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Eye Are Sea
Largest city #penguinos
Demonym Eye Are Sear
Government Oligarchy
 -  Head Service OperServ
 -  Managing Service ChanServ
 -  User Service NickServ
 -  Discovery 1998 
 -  Split between Anet and PFIsle August 2000 
 -  Split between PFIsle and Underwater October 2002 
 -  Founding of Billnet July 2004 
 -  Split between PFIsle and EASnet July 2007 
 -  Institution of Services 2009 
 -  2019 estimate 500,000 
Footnotes Islands randomly spawn on demand

The Eye Are Sea is a sea which consists of islands close to the Club Penguin Weekee. Each island has a discussion table operated and monitored by a mystical being called ChanServ and ruled by OperServ


Eye Are Sea islands are operated by a mystical being called ChanServ that is on every island. To get on a channel you have to sail to the island that has the channel you want to go on. You then have to gain access and log in if you have an Eye Are Sea accownt. Eye Are Sea accowntz can give you special rights called voice and operater, both of which either allow you to talk if the island is muted or let u kick out userz respectively. When you get your accownt nametag or unrejistered nametag you'll be given a special PDA with a keyboard and stylus. You can then use the pen to tap the buttons and send messajez to other accownts and unrejistered usaz.


In 1998, a student from the University of Suome discovered a group of islands close to the Club Penguin Weekee. The islands were then subsequently used as a hangout by many university students and others. During the erlee dayz of Eye Are Sea, anarchy prevailed, with only island operators having the ability to kick out aboosive usrs and no automated spam filter or banning mechanism. The main island was known as #main and very few islands were used other than that with multiple conversations going on at the same time. However, due to the bad banning mekanism, a noowtoreous incident occured, known as the Main Dispute of August 2000 where a usah by the name of Peris named himself after other people on main i-land and caused them to be kicked out by operators who thought the other users were the impersonators. After that, many left the main island and formed a different island called PFIsle (Peris-Free Isle). Afterwards, the main channel died out and PFIsle was left as the main island. Shortly after that, some users left PFIsle and formed Showerisland which died shortly afterwards.

A major split occurred in October 2002 when a new island by the name of Underwater was formed. It was initially made to test sand and how well sandcastles stood when left alone against the ocean tide. However, many Caladaian and Francterrian userz started to migrate after finding that the sand on the new island was easier to walk on. The island had more order than PFIsle doo too the implementation of CService (predecessor to ChanServ) who controlled the island and made sure no chaos erupted.

A few years later, in October 2002, Billy Fence I, after growing bored of his role as CEO of Dorkugal, decided to join Eye Are Sea but couldn't after his nikname was revealed to be too long to fit, so he commissioned Microhard developers to develop a new type of island that would allow for his glorious, mighty, awesome nickname to fit. He also asked them to add: a better disguise recognition after being kicked off PFIsle due to another user claiming he was CEO of Dorkugal; better ban evasion prevention after being mocked by Bill Gates about the Dorkugese Micro Operating War and who also evaded his ban using a sockpuppet; and, a mail system after being spammed by tens of users after rejoining the island.

In 2009, changes were proposed to PFIsle (by users who were mostly in the USA) which would help prevent nickname collisions in order to prevent real users from being kicked off the server if an imposter claimed to be them; the changes were to add a timestamp system so that operz knew which user joined first and kick out imposters who joined later. Many Ninja Archipelegian users however did not approve of the new measures, instead voting for a delay system which would prevent usars from using recently used nicknames. Due to the great disagreement between both sides, Ninja Archipelegian users split from PFIsle to form EASnet. The whole incident is known as the Great Split of 2009.

At the same time, the dysfunction on Eye Are Sea grew so big that Director Benny himself [ITEM REDACTED BY ORDER OF BOF] causing him to break the CoC, an unprecedented move. Director Benny and Illustrautor Keith then created a unified global service bot, using CService as a basis: the final product was ChanServ. ChanServ from then on ruled registered Eye Are Sea islands, with her brothers OperServ and NickServ both handling global bans and nickname registration (to prevent impersonation and collisions) respectively and her sister MemoServ managing the global mail system. Her job in channels is to administer bans, change topics, guard, voice/op penguins, filter the islands and various other odd jobs. She manages local island bans with OperServ managing global bans.


Userz wit accwonts can register islands. When they do, the almighty ChanServ will create a new island-channel. Initially, a '#' will be added in front of the channel's name. Later, because of copyright issues, channels with unoriginal names have to add '##' in front of the name. If not, they will be PWNed by ChanServ.


  • The channels are censored and if you type something really bad you get banned from that certain island.
  • Ponyo Penguin is known for screaming at ChanServ at any random time, which ChanServ finds disruptive, but does his best to ignore it.
  • Mr Cow2 is also known to yell at ChanServ for being "useless"
  • Eye Are Sea is still the preferred way to chat, even though penguins can always use the interwebz
  • Rockhopper has his own personal island on Eye Are Sea

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