F Summer Tunes

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F Summer Tunes
F Summer Tunes.png
Instrumental Music by Feey1 Pie
Released July 7th, 2004
Genre Misc.
Length 50:00
Label Yow's Music Radio
Producer Feey1
This is Feey1's only soundtrack. It was created right before he bought a boat, and sailed away towards F Island.

F Summer Tunes is Feey1's first, and last soundtrack. He released it on July 7th, 2004 in Shiverpool. Later he sold it in Golden City, Yow Kingdom. It is a very famous album, some have called it the best instrumental music ever.


Feey1 had become very famous in Yow, for he had become a great friend of King Alexander. He, however, had a job as a janitor at a stage. During the time he got hooked on music, and decided to create an album. So he moved back to Shiverpool, and created his music there. He started to sell his album, but didn't make much money. So he flew back to Golden City, and sold it there. He had a partnership with Yow's Music Radio, and made a lot of money with them. He sold twenty albums a day there, and became rich. Sadly when his computer was stolen, so was his program. He didn't want to buy another computer, because they were so expensive back then. So he just bought a house boat, and fishing gear. However the album was able to keep reproducing, and became even more famous in Yow.

Charts/Certifications Performance[edit]

F Summer Tunes became very popular, and rose to #1 in the Yow's Music Radio charts. It reached best seller in two weeks, and best album in one week. Critics gave it three to four stars.

Chart (2004) Peak
Yow's Music Radio #1
Nilon Music #3
Snowzerland Music Hits #9
United Terra Album Chart #3
Antarctican Rockin' Albums #2
West Pengolia Music #6
Barbearer Islands Tunes #1

Country Certification
Yow Kingdom
United Terra
West Pengolia
Barbearer Islands


The album has 50:00 minutes worth of music

No. TitleMusicProducer(s) Length
1. "Let The Summer Begin"  Feey1Feey1 3:09
2. "Party Disaster"  Feey1Feey1 1:34
3. "Water War"  Feey1Feey1 1:01
4. "Pool Side Fun"  Feey1Feey1 0:36
5. "Walk In the Park"  Feey1Feey1 6:10
6. "Baseball Season"  Feey1Feey1 0:51
7. "Mad Road Trip"  Feey1Feey1 3:07
8. "National Monuments"  Feey1Feey1 2:05
9. "Tasty Cakes"  Feey1Feey1 1:59
10. "Love"  Feey1Feey1 2:31
11. "Fiesta!"  Feey1Feey1 2:11
12. "My Pet Puffle"  Feey1Feey1 3:00
13. "Adventure"  Feey1Feey1 4:17
14. "Lemonade Stand"  Feey1Feey1 1:00
15. "Music Is in My Soul"  Feey1Feey1 0:55
16. "Come on, Come on"  Feey1Feey1 2:33
17. "Dreams Of Candy Canes"  Feey1Feey1 4:04
18. "The End is Near"  Feey1Feey1 2:22
19. "Last Day of Fun"  Feey1Feey1 1:04
20. "The Summer is Over"  Feey1Feey1 4:39


  • This album has been considered the reason why Feey1 is famous.
  • Fans of the album want Feey1 to make more like it.
    • However Feey1 has said that he has 'retired' from the music business.

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