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Explorer and Mabel is a satire fiction written by Alex12345a and given input by Sk8rbluscat, meant to intentionally break COC and OOC rules and humiliate Explorer and Mabel. Originally conceptualized in a coffee shop, the two began giving ideas for the story, eventually writing a story based on the ideas. The story itself depicts a penguin Mabel after an experiment fails eventually gaining the attention of Explorer and eradicating their former rivalry.

The story was released into public domain on November the 6th, 2011. It gained some public attention for its notoriety. When asked, Alex12345a, the co-writer of the story, said he "had no intention of humiliating Explorer, but wishes to lighten the mood with all the war stories going on". Reviews were mixed, some calling it "a seriously stupid satire" while others praising its "humorous content, freeing the chain of conflict novels". Various characters make cameos in the story as well, such as the long-forgotten Sapie Brothers and other, underrated faces.



Dedicated to:

The Troublesome Trio

The Sapie Brothers

Non-BoF conceptualized characters

Underrated civilians of Antarctica

and Ponies

With love from Alex and Sk8r.


12:05AM. Bright.

Dear Diary,

As Director Benny, I hereby decreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Now that we've gotten rid of that furball, we are able to begin our tale of two creatures, who have a very peculiar but forgotten relationship, now to be revived and then eradicated, in favor of out-of-character stances.



Everyone knows Explorer. The magnificent weirdo. The best prankster in Antarctica. The one on the porch. The representative for the Sub-Antarctic in the SPC. Yeah, that Explorer.

But now, that Explorer, once a cheery, bright, childish yet lovable celebrity, is now a mere shadow of his present. He's now all-business, no pranks, no fun. The "fun" he has is going on unexciting adventures, such as to Snowzerland to continue his weekly debate with the Mary Sue of the Seas, and ominously working on new scientific theories. South Pole Council meetings are now more boring than ever, and The Troublesome Trio has been long disbanded.

Speaking of which, what happened to Happyface and Barkjon? They still maintain their lands well but stood out of the public spotlight. What happened to The Sapie Brothers? They gave up. What happened to Explorer's other puffles? No one knows, although they are likely trying to retrieve their property sold to Holyberden.

And then there's Mabel. No one cares about Mabel now. Whenever Explorer's not representing the Sub-Antarctic in the Council, Mabel would take over without opposition whatsoever. No one even cares about the laws regarding Mabel. She has become less and less sensitive. Gone are the days you'd hear the purple furball screaming punctuation at random bypassers. Gone is the hatred of her evilness. Even the leader of the MMK, which is me, had decided the game's up.

Life goes on. Club Penguin is now more boring than ever. The only interesting adventures you'd see nowadays are wars, wars, diplomatic issues, and more wars. Yeah.

But you know, things can always change. I've recently banished overthrew kidnapped disciplined tormented I GIVE UP signed a deal with Director Benny to the moon in which I take over his position for a temporary period of time. I've also engaged with Mayor McFlapp on the situation.

What story am I going to do? Well, as I said, Explorer's now a bore, and Mabel's now... more tolerable but less interesting. So, I'm going to concoct a new pot of stew, adding in the two characters, some romance, lots of cameo appearances and gags, and top it off with ridiculousness. Our long-gone celebrity, Sk8rbluscat, is back to help me on our first collaboration. So we present,


Chapter One[edit]

Chapter One: The Experiment

In the floors below the surface of Club Penguin lies a laboratory, well-known to the civilians but only accessed by agents. And in this laboratory on this fateful day, a penguin, donning circular spectacles, was busily hammering and cranking screws and pins. The string of noises soon stopped as G, the island's one and only scientist, held up his new contraption.

"Finally! The Thing-a-Majig 3009! Or is it 4009? 5009? Whatever. Now I get to make a good cup of coffee." At the thought, G rubbed his flippers together as he slipped into daydreams about finally getting his coffee right. His thoughts were interrupted by a loud sound, followed by the rumbling of noises from above."

"Good news G! I no longer have to serve in the PSA! My superiors said my work has been done, and now I'm able to achieve my dream of becoming a PILOT!"

In an instant, G's face lit up. The Moose in Black finally gave up their stance, and the PSA could now work in peace. Or the EPF, that is, since the destruction of the original HQ brought them to the new headquarters. Oh, how forgetful of him! "Well, I ought to go now, see you sometime, G!" With that, Rookie was gone. For good.

After receiving the good piece of news, G proceeded to celebrate. G took off for the Pizza Place as he envisioned himself eating the delicacy to his heart's content.

Oblivious to the carefree professor, Rookie sneaked back into the headquarters. "Darn it! Better put back my PSA card before I leave," he whispered to himself, then looking around to comprehend his actions. After a round of searching, he eventually spotted the brown-coloured key at the maghony desk, where G was working on his contraption minutes earlier. Snatching the keys up, his right flipper accidentally smacked the head of the Thing-a-Majig, causing the machine to start up and operate.

The machine started carrying a bucket of hydrochloric acid down to the gas chamber, where it reacted with a tangerine liquid to produce green-coloured steam, which eventually activated a water sprinkler on the top, causing the green-coloured steam to vaporize into a greenish-blue liquid, where it eventually exploded and caused a switch at the top to snap loose, bringing a bucket of water down to a mixing cup, which was added into the burning greenish-blue liquid, causing the flames to die down and produce a brown fluid that was poured down a tap into a cup on the other end.

Rookie, undeterred by the exploding greenish-blue liquid, drank the liquid and let out a grin. "Good, but needs more sugar," he commented. Leaving the machine switched on, Rookie left the building.

A red light flickered in the room, and an announcement that said, "Warning: Switch off machine immediately" blared relentlessly. In a split-second, though, the machine burst into flame, sending out a green beam that shot out of the surface of Club Penguin, repelling a satellite directly above the city, and heading down towards Explorer's house. Penguins would later report the sky "turned green" for several seconds.

Explorer sat in his workroom, his eyes glued to the documents. Literally. Trying to juggle his BoF and SPC jobs, alongside his upcoming lawsuit against Swiss Ninja and amendments to several scientific theories he proposed weeks earlier, he was reading through the contract which would offer him the job of working on USA's newest rocket. Idolized in his work, he was unaware of the green sky shining into his room from the window, nor the screeches of a beam that grew louder with each passing second.

Opposite his bedroom was Mabel, watching another round of the notorious film, WHAT?!?. Originally, she was to prepare for the release of the sequel to WHAT?!?, WHAT AGAIN?!?, but a change in plans led her to remain at home. With no work to do and no one to boss around, she was left alone in her room, her television displaying crisp images of the two hour loop. Like her owner, she was too engrossed in her film that she did not notice any changes in the environment around her.

Within seconds, though, the two lives' are about to change, for better or for worse shall be of MY decision.

Chapter Two[edit]

Chapter Two: Birds of a Feather


The orbital friendship cannon directly impacted Explorer's house, enclosing it within a green dome which expanded outwards, covering the entirety of Antarctica in green.

Explorer woke up, scratching his forehead. Confused by the blast, he looked around to see his entire igloo was gone, save for several chunks of ice that fell onto the corridors. In the other room, Mabel also awakened, but with a strange feeling attached to her. She suddenly moved a flipper up, and stared at it questioningly. She took a glance at the other flipper, and managed to stand up. At a shattered mirror opposite her, she saw her reflection - a purple-coated penguin, donning violet glasses with a velvet mane streaking across her back. Almost immediately, she let out a scream, which sounded drastically different, like that of an elegant, humble female.

"What... what happened?" asked Mabel rhetorically. Panicking, she rushed to Explorer's room, knocking on the intact door that her former self would dare not attempt to do. Explorer, still confused, opened the door, his pupils widening at the amazing sight, jaw now wide opened in a cartoonish manner. "What in the world - who ARE you?"



"Duh, you idiot. Seems you haven't changed at all from the blast."

Rubbing his eyes, Explorer scanned Mabel's features. He felt his entire life spiralling down, and everything else between him and Mabel was erased.

"Seriously, what happened to you?"

"Dunno." Mabel was astonished at her lack of proper language. "That beam hit me hard. Something just came through me."

"I say, your DNA has just been modified."

"Listen, dork, I'm not interested to hear your stupid science. I want you to switch me back to a puffle, stat, or you're getting it."

Explorer rolled his eyes. Mabel let out a growl.

In other parts of Antarctica, weird things were going on. Mayor McFlapp lost all his feathers, while The Sapie Brothers grew hairstyles and moustaches. Several puffles and Little Penguins have grown drastically in size, while High Penguins seemed to feel shorter. Khanz Penguins found their eyes no longer squared, while some penguins even grew a third eye or ear. Director Benny himself also became a penguin, but with wings.

This was the first time Explorer went out since he began on his work three days ago. He was still feeling mighty awkward since Mabel turned into a penguin, and his mind was in a twisted state. He visited the Pizza Parlor, which was full at the time, penguins resuming their normal chat after the blast had occurred.

Explorer at down on a table near the counter and ordered a spicy anchovy pizza with seaweed. His pizza was delivered quickly by a young, energetic servant that was Sk8rbluscat.

"Hey Explorer!" came the voice of the part-time pizza waiter.

"Hello, Sk8r." Explorer's monotonic voice raised concerns for Sk8rbluscat, considering he used to be all bubbly and friendly.

"What's wrong, buddy? Seems like you're down in the dumps today."

"It's just, it's just, well..." Explorer hesitated for a while. "Something sorta happened today and I'm feeling stressed out about it."

"Well, best of luck to you solving your predicament. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some pizzas to deliver!" With that, Sk8rbluscat was gone with the wind.

Back at Explorer's former igloo, Mabel was picking up the pieces. She took her WHAT?!? Special Edition DVD, and hugged it tightly to her chest, sobbing at the half-burnt discs.

" *sob* It's all Explorer's fault. He didn't do anything to stop this from happening. Stupid doofus, I'm going to show him later. *sob* "

Outside, Cylde, Scooter and the rest of Explorer's puffles came bouncing in quickly, worried expressions stuck onto their faces.

"Explorer, we saw the big blast coming your way and - OHMYGOSHWHODAT?"

The puffles stared at the penguin version of Mabel. It took a while for them to make the connection.

"Mabel? Is THAT you?"

"Yes, dorks. It is me."

Instantly, Scooter's eyes rolled, his pupils turning into hearts. Cylde instantly pulled him away from Mabel.

"Come on now, it's not good to stare at a girl like that." Mabel could sense the new pitch in his voice.

Gary had just returned to his laboratory, and saw that his Thing-a-Majig had exploded. He assumed the beam of green from earlier was a sonic reaction of some sort. He instantly gasped at the situation. Unaware of what he had to do next, Gary went to his bed and started sleeping.

Not distressed yet, Explorer went to the ski slopes. He had not skied in eons, and his skill would have probably deteriorated, so he tried the Bunny Hills course. His fellow competitor was a seven-year-old chick, who laughed at the thought of an adult penguin skiing in a kiddy course.

"He he! You're so big but you're no better than me. I'll probably beat you in a snap!"

Intimidated, Explorer accepted the challenge.

"It is SO On."

Once the race begun, Explorer started off with a head start, managing to dodge all the obstacles in the beginning as the younger player struggled to keep up. However, his pride had gotten the best of him, causing him to lose concentration and slip many a time during the middle section. By the time he reached the finish line, his counterpart was already there, halfway drinking his smoothie.

Chapter Three[edit]

Chapter Three: Home Alone

Tired and beat, Explorer returned to his blasted igloo, where Mabel was trying to wrap up her work.

"Welcome bac - I mean, doofus, what'cha doing here?"

Explorer refused to respond, letting out a sigh and walking to his blasted room.

Boy, that sure doesn't sound like Explorer. And this doesn't sound like me, either! Mabel pondered as to how her approach to Explorer was much... nicer. Nah, it's just me. Wait, that doesn't sound like me again.

Explorer's emotions about Mabel yesterday had largely cleared up by now.

"Hookay, time for a pizza." Explorer tried to sound cheery, but lingering in his heart is his deep concern and awkwardness.

Strolling past the stream of penguins who waved to him, he entered the Pizza Parlour, which was having a Thanksgiving celebration, two weeks before the actual Thanksgiving.

Suddenly, Explorer heard a familiar voice ring out to him. "Hey ol' pal!" He recognised that voice...

"Hey, you okay there? You don't recognise your old pals, huh?"

OH! It's Barkjon and Happyface!

Instantly, he turned around and rushed to the pair, who were sitting at a table sharing a 15-inch fish with cinnamon pizza.

"How'cha get cinnamon on the pizza?"

"We've played a little... *snicker*... trick in the kitchen over there." Explorer turned around to see a puff of smoke exiting from the kitchen, as well as a coughing, burnt yellow-coated penguin with a chef's hat.

"You guys!" Explorer embraced his friends for a group hug.

"So... how's things moving along?" asked Barkjon inquisitively. "I myself was going on another adventure, somewhere near Alemania. Some good stuff there!"

"I was taking care of errands in my state. Lots of them. All this economy shenanigans got me tangled up like Link!"

How should I respond... how should I respond...

"I was just... finishing up my Science projects and... stuff..."

"Explorer, are you okay? You seem a little worn out."

Just then, a purple-coloured penguin entered the Pizza Parlour. Everyone stared at her intently for a moment.

"GAH! It's Mabel!"

"Hey doofus."

"You quit that already?"

"Explorer, what's going on?"

"She sounds an awful lot like Mabel..."

"NO! No, she's just a cousin... of mine..."

"I thought there was only two descendents of the Antics Family..."

"She's my stepmother's sister's daughter"

"OH, now it makes more sense!"

Director Benny squealed and screamed as he was roped up and placed in a closet, along with a tied-up Mayor McFlapp.

"Evil, evil skymasters! Or sky programmers, as Ivy called. Good thing you were too busy with all your chasing shenanigans I managed to snatch you up and kidnap you! HA HA! I'm a WINNER!"

Director Benny rolled his eyeballs, while Mayor McFlapp proceeded to speak.

"You ought to let us go, or I'll have Billybob here bloomin' kick you out of hyperspace, wot!"

"You quit that already, you dumb tern!"

"You want to get out or not, you flippin' idiot, wot!"

"Ha ha ha! The two stupidest Directors of the Bureau are now fighting like children. I should really record this, but perhaps not." As the penguin walked away, a terrifying but comical laughter could be heard in the distance.