Explorer I

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Explorer the First
No Image.png
He can't and will not show himself...
Title Prankster
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Some two random penguins who adopted him
Health Deceased
Level =0
Status Deceased
Location Buried in Shiverpool
Occupation Prankster
Interests Pranksting, maths when with Fred the first
Friends Anyone (deceased)
Enemies Anyone (deceased)
Archetype Good

Explorer 1 was an Adelie penguin that was adopted instead of being kept with his parents. He is the oldest of the Antics Family and is well known for being an excellent prankster, and his older brother was Fred 1. He created many pranks, most notably the Pankretse Bmob (which the name can be scrambled to say "Prankster Bomb"), a bomb that Explorer 767 now sometimes uses for his pranks.


Early Life[edit]

Explorer "Oney" Freddel Antics was born in a dark, unknown place (possibly Antarctica) in the year 1. As he is from the Antics Family, Explorer I's feathers were blue, and was often described looking like Explorer 767. When he was a child, he was known for being rather mischievous and also somewhat stupid. Explorer I's parents decided to build a mansion so they put Explorer I and his older brother Fred I up for adoption in the Pet Shop, but sadly some days later his original parents died of depression. Soon, he and his brother were adopted by two penguins, who already had a chick that was spoiled. Explorer I and Fred I didn't have a very happy time there, as the parents took more care of the spoiled chick. But, one day, when Explorer I found out his parents were planning to kill him and his older brother, he and Fred I ran away.

Later Life[edit]

The journey to get away from their adopters was hard, as the parents, after noticing that he and Fred I was gone, tried to track them down and it took one year to escape them. Along the dangers to escape, they were nearly attacked by soldiers from the Penguin Empire, and were also nearly kidnapped by a penguin who hated chicks. Explorer was determined to get to safer land, and often had to fight their way out, and the fights were usually won by Explorer, and if not by Fred. When he eventually got away from his adopters and were in a safer place, he soon found a machine that would make him young forever. He was 12 then, and he thought that this meant he'd never move on to having jobs! So he used it, and became young forever. In his newfound free time, he made prank bombs to prank other penguins and annoy them. Soon, he invented many items, mostly dangerous in today's standards, for pranking other penguins, such as a machine that would make other penguins slip or a machine to make snow using bits of stone. When he should have been 25, he learned that this adopters were captured by soldiers from the Penguin Empire for trespassing, and were both in prison, and this news made both Fred I and Explorer full of joy! Sadly, when he should have been 30 (or when Fred I was old enough to marry), Explorer I was using the machine and suddenly the machine was hit by lightning, and he got a bad electric shock. When his little brother died two days later, Fred I married to get some company, got a chick and Fred II was born. Later, they got another chick who he named Explorer II, and so began the Fred and Explorer Antics Brothers line throughout history. Many generations later, the body of Explorer I was discovered and, along with a full ceremony, was soon properly buried in Shiverpool.


3 years before he died, he created the first society of pranksters, who would be the Troublesome Trio many years later. His involvement in his new society was good, as he was able to create prankster bombs, but when he died, many were left over and when Explorer 767 discovered them he used them years later for his own pranks.


  • As he was never told what it was, he won The Mission and his grave is lined with gold.

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