Frosian Islands

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Frosian Islands
Motto: "Penguins make the World go round"
Anthem: Never Give Up
Official languages English
Demonym Shopper, Frosian
 -  President of Shops Island Lavender
 -  Governor Daniel Frost
Legislature Common Legislature
 -  Upper house Bureaucracy
 -  Lower house Administration
 -  Free Republic June 26, 1997 
 -  Transitioned to Democratic Socialism August 19, 1998 
 -  Shopper Statehood October 1, 2015 
 -  Water (%) 29
 -  2015 estimate 1,000,000
Currency WB$

The Frosian Islands are a large set of four islands located between the USA and UnitedTerra, just northeast of the Asiapelago. Formerly a Free Republic, it was conquered and seized by Shops Island in July of 2013. It was been a Shopper territory from then until October 2015, when it ascended to statehood. Its capital is Mephing and the largest city in the state is Erikshaven (pronounced Erik's-hah-ven).

Inhabited by native Mephs for many years as Frosia, a great pie war caused the islands to become the Free Republic of Guymed. It was led by current governor Guymed, Carter422, and Ant Tig Tig, the latter two were both good friends of Guymed. The republic, during its time as one, became a member of the UAN, but was nonetheless non-aligned and stayed out of international affairs. Guymed's republic lost its sovereignty when Shopper forces invaded and occupied the islands on July 5, 2013. The Frosian Islands was a hotspot for battles and conflict throughout the Frosian War, which was named after actions occurring in the Frosian Islands. It wouldn't be until 2026 when the Frosian Islands would regain their independence.

Frosian serves as a major trade passage route in Antarctica, a fact that the Shoppers commonly abuse to their advantage. It is the largest of all of Shops' states. Their economy relies mainly on trade and tourism. Frosian has since become a Shopper military outpost, and a major set of port systems.


Pre-FRG history[edit]

Before FRG was even FRG, it was an island group lost in mist. It is said to be near the 230-190 Point, and in fact that is true. All that lived there were Mephs, until Guymed, Carter422 and Ant Tig Tig (known as the Penguin Gang) arrived. They had a small pie war with the Mephs (a group of native penguins), and after 234 pie filled days, they finally decided to make peace and let both species live there.

Free Republic of Guymed[edit]

After the Penguin Gang's pie war with the Mephs was over, they had no idea what to do with the islands. They decided to make it a Socialist Democracy, with a president and stuff. A presidential battle went forth between Guymed and Zud3652 (EVIL HE IS!!), but Guymed won due to his great leadership in the penguin gang. The country was finally founded on June 26th, 1997, under the name "The Free Republic of Guymed". In 2013, part of the Shops Island army landed on FRG's coast (with the intention of invading the nation), and the commander of the troops met with Guymed in his home to suggest surrender before a war was started. Guymed surrendered to the Shops army commander, due to the obvious superior power of the Shops Island army, making the FRG a colony of Shops Island. However, the Mephs found out about this, and they got into a small war with the Shops Island troops and soon after surrendered when they realized how powerful the Shops troops were.

Also suring this time, the FRG Dollar (Њ) was the official currency of the nation. It is still in circulation and is used quite commonly in stores and markets because of it's usage for 16 years. However, it is no longer minted, and is not accepted by anything relating to the government.

Shopper Colony[edit]

When all of the FRG islands became a colony of Shops Island, the name was politically changed to "The Shopper Colony of the Frosian Islands", after the native name of the group of islands. The shorter and commonly used name is the "Frosian Islands".

In early 2014, Puffalia invaded the Frosian Islands as part of their attempts at becoming a great empire. The invasion sparked decisive intervention and was considered one of the trigger points for the Frosian War, which was named after the Frosian Islands. The Frosian Islands saw fighting throughout most of the war, before being liberated in the final days of battle.

Following the example of New Delphis, a fellow colony, the Frosian Islands petitioned for Shopper statehood in September 2015. Following a successful referendum, the Frosian Islands became a state of Shops Island. Since then, much more money has been invested into the Frosian economy, and the islands saw an influx of immigration from the USA and from mainland Shoppers.


When the Shops Civil War erupted in 2025, governor Guymed talked to Penquino about joining the United States of Shops Island, as long as he gain independence after the war ends. Penquino agreed, yet the USSI lost track of the Frosian Islands' status during the devastating battle in Malesia, and the chaos the leaders of the rebellion endured during it.

After the battle of Malesia, the Frosian Islands became a pivotal battle scene in the war, and turned it so the USSI had a fighting chance. Shopper forces led by Brook Edward LasVegas were quick to invade the island in an attempt to secure it, but rebel insurgents engaged them immediately, and Brook fled from the battle scene. Penquino and his friends came with new tanks to help the rebels recapture the Frosian Islands. After the island was secured into rebel control, The Real Brookelas and Brook Edward LasVegas engaged in a fateful duel, with the latter losing both of his arms, and being severely damaged by fire burns. The latter would also be encased in special armor, and don a new outfit, and the name Darth Princessius after the events.

Following the duel, a Shopper task-force desperately attempted to retake the Frosian Islands, but with resounding failure.


Frosian's economy relies heavily on the Shopper-built ports in the island. The islands act as a stopover for ships heading from the Asiapelago and the Sub-Antarctic Islands which are heading to places like Polaris and Calada. Shops has used the colony as a territorial trophy, but more importantly as a money grab. Shops, and other covert sources have been known to use Frosian as a place to charge extra tariffs to ships coming from certain countries, but it doesn't happen very often, and not much money is made from it. Frosian, despite all of its GDP collected from its conquest, was put into military funds and to back up costs from funds given to the SIA Space Command Fleet. So, Frosian isn't really worth very much other than for strategic purposes.

There is also a small tourism industry on Frosian, due to it's warm and temperate climate. Resorts are often built on the smaller islands, as the main island has become very industrialized.


See the Shopper Nautical Commission for more information.

Trade is a major reason the Frosian Islands are focused on so much. The islands serve as a bottleneck between the USA and UnitedTerra. The bottleneck is also a quick route for trade from the Asiapelago to areas such as the Ninja Archipelago, Polaris, and Calada. Shops Island controls the entirety of the bottleneck, using it as a vice for helping or toughening trade for those they're allied with. Many countries can go through this bottleneck without problems, but some must pay tariffs to pass, and a few countries have been denied passage completely by the Shoppers.

Countries Allowed to Pass[edit]

Countries which need Tariffs to Pass[edit]

The following countries must pay tariffs to the Shopper Navy and/or Coast Guard to be allowed passage through the Frosian Islands. The typical tariff cost is approximately 25 WB$ per metric ton of cargo being shipped. However, the Shopper government has stipulated that some countries must pay more than this for passage.

Countries to whom Passage is Forbidden[edit]


The main language in the Frosian Islands is English. The reason why the east and west islands speak Latin and Japanese is because of Guymed's short usage of the languages. When it became a Shops colony, these languages became recognized throughout Frosian.


The Frosian Islands are mostly covered in thick forests and jungles; notably in the center of the island, and on the three smaller islands to the south. The north and east coasts where Mephing and Erikshaven are, are covered with hills and mountainous terrain, much of which is quite barren. To the south on the main island, the ground is very low-lying and barren.


In 1997 under the name "Free Republic of Guymed", the government was that of a free republic. In 1998, it was changed to a socialist democracy. In 2013, the government was changed into Shops Island's semi-aristocratic democracy.

The first and only president, Guymed, was president from the country's founding in 1997 until the Shops Island takeover in 2013. Carter422 is the only known Vice President, and Ant Tig Tig was the only known Secretary of State.

After Shops' takeover, Guymed voiced his anger when he made an announcement to the public stating the FRG being taken over and becoming part of Shops. Because of this obvious hatred, Guymed and his friends were taken out of power (highly against the will of the citizens), and a new penguin named Daniel Frost became the territory's governor.


The Mephs are a native clan on penguins that live on the Frosian Islands. Nobody knows how long they've lived on the islands, but they are by far the oldest known group of inhabitants on the island (recorded history has them living there for at least the past 300 years). The Mephs became legally protected by the Shoppers once they occupied.

In 1997 the Penguin Gang (Guymed, Carter and Ant Tig Tig) arrived on Frosia. After their short war with the Mephs and the founding of the Free Republic of Guymed, more penguins started moving to the island.

There are a variety of species living on the islands, but it seems like puffles are not as abundant here as they are on other islands (possibly because of the islands' having tropical biome).


The Frosian Islands hold a culture with much Latin influence from Liguria and Snowprus, to a lesser extent, along with some Japalandese influence. It's mainly influenced by the primary culture as found in the USA and UnitedTerra, due to the close proximity of both.

Ligurian and Japalandese food are prominent in Frosian culture; these types of dishes have become staples of enjoyment and identity for residents over time. Though these food types are popular, they are dwarfed in popularity by Meph food; the natives have a strong influence on Frosian culinary culture.

Flag, Motto, and Anthem[edit]

FRG Flag 3.png FrosianFlag.png FrosianIslandsStateFlag.png

From 1997-2013, the Free Republic of Guymed used the flag shown above (on the left). In 2013 when Shops Island took over the country, the flag was changed. It was changed from its quad-color basis to a new, more unique flag with Shopper colors. After gaining statehood in 2015, the Frosian flag regained its original four colors, but adopted the form of traditional Shopper state flags. The Colonial Frosian (middle) flag is still the most popular among residents.


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