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Not to be confused with Falco

Falcoz is a penguin who is also a Ninja and the best friend of Winston. He joined Club Penguin in May 2008 during the Medieval Party (it was his favorite party ever). Falcoz moved to Fanon City in late December the same year, and Falcoz - as we know him - was born. His ninja skills rivals that of even Sensei's. Sensei sarcastically jokes that one day Falcoz will surpass him and become the new leader of the Ninjas, but this is very unlikely.


  • Dark Form (see below)
  • Regular Form

Purple Wolf5[edit]

Main Article:Purple Wolf5

Falcoz has a brother, Purple Wolf5, who is also a ninja and pretty smart too.


He has three friends, that's for sure.

"Dark" Secret[edit]

Main Article:Dark Falcoz

Falcoz has a secret. One day, he was wandering around USA when Darktan showed up. "Join me..." he said. Falcoz put an evil grin on his face. "Yes, Great Darktan." This is odd as Falcoz is a good penguin. He instantly became "Dark". He now works for Darktan. He still has his good self, but simply changes when nobody is looking. Nobody knows why he ever changes, because he is still good.


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