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"Light it up!"
Born Falco Edward Hochstadt
April 8, 1994 (1994-04-08) (age 25)
Dancing Penguin City, Moon Island
Gender Male
Nationality NewRoMIFlag.png Moon Islander
USA flag.PNG Antarctican
Other names 法尔科
Ethnicity Emperor Penguin
Alma mater Beacon University, Club Penguin
  • Ninja
  • EPF Agent
Years active 2002-present
Notable works Unknown
Home town Dancing Penguin City, Moon Island
Height 3.8 ft (46.1")
Weight 44kg
Known for Being able to control fire, venturing into the Darktonian Relam,
Title Flaming Penguin Ninja
Predecessor Aelios (in the future)
Successor Dev66 (in the future)
Opponent(s) Darktan I, Darktan II, Wikipenguino X, Crimson, Ninja O'Dark (rival)
Spouse(s) Unknown (in the future)
Partner Wikipenguino45
Children Nathaniel Hochstadt, Lindsay Hochstadt, Falco Hochstadt II (in the future)
Parents Julia Hochstadt (mother), Gerald Hochstadt (father)
Relatives Baron Hochstadt (grandfather), Yilk (great-uncle), Dave Hochstadt (great-uncle), Hochstadt Family

Not to be confused with Falcoz or Falcon Xaldi.
If you were looking for his relatives, see Hochstadt Family.
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If you were a ninja, why would you need swords, ninja stars or nunchakus...if you had powers like these!?
— Falco

Falco Hochstadt (火忍者企鹅) otherwise known as The Guy With The Flame or by the name 法尔科 is a Fire Ninja and a member of the Hochstadt family. An integral member of the Venturous Three, Falco is a master of fire manipulation and the martial arts, having inherited his abilities from his family, honing them under Sensei and Fuut Ga's guidance. His powers have proven useful on his many quests and misadventures as one of the Venturous Three, challenging foes and standing up to the forces of evil alongside adventurer and explorer Wikipenguino45 and his puffle, Terry Van Furry.

Throughout his many years of adventuring adventuring He loves Card-Jitsu, mainly Card-Jitsu Fire. Falco learnt martial arts from his relative, Fuut Ga Hochstadt and is a decent fighter and still trains to this day. He never gives up and loves adventure. What makes him known to many penguins is his ability to manipulate and create fire. He never abuses his powers or uses them on other penguins, unless they are evil, or he has to.

Falco has gone on many (and most of them crazy) adventures with his best friend Wikipenguino and his best friend's puffle, Terry Van Furry. He is also an agent of the Elite Penguin Force and has went on many missions for them, too. One of the things many others know about him is that he and his friend, Wikipenguino (and sometimes Terry Van Furry) have traveled into the Darktonian Realm and took photos of many mysterious things going on in there. Falco has been to the 2016 Summer Olympics with Wikipenguino, Terry Van Furry and his mysterious time traveling friend, Lance X. Penguin. Falco also owns a WaddleTube channel, where he plays all sorts of games, uploads funny videos of pranks, vlogs, and other stuff. He also sometimes does collaboration videos with Wikipenguino.

Falco isn't the smartest penguin, and doesn't like maths whatsoever. Falco travels to the Dojo at least twice a week to train, and to play Card-Jitsu and Card-Jitsu Fire against other competitors and players. Falco shares a rather bitter rivalry with Ninja O'Dark, and the two often compete to try and be the best fire ninja in Club Penguin Island. Falco is also good friends with the other ninjas such as Green Ninja, Psyche and Spider880. Falco enjoys traveling to the Asiapelago, especially back to Moon Island for a few days. Falco is also known for practicing sometimes dangerous tricks around the island using his powers. Falco is also aware of the BoF's existence.


Falco as a chick.

Early Years[edit]

Falco's egg was laid in a small igloo to Julia and Gerald Hochstadt in Moon Island. Unfortunately on a visit to Club Penguin, they both vanished days before he was hatched for unknown reasons but were known to have last been seen at King George's Island while they left Falco's egg at his grandfather's igloo whom they were visiting a few hours before. Falco's grandfather took care of the egg especially after he heard the news that Falco's parents had both disappeared. A few hours before Falco was hatched, his grandfather, without knowing the outcome, left the fire amulet next to Falco's egg, causing the power of it amulet to affect it mysteriously, giving Falco it's powers and giving special properties to his cells making him weaken due to the close presence some objects or items. Falco's grandfather discovered his mistake when Falco accidentally used his powers when he was 5 after concentrating hard while staring at a rock causing it to burst into flame.

Thinking how dangerous for Falco to obtain even more power from it and keep him from doing anything wrong with it, he gave it to the Super Brothers and Happyface who promised to keep it safe. Falco often wondered where his parents disappeared to, especially after his grandfather told him, and he often felt very sad. Though he managed to make himself not get sad over where they went, he did extra research by even going through into the woods where Falco soon learnt how to use his powers while his grandfather, Baron Hochstadt took him to Fuut Ga and Jock Hochstadt to train him how to become a ninja and master his powers at a very young age. Falco was soon good at what he did, especially being able to fully control fire. At school, Falco was sometimes bullied which angered him once to the point of using his powers. The bullies never came back to fight him, after seeing what they saw, and were terrified every time they saw him though nobody believed them.

Despite this, slowly, Falco learnt how not to use his powers whenever he was angry, and calmed down slightly. He never revealed to anyone and only shared this secret with his other trusted relatives that he owned speical fire creating abilites. Falco learnt how to use his powers to do all kinds of tricks, techniques while some of them turned out dangerous. He found out that he could steal fire when he was practicing on the fireplace back in his igloo. Falco's grandfather advised Falco to not use powers in doors, as there would be catastrophic consequences especially after accidentally setting the table on fire. He discovered his ability to fly for a few seconds when he was testing out all kinds of random tricks outdoors but couldn't control it for long.

Teenage Life[edit]

Falco was taken to the dojo by his grandfather to see an "old friend". It turned out, they were there to see Toshi Kojima, who was a good friend of Falco's grandfather. There, Falco trained and learn how to play Card-Jitsu as well as master the element of fire as a Fire Ninja and soon became a black belt as well as a Fire Ninja after a few weeks. Falco sometimes went there by himself, since he really liked the place, but was careful not to overuse his powers in case he burned the Dojo down. After a few months, around the time when he was 17, he traveled with his grandfather to see his old house back in Moon Island. Even though he'd gotten used to where he lived, he did want to go back and live there. After a few more months, Falco, in his spare time, started using his powers to do all sorts of things for himself, such as lighting candles and making toast, and found this very convenient.

Falco and his grandfather returned to see Fuut-Ga to complete his training. There, he started learning martial arts from him, and even trained by fighting him, and playing card-jitsu with him. In his spare time, he would sometimes train against his grandfather without using powers or weapons. Falco slowly learned how not to use his powers and control his emotions to avoid doing so. Around this time, he also learned how to overcome his fears (including his fear of thunderstorms). Fuut-Ga, Sensei and Baron all believed it was now safe enough for Falco to take responsibility for his powers, and trusted him to keep them under his control which Falco promised to do.

Around this time, Falco decided to start a WaddleTube channel called NinjaFalco16, where he would upload videos of himself playing video games such as Penguin Kart, Super Smash Mates-Jitsu, Super Smash Mates Brawl and Blockcraft. Falco's channel also gained more attention when he started uploading vlogs of himself using his powers to do everyday normal things and making them look cooler. Though many passed this off as a hoax, his viewers still enjoyed his videos anyways. Falco gained around 40,000 subscribers by early 2010, which slowly but surely continued to rise over the next five years.

College Life[edit]

Falco went to Beacon University, Club Penguin where he studied. He managed to get his own igloo and moved out of his grandfather's house. One day, during a weekend, he decided to go and play Card-Jitsu at the dojo. On his way there, he met fellow student, Wikipenguino45 who asked him which was the proper way and after he showed him and played a full match of Card-Jitsu with him, they became good friends. At some point, Falco found out that his parent's disappearance had something to do with Darktan and had ever since been trying to find them. Wikipenguino and Falco agreed to try and infiltrate their way into the Darktonian Realm no matter how scared they were but were determined to find out as much as possible about Darktan.

Falco and Wikipenguino enter the Darktonian Realm for the first time.

They managed to take a photo of a room that Darktan was inside and bring back this photo. Dr Infinity, who had made his nephew, Wikipenguino, an agent in the EPF decided that Falco could help out, as well and sent him an invitation to come to the Everyday Phoning Facility. After Falco came, he used his fire powers to destroy the power box during the last phase of the test and escaped only to find out that an elevator had opened up from one of the pillars. He went into it and came down into the EPF HQ where Wikipenguino explained everything. Falco went on several missions during his time as an EPF agent every now and then. During a perfectly regular day in 2012, Falco witnessed the creation of Wikipenguino X. After he managed to flee, Falco and Wikipenguino immediately returned to the EPF base to track him.

Falco and Wikipenguino travelled around the USA though Wikipenguino X left barely anything that they could follow to find him. On a trip to Snow Freezecisco, they came across some penguins on skateboards bullying some chicks. After Wikipenguino confronted them, they chased him. Falco decided to help him out and took a different route that would take him in front of the skateboarding penguins. He managed to scare them off by screaming and setting himself on fire while running towards them which made the skateboarders retreat.

After two years of tracking, searching, without much luck of capturing him, Wikipenguino X kidnapped Wikipenguino45 and Wikipenguino was brought into the Darktonian Realm for the creation of Wikipeng4500. After fighting off Wikipenguino's clone, the trio escaped and for the past 3 months, received news of attacks and robberies concerning Wikipeng4500. During a battle against the evil S.H.A.R.K., Wikipeng4500 was convinced that he shouldn't be evil, and turned on his creator. After Wikipenguino X shot him and attempted to flee, Falco managed to shoot a fireball at the jet's wing while the S.H.A.R.K. members flew away with jet packs.


Falco joined Wikipenguino and Terry Van Furry on several adventures around Antarctica and across many other countries and soon, the three became the best of friends who did many things together from practising tricks with fire to performing all sorts of dangerous stunts during their adventures. Falco continued to venture all over the Antarctican continent to respond to Elite Penguin Force missions as well as adventure-seeking with Wikipenguino and Terry Van Furry. On multiple occasions they came across the S.H.A.R.K. and sometimes even Wikipenguino X himself. The trio however, still lived to tell the tale, and nevertheless had an entertaining experience whenever they returned home.

Journey of a Ninja[edit]

Falco after succeeding Aelios as the Fire Sensei in the future.


Main page: Falco/future


Falco has been involved in many EPF missions as he is also an agent. Many times, he and Wikipenguino have attempted to venture into the Darktonian Realm to find information on Darktan and if possible, apprehend him. He, like Wikipenguino, also loves exploring and sometimes, while doing this alongside him, they both get into more trouble then they ask for. Whenever this happens, Falco does his best to fight whatever evil might come their way using his abilities and training. Falco participated in the Power4U Affair, and fought off Super Penguins around Antarctica. Falco never has any intention to let evil wreak havoc while he can prevent it, especially when he's eager to try out new tricks and moves on something.

As Falco is a ninja, he trains mainly in the dojo, most of the time when he's bored, or got no tricks to practice, or just heads up to the dojo whenever he wants, anyways. Falco is loyal to Sensei, and sometimes goes on quests or missions for him. Usually when he's practicing in the dojo, he'll challenge Sensei to either Card-Jitsu or Card-Jitsu Fire. Falco doesn't do WaddleTube that often, but uploads at least three videos every week, and sometimes does collaboration videos with other WaddleTubers, mostly Wikipenguino45.

Falco's "Emblem", sometimes used in place of his signature.



Falco's hobbies include practising tricks such as throwing snowballs in the air and blowing them up before they hit the ground and using his abilities on a random rock lying around and seeing if and how many times it would take for it to break. Like Wikipenguino, Falco loves being able to adventure around Antarctica and whether he encounters danger or trouble, nevertheless enjoys the thrill after it's all over. He also enjoys playing Card-Jitsu and Card-Jitsu Fire, especially against Sensei for a challenging game even though he's already a ninja. Falco can easily win against a very inexperienced player, but whether or not he wins or loses, congratulates or says "good game" and wishes the player good luck for the next game. Falco enjoys reading books, especially comic books, and often spends any time in which he's got nothing better to do to sit down and enjoy reading.

Falco wearing his Hot Sauce Gi during the events of Falco's Journey, which served as a temporary replacement after his classic ninja suit was destroyed.

He also likes video games like his best friend, and still plays games every once or twice a week or every once in a while on his channel. Falco's adventuring spirit always urges Falco to keep on searching for mysteries and danger which he very much enjoys doing with his two other best friends whether it's for fun or for a challenging quest.


Falco almost always wears a ninja suit complete with a black belt and ninja mask that he obtained sometime after training to be a ninja which he liked so much, that he decided to keep it on most of the time. His blond hair is always visible over the top of his suit. Falco has dark black feathers underneath the suit. Before he got his ninja suit, he used to wear shirts, hoodies and whatever belt he was at the time. On a rare occasion, Falco dons a pair of Cloud Wave Bracers, but doesn't really use them because he doesn't really know how, but will sometimes just wear it for the look. Falco has dark grey eyes, though they are almost barely noticeable and look black most of the time.

Falco was originally born with light gray feathers as a chick, but slowly, his feathers darkened over time, completely turning darker black by the time Falco turned 19. Falco sometimes carries a pack of Card-Jitsu cards with him for whenever he wants to play Card-Jitsu, but also uses them for battle outside of the dojo, but rarely uses them in battle. Before Falco got his ninja suit, he Falco always used to wear his ninja amulet alongside whatever coloured belt he had most recently earned and a pair of wooden sandals like many ninjas do.


Falco is able to manipulate and create fire. This means he can blast it at other penguins, "steal" fire from candles, fireplaces, lighters or any sort of fire. He can turn fire into fireballs and he can project fire downwards onto the ground kind of allowing him to fly but he's never been able to stay in the air for more than at least 6 seconds. Falco also has the ability to heat things up using his flippers, and can use this technique to melt objects, boil water or overheat machines. Falco's powers also give him some sort of immunity to fire, meaning he can't get burnt, at least not to most high temperatures. Falco sometimes uses cloud bracers and card-jitsu cards, which he has experience with as well.

Falco demonstrating a special move.

He has another strategy he calls "Inferno Mode" which makes him get supercharged. Whe he activates this, his powers are strengthened by 80% his eyes glow bright and fiery and he gradually produces flames around himself until he is surrounded by them. This, however, is very, very dangerous because the more he uses his powers in Inferno Mode, the stronger the flames get and can quickly burn down a small village if he does this. Another downside is that the more he does this, the more he exhausts himself. Even 10 minutes in this mode is guaranteed to make him faint or even go into a coma. Falco will only go into Inferno Mode if he really has to and if it is the only option he has so he saves this as an ultimate Plan Z.

After the events of Falco's Journey, Falco's powers temporarily vanished as a result of Crimson using an item known as the Absorption Charm to "steal" his powers. Though Falco's powers were never truly "stolen" from the Absorption Charm, they were severely depleted in the aftermath, though he was able to gradually learn how to use them again.


Falco has many different weaknesses and these are a few known ones.

  • Pie - If there is any kind of food Falco likes the best it's PIE. Pie doesn't weaken Falco in anyway, though he usually falls for eating it and it makes him go crazy when he sees it and activates something similar to Phreaker Mode. Falco loves eating any kind of pie and if he finds it randomly outside, he'll most likely sprint towards it. He tries to lay off pie, but this strange frenzy mode is inevitable.
  • X-Virus - Falco dreads the X-Virus and always goes quiet and still if near it because it's his worst fear. He fears that one day, he'll be infected and Falco X will be made and Darktan will have a minion that can control fire and destroy cities and possibly countries. If given the chance, he'll run away from the X-Virus if it comes an inch more closer to him.
  • Doom Weed - Doom Weed, with all it's strange and mysterious properties is something that Falco is allergic to. If Falco comes within a few inches of Doom Weed, (unless encased in a protective box) he starts to choke for a few seconds and his powers are neutralized until he gets away from it. Also, it makes him feel weak, tired, dizzy. It also slightly obstructs his vision, making everything look fuzzy and unclear and slows his regeneration (if he is already hurt, any wounds that are healing are slowed down greatly) until he can escape. Forcing him to consume Doom Weed could kill him and neutralize his powers for possibly more than a year.


Falco fights on the side of good, (or at least does what he believes is the right thing) and strives to defend the continent with his friends whenever his help is required. To groups like S.H.A.R.K., he is seen as a nuisance, and only getting in the way of them doing "what was supposed to be done" and claiming that they were simply "relieving Antarctica of unworthiness and incompetent leaders who rule it". Falco is also loyal to penguins like Sensei, the Hochstadt Gang, Hochstadt Family and his grandfather, Baron Hochstadt all of who he deems trustworthy and is most of the time always willing to follow their orders. Falco is also a Fire Ninja, and would normally side with them.


Falco is a normally happy penguin who loves tricks, dares and comedy. Falco is friendly, brave, and usually not afraid to start a conversation with anyone. He'll always be willing to put himself in harm's way in place of his friends or family if he really had to, and becomes serious in times of great danger, or if a friend is hurt. He shows interest in stories and mysteries, and loves adventures as much as his friends do. He's always eager to use his powers to draw attention from others, and likes performing all kinds of tricks, mostly regardless of whether or not they may seem reckless sometimes. Falco acts competitive in games, mostly card jitsu and card-jitsu fire (he's terrible at water) even though he's already quite good at it. Even if he doesn't win, he accepts that at the end of the day it's all just a good game and accepts defeat.

Falco is also excitable and a heroic wannabe, wanting to help others in danger and perhaps one day join his relatives and fight evil in the Hochstadt Gang. Falco was in a mood of trauma ever since he found out he never got to meet his parents in person. Falco stands up and fights to protect his friends from harm, danger and from anyone that means to hurt them physically or emotionally and tries to console them whenever they feel more disappointed than usual. Though he may be a little immature, he still shows care and concern when it is needed.



Falco's diet mainly consists of an average penguin's diet including salmon, tuna, pizza, ice cream, soda and pie. Pie is something that for some reason makes him go slightly crazy in a case similar to Fred 676 but he loves it anyways. Falco doesn't suffer from Fat or any other diseases or dangerous symptoms except for being a Class III Fourth Wall Breaker. Falco is usually outside most of the time and every time he uses his fire powers, he burns off more calories and energy which is one of the things that keep him fit. Falco also loves Hot Sauce, and prefers to have it with his food if there is any available.

Since Falco usually runs whenever he's adventuring or on a mission with Wikipenguino and they are sometimes required to travel at a much faster pace to achieve their goals, he is also kept fit since they adventure quite a lot.



Wikipenguino and Falco both had similar ideas when it came to brainstorming which might have been the reason that makes them so compatible and hardly ever get into fights or aguments. Falco became friends with Wikipenguino after they both had a conversation after they met on their way to the Dojo in Club Penguin when Wikipenguino got lost on a path to the Dojo and backtracked to the Mine where he met Falco. The duo both went to the dojo where they played several games of Card-Jitsu together while Falco helped Wikipenguino learn how to play and the basics of the game. They became friends shortly after the match and have been best friends ever since. Together, they have went on many adventures and a few involve venturing into the Darktonian Realm.

Lance X. Penguin[edit]

Falco and Lance cooperate reasonably well and know each other quite well, too. Falco, however is more playful while Lance is much more mature and serious. Despite this, they still get along with each other very well and he still laughs at Falco's jokes. Ever since Lance came to Club Penguin, Falco has been begging him to tell him whether or not he became Sensei or what he can do in the future. Lance normally refuses and simply tells him that all will be revealed in good timing. Far from stopping him asking, Falco still hasn't given up his interest and is still waiting for a chance for Lance to tell him.

Terry Van Furry[edit]

Falco often thinks of Terry's constant love of talking about and mentioning anything mathematical or nerdy and his reluctance to go on adventures with them as irritating, but nevertheless, they are still far from enemies. Falco usually tries to change the subject whenever Terry dives into the world of mathematics or tries to throw him off topic to keep him from rambling. Falco also thinks of his habit of saying "What could possibly go wrong?" as a nuisance since whenever he says that specific sentence, something bad usually happens. The cause of this is still unknown to both of them. Falco is still thankful for having Terry on the team, however, mainly because he's the smartest and can sometimes ease their way out of tight situations.


Darktan II[edit]

Falco wants justice for his family just as much as Wikipenguino45 does and will do anything to find them. Falco wants to capture Darktan in hope of interrogating him into leading him to his parents' whereabouts. He has gladly agreed with Wikipenguino to one day attempt to find him and bring him to justice. Darktan is the one villain Falco sincerely hates, not only for being responsible for the disappearance of his parents, but his evil misdeeds and the harm he has caused to countless others and their homes.

Wikipenguino X[edit]

Falco and Wikipenguino X don't really come across each other as much or even interact as he does with his host, but Falco has still taken a disliking to him for his various acts of terrorism, evil, greed and pure cruelty. Falco also wants to defeat him as badly as his best friend does, and see justice delivered to him once and for all and have him put behind bars for good. Wikipenguino X and Falco are also much better suited for combat, as Wikipenguino X does not know Falco's moves as well as he knows his host's and he can be potentially outsmarted by Falco's fighting techniques and flame powers.

Falco's Themes[edit]

Theme Songs
Normal Battle


  • Hey, guys! Watch this!
  • Pie? WHERE!?
  • Wanna play Card-Jitsu?
  • (Battle cry) FEEL THE BURN!!!!!
  • Oooh! What does this do?
  • (Alternate battle cry) DON'T MAKE ME BURN YOU!!!!
  • Which move should I use?
  • Let's hope that Winston isn't around here anywhere...
  • Please try not make me overwork powers. I tend to flare up. No, seriously, I literally burst into flames.
  • Maybe I could set Mabel's fur on fire if she comes close enough...
  • Light em' up!
  • Oh, cool!
  • Fight fire with fire!
  • HUZZAH! (when fighting)


  • High one!
  • Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
  • Watch this!
  • Throw me a snowball!
  • It doesn't look like we're in Club Penguin anymore...
  • What's this glowing thing?
  • Did you just hear something?
  • Wazzdown?
  • Howzit going, dude?
  • How many puffle O's do you think a hungry orange puffle could eat in one day?
  • Hmmm...It kinda looks like...
  • Wanna Card-Jitsu?
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, kaboom it goes!

Terry Van Furry

  • How do you divide by zero?


(A penguin is walking back to his igloo on a perfectly normal day. He enters his igloo and takes a slice of pie out of his fridge.)

Penguin: Yum! This strawberry pie is going to be delicious...


(The penguin turns around terrified to see Falco who has spirals in his eyes sprinting towards his igloo from the window. The penguins screams and runs away.)


(The penguin cowered behind his fridge, shivering while Falco devours his pie with the same crazy expression on his face. After a few minutes, he walks out and suddenly regains control of himself.)

Falco: Huh? What just happened?

He looks at his ninja suit which is stained with strawberry sauce and crumbs.)

Falco: Oh no...I did it again, didn't I?

(Falco is having a snowball fight with Wikipenguino and some other penguins at the Snow Forts.)

Penguin: Take this!

(He throws as snowball which misses Falco. Falco gathers a supply of snowballs and throws one by one. Eventually he runs out and instead creates a fireball.)

Falco: Hah! Take this-oops!

(He throws the fireball thinking it's a snowball. The other team scream and dive behind their fort.)


Falco: Sorry...my fault...

(The opposing team's fort is melted and the team crawl out from the wreckage to examine the smoldering remains of their fort.)

(Wikipenguino and Cheddarbox are sitting by a table. Wikipenguino is listening to some music while Cheddarbox is eating a strawberry-filled pastry. Falco walks in and Wikipenguino hides the pie. Luckily, Falco doesn't notice what Cheddar is eating.)

Falco: Hey guys, wazzdown?

Cheddar: Duh, the floor is.

Wikipenguino: Just listening to one of Jawa's latest remixes. You should really check them out sometime!

Falco: Okay then...Cheddar, what're you eating?

Cheddar: Some strawberry p-

Wikipenguino: No, DON'T!

(Cheddar turns suspiciously to him.)

Cheddar: Don't what, now?

Wikipenguino: Don't say it!

Cheddar: Say what? P-

Wikipenguino: NO!

Cheddar: Oh, come on! What's so bad about pie?

(Falco suddenly staggers backwards slightly and has a crazed expression on his face.)

Wikipenguino: Aw, crumbs.



  • His favourite type of pie is Apple Pie.
  • His favourite location on Club Penguin is the Dojo.
  • Falco dislikes anything coconut flavoured.
  • Though he has fire powers, water is not a weakness. However, he cannot use his powers underwater. They just create steam, bubbles, and warm the water.
  • He was born and wears the colour black.
  • His hair is REAL.
  • Despite Willie Watt being evil, Falco actually has a crush on her.
  • Pizza is his second favourite food.
  • Wikipenguino does his best to keep Falco away from Tazboi, mainly because of the pie.
  • He can get along well with Cheddarbox and likes his pranks.
    • Same with Kenny Lagois. Probably because they're both ninjas.
  • Falco used to be afraid of thunderstorms.
  • He knows how to whistle.
  • He owns a PlaySystem.
  • Falco owns quite a few power 9 cards.
  • Falco's favourite musical artist is Beetle.
  • Falco does not own any puffles.
  • His favourite film is Reality Check.
  • Falco has Frankterran and Alemanian heritage.
  • One of his most liked moves is his "Blaze Punch" in which he creates fire on his flippers and punches either to the side, downwards or upwards.
  • He has seen WHAT?!? and after he did, blasted the CD with fire until it melted.
  • Falco can roast marshmallows by creating fire on one of his flippers.
  • One of his favourite practice spots is Tallest Mountain, though he doesn't really go there because it's hard to get to.
  • Falco's favourite holiday is Christmas just like Wikipenguino.
  • His Blockcraft nickname is "NinjaFalco16".


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