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Explorer Pie Tank
EPT but with actual quality.jpg
A sketch of EPT.
Title Explorer Pie Tank
Gender Male
Race Pie Tank
Faction Hero Mechas
Health Decent?
Status Helping Explorer 767.
Location Wherever Explorer is.
Birth date Wait, I forgot...
Occupation Explorer's own vehicle
Interests Helping Explorer.
Friends The Good Guys, primarily Explorer
Enemies Evil villains.
Archetype Hero

Frankly I'm not sure why my model ID is "Explorer Pie Tank" at this point. I seem to be using fireballs significantly more as of late. I should be called "Explorer Fire Tank."

Explorer Pie Tank, abbreviated as EPT, is Explorer 767's personal Pie Tank, given the ability to transform into a giant mecha.


Noting the large influx of robotic creations by the PSA/EPF and BoF, Explorer felt the urge to send in a request for one of his own. It would have to be perfect for him, though; he wanted a mech that would only make sense with himself at the controls: something with a somewhat silly concept that could still be useful in combat. Just as he was running that idea through his head, he came across a class-XXXL double barreled Pie Tank, and his mind was set.

A few hours later, the tank rolled through the Ski Village, parking right in between the Sports Shop and Ski Lodge. Startled by all of the commotion, G stepped outside to see Explorer getting out of the gigantic machine's cockpit.

Explorer: 'Sup G!

G: Explorer! What in the world is that?!

Explorer: Oh, just something I found lying on the street.

G: "Lying on the street"?!

Explorer: Yeah, it was just kinda there. No locking mechanism, no identification, no license plate or bumper sticker... I'm not sure if I should be surprised that this isn't the strangest thing I've seen all week. Gotta pay the tern a visit sometime, see if he's doing alright.

G: Okay... so why'd you bring it here?

Explorer: Well, not sure if you've got your hands tied at the moment, but I was hoping you could make this baby one of those transforming robot things that I hear are all the rage?

G: Oh! In that case, why yes, I do believe I can do that.

A couple of weeks later, G called Explorer to a secluded PSA facility, where to the latter's delight, the tank was ready to go - it had a fresh coat of paint and an iconic emblem on the front and everything.

Explorer: It's perfect...

G: Well? Go ahead and give it a test run!

Explorer ran over to the controls, only to find a gigantic control pad with a bunch of buttons and levers that he had no idea how to use.

Explorer: Oh, right. You need an unreasonably high IQ to actually control one of these. Should've brought Fred...

Just then, the machine fired up on its own, and a voice could be heard from inside.

EPT: Not to worry. I will guide you through the control process.

Explorer: Huh. AI. Neat. Soooo... what's with the font?

EPT: "Font"? Does not compute.

Explorer: Did I say "font"? I definitely meant "accent".

EPT: I see. I am equipped with a specialized voice chip that allows efficient communication due to my recognizable "accent".

Explorer: Alright then! Let's get to work!

EPT: Affirmative. Though I am designed to be self-sufficient, all actions will undergo a power boost if we move in sync. To start off...

Explorer spent the day getting used to controlling a massive tank-robot.

Explorer: Whoo! That was great.

EPT: Agreed. You, my friend, are a fast learner.

Explorer: Thanks, big guy. Speaking of which, you need a name. Uhh... gimme a sec here...

Explorer pulled out the script and ran through it for ideas.

Explorer: Yeah, howzabout we keep it simple and call you "Explorer Pie Tank"? Shorten it to "EPT".

EPT: Very well. ID Registered: Explorer Pie Tank.



EPT is huge - a fully transformed EPT stands at a whopping 62.4 meters, making him the second-tallest single Hero Mecha after DaiBouken's DaiVoyager form. His proportions are somewhat strange (note the somewhat short torso and lanky limbs), but he is generally sturdily built, and... tanks most blows easily. Whenyouhearareallybadpun.gif

The transformation is rather simple: EPT's arms fold out from the sides of the tank, leaving a gap, which is closed when the tank's front section pushes in. The two tank barrels fold back, and the entire lower half of EPT folds out from the bottom; finally, EPT's head pops up.


As the name suggests, EPT has all the default weaponry and attachments of a standard Pie Tank (including the Snowtendo DS!). Being a rare double barreled Pie Tank, EPT can fire pies faster and more efficiently than most.

As interesting as Pie Tanks are, however, they aren't that useful outside of actual pie wars, so EPT also has a secondary weapon: good old-fashioned fireballs. Although significantly less humorous, these fireballs generally cause more damage than the pies and can easily punch through various metal objects. As Explorer's self-proclaimed personal "flaming special", he likes to switch between the pies and fireballs to distract and attack opponents at the same time.

If aligned properly, EPT can also use his fireballs to ignite his fist for a fire punch attack.


EPT is generally a stoic character who is likely to spit it out the way it is without bending the truth. At the same time, however, he seems to have a slightly humorous edge from time to time. Due to the complexities of artificial intelligence and deep learning, however, no one's quite sure whether he was always like this or he picked it up by hanging around Explorer for so long.

Hyper Mode[edit]

Hyper Mode
Super Mode

Through slight modifications, EPT can enter Hyper Mode, which turns him into a train-themed, heavily bulky tank robot. The form is built around EPT's strength and firepower, and has several missile launchers built into his fingers. However, due to its bulk, EPT is slowed down significantly.

Explorer slides a golden train model into a railway-like device inside his cockpit to activate this transformation, but EPT can automatically activate this form on his own as the model rests inside the cockpit at all times. His finisher is the Giant Flash, where the five wheels on his chest fire a humongous laser beam.

After Explorer made a makeshift Destruction Gem holder out of random things in his inventory, Hyper EPT was able to somehow go super despite being a machine. In this form, various trains of different colors- 7 of which match the Destruction Gems' color schemes and 6 of which are just there- are connected to Hyper EPT. Although labelled as a Super mode, it seems more like a "rainbow" robot than anything else, which was mentioned by Explorer after the battle. Super EPT can then use the claw weapons stored on his ankles to use the Rainbow Final Slash, an individualized cross-slash.

As Super EPT, EPT can summon various train-themed mecha. All of them were used in his first appearance against a massive army of Avatar Warmech V2's stolen by Doctor Aye-Que:

  • Trainbot T-Type is a soldier robot wielding a sword that folds into a gun. It can also create a shield that blocks attacks and fires energy blasts, as well as a sniper rifle and handcuffs.
  • Trainbot D-Type is a diesel-themed robot that boasts destructive raw power. However, it can create a pair of fire extinguishers when needed.
  • Trainbot B-Type is a crane-themed robot with a shovel weapon. It can also create a drill weapon.
  • Super Trainbot T/D-Type is a supercharged robot with powerful shoulder cannons.
  • Super Super Trainbot T/D/B-Type is a super-supercharged robot with shoulder cannons and a destructive lance.

Tankout DaiBouken[edit]

When combining with DaiBouken, EPT's treads attach to DaiBouken's feet and the entire top section overlaps his torso. EPT's arms act as shoulder pads, while DaiBouken's arms connect to hidden arm ports and GoGo Formula and Gyro stick to the legs. EPT's cannons are held by the robot's arms, and his mouthpiece opens up to reveal a new face.

Tankout DaiBouken is a bulky gunner, using his cannons to obliterate everything in sight. His finisher is Flame Blitz, blasting the opponent with a stream of fire.



  • Trainman1405 has tried to sue the Destruction Gems because of the similarities between the Trainbots' title and his, and is currently looking for them to deliver the lawsuit.
  • He speaks in this font.
  • EPT is unable to break the fourth wall, but AI experts have concluded that is not entirely outside the realm of possibility for him to end up learning the ability via deep learning due to his pilot's excessive use of it.