition, there is a small window where a telescope looks out through.

The cabin is powered by a small array of solar panels located on the roof. The panels are connected to a battery located underground which powers the whole cabin. Internet, phone and TV reception if provided via a large satellite dish built into the side of the hill next to the cabin. Next to the dish is the antennae for the radio transceiver.

Fruit Warehouse[edit]

Nearby is a small, wooden warehouse that houses fruit. Boxes of fruit are categorized and split up in the warehouse. As a hobby, Chub and Buhc sometimes pick fruit of trees growing on the island. Those fruit are stored in the warehouse. As the occupants are usually away, traders who want the fruit must pay 10 coins per box of fruit. The payment is inserted into a machine near the entrance. After paying, a bar code sticker comes out and must be stuck onto the fruit boxes. When you exit, you must show the bar code to a security camera above. Failure to do so, locks the trader inside the warehouse and authorities are alerted.


  • Snow can only be found on Volcanic Island.
    • This is due to the high altitude.
  • The fruits are shipped to Lowlaw Island where they are delivered around the country.
  • The wood that Explorer Cabin was made from came from the island.
  • Some of the islands in the bay have many rocks on them. This makes it hard to navigate and easy to get shipwrecked.
    • Some of the islands in the bay are rocks.

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