Ezra Dawn T. Trotsky

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Ezra Dawn T. Trotsky
Title Commander of Tech Squad 12
Gender Female
Race Northern Penguin
Faction Good Gal
Health Excellent
Level Special Agent and Royalty
Status Alive
Location Moscow, Russia, Muscovgrad, Rusca and Frost Subdivision, CP Isle
Birth date October 19, 1994, Russia
Occupation EPF Agent
Interests Espionage, poison, technology etc.
Friends EPF agents, NRR agents etc.
Enemies Hackers, Herbert, Klutzy etc.
Archetype Deuteragonist

Note: Trotsky is Swiss Ninja's idea, I give him credit for that!

Ezra Dawn T. Trotsky is a top EPF agent. She is dangerous and highly trained, even though she is only 19 years old.


Ezra was born in Russia. A Russian Nord, a type of Northern Penguin, she isn't so scary. In the age of 3, she met a new member of the family, but only remembers her second name, 'Alyssa'. She never saw her parents ever again after a fire that destroyed their igloo, as well as wounded her parents. She and her baby sister, of course, she was carrying Alyssa, ran to the forest. The next day, she went back to the house, hoping to find her parents, only finding her father's green beret with the country's flag pinned in the center, her mother's handgun and several scrapbooks, she never found her parents in the rubble. When returning to the forest, she took care of her sister, but one time, after hunting, her sister disappeared, never to be seen again. She searched frantically for her around the forest, but never did, at the age of 12, years later, she wanted to explore the world.

Arrival in Club Penguin and Recruitment to the PSA[edit]

No one knows how she got into Club Penguin, but she found a job in the Coffee Shop where she served as a night-shift barista. She witnessed Rogue's bravery not as a barista, but as a civilian. She was recognized by the PSA when she saved a drowning chick who fell from his hoop in Hydro Hooper. At the time, Agent Mike was there to witness and followed her home, finding out she keeps a rented igloo in Frost Subdivision, a few streets away from him. The next day, he recruited her into the PSA, roughly a month or two after Rogue. After the events of the Popcorn Explosion, she joined the EPF, a week after Rogue.

EPF Agent Career[edit]

She went through a week long crash course in Tech and soon finished to join the Tech class. As she rose through the ranks, the one thing she knew about Rogue was the fact that she was one of the top agents. As Operation Blackout was commenced, she didn't join the rescue op but helped by volunteering for the medical bay and the puffle care, plus digging away some snow and throwing it back into the ocean. After her efforts, she became Commander of Tech Squad 12.

NRR Agent Career[edit]

In a mission in Rusca, she was requested to meet up with an NRR agent. The agent happened to be their uncle, Vladimir Bregovsky. Taking interest in her, he gave her his phone number so that she can call him when he was done with her work in Rusca. When she was, he told her that she had a high potential in the NRR, and asked if she'd like to join. He even told her that the PSA approved, so she said yes as well.


  • Hair: Long, wavy, dark brown. Usually styled all down.
  • Feather color: Brown
  • Eye color: Changes from time to time, originally light green.
  • Eyewear: Black glasses. If you tap on the lenses, they will switch to night vision.
  • Uniform: Dark green dress.
  • Other accessories: Green beret formerly worn by her father, a Rusca flag for her player card, Ruscan green beret logo pins for her dress, special ring with sleeping powder inside of it.

Ezra is a rather shy, sweet and innocent girl, who would only kill when needed. She has a low temper, and doesn't get mad easily. Though she is sensitive and emotional in some times.


She has done all PSA missions as well as EPF missions.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]


  • Anyone's weaknesses.
  • The computer.
  • Poisons.


  • Sight- because of too much use of the computer, Ezra is a bit cross-eyed.
  • Interrogation- out of everything in her training, she is terrible at Resisting Interrogation.
  • Card-Jitsu- she is terrible at Card-Jitsu.


  • She has never met Rogue Tvarkov
    • She did though, later in her life.
  • She is right-handed
  • She is related to, and close friends with Bryan Spasky
  • She uses her mother's maiden name, Trotsky, since she didn't know her father's until after she turned 18.
    • She eventually learned that her father's surname is "Tvarkov", but she chose to keep using Trotsky.