Falcon Xaldi

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Falcon Xaldi
Falcon Xaldi.png
Xaldi about to stab someone
Title Boss Falcon Xaldi
Gender male
Race High Penguin
Faction STINC
Health deceased
Status Deceased
Location The end of a river
Birth date October 31, 1980
Occupation STINC leader
Interests Tragedies
Friends his army members
Enemies Everyone else
Archetype evil
Military allegiance STINC
Military rank leader

Falcon Xaldi was a High Penguin who revived STINC. His demise is currently being plotted by Flywish because of his dirty deed of killing Flywish's father.


October 31, 1980 was a dark night. Out on a raft in the middle of the Arctic Sea, all alone, Falcon Xaldi had hatched. He was swept away on a beach that his parents were vacationing on. He never met his parents once. At the age of 3, he had learned how to catch fish so that he could eat them. His raft was never in trouble. One day, he wanted to see places he could go. So he paddled his way over to find some land. He ended up in Freezeland where he would end up being raised by himself. He was often upset in school because the penguins there were often happy and he wanted to see a penguin crying. He would feel the same way walking home. So he decided to carjack penguins in order to run down puffles that were being walked by penguins and joyfully watching their sad goodbyes. He was also responsible for a stabbing of a locally famous penguin named Greentooth3. Greentooth had died and Falcon was unable to be arrested for some unknown reason. Everytime someone asked him why he did such terrible things, he would always respond with "he told me to" and they would ask "who is he?" and he would say "he is he". If a penguin gave him a funny look, he would assault them. Eventually, he grew up and moved out of Freezeland to much relief. In 2009, he attempted to construct an army but failed to find a name. He ended up making a hideout called "Falcon's Nest".

In 2010, he learned about a group called STINC that disbanded in 2009. Falcon decided to revive the group but make it an army instead. He had hired subterrans. Then one day, he decided to anger Flywish to make himself look better. So he posed as one of Raywish's friends. Raywish is Flywish's father. He invited Raywish to lunch, and when Raywish showed up, they talked a little and then Falcon pulled out his knife. "What are you doing with the knife?" asked Raywish "I'm going to kill you" Falcon responded. Dennie watched in shock as Raywish fell to the floor holding his bloody stomach. Raywish was dead. Dennie went back to the mansion where Flywish lived and told Flywish the horrible news. Flywish melted down and swore revenge. He said that day, "Darktan took my wife, who I haven't known all of my life, besides, Darktan is reformed, and Kyle is avenged. But killing my father is the dumbest thing you will ever do FALCON!" Flywish once said to Falcon. "Why did you do it?" asked Flywish. "He told me to!" responded Falcon. Flywish grunted in disgust knowing that Falcon was demented. Falcon laughed in triumph and attempted to crash the funeral. However, they were attacked by Xinston and Jake Lovesfish. Flywish stared as they were driven out into the ocean. Unfortunately for the side of justice, Falcon survived as he was saved by his army members. He currently builds his army so he doesn't just have SubTerrans doing the job for him.

However, he called Flywish out in what would be the War of Vengeance. He ended up dying in the process after killing Flywish's second wife.


  • It should be noted that Falcon's birthday is on Hallowe'en.
  • Time Agency knows for a fact that Falcon will never meet his parents.

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