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Explorer Dewpon Antics XII, PhD
You just got to love a penguin with an accent.
Gender Male
Race Adelie penguin
Faction Explorer's uncle, Antics Family
Health Has a strange accent and can't sing, but he seems to actually be very, VERY sane. A little too sane for an Explorer. He must be up to something... huge.
Level We're not allowed to tell you that.
Status We are not to speak of that, either.
Location He works in the Finipines. We think.
Birth date We can't tell you that. Move along.
Occupation He has something to do with the government of the Finipines. Or was he a chemist?
Interests Working and his family
Friends You, Antics Family, TurtleShroom (penguin)
Enemies Internet leaks, rival companies, those who threaten his family
Archetype Good

Doctor Explorer Dewpon Antics XII, or simply Explorer XII, is Explorer's uncle and the twelfth penguin to carry the famous name. He is the oldest of Harry Antics' siblings and works on secret foreign projects that no one, not even his family, is aware of, though they think it has to do with fighting corruption. A brilliant penguin, he graduated from school and attained his degrees very early, compensating for living in the Finipines since he was a chick.

Although no one really knows and no one likes to speak of it, it is rumored that he was involved in the Paramount Penguins of Powerful PWNage Pushing the Peoples' Preferences (PPPPPPP) movement, a beloved resistance group dedicated to overthrowing the country's ruler at the time, Marco Stoleyo (rumored to be Tortugadesetas' best friend), and all the corruption the villain so loves. Despite being a leading penguin in the PPPPPPP, he never actually fought in physical means, because he was far too gentle.

Explorer XII is especially notable in that he despises corruption with a passion that makes TurtleShroom look like a wimp.


Early life[edit]

Explorer XII hatched in the Finipines some time in the 1960s. His parents stayed there for a while and he grew to like it. A brilliant penguin, he zoomed through school and picked up both Tagalog and (heavily accented) English in his studies. (The Antics family loves his accent.) He went on to study chemistry, five years ahead of his peers, and graduated with a PhD in the subject when he was but nineteen, inspiring his nephew to follow in his footsteps. He was welcomed into a huge chemistry company with great "leverage" on Antarctica, called Dew's Point.


However, he was soon swept into political turmoil when Stoleyo began to suspend habeus corpus and instate martial law, among other things. He and his governing minions were like Tortugadesetas on steroids. As February of 2007 set in, the Masses had enough.

To really understand what Explorer XII faced, imagine Maverick. Now, imagine Maverick seventy times bigger. Now, imagine its population multiplied by one hundred or more, and imagine they ALL pay taxes. Now, put Tortuga there and take away his benevolence factor (at least Tortuga helps with the spare change left from his embezzling), and THAT is Marco Stoleya in a nutshell.

The Antics family all seem to be political geniuses. Explorer XII was no different, but he also had an obsession with purging the world of corruption that actually made TS a fan.

Calling on the spirit that brought judges to the USA, Explorer XII used his position in the chemistry company to print little propaganda labels on every bottle it sold, or helped secure funds for ammunition creation. He began to wear yellow to work, and his charisma also got his coworkers to join in the movement.

Soon, all of the company was donning yellow and plotting rebellion from Marco's evil. They took to the streets and got others. Soon, a REVOLUTION was forming on the streets!

Cardinal Jamie Son[edit]

Explorer XII teamed up with his company's highest executives to concoct a plan to purge the country of Marcos, but to do it, they would need to get out to the Masses.

It wasn't a secret that Marcos was corrupt, and after he had declared martial law, taken over most of the media, and fired much of the government (after a huge electoral fraud), the Masses were just waiting for a reason to attack.

The obvious place to win supporters was by communication. Fortunately, Marcos had an enemy in the Governance: a usually gentle Teranarch and Cardinal name Jamie Son. He was the most powerful Governance employee in the Finipines. Cardinal Jamie had seen firsthand the corruption and dishonesty of the Marcos regime. It was said that he was "pushed around" by threat of Marcos' armed forces and demanded to look the other way when he embezzled people's money, two things that made him sick to his stomach.

Explorer XII managed to confront the employee about overthrowal, at which Cardinal Jamie embraced him and said he had "long waited" for a like-minded rebel.

Jamie got right to work. Employing his full power as Teranarch, he ordered all districts in the Finipines to cut Marcos off mid-speech, deny him cable access to press conferences, and shut off the power and water to his palace. (The story goes that the emalfs Marcos shouted after that were heard in the entire country.) Eyewitnesses report that he enjoyed doing that.

Voice of the Revolution[edit]

While Jamie was frustrating Marcos, Explorer XII's company got to work buying radio slots off the air for exclusive broadcasts. They got his friends on the radio (the Governance doesn't run the radio) to begin covering the every move of Marcos' minions. He told them that "the Fillipines backs you" and that "they can't hurt you any longer". Explorer XII was allowed to speak on the radio, and he connected with the people not by fiery Triskelle-like speeches of victory, but by his humble, gentle voice that reminded so many a Finipine of their father or grandfather, accent included.

Simply put, the Antics relative said fighting corruption was "the right thing to do", and he urged people to do it "properly" by peaceful resistance. He asked everyone on the radio to join him at the Finipine's biggest highway to stop traffic and the supply of goods to Marcos' goons.

The Public Convened[edit]

His plea was not unheard. An estimated three million penguins gathered on the highway, filling the entire road for miles on end, packed and expansive. In fact, it could easily be said that over 85% of all the Finnipines turned up for support.

All of them camped out on the road as defected soldiers from Marcos' dying government decided to hand food and water to them. They were welcomed as heroes and they themselves camped out, too, protecting the citizenry from the remaining Marcos loyalists.

Explorer XII was escorted along with the executives of his company to the highway, bring food and drink, and all were met with cheering crowds. Jamie Son took up his radio job for the time being, as Explorer XII joined his own movement. The company he worked with pledged all its effort to the movement and distributed free T-shirts for the crowd (February is summer in Antarctica, remember), and there was practically an unofficial party occurring.

Cue the Tanks[edit]

Explorer XII and his employer continued organizing the front until Marcos' soldiers toppled the radio station that was broadcasting their every move. A weak backup tower was activated, but they took that out as well. Cardinal Son fled for his life and was welcomed by the throngs of Finipine penguins in the highway, who led him deep into the crowd for safety.

It was then that Marcos' army began to load tanks at the base of the highway. After a few miles, they reached the rear end of the crowd (with Explorer and crew at the front), and demanded them to move. It was about that time that the penguins grabbed each other's flippers and refused to move. One of them began to sing the lyrics to We're Not 'Gonna Take It, and soon, the whole crowd began to do the same, millions strong.

The soldiers were ordered not to fire.

The singing crowds had won for the time being, and soon, they had decided to invalidate Marcos by installing a new ruler: Dew's Point! Literally, they voted for the company, they wrote Dew's Point ON THE BALLOT.

The company was sworn in collectively by having all executives (and Explorer XII) repeat the Finipine oath of office in unison, followed by gathering all Dew's Point employees they could find and having them swear it in, before having the CEO sign a contract on behalf of the corporation promising to govern properly.

Corporatocracy and abdication of Marcos[edit]

Now in power, Dew's Point promised they'd run the Finipines as efficiently as they run themselves. Dew's Point was already the number one employer in the islands, so most people trusted them and their leadership.

Marcos eventually contacted a friend to escort him out of the Finipines. When the news hit that Marcos had fled, everyone rejoiced and Dew's Point became the official leader after being blessed by Jamie Son.

Explorer XII was promoted.


Explorer XII is part of the Board of Directors of Dew's Point. He and the rest of the chemistry/textile/other stuff/conglomerate company are collectively the official rulers of the Finipines. The Finipines are the only nation in Antarctica to be directly run by a corporation!

However, he still keeps his activities a secret. While he does help govern, it isn't known what his task is, nor whether he governs much, or if he's doing his private sector job.


Family opinions[edit]

Explorer XII is well respected and loved by the (his) Antics Family. He comes to vist them every reunion and every Christmas, but doesn't speak much about his duties as a part of the government or as a private-sector employee, and no matter how much they beg, he only tells a little, so not to brag. He also sings a lot when he visits.

Other opinions and criticism[edit]

Depending on the creature, Explorer XII can be a capitalist's hero, or an evil villain, a tricked penguin, or all the above. He never intended to hand over to Dew's Point the Finipines to command; he just wanted to wipe corruption out of his homeland.

  • TurtleShroom stirred controversy when he met the Antics relative and asked this:
Your company ran for office? Do tell, how did you manage to do that?

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