Fall of Nexon

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Fall of Nexon
Date October 10, 2013 - November 3, 2013
(3 weeks and 3 days)
Location Nexon, Shops Island
Result Pyrrhic Allied Victory; peace treaty signed
•Nexon gains independence
•Nexon placed under Allied occupation
•Nexon loses its military
Casus belli The international community begins to view Nexon as a rising criminal empire, separating itself from Margate. A few countries decide to take preemptive action.
ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
BestROS.png Snowiny
Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island (Government-in-Exile)
Also known as the Allies or the Alliance.
NexonFlag.png Nexon
Lavender, Robert Smith, EDFan12345 Vince, International Syndicate
Great military strength, more soldiers, advanced agencies Military state, many weapons at their disposal

The Fall of Nexon (known in Snowiny as Operation: Freedom Fighter) was a war that caused the "fall" of the "empire" of Nexon. It was a devastating conflict pitted against two well-equipped and heavily armed alliances in a battle for control of Nexonan land. It ended with the Allies signing a peace treaty, and the Nexonans gaining independence at a price.

Prologue: Rising Tensions

On a seemingly normal aircraft flying over the Antarctic ocean, Shops Island's president Lavender was in his personal presidential jet, heading for Ed Island for a meeting with the king, EDFan12345. It soon touched down in the capital city of Bridgeport.

As he exited the aircraft, he was escorted into a car which drove him to the government building in downtown Bridgeport. Lavender got out of the car by himself, and independently made his way to EDFan's office. He opened the door, where Ed Island's king was waiting for him.

EDFan: "President Lavender, you're late!"

Lavender: "I know."

Lavender sat down right before Snowiny's president, Robert Smith, came crashing through the doors.

EDFan: "Smith, you're even more late!"

Robert: "What?"

EDFan: "Just sit down."

Robert sat down as EDFan told him to.

Robert: "So, why did we even call this meeting again?"

Lavender: "That piece of crap they call Nexon."

EDFan: "Yes. Lavender, you, and I have been thinking about dealing with them."

Robert: "Oh yeah... What do you mean by dealing with them?"

Lavender: "Destroying them, duh."

Robert: "So what you're saying is..."

Lavender: "We're gonna go to war with them."

Robert: "WAR? But i don't think Snowiny is strong enough!"

EDFan: "It will be taken of, don't panic."

Robert: "Ok... but what's in it for me? This will only make my citizens angry!"

Lavender: "Listen, I have some friends I can contact. If you help us, we'll make it worth your while."

Robert: "Okay, I'll join."

EDFan: "Great! Lavender and I already drafted a declaration of war. All you have to do is sign, and we can get to work."

EDFan signaled an honour guard, who brought out the draft of the war declaration and handed it to Robert. The Snowinian president signed it before handing it back to the soldier, who then waddled away.

Lavender: "So it's final, we're going to destroy Nexon!"

EDFan: "You seem a little too excited about this."

Lavender: "No... Why would you ask that? I'm not a war monger or anything..."

Nexon's "emperor", Vince, was sitting in his palace when a young female servant walked in.

Vince: "What is this?"

Servant: "A document, dear Cesar."

Vince picked up the document and briefly read it, before handing it back. His face was blank and distraught.

Servant: "Is something wrong?"

Vince: "No, no... I'd just like a piece of paper, please."

Servant: "As you wish."

The servant left and soon came back with a piece of paper and a pen. Vince wrote a letter on it. He handed it to the servant.

Vince: "Please get this photo-copied and sent to our allies."

Servant: "I beg pardon, but may I ask what you wrote?"

Vince: "A cry for help."

Servant: "Very well."

The servant went to photocopy Vince's letter, which was soon sent to its core allies: Liguria, South Joseon, Zhou, UnitedTerra, the USA, and other smaller countries.

A whole day passed, but many of the nations did not reply. Only South Joseon and Zhou did. They both sent letters back, informing the emperor of their position.

My dear friend Octavian, as much as the Zhouese people would love to help you in your fight against those capitalist pigdogs, I am afraid that Zhou is still recovering from our damages during our last war. We are committed to helping our allies against Shopper and Snowinian agreession; we shall try our best to support you in these difficult times.
Wu Jiao, Zhouese President
Emperor Octavian, the best Republic of Joseon hears your pleas for help in these troubling times. However, it comes with great grief for me to announce that democratic Joseon is strongly allied with the Shoppers. Therefore, we shall maintain neutrality throughout this unfolding conflict. We wish for peace on both sides of aggression, and to stop this unwarranted act of treachery.
— Jong Hung-Nam, South Joseonean Prime Minister

Vince was shocked by the lack of enthusiasm.

Servant: "What shall we do, Cesar?"

All the servants in the room looked anxiously at their emperor, hoping that he would provide some comfort.

Vince: "For now, all we can do is defend ourselves with our military might."

Servant: "I beg pardon Cesar, but our military was built for offensive action!"

Vince: "Exactly, but we still have one of the best militaries in Antarctica. I'm confident that we can win this war if we try hard enough. And anyway, I have many plans. Call the Advisors and Military Strategists for a meeting at my palace."

The servants left the room, carrying Vince's order with them.

Chapter One: Prepare for Assault

President Lavender soon returned to Shops Island, with Robert Smith in tow. EDFan had went to a secret military base on Ed Island for "unknown purposes". Lavender and Robert were going to a spaceport in Shops City to board a Nebula craft.

Meanwhile, EDFan clutched his Teleportal, infinitely falling through two portals. He only muttered one word when asked about it.

EDFan: "Science."

Lavender nor Smith were never told where the meeting was taking place, so they were clueless when they arrived at the Shops City spaceport. General Broseph, Captain Swaggins, and Malor Vakovlev were there to meet them.

Lavender: "What are we doing here? I thought Nebula craft were medical transports. Where are you taking us?"

Malor: "Come inside, friend.

Lavender and Robert followed the two generals and Swaggins (who was being carried around) into the craft, where it had been outfitted into the style of a private jet.

Robert: "Awesome!"

Swaggins: "Take a seat anywhere you want."

Robert ran to the back where he installed himself in a seat. Lavender anxiously sat down beside Broseph.

Lavender: "So where are we going?"

Broseph: "One of Ed Island's command ships in orbit, I think."


Broseph: "Yep."

Lavender started freaking out. He was panicking; he tried to undo his already-done-up seat-belt, but it was locked remotely for safety purposes.


Swaggins: "IT'S NOT A TRAP!"



Broseph had whacked Lavender with his elbow, knocking him unconscious.

Malor: "BROSEPH!"

Broseph: "What? He needed to shut up eventually."

With that, the ship took off. It took only a few minutes before it was in orbit. As the Nebula craft were not compatible with Ed Island's ships, their craft stopped over at a Prosperity Space Station on the other side of earth from the meeting spot. From there they transferred to a waiting Ed Island craft, which took them to the rendezvous point on the other side of Earth.

After around half an hour, the Ed Island craft came within sight of the Incorruptible, surrounded by three other Prosperity stations.


King EDFan, the 9001st Legion, members of STAG, and elite Snowinian soldiers were waiting for the Ed Island craft as it docked in one of the Incorruptible's many docking bays. EDFan approached the still conscious Robert Smith, while Lavender waddled out of the ship; he had waken up right before they had docked.

Lavender: "Where am I?"

EDFan: "The Incorruptible! Do you like it?"

Lavender: "Uhh... yeah I guess."

EDFan: "Great! We have lots to talk about. Follow me."

Meanwhile, back at Octavian's palace, the Advisors and the nation's strategists had arrived.

Vince:"Gentlemen, today we had arrived to talk about defending our nation."

War Advisor:"What do you suggest, Defense Advisor?"

Defense Advisor:"Since our military is designed to be good at offensive, we will push the invaders out of the nation ASAP. Then, we will chase them back to their countries. If possible, we will destroy them in our islands."

Vince:"Hmmm, how about Project Armageddon?"

All of the Advisors were shocked. They can't imagine their emperor trying to launch an attack like this after 2 months.

War Advisor:"I supports the Defense Advisor's plans."

Vince:"I didn't say that his plans are bad. I'll say yes to it."

Strategist 1:"不错,不错。" (Not bad, not bad)

Vince:"Then it's decided. We will follow the Defense Advisor's plan. And by the way, I have some other plans myself."

Vince took out a vial containing DNA from his royal robes and put the vial on the table. He also took out a file with "CONFIDENTIAL" stamped on it.

Vince:"Director, this project will be under you."

The emperor used the Force to push the files in front of the director.

With that, a small hovering spy drone from Ed Island sneaked out of the conference room. It had videotaped the entire conversation. It hovered out of the room, before attaching some rockets, and blasting into space, heading towards the Incorruptible with the news.

Lavender, Shops' military personnel, the STAG, Snowinian forces, Robert Smith, and EDFan walked into a large conference room. There was waiting Captain Yolo in a fancy fish tank.

Swaggins: "Pshh, showoff."

EDFan: "Take a seat."

Everyone took a seat. The three national leaders sat at the head of the table.

Lavender: "We're going to launch a major offensive on the Nexonans. They are heavily armed and dangerous. We're relying on our space fleets to attack them from above. We'll use all our space firepower at on-"

Lavender was interrupted by a drone going "Beep bop boop beep!"

EDFan: "Little drone, about time you came back."

The spy drone flew over to EDFan and rested on the table right in front of him. A little projection machine appeared on top of the robot. A large projector screen appeared on the far side of the table, so everyone could see it. The drone started to play the video. The tape showed Nexonan officials discussing Project Armageddon.

Lavender: "Oookay, change of plans."

Robert: "What now?"

Lavender: "Well, Shops has a large nuclear arsenal. I suggest we use it. If they split all their missiles going in three directions, it'll be pretty easy for our nukes to just wipe out at whole batch of them at the same time."

EDFan: "We'll also have to reorganize our space fleets to defend our homelands."

Robert: "Well, that leaves us without an offense right?"

EDFan: "Not exactly. We'll still have many craft to attack, and our air forces can help. Especially Ed Island's."

Broseph: "Excuse me, but that's not enough for a full assault!"

Lavender: "WE KNOW. That's why we'll have to use a naval invasion, where we'll drop soldiers on the beaches and attack them from the ground."

After hearing the words "naval invasion", Swaggins and Yolo briefly exchanged some dirty looks before focusing back on the three leaders.

Robert: "Our combined forces will be unstoppable, even with the drones they have."

EDFan: "Okay. I suggest that Robert, you can go back to Snowiny to prepare as much as your military as possible. Lavender and I will stay on the Incorruptible to organize our fleets."

Robert: "Fine."

Lavender: "Wait, what about that classified document?"

EDFan: "We'll have to find out, I guess."

Now that the meeting was over, everyone parted ways to go organize their own offensives. Swaggins, Yolo, Malor Vakovlev, and Broseph all returned to Earth with Robert Smith.

Emperor Vince was personally overlooking the placing of the entirety of Nexon's missiles being put on standby, ready for launch as part of Project: Armageddon. A military officer walked up to him and bowed.

Vince: "What do you have to report?"

Officer: "Caesar, almost all of the missiles are prepared. We will be ready to fire at Shops, Snowiny, and Ed Island at your will."

Vince: "Excellent. Now if you excuse me, I must go take care of some ehh... business."

The officer and the emperor parted their ways.

Vince stepped into a fancy car, which drove him to the heart of Nexon City's downtown core. He threw a black cloak on. The car came to a stop; Vince stepped out and walked over to a building. He punched a code into a machine, which let him inside. After traveling through many corridors and elevators, the emperor came into a room with many head members of the International Syndicate.

Syndicate Member 1: "Vince, we've been expecting you."

Vince: "Thank you."

Syndicate Member 2: "Why did you need us again?"

Vince: "Outside forces have declared war on Nexon. I need the syndicate to help fight for us; we need EVERY gang member possible to fight."

Syndicate Member 1: "ALL of them?"

Vince: "Yes."

Syndicate Member 1: "With all due respect, we just can't. Many members are freelancers, they don't care about Nexon."

Vince: "Whatever. I have alternative sources, anyway."

Vince, disgruntled with his International Syndicate members, walked away. The door slammed behind him.

Syndicate Member 3: "That was odd."

EDFan sat atop his royal throne as he looked out the window of his personal suite on the Incorruptible. He was watching hundreds of STAG fighters and bombers being loaded on to cruisers, most of which would go to Ed Island and Snowiny to defend against Project: Armageddon. Two of the cruisers were heading to Shops Island to meet up with the SIA Space Command Fleet. As EDFan lounged back onto his throne, Captain Yolo was wheeled in. EDFan swung around to view him.

EDFan: "I thought you were supposed to be on Shops Island, captain."

Yolo: "I was supposed to. I can't take Swaggins."

EDFan: "Well, what use are you here?"

Yolo: "Uhh..."

EDFan: "If you wish to get away from Swaggins, then I suggest you go to Ed Island and set up the little naval power we have to create a perimeter around the island."

Yolo: "Yes sir."

Captain Yolo was wheeled out of the room to board a transport heading for Ed Island. EDFan turned back around as he watched so many fighters get mindlessly loaded onto light cruiser craft.

Meanwhile, Lavender was running around the hangar bay of a Prosperity Space Station, checking up on things and giving orders. He was sweating. A general spotted him, and sat the president down.

General: "Lavender, take a breather."

Lavender stopped to talk. He was panting.

Lavender: "Why?"

General: "Because you run around like a chicken with its head cut off when you're tired."

Lavender: "What's a chicken?"

General: "I don't know, but just rest."

Lavender sat down on some crates with the general as he cooled down. He soon regained his breath and stopped sweating.

General: "Better?"

Lavender: "Better. Now I gotta go!"

Lavender took off, to go supervise the loading of some modified Nebula craft. The general, who was left behind, rolled his eyes.

General: "He never listens."

On the Shops Island mainland, outside of Goberna, General Broseph and Captain Swaggins overlooked the assembly of the offensive fleet that would be tasked with invading Nexon. Many Lancer and Speeder fighters flew above to create a perimeter, along with a few of Ed Island's fighters. Shopper, Ed Islandian, and Snowinian soldiers were assembling their battalions along the shoreline, ready to set off on their offensive. While Broseph and Swaggins were overlooking the preparations, Captain Yolo, who had just arrived from the Incorruptible, came up behind them.

Yolo: "General Broseph? You wanted me?"

Broseph: "Yes, come over here, right beside Swaggins."

Yolo's fish tank was wheeled over beside Captain Swaggins' fish bowl, much to their distaste.

Swaggins: "Aren't you supposed to be on Ed Island?"

Yolo: "My work is already done there; our small and cozy island is much easier to defend."

Broseph: "Shut up, both of you. Yolo and Swaggins, I want you to say hello to the SIA's newest weapon!"

There was a brief silence as nothing happened. Broseph pressed the same button on a remote controller multiple times as his anger grew.

Yolo: "Well?"

Broseph: "Just give it a second..."

Suddenly, a vehicle emerged from the waters in front of them. It rolled up onto the beach and stopped right in front of the three commanders. It looked like a tank, but had unusually large tracks and a massive cannon.


Swaggins: "How old is this thing?"

Broseph: "It was built a few days ago. It's an amphibious tank! The newest addition to our military fleet."

Yolo: "That's nice and all, but how do we transport these things? There's no room on our ships with all our firepower already."

Broseph: "All of our transport ships have been installed with hooks on the bottom of their hulls that these things can hang off of. They can drop all the way to the ocean floor, and roll along the seabed onto the beaches without being noticed."

Swaggins: "Whatever. Just get them loaded onto the ship."

Broseph signaled some troops from his 9001st Legion.

Broseph: "You heard the admiral, boys. Load 'em up!"

Soldier: "Yes sir!"

The troops went off to install the amphibious tanks onto the bottom of the ships' hulls. As Broseph was about to leave, the sky got dark. He turned around to see two of Ed Island's light cruisers, which were still massive, hovering behind them.

Broseph: "Why are those here?"

Yolo: "Compliments of Ed Island."

Broseph looked in awe at the two massive spacecraft. He was satisfied with the fact that he had the power of the SIA Space Command Fleet, Snowiny's military, Ed Island's Military, and the Shopper forces behind him.

Broseph: "Ohh... This is gonna be gooooood."

Chapter Two: Skirmish on the Shore

Early next morning, it was foggy and damp. The citizens of Goberna and surrounding villages awoke to the chants of soldiers, who were boarding their ships and spacecraft, now ready to head out toward Nexon. General Broseph and Malor Vakovlev were giving them a rally speech before they were to be deployed.

Broseph: "Men, many of you have the best training in the world. Remember that, you're the best soldiers we've got. The best have trained you to be the best. But just remember this; Nobody can train you for the moment you look death in the eye."

Malor Vakovlev: "He's right. War does not come with a guarantee. No soldier gets the promise of safety, survival, or victory."

Broseph: "I've been in countless battles, I know what it feels like to lose your comrades, the ones you care about. All we can say to you men and women is, good luck. And we hope you can all live to fight another day."

The soldiers cheered with a thunderous roar in approval. They soon calmed down, however, and made their ways to their respective vessels, ready to go fight the Nexonans in a war that didn't make any sense to them.

Hours later, the fleets began approaching Nexon. Broseph was in the command center of one of Shops' main warships, along with Swaggins and Yolo.

Broseph: "This is where the fun begins."

Swaggins: "I can see those heavy missile launchers from here."

Yolo: "We have our light cruisers on our side. This can't be too hard."

In space aboard the Prosperity stations, three small nuclear warheads were being locked onto missiles which were going to be used for Project: Armageddon. They were able to trace them, and destroy the missiles in mid-air. Lavender was certain that it was foolproof in defending Shops, Ed Island, and Snowiny.

On Nexon, one of the Nexonan generals radioed all missile launch centers.

Nexonan General: "Fire at them at will."

All the missile launchers aimed up. The nuclear stations in space locked on.

Nexonan General: "FIRE ALL MISSILES!"

All of the missiles launched at once. But, instead of splitting ways, they all regrouped and headed toward the offensive fleet. Shops' nukes locked on anyway. All of the missiles were heading directly for the light cruisers.

Yolo: "MEN, PULL UP! NOW!!!!!"

The light cruisers tried to pull up, but the one in front was unfortunate. Everyone knew what was going to happen; it was too late.


Every ship made a run for itself, in a desperate attempt to flee from the incoming missiles. The ships were, however, too slow.


All of the missiles struck one of the light cruisers, the Unrelenting. Impressively, the cruiser had remained mostly intact, but still with heavy damage; although it was still mostly in one piece. The engines on the craft cut out, and it began plummeting towards the ocean. Within seconds, the massive space cruiser, covered in purple flames, slammed into the ocean. It created a massive rogue wave which sank many of the Shoppers ships, while sending the rest of them going off in every direction. The damaged cruiser remained afloat, in an ironic display. Their fleet was nearly destroyed, just as the Nexonans had planned.

Broseph: "...Crap. Lavender is gonna kill me!"

Captain Swaggins wheeled over to a radio while Broseph was grieving over the major loss.

Swaggins: "All ships, do you copy? Head towards shore, we'll send reinforcements to look for survivors!"

All of the ships that hadn't sank made their way toward Nexon, while Swaggins was focused on sending transmissions to the other space fleets, for them to come and help. There was no signal.

Broseph: "What's wrong? Why aren't you sending anything?"

Swaggins: "There's no signal."

Broseph: "Our communications antenna must have been knocked out. Captain Yolo, send your Ed Island air forces to push toward Nexon. Swaggins, release the amphibious tanks. I will not give up this opportunity."

Captain Yolo deployed all of Ed Island's space fighters from the light cruiser that still remained while Swaggins dropped the amphibious tanks from all ships. The tanks sunk to to bottom of the ocean, where they started crawling along the ocean floor towards Nexon.

Back at Nexon, Vince was mediating on his throne. Suddenly he opened his eyes. The emperor took out a holoprojector and contacted the director of the national agency.

Vince:"Director, are your men ready?"

Director:"Sure am."

Vince:"I need you to plant naval mines. The enemies are sending amphibious vehicles. Plant them at the bottom of the ocean. Oh just in case, send the new drones we've been inventing."

Director:"Yes Your Imperial Majesty."

Back to the bottom of the ocean, the amphibious tanks were crawling to Nexon's shore. Out of a sudden, lots of jellyfishes appeared.

Tank driver 1:"Wow, I have never seen such wonder in my life!"

Shoppers Soldier 1:"Yeah, me too."

However, the jellyfishes revealed themselves to be the Nexonan drones. The drones started to disassemble and sabotage the amphibious tanks. Water began flowing into the tanks.

Soldier 1:"Are you serious?!"

Tank commander:"Abort!"

As the soldiers abort the sabotaged tanks, the rest of the tanks got hit by the naval mines, causing damage to the tanks. When the survivors floated from the depth of the ocean, they got sniped off by snipers from the shore or shot by Nexonan sailors in smaller ships.

In Shops City, a car had just arrived at an airport. Out from the car came out 6 guys.

Agent 1:"You know the plan."

The penguins took their luggage out from the trunk and went in. They went into a lift and put a "Not Working" sign in it before getting in.

Agent 2: "You know your orders."

Many tanks at the bottom of the ocean had been completely destroyed. But, Vince did not destroy all of them. The remaining tanks regrouped as they went in for their final assault. A troop of the 9001st Legion radioed the battalion of tanks.

Troop: "Be careful, men. There might be mines down here, and we don't know where."

Other troop: "Oh, make sure to kill any jellyfish you find too."

The heavily damaged offensive made its way to Nexonan shores in great time. Their forces were extremely beaten, now that they only had one light cruiser and a few ships.

Broseph: "Land us on the beaches, boys."

Officer: "Roger that."

Swaggins: "I hope those tanks get here soon."

Moments later, their ship jerked to a halt. They had run aground on the beaches.

Broseph: "There's our cue. DEPLOY ALL TROOPS!"

Cargo hatches on the front of every naval vessel opened up. Hundreds of Shopper and Snowinian troops ran out onto the beaches. From the light cruiser, Shopper and Ed Island fighters, piloted by Ed Islandian soldiers, began to engage in vicious dogfights with Nexonan aircraft.

As the foot soldiers made their way along the beaches, beeping sounds were heard. They got faster and faster.

Snowinian Soldier: "What's that?"


Many land mines that were planted in the sand went off. Numerous soldiers were torn to pieces in the blasts.

Broseph: "I hope those tanks come soon."

The Nexonan soldiers made their way out from behind bushes and buildings. They began to ambush the crippled offensive forces with a barrage of bullets and small missiles.

Captain Yolo: "Hey Broseph, there's something on the radar! It looks like it's right behind us... underwater?"

Broseph jumped out of his seat and knocked Yolo's fish tank away from the radar so he could view it.

Broseph: "By Benny they did it!"

He turned away from the radar and got on a comm. radio, installed into all soldiers' helmets.


All the offensive soldiers turned around and went back to their ships without hesitation or question. The Nexonans were confused.

Nexonan Soldier 1: "I guess we won this battle."

Nexonan Soldier 2: "LOOK OUT!!!"

The Nexonan forces looked up to see many missiles being fired from seemingly nowhere in the water.


Shopper amphibious tanks began rolling up onto the shore, barraging Nexon's defenses with no mercy whatsoever.

Nexonan General: "RETREAT!"

The Nexonans ran for their lives as they were bombarded with missiles. The ships and the light cruiser also began firing shells at the fleeing Nexonans.

Broseph: "YES! Soldiers, roll out and follow them! We don't want them coming back!"

Soldiers: "YES SIR!"

Snowinian and Shopper soldiers once more ran out of their ships, chasing Nexon's forces away from their own beach. Some soldiers stayed behind to set up a military perimeter, and to create a base camp for incoming forces.

Back in Shops City, the six mysterious agents made their way to the top of the tallest tower in the Shops City financial district. They made their way into a bathroom and locked the doors.

Agent 4: "Who has the dynamite again?"

Agent 6: "Me."

Agent 4: "And who has the Nanobots?"

Agent 2: "Me."

Agent 4 grabbed a knife and sliced a hole into the wall of the bathroom.

Agent 4: "Stick the dynamite in here."

Agent 6 grabbed fifty pounds of dynamite, and loaded it into the wall.

Agent 3: "Are you sure that'll make a big enough blast?"

Agent 6: "Of course, calm yourself."

The bathroom also had a payphone in it for some reason. Agent 2 released thousands of nanobots on the payphone, which entered the wires of the payphone. The nanobots were designed to wire-tap all communications linked to the wire that they rested in.

Agent 1 picked up an old-style flip phone and called an anonymous number. Nobody could hear who was on the other end.

Agent 1: "Yes, sir. They're set up. The nanobots should start sending tracks any minute now. Okay. Yes. Okay, I gotta go now. Okay. Yes, I did. Bye."

He hung the flip phone up and put it in his pocket.

Agent 1: "Our work is done here."

Agent 4 resealed the cut up wall. As they were leaving, Agent 1 threw his phone out the window before getting into the elevator.

Back at Nexon's imperial palace, emperor Vince was scolding one of Nexon's top generals.

Vince: "Don't you EVER retreat like that again! Do you hear me!?"

General: "Yes, your imperial majesty."

Vince: "Send your troops back to that site and recapture their little base they've set up. I want the generals imprisoned."

General: "It will be done."

Shopper and Snowinian forces had already set up an effective base along the beaches where they landed. The Ed Island light cruiser had recalled itself and All Ed Island forces to go search for survivors out in the ocean. Repair teams were working on fixing the broken communication antennas aboard the Shopper naval fleets. General Broseph surveyed the construction of a makeshift dock for incoming ships.

Broseph: "More ships with reinforcements and construction materials shall be coming soon, commander. Be sure that you're ready."

Commander: "Yes, sir."

Broseph: "Also, is the perimeter finished?"

Commander: "I think admiral Swaggins is on top of that."

Broseph: "Very well. Do you know what happened to the battalions that went out after the Nexonans?"

Commander: "No sir, we haven't heard back from them."

Broseph: "Well then, looks like I have a job to do. Keep up the good work."

Commander: "Thank you."

Broseph went over to his 9001st Legion, which was in charge of setting up the security perimeter. The men saluted their commander.

Broseph: "Men, those soldiers who chased after the Nexonans have not returned yet."

Soldier: "We know, sir."

Broseph: "I advise some of you head out and try to locate them and help them."

Soldier: "But sir, there are probably thousands of droids and Nexonan soldiers out there! We'll be toast before we leave your sights!"

Broseph: "Hmmm... I'll recall that order. Try to contact them. I want to know if they're alive still!"

Soldier: "Yes sir."

Aboard the Prosperity space station, a messenger walked up to Lavender who was gazing down on Planet Earth from his window.

Messenger: "Mister president, I have news."

Lavender: "Yes?"

Messenger: "Our forces have set up a base on the shores of Nexon, but it was a costly victory."

Lavender: "I see. I'd like to go down there to check up on them."

Messenger: "But, it's a war zone down there!"

Lavender: "Maybe. But it's my obligation to make sure my soldiers are alive and well. That's an order!"

Messenger: "I will prepare a transport."

The messenger left the room to go prepare a Nebula craft for the president.

Lavender arrived at the base camp in no time. By now, the defenses were set up, and a perimeter was created using the amphibious tanks. General Broseph approached the Nebula craft to meet the president.

Broseph: "Lavender! It's good to see ya!"

Lavender: "Mhm."

Broseph: "You're not gonna kill me or anything, right?"

Lavender: "Mhm."

Broseph: "What's with Mhm?"

Lavender: "Mhm."


Lavender: "Oh, sorry. I zoned out there. No, I'm not gonna kill you or anything... yet."

Broseph: "Uhh... okay? I thought that it'd be useful to know that our defenses are completely set up! Also, we have supplies and troops coming in non-stop."

Lavender: "That's great!"

Broseph: "Your personal suite has been set up on the SS. Robertson."

Lavender: "I never knew there was a suite on that ship... but okay."

Broseph guided Lavender to the beached ship, where the president went off to get some rest.

At the top of the Shops City Financial Center tower, a father and his son walked into a men's washroom.

Father: "Now my boy, just wait out here. Daddy's gotta take care of some business."

Son: "Okay daddy!"

The father waddled into the stall and closed the door. He was quick to come back out.

Son: "Daddy, what's that square for?"

Father: "What square?"

The son pointed at a square figure on the wall; a mark left from the wall being cut.

Father: "Hmm... the wall must've been cut open."

Son: "Daddy, I wanna see what's inside!"

Father: "Uhh..."

The chick ran over to the hole in the wall (which was relatively close to the ground) and pulled out the loose piece of drywall. In front of him was lots of explosives.

Son: "Daddy what's this?"

Father: "Something very dangerous, sweetie. Let's go now!"

Son: "I wanna eat it!"

The son grabbed a piece of C4 as if it was some sort of pudding. He put it into his mouth.

Father: "NO!"

Not knowing what it really was, the chick bit into the piece of C4, setting off a charge.


A charge was set due to the chick's saliva. It exploded, killing the child immediately.

Father: "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

The explosion had caught the dynamite on fire. It started burning through the wires of the detonator switches. If the switches were compromised, the entire pile of explosives was to blow up

Father: "Uh oh..."



The entire bathroom exploded. It engulfed the rest of the floor in flames, too, rapidly killing every civilian inside. It made its way through all of the floors on the tower high above the sky. The flames soon made their way into the long elevator shaft of the tower, gutting out almost every floor along the way. Sounds of explosions echoed all over Shops City.




Citizens city-wide were terrified. They thought they were under attack by the communists.

President Lavender was relaxing in his suite aboard the SS. Robertson when General Broseph barged in.


Lavender: "What? Calm down!"


Lavender: "Oh. Okay, then I guess that's a legit reason to be upset."

Broseph: "Oh and by the way, Chill is on the phone."

Broseph handed Lavender a cell phone. Chill was one the other line.


Lavender: "Yes, quite. Why?"

Chill: "Oh, thank heavens. The Shops City Financial center just got blown up."

Lavender: "So I've heard."

Chill: "What are we gonna do?"

Lavender: "Put the city on high alert; send all available rescue crews to the wreck site to look for survivors."

Chill: "Got it."

Chill abruptly hung up without bothering to say "goodbye".

Lavender: "I hate it when he does that."

Lavender got out of his seat, and went out of his suite.

Broseph: "Where are you going?"

Lavender: "I need some fresh air."

Lavender left the comfort and security of his ship so he could stroll along Shopper/Snowinian beaches. Unannounced to him, Nexonan soldiers were spying on them from behind bushes on top of the hill behind the beach.

Nexonan Soldier 1: "Lavender is out in the open! What should we do?"

Nexonan Soldier 2: "Attack, you idiot!"

The soldier pulled out a rifle, aiming it at Lavender. He shot for the president's head, but missed."

Lavender: "What was that?"

Broseph: "I told you it was a bad idea to come out here!"

Lavender: "You didn't say anything!"

Suddenly, a loud cry was heard from over the hill.


Hundreds of Nexonan soldiers and even more droids rushed over the hill, firing wildly at the opposing defenses.


Lavender: "Fine by me!"

Lavender ran for his life towards his ship. Broseph ran over to his 9001st Legion.


9001st Legion: "YES SIR!"

9001st troops jumped inside the amphibious tanks, and started wailing away at the Nexonans with missiles. Shopper and Snowinian foot soldiers came out of the defenses, firing back at the enemy in a fit of rage. Both parties were eventually locked in a stalemate. The Nexonan droids were almost impossible to destroy. The Nexonans eventually began to gain an advantage against their enemies.

Aboard an Ed Ialand light cruiser, which was searching for wreckage out on the ocean, a transmission came through from an Ed Island officer.

Ed Island officer: "Hello? Who goes there?"

Snowinian officer: "Help! We're under attack!"

Ed Island officer: "What do you mean"

Snowinian officer: "Nexonans are about to overrun our defenses! We need immediate help ASAP!"

Ed Island officer: "Roger that."

The Ed Island officer ended the transmission. He bolted across the command center to the officer in charge of the search and rescue operation.

Officer 1: "Sir, how much longer until the operation is completed?"

Officer 2: "Not long at all. Why?"

Officer 1: "Our allies' defenses have been overrun on Nexon. We must go help them!"

Officer 2: "But there's still survivors to be found!"

Officer 1: "Leave some STAG boats here. We're going to Nexon!"

Officer 2: "Alright."

Officer 1: "Thank you."

The officers split up. The Ed Island light cruiser was soon on its way to help their allies.

By now, the Shopper defenses were completely overrun. All soldiers were now fighting in close range combat on the beach. General Broseph ran to Lavender's room to guard him.

Lavender: "Why are you here?"

Broseph: "For your safety. Nexonans have boarded the ship."


Broseph: "Well, there goes the bridge."

Down the hallway, Nexonan soldiers broke into Captain Swaggins' room.

Captain Swaggins: "AHH! WHAT DO YOU WANT?"

Nexonan Soldier: "You're coming with us!"

A Nexonan Soldier grabbed Swaggins' fish bowl as they destroyed the room. Swaggins was rushed out of the vessel completely and slipped back into Nexonan territory. He was now a Prisoner of War.

More Nexonans were quick to break into Lavender's suite. But, Broseph was there, wielding a machine gun.

Nexonan Soldier: "Uh, oh..."


Lavender: "But they're not even-"

Broseph opened fire without mercy on the few soldiers. They were all dead by his machine gun's bullets before they had time to fire many shots. Yet, one of the soldiers was still alive. He grabbed his gun without Broseph knowing, and shot Lavender in the flipper before collapsing, dead.

Lavender: "OW!"

Lavender bled profusely. Broseph called in for a nurse. It didn't take one before a beautiful purple female penguin arrived to take care of him.

Numerous Shopper and Snowinian soldiers were dying on the battlefield against the Nexonans, who were winning. Shops' and Snowiny's forces were almost done for.

Shopper Soldier: "We're done for!"

A sound of engines and unfamiliar gunshots was heard behind the losing defenders. It was two Ed Island light cruisers.

Nexonan Soldier: "Oh crap."

The Ed Island cruisers released many fighters while firing all batteries upon the Nexonans. They now had the upper hand. The Nexonans were soon in full retreat; the Shoppers, Snowinians, and Ed Islandians had won the battle. But, it came with a great cost. Almost the entire battalion of troops stationed at the beach was killed during the fight.

Chapter Three: Total Warfare

"I am leading the soldiers now!"

Yelled Vince, angry that the general had retreated again.

Nexonan general:"They are heavily armed Your Imperial Majesty!"

Vince:"Call for reinforcement you dummy! There is a barracks full of Spec Ops soldiers not far from the beach!"

Nexonan general:"I am sorry sir, but if you are me you will retreat too!"

Vince:"Now I am taking your role. Now, you are one of my generals."

The Emperor ordered his servants to bring out a suit armor. Ten minutes later, they were back.

Nexonan general:"Is that...The armor of the legendary Golden Emperor of Zhou?!?!"

Vince:"That isn't important. What is important is that we are ending this war with them Shoppers, EDIslanders and Snowinians in our prisons or coffins, not us!"

Nexonan general:"Where is the POW?"

Vince:"I'd anticipated an attempt to break out all political prisoners by our invaders, so I sent all our prisoners (which we had few anyway) to a place."

Nexonan general:"Alright."

Vince:"The SAD is doing another job at the invaders' base. Let just say that they WILL BE on morphine for a LONGGG time."

Nexonan general:"I am going to leave now my Lord."

Vince:"Alright you may leave."

Once the general left the palace, Vince took out a holo-projector and contacted someone-Director Benny.

Vince:"I need a favor from you."

Benny:"I know the current conditions you are facing, Octavian. But your powers are almost as powerful as the Board of Fiction. Why can't you just help yourself?"

Vince:"I am going to fight the invaders a few days later. This is what you are doing-in return for ownership in some of Nexon's oil wells..."

Benny: "Alright, but don't expect anything to happen in your favor. Mayor McFlapp is rooting for those other guys."

Vince: "Whatever. I still have my Sith powers."

Benny: "He said he'd be doing something about that, too."


That's the aftermath of a sniper attack by the Nexonans on the Shoppers' base. General Broseph visited the victims.

Broseph:"How are the soldiers?"

Doctor:"Got them on morphine. They will recover in about 2 weeks."

Broseph:"What?! I thought you said that they were marching to the capital tomorrow!"

Doctor:"We are not in an emergency, Broseph. We could attack the Nexonans when all of the soldiers are healed."

Broseph:"You saw what the Nexonans did yesterday! They are an aggressive race! If this persists, they will attack us every 15 minutes! Get them on the more modern painkillers."

Doctor:"That's not how painkillers work general. If we injected them with more painkillers, they will get paralyzed for the rest of their lives."

Broseph:"Anyway, doc. I've heard that there are complaints of soldiers barely being able to breathe."

Doctor:"That...I can't really explain doc. My senses told me that Nexon is very dangerous, Broseph. We should tell Lavender to call off this war."

Broseph:"Surrender? No way! We risked a whole battalion of soldiers just to land on this country. It would be a waste for the soldiers to die for nothing."

Doctor:"All right then."

As the general was talking with the doctor, their ship started to rumble. Then, they heard a loud explosion


It turned out that Nexonan spies had infiltrated their defenses, and were bombing them from underneath.

Broseph:"SON OF A-"

Before Broseph could say anything more, the ship he was on jerked heavily to the starboard side. A naval deckhand ran inside.

Deckhand: "We've been hit from below! We're sinking!"

Broseph:"Oh dag nab it!"

Broseph got off of the surgical table, running through the halls to go fetch Lavender and get out of the ship.

As he ran, the ship listed more and more. This change in angle and horizon caused Broseph to lose his balance. He kept smashing himself into walls while trying to run down the corridors.


Broseph eventually got to an elevator. He went to Lavender's cabin, but he wasn't there. There was only a nurse.

Broseph: "Where's Lavender?"

Nurse: "He already left, sir."

Broseph: "AGH!"

He ran out of the room. Broseph got to the stairwell, and jumped through a gap between the ascending and descending sets of stairs, falling all the way to the main level where he ran off the ship. By now, it was sinking rapidly.

Just then there were gunshots.

Shopper Soldier:"General Broseph, the Nexonans were sniping at us again. They've already killed a lot of troops! What should we do, sir?"

Broseph gave a deep sigh of both anger and exhaustion.

Broseph: "Eliminate them."

One day later, on another ship which had just arrived...

Broseph:"Look, Your Excellency, maybe we should withdraw from this war and make peace with the Nexonans."

Lavander:"Just because of that? No way! I have a feeling we're going to win this war."

Broseph:"To me it seems like we're strategically beat; they seem to have much better spies and technology."

Lavender:"I'll see about that. We need to get back at them."

Broseph: "What are you suggesting?"

Lavender: "We could just raid some towns and get supplies. Look, we will attack after 2 weeks. I am planning for our soldiers to do raids in order to get supplies. We will also call for supplies from our homeland."

A soldier went into Lavender's suite.

Soldier:"Regret to inform you about this sir, but out of the five supply ships that you called, only two reached Nexon; the rest were destroyed."

Lavender:"Alright it's enough. Broseph, order some of your troops to raid nearby villages and towns. Also, tell the less experienced troopers to stay at the beach and start fishing."

Broseph:"Hmph, whatever you say."

General Broseph saluted and marched out of the room, taking with him the soldier and the president's orders.

It wasn't long before Broseph returned with bad news for the president.

Lavender: "They were killed?"

Broseph: "Yep."

Lavender: "All of them?"

Broseph: "Yeah."

Suddenly, There was another big explosion; just like the one that had sunk the SS. Robertson.

Broseph: "They're attacking from underneath!"

Lavender: "That's it. Send in everything."

Broseph: "What?"

Lavender: "I said, SEND. IN. EVERYTHING. I've had it with these guys!"

Broseph: "I don't like this idea..."

Lavender: "That doesn't mean anything."

Broseph: "Fine, I'll call for backup."

Broseph ran out off the room towards the command center to call for help.


Vince was furious at Director Benny while talking over the holo-projector.

Benny: "Look, I'd make you more powerful than Swiss Ninja and Whoot Smackler Whoot combined if it was my choice, but the other BOF members are planning on ehh, yeah. Restricting your powers for this battle."

Vince: "What do they mean by that?"

Benny: "They said something about your lightsaber, I think that's it."

Vince: "Aww come on! That's my main weapon!"

Benny: "I told you, if it was my choice I'd change the odds to your favor. I'm still pretty sure you can win this war."

Vince: "You better be right."

Vince closed the connection. He was aggravated at the fact that his lightsaber, his main weapon, wouldn't be able to work.

Tons of Shopper and Snowinian ships came in with endless numbers of tanks. Lavender and General Broseph watched as they were brought on shore and lined up in preparation for a full-on assault.

Broseph: "Are you sure it was a good idea to bring the ENTIRE fleet here?"

Lavender: "Of course! We got the Seal Islands watching our backs anyway."

Broseph: "I don't trust those commies."

Lavender: "You think everyone is a commie."

Five Ed Island light cruisers were also descending from space with thousands of Ed Island and Shopper fighters. The rest of Shops' fighters were staying behind to protect the allied homelands.

Lavender: "We are totally gonna win this battle!"

Broseph: "You're right."

Emperor Octavian was playing around with his lightsaber.

Vince: "I'm surprised those BOF traitors haven't disabled this thing yet."

Voice: "Oh, and that reminds me..."

Vince: "Benny?"

An apparition of Benny appeared.

Benny: "Just so you know, I think the other guys said it won't be us who destroy your lightsaber. Just a heads up."

Vince: "Okay... How are you appearing to me as a ghost if you're not dead?"

Benny: "I'm a Master of the Universe! I can do anything I want!"

Benny soon disappeared and left Vince all by his lonesome.

"Sooo... Are the tanks ready to roll out?" asked Lavender.

Broseph: "Yeah, the tanks that is. The fighters on the light cruisers are getting ready to help us with aerial assaults."

Lavender: "What about the secret plan we talked about?"

Broseph: "Everything is in place. I hope this doesn't fail."

Lavender: "Oh, it won't."

Lavender walked out onto the balcony of his suite. Tanks lined the beaches as soldiers were preparing themselves for a large assault. Snowinian soldiers were practicing their keysaber skills while some Shopper soldiers made sure the tanks were in good and working order.

Lavender: "What happens if one of these tanks breaks down or stalls? It'd be a major blockage with all of them."

Broseph: "Don't worry. All of them are equipped with self-destruct mechanisms so we can just roll right over them."

Lavender: "Alright... How many tanks are here? These purple monsters with tracks are all I can see for miles!"

Broseph: "There are about 41,000. A good chunk of the fleet is almost always broken down or busy elsewhere. Good thing we conquered this entire beach."

The Shoppers had secured the entire beach now, which was one mile across. Tanks were even lined up halfway underwater to make enough room.

A Nexonan spy secretly made his way back to Emperor Octavian with news about the alliance's preparation of heavy artillery and equipment.

Spy: "Dear Caesar, the alliance is ready for their attack. They have thousands of tanks lined up along the shore."

Vince: "This is not good. Assemble our Special Ops to be ready to go war at any second. Send all soldiers to the Alliance's position. I will lead them myself; my generals cannot be trusted any longer."

Spy: "It shall be done, my lord."

The spy was about to leave the throne room when suddenly...


Loud explosions were heard all around Nexon City.

Vince: "What's going on!?"

A royal guard rushed in to the throne room and bowed to the Caesar.

Guard: "Dear Emperor Octavian, we're under attack!"

Vince: "How?"

Guard: "Missile shots are coming out of nowhere from the water!"

Vince: "Those Shopper tanks got past our defenses! They're attacking from underwater!"

Along Nexon City's skyline, buildings were catching on fire and collapsing faster than rescue crews could help. The shots, however, soon seized up. The Shopper tanks had made a home run back to their base. Vince was angrier than ever.

Vince: "I believe it is time to go to battle. Leave me."

Guard: "A wise choice."

Everyone left the throne room. Vince began to prepare himself for battle.

A few hours later, Emperor Octavian revealed himself to his generals. He was wielding a special sword, his lightsaber, and fancy armor.

General: "Is that the golden armor of the Emperor of Zhou?"

Vince: "Yes. Quite."

Vince abruptly left his generals to go meet his loyal troops behind the occupied beaches for a large battle.

President Lavender waddled outside of his ship to view the large offensive brigade that had been constructed. General Broseph approached him.

Broseph: "So, they're still gonna concentrate fire on the same place?"

Lavender: "Yes. EDFan also said he had a trick up his sleeve."

Broseph: "What is it?"

Lavender: "He wouldn't say."

Broseph: "Well, are we ready to attack?"

Lavender: "Mhm. Give the signal when ready."

Broseph: "Will do."

Broseph went over to a small communications tent and got on the radio. He whispered something into the microphone.

All of a sudden, the Shopper tanks began to move forward. They began to divert from their courses and all focus on the area directly behind the center of the beach, where the Nexonans were supposed to be. This sudden move caught them off guard.

Over the burden between the beach, Vince arrived at the scene which was about to be plunged into chaos.

Vince: "What is going on?"

General: "Emperor, the alliance is attacking!"

Vince: "Okay, the second you hear a lightsaber crash into something, that's your cue to attack."

Vince got up and force-jumped over the burden. He opened his lightsaber and sword while in midair, slicing into a Shopper tank while landing. He soon got to work with slaughtering as many vehicles as he could. Shoppers worked fast to destroy the useless tanks so they could continue to advance.


A large battle cry was heard from behind the beach which caught allied soldiers off guard. Thousands of Nexonan troops and droids spilled out onto the beach, locking the entire scene into a bloody conflict.

General Broseph was running around, gathering Snowinian soldiers. He had a plan to oust the dangerous Emperor. When he had a sufficient number of Snowinian soldiers gathered, he found Lavender.

Lavender: "Yes?"

Broseph: "Come with us. I have a plan."

Broseph huddled the Snowinians and Lavender into a circle where they discussed his plan.

Snowinian Soldier: "Sounds dangerous."

Lavender: "Yes, but what if it works?"

Broseph: "Trust me, it will."

The Snowinian soldiers ran off with their keysabers ignited. Lavender and Broseph made their way behind tanks, trying to avoid Nexonan infantry which was blasting at them.

Those Snowinian soldiers soon popped up in front of Vince, with their keysabers ignited. Vince pulled out his special sword, which was invulnerable to keysaber blows. He quickly engaged them.

Vince: "You fools are wasting your time messing with a Sith!"

Broseph and Lavender were soon in range of Vince, who was locked in a vicious duel against around ten soldiers. Lavender pulled out a radio.

Lavender: "EDFan, hit it."

Aboard the Incorruptible, EDFan sent a signal out to all of the CRS Light Cruisers.

EDFan: "Begin glassing."

Beams on all the Ed Island light cruisers awoken while they appeared far above the beaches. Beams began flashing down on Nexon city in an effort to encase the capital in glass. Ed Island and Shopper fighters protected the cruisers while they were glassing.

Lavender and General Broseph approached the preoccupied emperor Octavian. The Snowinians were losing, but were still holding their ground. They soon withdrew, the two parties staring at each other, each waiting for their opponent to make the next move. Now was the perfect time.

Broseph sneaked in and yanked the red lightsaber from Vince's flipper. Vince turned around, where Broseph turned the lightsaber on and engaged him in a duel. Lavender made a run for it with the Snowinians now that Vince was busy. Medics sneaked in to rescue the injured combatants.

Vince: "You do know you'll never win, right?"

Broseph: "You can keep believing that."

Both of them were striking catastrophic blows at each other time and time again. Broseph was seriously running out of energy, hoping that his secret plan would work. For a sudden moment, Vince looked away towards Nexon City where he saw a giant beam shining down on the precious capital city.

Vince: "CRAP!"

Vince gave Broseph one final blow which sliced into his flipper, but did not sever it. Broseph collapsed before army doctors came to rescue him. The Emperor ran towards the capital to fend off the attack from above.

Once regrouped upon a ship, Broseph and Lavender celebrated with their partial victory of fending off the emperor.

Broseph: "YES! WE DID IT!"

Lavender: "You do realize that we still have to defeat his army, correct?"

Broseph: "I know, just trying to lighten up the mood."

Emperor Octavian used his sword, trying to fend off the glassing beams created by Ed Island's light cruisers. A servant saw that he was having trouble keeping it away with his special sword alone.

Servant: "Emperor, may I go grab your other weapon?"

Vince: "Yes, please!"

With his orders, the servant ran away and quickly returned with Vince's Darksaber. He created a cross-arc with his two swords, allowing the glassing beam to be sucked in and neutralized by his Darksaber.

Aboard the Incorruptible, EDFan was looking through a close-range monitor upon the glassing process. He saw that it had stopped.

EDFan: "What's wrong? Why has the glassing stopped?"

Officer: "King, someone is holding back the beam."


Officer: "I beg pardon?"

EDFan: "Stop the glassing! He could compromise our systems! The glassing beam could be neutralized and thrown back at us!"

Officer: "Very well. We will stop glassing."

EDFan: "Open the shield generator to the maximum level possible. I know the Nexonans will attack!"

The Ed Island officer waddled away to stop the beaming process and to fire up the shield generators.

Vince saw that the glassing beam had been retracted. Now was the time to fight back in the skies.

Vince: "Men, send out all fighters to attack those frigates! Destroy them, and take as many prisoners as possible! The more prisoners we have, the more likely chances are that they'll call off the war."

Thousands of Nexonan fighters were quick to become airborne. They rushed at the Ed Island cruisers, firing mercilessly. Ed Island and Shopper fighters engaged the enemy craft while the light cruisers powered up their shield generators while using all remaining energy to fire their batteries upon the Nexonans.

EDFan saw that his fleet had fallen into battle from aboard the flagship.

EDFan: "Hey guys, put us down there!"

Officer: "What?"

EDFan: "I said, lower the ship into the battle scene. The Incorruptible has heavier firepower than any other ship in this war. Also, recall the Shopper reinforcements."

Officer: "Okay."

The Incorruptible radioed signals to Shops' air base on the dark side of the moon. Thousands of SIA Drones were awakened. They got into their aircraft, from where they took off to go fight at the battle. There were now countless fighters about to change the course of Nexon's aerial assault.

Through the thick cloud cover blanketing the region of Margate and Nexon, the Incorruptible descended into the morass of cruisers and fighters. It began to fire all batteries at enemy fighters.


It wasn't much longer before Shopper fighters broke through the cloud cover, immediately engaging Nexon's fighters in heated dogfights.

Nexonan droids and soldiers had broken into the Alliance's inner defenses. They ransacked anywhere they could, looking for elites to capture. Meanwhile, Lavender and Broseph were hiding in the cargo room of a Shopper ship.

Lavender: "Do you still have that lightsaber?"

Broseph: "Yeah."

Lavender: "Good. I think we're gonna have company soon."


The Nexonans had breached the lock to the cargo hold, and began searching for penguins to detain.

Lavender: "...I was right."

Heavily-armored droids approached a pile of crates where Lavender and Broseph were hiding behind. Out of nowhere, Broseph ignited Vince's lightsaber and jumped out on them. He made quick work of the droids.

Nexonan soldier: "Freeze! You're under arrest!"

Broseph sliced away at the soldiers who fought back. Lavender stepped out from behind the crates, thinking he was safe. But, a Nexonan soldier fired a shot at his chest before being chopped in half.

Lavender: "OWWWW!"

Broseph looked back at his friend. He was uncertain what to do; stay behind or go out and help with the battle.

Broseph: "Ehh... Just hold in buddy! I'll be back later! I'll send some nurses over here."

With that, Lavender fainted. Broseph decided not to look back, opting to rather get his chance at winning this massive battle. He ran out of the storage room, making his way to the command center. When he arrived, he met up with Captain Yolo.

Yolo: "Broseph! Where's your friend?"

Broseph: "Which one?"

Yolo: "The one I don't hate."

Broseph: "Oh, he got shot. I hope he's alright."

Yolo: "Heh. You make it sound half-decent. Anyway, what do you need?"

Broseph: "I need you to radio all amphibious tanks to recall to this position. Prep all ship-bound cannons. We're going to end this battle once and for all."

Yolo: "Ok."

Captain Yolo wheeled over to a comm pad to contact all amphibious tanks. Broseph looked over the bridge; the little hill that had separated the Nexonans from the Allies was completely destroyed thanks to heavy arsenal fire.

On the ground, tanks and soldiers were locked in combat with Nexon's forces. It was a stalemate, but Broseph hoped that his cannon fire would change that.


Right on cue, the cannons on ships and amphibious tanks caught the Nexonans off guard. Large groups were targeted at once, killing off a good chunk of Nexon's soldiers and droids; they were now equally matched with Shopper firepower. Broseph could hear the unfortunate screams of his enemies from the safety of a ship's bridge. He thought that they were finally on the path to victory.

Chapter Four: The Push

"Ugh... where am I? What happened?"

Lavender woke up in a hospital bed, with Bro and Chill looking over him.

Bro: "You're in a hospital. You got shot."

Lavender: "What?"

Chill: "Ehh, Nexonan soldiers shot you in the chest. We transported you back here, to Shops City so you could heal better."

Lavender: "Oh, thank you then."

Chill: "Our pleasure."

Chill and Bro went out to leave the hospital room. But, before they exited, Bro had one last thing to say:

"Next time, don't get shot."

From the safety of a ship's bridge, General Broseph was growing tired of watching the endless stalemate between the two aggressive forces on the beach. By now, Nexonan air forces had been almost completely defeated, and the Incorruptible had returned to orbit.

Broseph: "I sure hope this war doesn't drag on much longer."

Yolo: "The rest of these soldiers have planted themselves too well to use heavy force."

The Nexonans had dug trenches and planted themselves in the sand to hide from fire. The growing stalemate could not be intervened with, without risking the lives of allied soldiers. Air strikes proved risky due to anti-aircraft cannons being planted in the soil. The SIA Space Command Fleet fighters had been given a hard blow; they had already returned to their base on the far side of the moon.

While resting in the hospital, Lavender was being taken care of by an unusually attractive nurse.

Nurse: "Here's your refreshments, mister president."

Lavender: "Thanks. Oh, and you can just call me Lavender."

Nurse: "Okay."

"Seriously, are you really sure that we can win this stalemate?" Asked Captain Yolo in superstition.

Broseph: "Of course we can. Do you underestimate our forces?"

Yolo: "No, but..."

Broseph: "Then you shouldn't be asking questions."

Yolo: "Well, are you gonna do anything about it?"

Broseph: "Yeah, probably."

Broseph grabbed Vince's lightsaber from his pocket and turned it on.

Yolo: "Woah! Don't go crazy or anything."

Broseph: "Don't worry."

Broseph ran out of the command center where they were stationed, lightsaber ignited.


Emperor Octavian was throwing a fit over his top generals, thinking that they had retreated.

General: "With all due respect Caesar, we didn't retreat."

Vince: "What?"

General: "Yeah, we didn't retreat. We're still fighting on the fronts; everyone else was either killed or taken prisoner. Same with the allies."

Vince: "Oh, okay then."

Vince waddled out of the room. He had some business to do personally.

Broseph ran into no-penguin's-land on the beaches. He was getting barraged with a wall of bullets; he just deflected them with Vince's lightsaber. He hopped into a Nexonan trench, slaughtering every soldier and droid inside. Broseph was carving a path for tanks to follow him.

Yolo (COMM): "Are you sure this is a good idea?"

Broseph (COMM): "Of course! Just send the tanks in when I give you the orders."

Yolo (COMM): "Whatever."

Captain Yolo soon deployed a small battalion of tanks to follow Broseph as he carved his way through enemy defenses, past the confines of the beaches. Yolo soon turned around to meet with another batch of soldiers.

Yolo: "Men. You remember your orders, right?"

Soldiers: "Yes sir."

Yolo: "Good. I'm confident that this will work with Broseph distracting the Nexonans. You may proceed with the operation."

The soldiers left the command center to undertake Yolo's secret operation. He had great confidence that they could bring Nexon to its knees with this strategy.

Chill and Bro had come back to the hospital to check up on Lavender. The president was recuperating, but very slowly.

Lavender: "Thanks for coming back, guys."

Chill: "No problem."

Lavender: "Have you guys seen that nurse that's been around here? The one that's taking care of me?"

Bro: "Yeah. She's hot!"

Lavender: "Well of course, but that's not what I'm getting at. I mean, there's something special about her."

Chill: "You're talking to the wrong dudes, man. What are we supposed to know what love is like?"

Lavender: "Alright. Good point. Well, it was nice seeing you."

Chill: "Do you want us to leave?"

Bro: "Please tell us to leave..."

Lavender: "Sure, you can go."

Bro and Chill left. Lavender laid in his hospital bed, all alone.

Meanwhile, Robert Smith was on a plane heading from Snowiny to the derelict USA territory of Cheeseland. There, he was supposed to meet up with EDFan to inspect the islands. Smith's plane soon landed, where Ed Island's king awaited him.

EDFan: "Glad you could make it."

Robert: "I know. Why are we here again?"

EDFan: "Lavender said he made some back-door deals. This place is now a shared territory of Snowiny and Shops apparently."

The two political leaders boarded a car, escorted by many police cars. From what he saw during the drive, Robert Smith was not impressed.

Robert: "Of all the islands in Antarctica, we just had to take this one?"

EDFan: "Pipe down. It's good enough for now."

Their car soon pulled up to a giant government building which adorned the USA's flags and Cheeseland's old flags. Robert and EDFan were shown their way inside. They walked into a room where Jake M. Johnson II was sitting there with his South Pole Council representative. They shook flippers.

Jake: "It's a pleasure to meet with you two on such short notice."

EDFan: "Yes, indeed."

Jake: "I assume you've come here to sign the islands into your possession?"

Robert: "Duh."

Jake: "So be it then."

Jake pulled out an official-looking document and handed it to the two leaders. They both signed their names. Jake ratified it by getting himself and his SPC representative to sign it.

Jake: "There. Cheeseland is now yours."

On the outside of the government building, the flags were lowered and replaced with Shops', Snowiny's, and Cheeseland's new flags. The islands were now theirs.

Off the coast of Nexon City, many Shopper amphibious tanks were waiting in the water for an order to attack the capital. Captain Yolo soon radioed in-to them with their orders.

Yolo (COMM): "Go ahead and attack. We'll be waiting."

Driver (COMM): "As you wish, captain."

The tank drivers prepped their guns in a bombardment position. Their cannons were aimed at some of Nexon City's most congested areas.

Yolo (COMM): "Fire at will!"

With that, the tanks fired their assault cannons toward the perpetually defenseless capital.




Emperor Octavian was still in his palace. He was relaxing with his concubines while contemplating about the war. Suddenly...





Vince: "What was that?!"

A royal guard ran into the room. Sirens were heard going off all around the palace.

Guard: "My dear Caesar, we're under attack!"

Vince: "How did the allies get past our defenses?"

Guard: "I don't know. All that we're sure of is that it wasn't a land assault; it was a bombing raid of some sort... But radar doesn't pick up any aircraft."

Vince: "What about stealth aircraft?"

Guard: "Not likely. Neither the Shoppers nor Snowinians have stealth technology, and Ed Island craft are still primitive in that art."

Vince: "Make sure everyone is safe!"

Guard: "Yes, my lord!"

The guard ran out of the room to secure the citizens from danger. All around the palace, buildings were collapsing, causing giant billows of dust and smoke to cloud the entire city.

General Broseph and his advancing battalion saw the chaos from far away.

Broseph: "Did we do that?"

Soldier: "No, I think that was someone else."

Broseph: "Oh, nevermind then."

Their forces continued to advance. Most of Nexon's military had been recalled to the capital to help recover the city which was under attack.

Hours later, the dust had finally settled in Nexon City. Vince had gathered his top special agents.

Vince: "Men, the alliance has mercilessly attacked us for long enough. Do what must be done."

Agent Leader: "Yes, my dear Caesar."

Vince's special gang of agents departed the imperial palace to board a plane to places unknown.

Trapped in a hospital bed, president Lavender began socializing more and more with his personal nurse. Her name was Violet, which was quite quaint and reminiscent of Lavender's name. The president was steadily getting better. He was soon being wheeled around the hospital by Violet to get out of his depressing room. One day, Lavender engaged in conversation with the nurse while in his wheelchair.

Lavender: "Violet, how did you arrive on Shops Island?"

Violet: "Well, my family comes from the Culldrome Isles. During the Porcyal War, ninjas invaded my family's home and drove us from where I was raised. We fled to Margate as refugees where I lived and grew up for many years. I spent a year or so in Nexon before its takeover, and..."

Lavender: "And what?"

Violet: "And, during the rebellion, my family was killed by anarchists. Vince had taken power. I chose to defect here to Shops Island, as it was my only choice at the time."

Lavender: "Oh..."

Many anonymous penguins gathered in different places around the main level of the Chill57181 International Airport, mainly in the baggage claim. They each had communications devices, hooked up to their boss. A call came in on their devices.

Vince (COMM): "Now is the time. Execute Order 666."

Each and every one of the penguins copied back the Emperor's message. They were each toting backpacks and jackets laden with explosives. Each of them were in-sync when they all pressed individual buttons inside their jackets.


The penguins pressed their respective buttons, and their charges of explosives went off. The multiple explosions rocked the terminal, killing many Shopper citizens in the process. Everyone tried to evacuate out of the terminal, but many of the bombers had targeted strategic exit areas, trapping countless innocent penguins and puffles.


Smoke from the terminal explosion billowed high up into the sky. While president Lavender was being wheeled down the halls by nurse Violet, they passed by a window.

Lavender: "Hey, wait! What's that?"

Lavender peered out the window, seeing the billowing clouds of smoke rising from the airport terminal. He was shocked.

Violet: "What is it?"

Lavender: "The airport."

Violet: "Uh oh..."

Suddenly, an official ran over to the president and nurse.

Official: "Sir! Suicide bombers have attacked the Chill57181 airport! What should we do?"

Lavender: "I know about it already, thank you. I already have an idea."

Official: "As you say, sir."

The official waddled away to inform more penguins. Lavender and Violet were worried.

General Broseph, with his squadron of tanks and soldiers, was making their way towards Nexon City generally unopposed.

Broseph: "This is easy! Why can't it always be like this?"

He spoke too soon. Suddenly, hundreds of Nexonan commandos jumped out from the bushes, with their guns loaded and pointed. Though Broseph still had Vince's lightsaber, he knew that fighting back would be useless. He ordered his troops to halt. Broseph sighed in despair and defeat.

Broseph: "We surrender."

The Nexonans made quick work of arresting the allied troops and seizing their equipment. The troops were sent off to places unknown, but Broseph was to meet a different fate.

Nexonan Soldier: "The Emperor has special plans for you."

Broseph was escorted by the Nexonans back to the imperial palace where Emperor Octavian was waiting. The general was knelt down in front of the throne. A soldier wielding Vince's red lightsaber approached the emperor.

Soldier: "Your lightsaber, sir."

Vince: "Thank you. Now, Broseph, you will meet your destiny."

Vince turned on his lightsaber, and ordered Broseph to turn around with his flippers behind his head. The Emperor set himself up in a way that he could slice his opponent in half, vertically. At the same time, a Nexonan soldier standing behind Vince stuck something underneath his throne. Another soldier heard the object rolling along the floor.

Soldier: "HIT THE DECK!"

This was Broseph's cue. He jumped onto his stomach, right before...


The object was a grenade placed by a Shopper soldier, posing as a Nexonan. Broseph survived the blast; Vince was thrown across the room. All of the soldiers were killed. In the fog of dust and smoke, Broseph picked himself up and ran out of the imperial palace before Vince could spot him.

Lavender had finally recovered enough to move around by himself with relative ease. Nurse Violet still stayed with him, however, to ensure that nothing could go wrong. The injured president was sitting in his triangular office, being briefed by many of his advisers. Violet stood by his side.

Adviser 1: "Sir, the attack killed-"

Lavender: "Many civilians. I know."

Adviser 4: "We need to take immediate action."

Adviser 7: "I agree."

Lavender: "What do you suggest?"

Adviser 2: "We were thinking on Operation Y."

Lavender: "That's pretty risky."

Adviser 3: "Yes, but what could be more precious than our security?"

Lavender: "I see. In this case, Operation Y is our only choice. You are dismissed, gentlemen."

The president's advisers left the room. Violet was confused about what had just happened.

Violet: "What's Operation Y?"

Lavender: "Something very controversial, sweetheart."

Violet: "Okay..."

Broseph had managed to escape Nexon City. He had been picked up by a Shopper helicopter, where he was taken back to the beaches where Captain Yolo was waiting. The latter was quite unhappy with Broseph's failure.

Yolo: "I thought you said you had everything under control!"

Broseph: "Hey, I can't win every time. By the way, what's up with Lavender? Why haven't we launched another attack?"

Yolo: "Beats me. Apparently some suicide bombers blew up the Shops City airport or something."

Broseph: "Oh, well then."

Yolo: "Should we launch an attack on Nexon right now? It could really help us win."

Broseph: "I would, but I'd rather not be court-marshaled. Lavender would be pissed if we tried for another invasion."

Yolo: "What should we do then?"

Broseph: "We wait, I guess."

The two commanders got themselves off the beach, heading back to the security of their ships. As of now, nobody was fighting on any front-lines, but simply preparing for the next attack.

It was Lavender's last day in medical care alongside nurse Violet. By now, the two had become "special friends." Lavender was sitting alone in a waiting room after a conference, where Goberna's mayor, Börk Snowten, was sitting.

Lavender: "Hey Börk, you know my nurse, Violet, right?"

Snowten: "Ja, she süre is en skärpas flicka! Yöu should try däting her!" (Yeah, she sure is hot! You should try dating her!)

Lavender: "That's what I was thinking, but I don't know if she feels the same way."

Snowten: "Whö cäres? You and her wöuld mäke en brä para sig!" (Who cares? You and her would make a great couple!)

Lavender: "Do you really think so?"

Snowten: "Jäg knöws it to be trüe!" (I know it to be true!)

Lavender: "Well, thanks! I owe you one."

Snowten: "Ingen pröblem!" (No problem!)

Lavender got up and went to catch his car. He was satisfied by the mayor's advice. Once he got in the car, he tapped the driver on the shoulder.

Lavender: "Hey, can we stop at the flower shop along the way?"

Violet had spent enough time with the president by now, that she had her own little suite in the government buildings. Lavender walked down the hallways until he approached her room. He knocked on the door and the nurse opened up; he was hiding something behind his back.

Violet: "Lavender! What are you doing here?"

Lavender: "Hi. I, umm... thought you've been doing a really good job at taking care of me and such so uhh..."

Lavender took his flippers out from behind his back. He was holding a bouquet of roses and gave them to Violet.

Violet: "Awwh! Thank you so much!"

By now Lavender was sweating in anxiety.

Lavender: "So... uhh... would you want to ehh... maybe eat out or something together sometime?"

Violet: "You mean a date?"

Lavender: "Yes, I suppos-"

As soon as she heard yes, Violet pounced on Lavender, making him lose his balance and fell to the floor. She hugged him playfully and affectionately. She let go to continue the conversation.

Violet: "I'd love to!"

Lavender: "Great! How's tonight or something?"

Violet: "I'll be ready."

Lavender: "Okay... bye."

Violet sniffed her roses and gave Lavender another quaint hug. The president walked away, and the nurse went back to her business. Both of them were extremely excited and anxious.

Emperor Octavian was sitting in a war-room with many of his military advisers. All of them had grown suspicious of no recent allied activity in the past two days.

Vince: "Status report. What are the allies doing as of now?"

Adviser 3: "Nothing..."

Vince: "I beg pardon?"

Adviser 3: "Nothing, I mean absolutely NOTHING."

Adviser 5: "He's right, my lord. The allies are in limbo right now."

Vince: "Hmmm... this is troubling... they could be preparing for another assault."

Adviser 1: "What do you suggest we do?"

Vince: "I feel that this war has dragged on long enough. These guys need to learn a lesson; we should hit them where it hurts."

Adviser 4: "What?"

Vince: "More specifically, we should attack them on their soil."

Adviser 2: "My royal highness, if I may... If we're attacking them, we should go after Shops Island. They're the backbone of this operation; they pose the biggest threat to us."

Vince: "Exactly as I was thinking."

Vince got up from his big, comfortable chair, and started waddling around the room.

Vince: "Men, take a note:"

His advisers each pulled out a pen and paper to write on.

Vince: "I want us to rally all of our forces for a surprise attack. Also, safeguard the perimeter of Nexon and our water borders; jam any foreign communication. I do not want any spy systems getting word of this conference. Understood?"

Advisers: "Yes, sir!"

Vince: "Very good. You are dismissed."

The advisers left to go do their own things. The plan seemed invincible. However, Vince pulled the second adviser back from the group of exiting officials.

Adviser 2: "Am... I in... trouble, your highness?"

Vince: "Oh, quite the contrary. I'm assigning you to be in charge of gathering up all of our military might. I put my faith in you."

Adviser 2: "Thank you sir! Be rest assured that your faith will not be misplaced."

The adviser saluted his superior before exiting the room to catch up with his peers.

Lavender had donned a suit to go out on his date, so he could cover up all of his bandages. He got to Violet's door, adjusted his bowtie, and knocked. Violet came out, ready to go, dressed quaintly yet elegantly. Lavender kissed her left flipper.

Lavender: "Shall we go, m'lady?"

Violet: "Haha. Why yes, sir."

The president escorted his date to their car, where they were driven to one of Shops City's fanciest restaurants. Violet was flattered; she wasn't used to such a place.

Violet: "This place is so... fancy..."

Lavender: "Only the best for someone like you."

It was Halloween. On the beaches of Nexon, opposing forces had stopped fighting. The Shoppers and Snowinians hung up subtle halloween decorations, along with some makeshift Jack-O-Lanterns. It was a short period of peace time, much to the dismay of generals on both sides.

Broseph: "Hmmph. I don't see why we should be wasting our time celebrating such a pointless holiday when we could rather be killing these criminals."

Yolo: "I agree, but you heard the orders."

The two disgruntled generals stood atop their ship's bridge, in disgrace for their soldiers' actions. They had no say in it, as the peacetime was ordered by LMGT as a sign of lesser hostilities.

Aboard the Incorruptible, a communications officer was briefing king EDFan on the current situation.

Officer: "So, all fighting has stopped on the front apparently."

EDFan: "I beg pardon?"

Officer: "Both sides stopped fighting for Halloween."

EDFan: "Idiots. Anything else to report?"

Officer: "Oh, yes. We've also been unable to trace any communication in Nexon. It seems as if they've jammed all frequencies."

EDFan: "Hmm... That's troubling. I suggest you contact the Shoppers or the Snowinians; maybe they can break through."

Officer: "Will do, my king."

The officer waddled away to transmit reports to their wartime allies. It didn't take much time before the messages were beamed from the Incorruptible to their friends down on Earth.

Both the Shoppers and Snowinians received the message. Neither of them had been able to penetrate a thick layer of static surrounding Nexon, either. It was quite obvious that they were hiding something. The evidence was soon transmitted to the Shopper government buildings.

The next day, Lavender and Violet were making out backstage when Börk Snowten came backstage. He was surprised to see that their short time together had progressed so much.

Snowten: "Wöw, Lävender! Yuo twö are rëally gëtting tøgethër!"

Lavender: "Yeah, it's really working out! Thanks for the advice!"

Violet: "What he said. Thanks for advising him, Mr. Mayor! I think we were made for being together."

Snowten: "Thät's gøød. Anywäy, thëy're rëady för yuö on stäge."

Lavender: "Oh, thanks."

The president waddled up onto the stage, where there were tons of journalists and foreign diplomats. They were told that it would be a very important speech.

Lavender: "Thank you, thank you everyone! It's an honor to speak in front of all of you today. As many of you know, we're going through a crisis with the Nexonans. Though Shops Island wishes to end this devastating conflict, our enemies have stopped any hopes of peace. For now, our forces must remain strong and brave, for this war will inevitably end soon enough. The Nexonan attacks on our capital has left us scarred. But, our resolve has never been stronger! Through careful deliberation, the Shopper government has decided to order the internment of all penguins of Nexonan descent; for a safe, and more secure, society! Thank you all."


Everyone below the stage gave a thunderous applause in approval. They had been brainwashed into believing that the Nexonans were purely evil. However, this wasn't true. Violet and Börk Snowten were especially surprised by the abrupt internment order. Throughout television sets across Antarctica, countless penguins were shocked by the rash announcement. After escaping flooding hordes of journalists, Lavender made it safely backstage.

Violet: "What are you doing? How could you go through with something like this?"

Lavender quickly hugged Violet to calm her nerves.

Lavender: "There there. This is for our safety, sweetheart. Everything will be alright... everything will be alright... I promise."

Chapter Five: Evil on Both Sides


A royal servant had told Emperor Octavian about the Shopper internment of Nexonans. Vince was both shocked and angered by the proclamation.

Servant: "My lord, what do you suggest we do about this?"

Vince: "Order our fleets to be launched from the far side of Nexon, so they don't get detected by the enemy. Make them go the far way around Antarctica; that way they can strike without noticing."

Servant: "Where shall we strike?"

Vince: "Their shining gem. Goberna. Now go."

Servant: "As you wish."

The servant left to deliver the attack order. Vince waited and contemplated the reasoning behind the entire war.

On Shops Island, the SIA met little resistance with gathering up Nexonans to be sent off to subtle internment camps along the western shores of Shops Island, not far from Goberna. This was met with much controversy by foreign governments. When questioned about it, Lavender simply replied:

"This is only a temporary preventative measure to ensure our safety. After this war is over, all Nexonans will be freed and given monetary compensation for their troubles."

This, however, did not suffice for many.

Now that Halloween was over, General Broseph and Captain Yolo were happy to see that their alliance forces were back in the trenches, fighting the Nexonans like never before. Bullets were flying in every-which direction as a violent stalemate raged on between two aggressive powers.

Broseph: "Ahh... isn't this the life?"

Yolo: "Yep. Nothing like sweet victory."

Broseph: "I wonder how Lavender's doing."

Yolo: "I heard he's going out with this hot chick, what did you hear?"

Broseph: "Same thing. Lucky idiot."

A Nexonan Armada had made their way all around the Antarctic continent, around the far side of UnitedTerra before dipping south of Shops around the Seal Islands so they could attack from the west. Nexonan ships soon approached the shore of Shops Island, where they then started to release heavy artillery bombardments. They had somehow managed to evade radar scanners. There were only a few small military ships protecting the seas around Shops Island. On the deck of one of them, a watcher caught view of the approaching armada. He tried to transmit a message to nearby ships.

Watcher: "Hey, guys! What are those ships on the hori-"


The small ship was blown to pieces from Nexonan cannon fire. The massive enemy fleet made their way to land, uninhibited by small patrolling ships. They soon made landfall, from where they began to ransack Goberna.

Lavender was sitting in his office, going through documents. SIA director LMGT soon waddled in with two security guards.

Lavender: "Oh, hi LMGT. What's up?"

LMGT: "Come with us."

The security guards escorted their president outside, to a waiting helicopter. Lavender got in the back with LMGT and put on some radio headphones.

Lavender: "Am I in trouble?"

LMGT: "No, but you're in danger. You're coming with us to see something."

Lavender: "Oh."

Their helicopter soon approached a barren stretch of land on the Frosian Islands. The helicopter touched down right next to a heavily reinforced concrete bunker, facing out towards an endless brown and flat landscape. Lavender was brought inside, where he saw one of the SIA's top scientists, Mito.

Mito: "Mr. President, it's nice to see you again."

Lavender: "You too, young one. Anyway, why am I here?"

Mito: "To see the SIA's newest innovation. I presume you've heard of Squarium, right?"

Lavender: "Yes, what about it?"

Mito: "Well, it's the heart of our most fearsome weapon ever, and you're hear to see it in action. Take these."

Mito handed a pair of goggles and earplugs to the president. A countdown soon began.

Detonation in...







A thunderous explosion erupted far off in the distance. A squarium bomb was set off. A giant plume of fire and brimstone careened its way towards the concrete bunker. It hit was extraordinary force.

Lavender: "Impressive! May I ask what just happened?"

Mito: "It's quite simple, really. Squarium reacts to air by combustion. From there, the provided fireball engulfs all the air around it, expanding the ball of fire until it burns itself out."

Lavender: "Ah. Are these available for use?"

Mito: "Yes."

Lavender: "Well then."

Lavender turned to LMGT.

Lavender: "Take a note. Send a counterattack squad to Goberna. Evacuate every citizen and their mother. And, most importantly, set your weapons to stun. I have an idea."

LMGT: "Sure thing."

The SIA director went over to a communication corner to send the orders off to SIA forces everywhere. He was unsure what the plan was, but he aimlessly followed it one way or another.

Soon after, an emergency message was transmitted across Goberna in both English and Spanish. It urged citizens to collect all their valuables and as many possessions as possible, then to leave the city. Those who didn't leave willingly were forced out by local SIA police forces courteously. By now, the Nexonans had established themselves in Goberna.

Opposing Shopper forces, however, were amassing not far from the city. They were ready to attack, waiting for the president's order. General Broseph was to stay in Nexon, but he still sent the 9001st Legion to do his bidding. Nexon had assembled a large portion of its armed forces in preparation for this attack. The amassed allied forces were waiting for their president's command.

Lavender (COMM): "The time is now, gentlemen. You may begin your attack."

With that, a massive horde of Shopper soldiers and artillery moved their way to Goberna. Airplanes flew ahead of the advance, dropping gas bombs, knocking Nexonan troops unconscious. All of the Shoppers' guns' bullets were replaced with tranquilizer bullets with an effect to knock the enemy unconscious. Many lives were taken by the Nexonans. However, Shops' job was done. A commander gave the soldiers a message.

Commander (COMM): "I believe we should pull out now. RETREAT!"

The battle was short, yet costly. The Nexonans stayed back, confused at what had just happened. They yelled at their retreating enemies, yelling offensive slurs and taunts. The Shoppers were soon out of sight. Lavender, from the security of the bunker in the Frosian Islands, gave his next command.

Lavender (COMM): "Fire Object D. It's about time we do something drastic."

Suddenly, from an anti-aircraft weapons base all the way in New Delphis, a missile launched from a secure launch site. It flew up into space in a trail of flames, setting its course for Goberna. It got over Western Shops, from where it took a nose-dive towards the state's capital. The missile began to melt on re-entry, yet still managed to break through the atmosphere. It soon hit the ground, setting off an explosion as never seen before.


The missile was carrying a Squarium bomb. The impact broke the safety seal, releasing the Squarium and allowing it to react with the air around it, causing the entire city to ignite in a spreading fireball. It made quick work of incinerating every Nexonan soldier and/or drone within the city, heavily diminishing their forces. Shopper water-bombers soon moved in to douse the flames. Lavender gave the final order.

Lavender (COMM): "Hunt down every Nexonan soldier outside the city; imprison them. Steal their technology. Ransack everything they have."

Lavender's orders were obeyed, and Shoppers made quick work of hunting down every remaining Nexonan soldier and drone. Peace, at a cost, had finally been restored on Shops Island. But the young president had ambitions; he knew there was much more to do.

The next day, Lavender congregated back in Shops City with Violet and LMGT. He spoke with General Broseph and Captain Yolo over video chat.

Broseph: "Way to destroy an entire city there, buddy."

Lavender: "Hey, what would you be doing?"

Broseph: "Good point..."

Yolo: "Anyway, what now?"

Lavender: "Yolo, get Ed Island's fleet to amass near the beaches. We're send all of our artillery to the front. I'm tired of this war; we're going to end it once and for all."

LMGT: "How?"

Lavender: "We are going to literally destroy Nexon."

Everyone else was shocked. All of the men shared their mixed feelings, while Violet just kept silent; she was the most nervous of them all.

Broseph: "Well, I guess we have our orders, captain. Recall your fleets so we can attack one last time."

From the security of his imperial palace, Emperor Octavian was shocked about the news of the Nexonan defeat in Goberna.

Vince: "What do you mean?"

Servant: "What I mean is, they literally burned everything to the ground. They sent some bomb there and it caught the air on fire."

Vince: "Well, that's troubling. I'm afraid we're exhausting our resources. I'm afraid I'll have to end this."

Servant: "What do you mean, Caesar?"

Vince: "I will have to go and negotiate for peace with the alliance."

Servant: "You can't do that! What about Nexon's pride?"

Vince: "There is more pride in keeping our citizens alive, than there is in a victory of which we cannot enjoy."

Servant: "I see. Shall I leave now, my lord?"

Vince: "Yes, please."

Vince went off to do his own things. His only choice was to beg for mercy from the enemy.

A transmission, sent from Emperor Octavian directly to president Lavender, was delivered to the Shopper president in person. Lavender read the note carefully.

Lavender: "Peace? It's too late for that. We will burn them to the ground. They will not know peace until they are under our command."

Lavender disregarded the plea for the war to stop without reconsidering. A full-scale allied fleet was already being assembled on the beaches of Nexon in preparation for a final offensive.

Later that night, Lavender was relaxing in his bedroom with Violet. Unannounced to anyone else, the two had already secretly engaged, and Lavender was ready to marry his fiance after the bloody war came to an end. His new battle plan ensured that end to come quickly. But, unlike normally, Violet wasn't very engaged in the conversation.

Lavender: "Is something wrong, honey?"

Violet: "No... It's just that... Do we really have to continue with this war? Can we not just accept Nexon's cry for peace?"

Lavender: "I'm sorry, but you won't understand. I wish this whole thing could be over too, but it's our obligation as an international power to make sure Antarctica is safe from such tyranny."

Violet: "But what if we're the evil in this war? Are we not the ones who provoked it? We can we not be the ones to end it? Nexon did nothing to start this!"

Lavender: "We went to war with them to keep their criminal empire from expanding. They're ruthless animals; not worth the bullets it would take to shoot them, nor are they worth the oxygen they breathe. And I'll be damned if we lose out to them."

Violet: "There is still honor in peace, you know."

Lavender: "I know, but you do not understand. Why do you care so much?"

Violet: "Don't you remember? I lived in Nexon for quite a while. Though they abused me and killed my family, I made friends. I can't stand beside someone who's making them suffer."

Lavender: "Sweetie, they've been corrupted by their emperor already. How about we just leave it for now?"

Violet sighed. There was no use in arguing; it wasn't getting anywhere.

Violet: "Whatever."

Lavender kissed his wife-to-be, before they both laid down in bed. They fell fast asleep without any intimacy or romance.

Alliance forces had gathered themselves on the beaches. Thousands upon thousands of soldiers, aircraft, tanks, and ships lined the beaches for as far as the eye could see. Ed Island light cruisers lined up, overshadowing all of the land equipment. Countless naval vessels were constantly rallying in more troops and supplies for the allied advance. The Nexonans could do no more than watch in horror.

Chapter Six: Aggressive Negotiations

From his private quarters, General Broseph was polishing his helmet in preparation for the main attack. Unlike the others, he was in total charge as Lavender would not be there. Broseph was extremely proud to be controlling such a large advancement. After attaching his helmet, he went out of his ship to meet up with the fellow generals in preparation for the attack.

Broseph: "So guys, are you as excited as I am?"

General 1: "Excited as I've ever been!"

General 4: "What are we waiting for? Let's do this!"

Broseph: "Well, we have our orders. It's time to finish this war off once and for all."

In front of them, a visual monitor turned on. Lavender appeared on the screen with a depressed Violet in the background.

Lavender: "You know what you must do. Destroy everything. Leave nobody. Have no mercy."

Broseph and generals: "Yes sir!"

The transmission abruptly flickered off. Broseph and his friends went to their respective posts, with Broseph in charge of the entirety of all forces. Once he got into his position, the top general gave his command:


Broseph's command was followed. The Ed Island cruisers began to make their advance first, letting out small fighters which bombed the life out of Nexon's landscape. The Ed Island cruisers themselves opened all batteries in an attempt to destroy everything that was there.

Immediately afterwards, thousands of Shopper and a few hundred Snowinian tanks began to roll forward, crushing and destroying everything in their path. Allied foot soldiers and drones were in close pursuit. They were met with little resistance, all of which was crushed effortlessly.

Lavender watched the entire thing unfold from his laptop in his bedroom. Violet was there too. She was shocked and in dismay by the sheer amount of unreasonable destruction.

Violet: "Lavender, do we really have to do this?"

Lavender: "Yes, sweetheart, we do."

Violet: "Why? Aren't we a nation committed to peace and prosperity?"

Lavender: "When evil stares us in the eye, we cannot just ignore it."

Violet: "But they didn't do anything wrong! What have the done that we haven't? We're just as bad as them!"

Lavender: "Look. By tomorrow Nexon will be ours and everything will be back to normal."

Violet walked over to her bed, and started grabbing things out of her drawer, of which she threw in her suitcase. Violet only had one thing to say:

"I can't live with a man who values the death and enslavement of others over those he cares about!"

She started shedding tears as she zipped up her suitcase. The young lady motioned her way towards the door; her fiance tried to intervene. He was now crying too.

Lavender: "Please, don't go! You're everything I have. You're the reason I wake up in the morning, the reason I do anything anymore. If it weren't for you, I would've just pulled the plug on my recovery. You're all I think about 24/7, Violet! We were meant to be together! Don't leave over something so silly, please!"

Violet: "I'm sorry. I don't even know you anymore. You're not the man I fell in love with! You're no better anymore than Emperor Octavian. You've become an egotistical, maniacal, power-hungry monster! I never want to see you again, leave me alone!"

With that, she left the room and slammed the door behind her. Lavender, engulfed in sorrow and tears, fell to the ground in despair. He banged his flipper against the ground, screaming "WHY!?" multiple times while his tears created a puddle of sadness and confusion.

"Lavender, are you there?"

General Broseph was trying to contact Lavender through the computer chat. The president got up off the floor to answer.

Lavender: "Oh, hi. How's it going?"

Broseph: "Good, we're approaching the capital."

Lavender: "Great. Contact me when you do."

Broseph: "I will... say... What's with your eyes? why are they red?"

Lavender: "I uhh... got soap in them."

Broseph: "Oh, whatever. Okay, see ya."


In the distance in Nexon, an explosion went off. Broseph was shocked and lost his balance, causing the camera to fall to the ground. From there, Lavender could see innocent Nexonans being slaughtered by the allied forces in a desperate attempt to approach the capital. Explosions were heard from the tape all around, before the camera was abruptly run over by a tank. The feed went static. Lavender was shocked by what he had seen.

Lavender: "Violet was right! What have I become? I'm responsible for all of this..."

The president once more began to cry, but this time out of sheer guilt for his murderous actions. He soon picked himself up after ending his crying fit.

Lavender: "I gotta fix this... I need to go find Violet!"

Lavender dashed out of the room, wiping the tears from his face. He hopped on a motor-scooter parked in front of his house. The president sped off on it.

Lavender: "Hmmm... where could I find Violet?"

He then remembered that Violet had quit her job at the hospital when they were engaged. He decided to go there.

Lavender: "The hospital! Of course! Why didn't I think of that before?"

Lavender soon pulled up to the hospital. He ran inside, to find Violet at the registration counter surely enough.

Lavender: "VIOLET!"

Violet: "Oh no..."

Lavender ran up to Violet and tried to hug her, only to be pushed away.

Violet: "I thought I told you to stay away from me!"

Lavender: "I know, but I've realized my mistakes. I'm calling off the invasion right now!"

Violet: "Really? Prove it. Do it right here, right now."

Lavender, under Violet's pressure, pulled out his cellphone and contacted General Broseph once again.

Broseph: "Lavender, what's up?"

Lavender: "I believe it's time to stop this war, my friend."

Broseph: "What do you mean?"

Lavender: "Halt the invasion."

Broseph: "WHAT!?! Now? We're so close to victory!"

Lavender: "I said HALT IT!"

Broseph sighed in disapproval.

Broseph: "Yes sir..."

Lavender abruptly hung up the phone. Violet's heart softened up and the two penguins embraced each other oncemore.

Violet: "Oh, Lavender! I couldn't stay mad at you!"

Lavender: "And I can't live without you, sweetheart. I told you everything was going to be alright, see?"

From his palace, Emperor Octavian was arming the last of his forces in hopes of possibly holding back their enemies for the last time. Nexon City was already being fired at with by heavy cannons. Vince's peace negotiations had broken down. From the battlefield, General Broseph was sending messages to his men to shut down all aggressive attacks. Eventually, all of the attacks stopped and the allied advance went idle.

Vince: "What? Why did they stop?"

Vince, in confusion, got up from his throne and made his way, escorted by guards, to the palace doors. From there he saw that all equipment had shut down and the thousands of soldiers were standing on guard. From above them, one helicopter flew right up to the palace and landed. From there, stepped out president Lavender.

Vince: "YOU! What are you doing here!?"

Lavender: "I have come to make a peace offering."

Vince thought for a while. He thought about everything that had happened. But, his lust for personal power blinded his proper judgement.

Vince: "Ah. Come inside."

Escorted by royal guards, the two nation's leaders made their way into a conference room.

Government officials from both countries soon joined them, too. So had EDFan and Robert Smith Negotiations for peace had begun. Lavender was in charge of the conference.

Lavender: "So, if you want peace, there must be compromises."

Vince: "What do you mean?"

Lavender: "Well, your criminal empire will not live through this."

Vince: "What?"

Lavender: "You heard what I said."

Vince, in anger, pulled out his red lightsaber and stuck it to the Shopper president.

Lavender: "Woah! Okay, you can stay independent!"

Vince put away his lightsaber.

Vince: "Thank you."

Lavender: "BUT, your independence will come at a cost."

Vince: "What do you mean?"

Lavender: "You won't have a military."

Vince: "How will we defend ourselves?"

Lavender: "Don't worry, we'll take care of that. Plus, we'll pay full reparations for the damages."

Vince: "Hmmm... That sounds acceptable."

Vince and Lavender informally shook on the deal, making a peace treaty in effect. The war was officially over, and Nexon was to begin its transition into a peaceful state.

Epilogue: Peace

With the war over, the Snowinians and Ed Islanders went their separate ways, both of which trying to just ignore the Nexonans after their bloody conflict. Shops Island and Nexon tried to foster a new relationship, of which would prove useful in the future. Nexon transitioned from being a military state, to being put under the safe occupation of the allied forces. The new Shopper-Snowinian territory of Cheeseland prospered under their new colonial leaders; everything had returned to normal, if not better. Meanwhile, Lavender and Violet got married, and began to expect an egg very soon. Captain Swaggins was also released from Nexonan captivity, though he was scarred from the events. Everything was back to peaceful terms. Though Nexon had fallen from its former glory, it still maintained what it stood for, in a way all of Antarctica could accept. It was a compromise that everyone enjoyed and prospered under.