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Fanon Characters Christmas Special! is the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki's first ever Christmas special, starring many of this wikis characters. This is a wiki community, so anybody can edit it! This story consists of the characters celebrating the holiday, Christmas. The characters (well, most of them!) get together to celebrate the holiday that everyone loves... Christmas. Many fanon characters will be in this story, so from the behalf of us all, we hope you enjoy the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki's, first, ever... Christmas special!!

Chapter 1: Sitting at the Chimney Fire[edit]

It was Christmas Day, and the fanon characters were getting together for their first ever Christmas gathering. They knew they were going to have a lot of fun... but also some problems! The story is set on a nice 16:00 evening, when it had just started to get dark. It was cold outside, though they got used to it. Ninjinian sat wearing his Santa Hat over his bandana, along with DJ Crow and Tails6000, all sitting by the fire of the rented igloo.. all decorated.

"Hows it going, N?" shouted Crow up the chimney.

"I hate doing this!" moaned Baby N. He was on the roof with a shovel & hot coal, which he was throwing down the chimney to lighten up the fire. He threw a shovel more in.

"That's a good chick!" teased Crow.

Tails6000 sighed.

"When are they all-" Tails stopped. The doorbell rang.

"I'll get it." said Tails. 10 seconds passed. Ninjinian and Crow stared at Tails. Finally he got up and went to the door. He opened it. Explorer 767 stood their with a pile of presents in his flippers.

"Explorer, you made it!" congratulated Tails.

"Yeah. Though it was hard." he said, and pointed via beak to his webbed foot, where Mabel was, wearing a Santa Hat... too big for her.

"Nice... that you could make it... ummm... Mabel." said Tails. Mabel said nothing. They entered. 5 minutes, 20 seconds, and 43 nano-seconds/micro-seconds later, the door rang again. Tails agreed to open it again.

"Dan! Willy the Penguin! PabloDePablo! Speeddasher! Happyface!" cheered Tails.

"Hey, Tails!" replied Happyface. Tails smiled at them... especially at Happyface. They walked in, also with piles of presents. They left them on the floor.

"Oh guys, you need to put those in the box over there!" pointed Crow, to a massive (and by massive, we mean massive) box. "Make sure the presents are labeled!"

The door rang again.

"I'll get that this cookie-time!" sighed Ninjinian. A penguins came close to Ninjinian and kissed him on the side.


"And here I enter!" replied Akiza courageously, and sat down. Ninjinian picked up the clipboard, which had a list of characters coming. He crossed off the ones that had come already.

Professor Shroomsky
Willy the Penguin
Explorer 767
Willie Watt
Hat Pop
The Leader
Galactic Empire12
Baby N.
Akiza Atlus
Rosie the Penguin

The door rang again. This time, Crow picked up the door. At first, Crow thought nobody was there, but was he was closing the door, it wasn't closing.

"Hey, music-geek!" a voice said from below. There stood (or bounced!) Kalin and Yusei.

"Now, now, Kalin!" scold Yusei. "He is our owners brother!" Kalin shuffled and bounced it, with Yusei behind him, both of them wearing Santa Hats the size of Mabels. Yusei mouthed "Sorry!" to Crow as they bounced along.

Crow looked below at the Puffles list.

Administrator Kai

Another puffle came bouncing towards the door, wearing a fitted Santa Hat. It was... Administrator Kai.

"Wait up!" said the Senator as the door almost crushed him.

"Sorry, Kai. I didn't see you." apologized Crow.

"That's Administrator Kai to you!" huffed Kai, and bounced in.

Administrator Kai

"That's all the puffles!"

The last of them showed up. There was Tidalwave11, Professor Shroomsky, Willie Watt, Hat Pop, The Leader, Galactic Empire12 and Rosie the Penguin.

"Greetings, guys!" gestured Crow.

"Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!" greeted Professor Shroomsky, also wearing a Santa hat.

"Hey!" said Hat Pop. Behind them, a limo with the Zurich logo stretched in front of the igloo. Everybody looked behind them, and a penguin stood out of the limo. Maddieworld. There was flashing going on. Everybody realized at once that Maddie must of hired them to take photos of her for a "fashionable" entrance. She signed some "autographs" and waved to everyone. She stopped and looked inside.

There was Speeddasher and Tails playing Tails and Darktan at the Olympic Winter Games.

"OLYMPIC WINTER GAMES?!?!" she exclaimed, and ran inside to join them. Everybody walked in, and Crow shut the door behind them all. He checked the list.

Professor Shroomsky
Willy the Penguin
Explorer 767
Willie Watt
Hat Pop
The Leader
Galactic Empire12
Baby N.
Akiza Atlus
Rosie the Penguin

"That's everyone!" he said. There was a buzz of greeting and talk by the fire. Ninjinian and Akiza sat close by the fire together.

"You can take over!" said Crow to Willy the Penguin. He stood up, and took a glass and spoon and tapped them together to get everyone's attention. Crow handed him an event sheet.

"May I have your attention please!" Willy the Penguin silenced. "The first thing on the event list is... Christmas dinner!" Tidalwave11 immediately stood up and raised his flipper up.

"You can leave that to me!" he said. "I'll first need some helpers."

Soon everyone stood up.

"Okay then!" he said.

"Light out the fire, Watt." pointed Willy the Penguin. She stopped the coal. "You can come down now!" she shouted up the chimney.

"Okay!" said a faint voice. There was a thud on the roof, and Ninjinian and Crow ran out of the igloo swiftly. Crow took a detour through the window. They both caught Baby N, who was falling from the roof.

"We need to get that repaired!"

* * *

"Before we start cooking," said Willy, "we need to get our Christmas tree."

"Buy one!" called out Maddieworld, still playing Tails and Darktan at the Olympic Winter Games, still with Tails and Speeddasher.

"No!" interrupted Rosie, speaking for the first time. "We should go to the woods at cut a tree!"

"Great idea, Rosie!" thanked Ninjinian. Willy smiled at her.

"ARE YOU KIDING ME? Why kill a tree when you're just going to toss it out? Buying one is-"

"So it's declared!" continued Willy. "We'll go to the woods at cut down a tree. Who's going to cut?"

"Oh, you can leave that to me!" said Crow. "I got a special record with can cut through almost anything!"

"Then let's go!"

* * *

They arrived at the woods. It didn't take much time to get their, or much route changing. All they had to do was go south. Maddieworld, Tails and Speeddasher decided to stay at the igloo to play their game. Many of them thought that it was unfair to cut a tree ("COUGH" SHROOMSKY "COUGH") but Rosie explained that trees already get cut before.

"I mean, buying a metal and plastic tree, you can use it again and again! Just take it out of the box, unfold the branches-" complained Professor Shroomsky. They ignored him. He was debating like that the whole way here. Willy helped Crow to pick a tree.

"That one!" pointed Willy to a straight & stubby tree. It looked exactly how a perfect Christmas tree was supposed to look.

"Right. Get cuttin', Crow." ordered Willy.

"Wait there. I'll get it out." Crow fiddled in his backpack. He finally found it, in a silver-shining metal cover, to make sure no other things got damaged.

"Stay out of the way." suggested Crow. "It's going to be a long fall..."

Crow threw the disk immediately, and went through the tree as if it was a ghost going straight through a wall. It boomeranged back to them all. Akiza and Rosie ducked as Ninjinian and Willy came to them to make sure they were alright. Crow opened his flippers to catch the disk. He caught it, and fell backwards into another tree. He was injured a bit. Ninjinian asked if he was okay.

"I'm fine." groaned Crow. "Just a small cut."

Crow was correct. It was only minor.

"Thank cookies!" whispered Ninjinian to himself. They lost Crow's attention as the tree started falling.

"TIIIIMMMMMMMBEEEEERRRRRRRR!" whistled Pablo and the tree closed in on all of them. They ran out of the way. They observed the remaining of the deceased tree. Tree crumbs went everywhere. Crow tried to get hold of it, but Ninjinian, Willy, Happyface and Pablo agreed to handle the tree all the way back.

"-of course, you have to read the instruction guide to figure out where each branch length goes, but it's more economical and efficient to-" Shroomsky continued, all the way home.

* * *

Pablo let go of the tree in front of the igloo door, and fiddled in his pocket for the keys, and released the door open. They had a few problems fitting the tree inside but after a few hard pushes, it finally budged through. They all let go, breathing heavily.

"There we go!" settled Happyface. "Pablo, get the decorations out!" Pablo did as told, and searched through the resting room (there were a lot of boxes!) Pablo bought back a red box with the words "Kristmass Decoraytions" Pablo took out the decorations. Happyface offered to put up a third of the decorations, Willy and Rosie the next third, and Ninjinian and Akiza the last third.

Tails, Speeddasher and Maddieworld saw that they had returned, but decided to play another five minutes. They were sled-racing down a cornered ramp.

"Ooohh... oooooh, oooh, oooh. -and ya lose!" boasted Tails to Maddieworld. She sulked. Tails busted the controls.

"Awwwwwwwwwww!" he moaned.

"Wa-hey! Automatic win!" declared Speeddasher. They left their controls and waddled to the tree.

"Willy, get the stool!" asked Ninjinian. Pablo handed the decorations two by two, and Happyface put them up. There were glistening balls, some colouring and a Santa's Sleigh. Happyface stepped out of the way and let Willy and Rosie put the next ones up. Pablo handed them the decorations. They were almost the same as the bottom thirds. They put them up nicely and neatly, touching flippers at intervals. They came out of the way, and Pablo put the stool up for Ninjinian and Akiza to stand up on.

They stepped up on the stool together. Akiza got the star, and Ninjinian got the rest. When Ninjinian finished, they both held on the star together and placed it on the top. Everybody cheered with joy. They both came down from the stool, and observed the finished tree.

"Beautiful!" commented Happyface. Tails had an idea and whispered it to Speeddasher and Maddieworld. The two ran to another box secretly, and took out two mistletoe. Speeddasher hung one over Ninjinian and Akiza's head and Maddieworld hung one over Willy and Rosie.

"Oooooohhh!" teased the crowd. "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!"

"Did you know that mistletoe is a poisonous, tree-killing parasite?"

Everyone turned toward Shroomsky. THAT sure did kill the mood.

None the less, the couples kissed anyway, to the applause of the audience.

"Now about the cooking. Tidalwave?" asked Willy.

"Can do!" saluted Tidalwave11.

"Okay then, lets get started!"

Chapter 2: Cooking The Mullet[edit]

They all got the ingredients and equipment out for Tidalwave11 - to cook the mullet - they got the mullet out. Ninjinian had brought the biggest one in the store in the morning and set it in the freezer. Tidalwave set up the oven, and put everything where he needed it to be. He lay out the fish on the cleaned table.

"Butter!" he exclaimed. Willy the Penguin reacted quickly and found the butter, giving it to Tidal, repeating "Butter!"

"Salt!" Tails lent him the salt.

"Margarine!" Crow gave it. The same thing went on for another 15 minutes. Ketchup side, knife, onions, pickles, lettuce, cheese, grater, chopping board etc.

It was all going smoothly.


"I need some of those chilly herbs!" Tidal asked quickly. He waited while sprinkling the mullet with some more butter - though he knew some were on a low diet - "Herbs!" he repeated.

No answer...

"I asked Crow to get out the herbs." Tails said.

Crow objected. "No, you asked Speeddasher!"

Speeddasher lay up. "Wait up! Me?"

They all started arguing.

Akiza whistled. They brushed her hair away and signed the "focus!" symbol with her flipper.

Tidal sighed.

"Who wants to go shopping?"

* * *

Dan, Willy the Penguin, Akiza and PabloDePablo put on their hats, gloves, scarfs and warm coats and stepped outside.

"Remember," Tidal said. "Look for the curry-flavoured one. That's the essential ingredient for my special recipe" He ran through some more ingredients, and the 4 set off to the store. It was only just after 5pm, though they had only 30 minutes to return.

"Which store do we go?" asked Dan, holding the shopping list.

"The big supermarket that is open especially for Christmas." said Akiza. They all ran forward, then a little bit to the left streets until they arrived at the giant supermarket. The darkness spread in. Cars were parked everywhere. They ran inside, and split up in the isles.

"Pablo, you check the first and second isle," said Akiza. "Willy, the third and fourth. Dan the next two. And I'll do the last". They split up.

Willy the Penguin didn't have much of a problem finding his ingredients. He picked up the curry-flavoured herbs and put them in his shopping basket. He went to Dan.

"Hows it going, Dan?" asked Willy, as Dan rushed.

"Bad. I can't find the spices! The lazy, good-for-nothing cashier didn't help." and pointed to him, who was listening to his MP3000. They both searched from top to bottom twice.

"Nothing!" gave up Dan. Willy then looked behind the cans again, and read all the labels. So did Dan on the other isle. They both found the spinach-herbs and spice-herbs.

"Yes!" they cheered, and went to find Pablo, where they had lost in the last isles. They ran to him and Akiza when they saw them.

"Found anything?" asked Pablo. Willy and Dan nodded.

"You?" asked Dan.

"No good... yet." said Pablo. Akiza rushed from shelve to shelve trying to find the special ingredient of them all... Spice-eeeee Fooods Mixture.

"With that spicy food whatever mixture, Tidal can mix it with the herbs, and spread it all over the mullet!" said Pablo, licking his beak. Akiza tripped over a can, and observed the can.

That was it!

"Guys, I found it!" Akiza said excitedly. They cheered. They put everything in one basket. Dan put the others away. They rushed to the counter and placed everything on the moving platform. The cashier sighed boringly and took out his headphones. He "cashied" everything.

"That's 72 coins." the cashier said. Pablo ruffled through his pockets and lay down every coin on the table, and counted 72. After 20 seconds, he put the remaining back into his pocket and stuffed everything into one shopper.

"Thanks, Bob!" said Dan to the cashier.

"My names not -" but didn't bother as the five raced out of the automatic doors.

* * *

Akiza got out the keys and opened the door. Everybody was either standing, sitting by the out fire or leaning against the fridge. Everybody saw them come on and started cooking again. Pablo turned the shopper upside down and everything spilled onto the table.

Tidal got out the can-opener. He stared at it for a few seconds, they threw it behind him. He got his flipper and slapped the tins. And they opened immediately. Everyone were amazed, but didn't show it. He mixed everything up and added some intervals of salt. And within a minute, he sprinkled everything onto the mullet, and stuffed it in the oven, where it would be for 15 minutes.

* * *

15 minutes later...

Tidalwave looked at his watch, and waddled to the oven. He took out the mullet. Everybody were soon dazed by the smell of the delicious, mullet. Tidalwave sniffed it.

"Ahhhh..." he sighed in delight. He lay it on the dinner table. Everyone sat down. Willy the Penguin helped with the glasses, juice cans & cutlery. Tidal got his "good knife" and cut everybody equal pieces, apart from Crow and Ninjinian, who only got 10 swallows of mullet - because they were half-vegetarian.

"Dig in!" screamed Tidal, and everyone ate peacefully.

After a short 10 minutes, many burped at the same time.

"Delicious!" said Willy. "I think Tidal deserves a round of applause, don't he?"

Everyone clapped and cheered.

"Shroomsky, why aren't you eating?"

"I have to wait for my food to... umm, cook."

"It's completely done, Professor!" Willy noted.

"No, I mean... once it's thrown away and in the trash, then I enj-"

Everyone gagged and exclaimed "eww!".

"I decompose food. It's what I do."

"...back to the fire! Time for some stories!"

Chapter 3: Story Time[edit]

Everybody gathered round the fire again after they all wiped their beaks after the big mullet they'd just ate. Crow was applied a bandage by Rosie in case it got infected, and then took the matches out of Explorer's pocket, and scratched it across the matchbox so that Baby N. wouldn't have to go up to the chimney and operate the fire manually. Willy got an old newspaper and flew the smoke of the fire out of the window. Tidalwave was trying to fix the window Crow broke (he was surprised he didn't get hurt!)

"Any good stories?" asked Pablo. Blank faces everywhere. "Anyone? Anyone?" he repeated.

Crow managed to sit upright in his seat and spoke.

"I have a good one!" he stressed.

"Well fire it at us!" persuaded Pablo.

"It was Christmas on Club Penguin Island, and I was asked to decorate the Night Club especially for the big Christmas party they were having. It was Club Penguin's first ever Christmas Party, and I was glad to be part of it."

He hesitated and asked for a glass of water, took a sip, and put it town on the tea table, and continued.

"Everybody was getting together on the Friday before Christmas in the Night Club. I never started "DJ-Digital Nyt" then, so it was just a hangout. Many came and shook flippers with me. It was up to me to compose the music, and went completely successfully. It was my first proper Christmas ever... and I'm proud to be here now." Crow finished.

A pause, but then a rave of whistling and cheering for Crow.

"Well done, MG!" teased Kalin to Crow. Mabel snickered. Crow didn't know that MG was "music geek".

"What does MG -"

"Okay... anymore stories?" cut off Willy.

This time.. there was no denying that nobody had a story. Willy the Penguin sighed.

"Well then I'll tell you one!" caved Willy. He cleared his throat, and began.

* * *

The following is currently Fourth Wall breaking!

"I really wished we could'a' bally gone to the gathering!"

It was Mayor McFlapp.

"Me too. But we gawta do dis. D'innit!"

With Mayor Crepsley with him.

Together they were sitting at the gigantic organ, in an 1800s-style igloo, though looked like a regular room. There was a vase with a blue penguin painted on it. There was a verandah outside the igloo. They were thinking of what to write for the story. Crepsley brushed his beak smoothly. McFlapp squawked from time-to-time.

"What shud we do?" asked Mayor Crepsley.

"Maybe we should just bally finish the flippin' chapter?" suggested McFlapp.

"Nah, it wuld be too shawt den!" argued Crepsley.

"Then what we bally do?"

"Let's have a cawfee break first!" barked Mayor Crepsley.

"Bally idea, Crepsley!" praised McFlapp. They went to the coffee machine on the other side of the room. The room was very long and big. It was tiring going around the room for the two. Crepsley tried keeping his eyes open as he compressed the coffee beans and missed the cup by 10 centimetres. Mayor McFlapp pushes him aside and fell to the icy floor. The tern put more coffee beans in and kept missing too, but soon had half-a-cup for each of them.

They drank delightfully.

"More!" banged Mayor Crepsley on the coffee table. The tern did as he said - and this time he was more alert after the first shot. He filled up the two cups fully, almost flooding the cup. They drank at the same time within one, long gulp - and they finished.

"More!" repeated Mayor Crepsley.

"We should really bally gettin' back to the story, ya-know!" complained Mayor McFlapp.

Mayor Crepsley flopped around drunkly, and shifted his whole body except for his feet to his left (usually it's his right, but he's dazed!)

"That corn wait." stated the penguin.

"Okay!" agreed McFlapp, after smelling the coffee. Mayor Crepsley went back over to the other room into the tiny cabinet and took out the Emergency Coffee Maker, reading:


Crepsley ignored the note (he put it there himself!) and picked up the coffee maker, and went back to the coffee table. Then the both at the same time put in the coffee beans and poured the coffee into their mugs, and took another gulp.

They burped purposely.

Their eyes shot completely open. They drank for another 9 minutes, and after flooding the coffee table with coffee and crushed beans, and 37 cups of coffee, they stooped.

"We shud re'urn." coughed Mayor Crepsley.

"Ya, bally-correct." agreed Mayor McFlapp. They retired to the organ. They lay their heads down on the organ, and within a minute, the snoring began.

12 minutes later...

The room's enormous doors swiftly opened, and slammed loudly when they reached the walls. Wind blew to the end of the room, and the two dozing penguin/tern awoke. The one who awoke them growled.

Director Benny...


There was a sound of bouncing as the puffle approached the narrators. Crepsley dropped his coffee and fell to the ground. Benny started jumping on him.

"Your nawt the bear'a of us!" started Mayor Crepsley, pausing through each word as the yellow puffle bounced upon him.

"WELL SOMEBODY HAS TO NARRATE!" he stated. He bounced up to Mayor McFlapp, and him (he turned 360 degrees across the terns face).

"S'pear us!" cried out Crepsley.

"We'll continue, wot!" begged the tern. Director Benny frowned, then replied.

"Okay, but you'd better get straight to it! The universe will stop unless you don't!"

"Yes, sir!" saluted the two narrators. Benny bobbed towards the door, looked back and gave a fierce stare at the cowering narrators, then continued bouncing out the giant room. He turned the next corner, and the doors shut tight by themselves.

"Now let's continue, d'innit." said Mayor Crepsley. The tern agreed, and they cleared up the coffee & mugs and sat down at the organ again - and started narrating again.

Chapter 4: Snowing Delight[edit]

Willy the Penguin paused as he tried to remember his story. He'd forgotten because of the organ-interruption. He sat still with his flipper out pointing to his brain, trying to remember the story. He curled up his flipper into a fist and knocked hard on his head.

"Well I guess I forgot!" sighed Willy the Penguin.

"I have a stor-" Shroomsky was interrupted.

"Considering nobody has any any stories for us, what do we do?" asked PabloDePablo. Tidalwave got up and went back to the kitchen to pack up.

"What are you doing?" asked Tails.

"Throwing away the remaining of the mullet." replied Tidalwave, pressing the pedal to open up the trash can. Tails, Speeddasher, Maddieworld, Pablo, Rosie, Willy the Penguin & Wille Watt jumped out of their seats and pushed eachother to the kitchen. Tidalwave dashed out of the way and threw the plate up high. Tails caught it and they all fought over the pieces.

The rest just stared at them for another 7 minutes. It was only 18:30.

As they scoffed down the last of the mullet, Happyface looked outside the window, and after a few seconds he started smiling.

"You guys, look!" said Happyface excitedly.

"What is it?" asked Tails, pushing down the food down his throat in whole - as always.

"It's snowing!"

"Really?" asked Rosie, getting up from her seat.

"Let's get snowy, then!" shouted Explorer. They all got up and walked outside, but just as they were about to go, Professor Shroomsky stopped them.

"Shouldn't you wear your coats & hats & gloves before going?" he reminded them.

"Oh yeah!" they replied, thanking him, Shroomsky beaming. They went to the coat-room and got all their winter clothing on, not that the penguins really needed it.

* * *

They all waddled outside. Willie Watt jumped into the snow, trying to make a snow-angel. They all went in groups to different parts of the area that was in front of the igloo.

Ninjinian, Explorer, Akiza Atlus, PabloDePablo, Crow, Baby N. and Dan went and tried building a giant snow-penguin.

Shroomsky also tried to make a snow-angel, with no luck.

Tidalwave11 made a snow-dinner, while the puffles went up to a near-by hill and rolled down it.

Maddieworld, Tails, and Speeddasher had a snow-ball fight with Happyface, Hat Pop, The Leader and Galactic Empire.

Willy and Rosie just stood off on to one side, holding flippers and watching the snow-flakes fall down, and smiling and each other.

Then, a black helicopter hovering over the yard, threw down a rope, the snow blustered around the yard, blowing it everywhere.

"Hey! It's Sancho, and Katy and uh..Jacob!" a penguin shouted.

"Hello everyone!" said Jacob holding Katy's flipper.

"Hey peeps!" Sancho said, jumping from the ladder.

"You know you're late." said Explorer.

"Yes, blame the power outage at Polaris Airport... some guy spilled a can of cream soda of our main grid board, which shut down the airport!" replied Katy.

"Yeah! Where's Fred, I got him that icePhone!" said Jacob

"Oh, oh, mine, mine!!" screamed Fred, running over to Jacob.

"Ummm... you weren't on the list..." questioned Explorer 767 rudely.

"I bought you a private rocket from the Skyline!" added Sancho. "and, Shroomsky invited me."

Stares went towards Sancho amd Professor Shroomsky.

"I did?" corrected the mushroom. "No... no I didn't. In fact, I only know Sancho."

"Okay, then!" said Explorer, in a higher pitch.

"Never mind! Join in!" barked Willy the Penguin, still holding Rosie's flippers.

They had started to work on the giant snowman a bit more. It was almost as big as the igloo! They kept working on it for a while until everybody had finished. There was a top hat, a red & green scarf, a Santa hat on top of the top hat, a carrot for a nose, and stones for the mouth and buttons. Then Happyface declared something:

"There shall be war!" he cried out loud. Everybody stopped to stare at him.

"Everybody assemble your teams and fort! There's gonna be a snowball war!" he continued, ignoring all the blank faces.

"Hooray!" they cheered.

They went into groups. Ninjinian, Dan, Willy the Penguin, Tidalwave11, PabloDePablo went into one corner. Then Maddieworld, [[Tails6000], Speeddasher, Explorer 767, Willie Watt & Kalin shot themselves towards a big tree and the two groups started building their fort.

Mabel, Yusei, Administrator Kai, Hat Pop, The Leader & Galactic Empire12 rolled into an empty space down south and created an oval-shaped fort, with secure edges, and started collecting snowballs.

The last group were Happyface, Baby N., Crow, Akiza Atlus, Jacob Monte Captio and Rosie the Penguin, who were outnumbered by 1, but put up an effort and made a square, rectangular fort, much like a castle. Then they all for another 5 minutes got their snowballs & forts together securely. Then it began.

Shroomsky was the referee.

Dan took the first move. He created a squeaky grunt and the snowball shot out of his flipper into the air, aiming it at Crow's fort. The snowball was caught in mid-air. There were short gasps between themselves. Then the snowball threw itself backwards, and a ghostly figure appeared.

It wasn't a ghost...

It was Kwiksilver. He had materialized into solid form now, having successfully traveled through dimensions. They stopped the war and some asked him questions.

"Kwiksilver, what a surprise!" coughed Crow.

"Why so late?" asked Willy the Penguin curiously.

"Turned out my name wasn't readable on the list." Kwiksilver replied. They stared at Crow who was laughing nervously.

"Never mind! Your here now!" celebrated Willy the Penguin.

"I sure am! Now let's get to this war, shall we?" Kwiksilver dashed to Akiza's fort. Now it was even.

Dan repeated his snowball. It hit Ninjinian right in the beak, throwing him off guard and into a tree. Dan cackled wildly as Ninjinian curled his flipper into a first and shook it in the air repeatedly. Akiza continued the fun. She threw the snowball directly into Tails6000's fort. A giant corner of the fort fell apart, and Maddieworld & Speeddasher tried to put it back in place. Everybody else laughed.

The puffles took a move this time. Kai, Mabel & Yusei got their snowballs - including The Leader & Galactic Empire12, and fired at Happyface's fort & troops. The fort collapsed completely and they were all covered in cold, snow. The snowball continued repetitively, even Ninjinian's group joined in the repetitive snowball fighting. His whole army shot at Maddieworld's fort. Akiza fixed her fort and fought back to the puffles and two penguins.

Then, Jacob took out his snowball bazooka, and loaded it with snowballs.

"Time to fire this baby up!" said Jacob.

"Jacob. where did you get that?" asked Sancho, puzzled.

"Uh, uh, um...the Mall, back home, Aunt Beatrice gave it to me right?!" responded Jacob, covering the hammer and sickle on the bazooka's side.

"Oh, well, have fun!" answered Sancho, drinking his coffee.

"Hey, that's not in the rul-"

WHAM! Shroomsky fell like a mighty oak.

The fun continued for another 24 minutes. It was soon 20:00. They returned to the igloo, leaving their forts as it was, including the giant, finished snowman. Many started out of the window towards the snowman. They slouched in their armchairs and turned on the electric-coal fire.

After restying, Kwiksilver finally got an excuse to get out of the igloo. His PDA rang urgently. It had a message on the front.


"Excuse me while I take this call." he said. Willy the Penguin followed him out of the igloo. Because Willy was his apprentice, it was only right to hear what Kwiksilver had to say if it was so important that he had to go outside to take the call.

* * *

"Hey teach, what's wrong?" questioned Willy the Penguin.

"I'm gettin' a call from the Bureau of Fiction."

"Uh oh, a call on Christmas." saddened Willy the Penguin.

"I know Will, it can't be a good thing. Barely anything wrong occurs on holidays."

Kwiksilver then answered the call. After 23 seconds of "uh huh, uh huh", his face darkened. He turned his head cautiously clockwise, stuttering. Willy looked confused. He returned to normal after a few more minutes of talking.

The PDA shut itself.

He returned to a confused Willy the Penguin.

"What's wrong, Kwik?" asked Willy again & again.

"Santa.. Santa's not going to deliver presents this year."

Before Willy could ask why, Kwiksilver explained it and what was discussed on the call.

"The Bureau didn't know how this is even possible. This has never happened before." Willy said nothing. It was 20:09.

"Oh crud, Rosie's gonna be crushed." sobbed Willy.

"Rather ironic she is your crush." teased Kwiksilver. Willy didn't laugh.

They soon returned inside after some hesitation, not ready to face the others...

Chapter 5: Santa Needs Help![edit]

The two walked in, where just about everyone was sleeping. Everyone except Ninjinian and Explorer, who were talking softly. They were confused, as it was only 20:11.

"Hey guys, what's up? You went outside to take a call." whispered Explorer.

"I got a phone call from the Bureau of Fiction. And it wasn't a very pleasant phone call, to say the least." confessed Kwiksilver.

"Uh oh. What was it about?" asked Explorer. Ninjinian was slipping off his armchair, almost going to sleep himself.

Kwiksilver sighed. "Santa's not coming."

"What?!" exclaimed Ninjinian, getting back onto the armchair.

"Shhhh! Keep your voice down!" Explorer shushed.


It was no use. PabloDePablo woke up.

"What's all the yelling about?" asked Pablo.

"Well, Santa's not going to be delivering presents this year." Willy said, in a state of idiocy.

"WHAT?!" shouted Pablo.

"Shhh! shushed Kwiksilver. That time it was close. Then Ninjinian, Explorer, Willy the Penguin, Kwiksilver & PabloDePablo went outside so that they wouldn't wake anyone up.

"So, what happened?" asked Ninjinian.

Kwik began to explain....

Chapter 5.5: Santa's Accident[edit]

47 minutes and 13 seconds ago...

Santa laughed heartily as the sun rose over the city of London. He had completed a successful run in the universe of Reality.

The reindeer pulled to the left to avoid being caught by dawn's first rays, and then sped towards the Clock Tower, Big Ben, at Westminster Palace.

"Ho ho ho!" cried Santa as he wiped Coca-Cola off his moustache and read his itinerary. "Next stop, the Phineas and Ferb Wiki!"

Santa's sleigh slowed a bit. Suddenly, the reindeer picked up their pace and started galloping. Eventually, the rudders on the sleigh created sparks in midair. As the reindeer finally reached top speed, a huge portal opened up, and Santa sped into it, vanishing, leaving a trail of plasma in his place.

However, things looked quite different from Santa's point of view (or, as Fred would call it, his inertial reference frame). The hands on the clock began rotating backwards, and the entire universe began to flatten out and look more cartoony. The sun, now much less brilliant, more yellow, and with unrealistic yellow rays radiating from it, set over the horizon, while Santa's sleigh remained in place.

"Right on schedule!" said Santa as he flew out of London and reappeared in the P&F realm. "Next stop, Danville!"

Santa laughed heartily as he looked at the back of his sleigh. There was nothing but coal prepared for it.

"Huh?" said Santa, surprised, checking his list.

Reading the list, he realized that everyone in the reigon had been naughty that year. He checked it twice, but it read "NAUGHTY" all the same. Santa pulled a lever and dumped the coal.

Santa sighed.

"Their record was spotless before I came here... they must have done something REALLY bad to get a rewrite straight from the elves themselves..."

He turned to the left and opened a rift again.

"Come on, Prancer! Good boy!"

Santa's sleigh warped out of the Phineas and Ferb universe, leaving its main protagonists wondering where he had gone and embarking on a mission to save Christmas. But that's another story.

Santa judged that it was about time to exit warp, and pulled the purple lever.

"HO HO HO! Santa Claus is comin' to.... town?"

Santa had miscalculated. The sleigh warped right in front of the Bureau of Fiction's rooftop, just outside of the limits of the Club Penguin Fanon Universe.

"PULL LEFT!" cried Comet. The team did so, swerving around... only to face the meta-fictional boundary separating the CP Fanon Unvierse from the Phineas and Ferb Universe.


"WARNING: ALTITUDE LOW, INCREASE ALTITUDE!" said the altimeter computer, as the sleigh was stalling.

But it was too late. The sleigh directly into the Fourth Wall, tearing off eight bricks. Santa and his reindeer veered off course, and then stalled, their damaged sleigh having taken its toll.


Santa and his reindeer separated from the broken sleigh and landed on the Fourth Wall's top. They were stranded.

"HEY!" yelled Santa towards the giant cylinder floating off the distance, in the hopes that a Bureau of Fiction employee would spot them. However, it was in vain. And it was no surprise -- all the lights on the Bureau of Fiction's facility had gone out.

* * *

30 minutes and 9 seconds ago...

Exactly 20 seconds before Santa had crashed into the Fourth Wall, the Bureau of Fiction floated near the site, blissfully unaware of what was about to happen.


Eight bricks were ripped off the Fourth Wall as a sleigh plowed headlong into it. All of them were headed towards the Club Penguin Fanon Universe. One of them destroyed a series of cables at the bottom of the Bureau, snagging onto them and twisting the surviving ones until they snapped. Inside, the facility shuddered.

"What's going on?" asked an employee to his co-worker.

"I don't know! Maybe it's another of Director Benny's fits!"

All of a sudden, all the lights went out. Silence fell for a few seconds, then it smashed upon the floor.

"Sorry, wot!" said Mayor McFlapp, who had been holding the abstract noun. "I slipped on a puddle!"

"It doesn't even rain in here, you overgrown pillow stuffing!" yelled Director Benny, who had been standing under the silence when it fell.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! THE LIGHTS WENT OUT, IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!" screamed Illustrator Keith, further breaking the already damaged silence.

"Quiet, you," ordered Benny, "or you'll damage the silence beyond repair!"

"Aye, mate, we've already lost 12 replicas this autumn!" chimed in McFlapp. Taking a bullhorn from out of nowhere, he spoke to the entire workforce.

"Do not panic, wot, there is nothing to worry about!" announced the Mayor. "We've just lost a couple of bally transformers and whatnot, wot! Resume your jobs, we'll hand out flashlights!"

They did as told. Nobody was aware of Santa's accident. That he was stranded somewhere just outside the CP Fanon Universe - that his sleigh didn't malfunction and change course and crash-land somewhere. Nobody knew...


* * *

After Kwiksilver had finished explaining (everyone were listening carefully). When he had finished, they all rose in shock.

"I can't believe it." gasped Explorer. "What about the Bureau of Fiction, again?"

"Nobody actually knows what happened. They researched and couldn't track Santa's Sleigh anywhere. They would of tracked it if they could. It probably malfunctioned. But I'm only guessing on that." explained Kwiksilver.

"You think so?" asked Willy the Penguin.

"I'm pretty sure. Santa is probably lost, and so lost that the tracker is unable to track him."

"Well what do you wanna do about it?" asked PabloDePablo.

* * *

Back at the office of the Bureau of Fiction, nobody knew what was actually going on. Santa should have arrived at least 30 minutes ago. They called in some experts from the Department of Science to try and see if the tracker was broken. They were soon sure that Santa was out of the universe -- outside of the tracker's range.

They called in other experts, who couldn't put their flipper on it, either. There were only just a dozen or a few more who knew about the Fourth Wall. Two others - Administrator Kai and Mayor Crepsley, were informed after McFlapp called Crepsley to run some tests.

"You fool!" barked Kai to Mayor Crepsley. "We need to sort this out!"

"Well what d'ya want me tah do, eh?" asked Crepsley very lazily. Kai spat into the trash can as normal and fixed his hair.

"Do you think we should call in the TSU?" asked Kai as his temper calmed down.

"Ya could try, d'innit!" replied the Mayor more seriously. "You are d'ed, anyway."

"Yes, yes I am Head of Spy Industry." beamed Administrator Kai. He got hold of the phone and tossed it over to Crepsley for him to dial the digits. He pressed the call button. The phone rang five times. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine.

Finally someone answered the call.

"Hello?" the spy asked that was on the other line. Kai went over to the phone.

"It's the head."

The spy on the phone gasped. There were murmurs on the phone.

"What's the password?" the spy asked intriguingly.

"Obese Mullet."

"At your service, sir!" approved the spy.

"Santa's missing. Do some tests on it." said the Administrator stiffly. And with that he closed the phone immediately.

The spies did as told. They faxed the results to the two after a long 16 minutes.

"Nothing." slammed the puffle.

"We'll try layta." suggested the Mayor.

"Yes, later."

Chapter 5.8: A Visit From Tiny[edit]

Pablo's question hung in the thick air. 20:57.

"Mr Tiny is the only cookie-answer." said Ninjinian. Kwiksilver was still unsure about it. He wasn't even sure if they had talked about him in the last hour.

"He's dangerous. We cannot trust him." said Kwiksilver.

Just then a black 1960 Cadillac came rolling out from the road. The driver was unknown. It went around in a 360 degrees circle around the penguins and parked on an edge. The windows were completely black, and the roof was closed. The driver stood out of the car. It's plate number glistened as light approached it. They all gasped.


The car was from UnitedTerra of course, but the Antarctica symbol was on it. The driver was:

Mr Desmond Tiny

Ninjinian, Explorer, Willy the Penguin, Kwiksilver & PabloDePablo whispered to each other lightly as the penguin came to them in heavy buckle boots.

"That's Tiny!" whispered Ninjinian as lightly as possible.

"Shorten Desmond to des and join it with tiny, you get -" but Kwiksilver didn't finish, because Tiny had arrived in front of them.


"Evening, penguins!" he said with joy. He fiddled with his heart-shaped watch. "Merry Christmas!"

Nobody greeted him back.

"I heard Santa's not in town!" he chuckled. Ninjinian spoke.

"Hmmm.. you sure did." the orange penguin muttered.

"I heard not many of you are familiar with me. Explorer, Willy, Pablo." he smiled at them.

How did he know their names?

"Enough chit-chat. Let's get to the point." he said. He took out an apple out of his pocket and polished it with his sleeve. He tossed it on the air and caught it with flipper again & again, and talked.

"Santa's lost."

He waited for cries of terror - but there were none.

"You aren't fun at all!" he spat. "You know already?" They nodded.

"I'll tell you more about myself first. I can see into the future. The Time Agency have nothing to do with me. I'm almost a secret to all. Everybody fear me. And I love to torture."

The word torture hung in the air for a brief second until Pablo broke the silence.

"Why are you here, anyway?" he asked.

"Oh, I just came to visit. After all, it is... Christmas."

"If you can control the future, then why don't you do something about the Santa business?" complained Willy the Penguin.

"Well that wouldn't be fun, would it?"

The apple was still being thrown.

"Anyway, I need you to send no more than 12 penguins, or puffles, to the North Pole and find Santa yourselves." he said. "This will surely be fun!"

"What's the fate, then?" asked Pablo courageously.

"There will be some incidents which you will not like. If more than 12 of you go - you will not find Santa. McFlapp & Crepsley can do nothing about this. They can't change a single thing that's written. I'm the one controlling everything now!"

There were short gulps between them.

"When do we depart?" asked Kwiksilver.

"Well," he thought about it and muttered to himself, "now."

Before anybody objected, Ninjinian said "That's fine with us."

"I'll depart now. And I hope you fail..."

They were all shocked. His boots crunched in the snow and he walked back towards his Cadillac. The apple was throw backwards, and hit a tree in just a micro-second. The tree made a snapping sound. Then a giant groan as the tree fell.

"Good day to you all!" he said, and then he started the engine, and departed.

* * *

Nobody hesitated to talk. Without thinking, they ran inside swiftly. They stopped at the doorknob as Kwiksilver's PDA rang again. There was no name on the screen except for:


Kwiksilver picked it up.

"Hello, Tiny here." the voice said.

"We're on our way." said Kwiksilver, and just when he was about to cut the call, Mr Tiny said something else:

"Oh, and I've froze time in the universe. So you have almost all the time in the world. An hour will actually be five minutes. Ta-ra!"

The PDA was on loudspeaker all the time. They heard everything. There was no need to repeat themselves. He put away his PDA and turned the doorknob.

"Listen up you lot!" he screamed. Everybody woke up.

"What's the catch, Kwik?!" asked Speeddasher, rubbing his eyes.

"I'll explain later. But first I need 7 volunteers."

Everybody's flipper shot up. Kwiksilver chose himself.

"Dan, Tidalwave11, Speeddasher, Happyface, Crow, Akiza Atlus & Rosie the Penguin!"

Back at the Bureau...

Mayor McFlapp poked his head out of the lower access hatch that was located on the bottom of the Bureau's facility. He navigated a series of mangled wires, catching up with the other four Masters.

"Do you see what I see?" whispered Billybob.

"Is it that giant dancing comet again, wot?"

"No, that."

Billybob pointed to a giant, neon blue brick that had crashed into the underside of the building.

"Huh. Looks like a comet, wot."

"But how did a piece of the Fourth Wall end up here?" asked Billybob. He looked up to see the Fourth Wall in the distance and gasped.

There was a sleigh-shaped hole in it.

"Sir!" said an employee, climbing up out of the hatch and startling the Masters. "Scanner didn't find Santa, but it detected seven objects heading towards the CP Fanon Universe!"

"What's their Wutt Radiation signature?"

"MASSIVE, sir. That's why we wanted to inform you."

Billybob pondered for a moment.

"We can't stop them, all our power's gone," he thought out loud. Then Mayor McFlapp spoke up.

"Mayhaps we should fix our generators first before doing anything, wot?"

"Good point. Send for Maxwell. He'll know what to do."

Chapter 6: The Journey to the North Pole[edit]

So Ninjinian, PabloDePablo, Kwiksilver, Willy the Penguin, Explorer had set up a small base in the woods straight after explaining everything to everyone. Many moaned that they didn't get picked, but after it was explained that Mr Tiny had predicted the fate, they didn't argue. The others that were chosen - Dan, Tidalwave11, Speeddasher, Happyface, Crow, Akiza Atlus & Rosie the Penguin - went over to the docks to set up.

"So we're actually going to go to the North Pole?" asked Tidalwave.

"Sure are!" said Kwiksilver, grimly.

There were some "uh huh, uh huh" on the phone as Ninjinian was finding out a way to transport them. He called over Sancho Monte Captio, who had been asked to deliver 12 jet skis from Ninjinian's storage via two helicopters directly over. They arrived in 6 minutes (wow!)

It was soon 21:02. Because Mr Tiny had made it so that 1 hour felt like only 5 minutes, the actual time would of been 21:34. They had all thanked Mr Tiny for that.

"You got the jet skis, brother?" asked Ninjinian to Sancho.

"All here!" beamed Sancho as he tapped the jet skis as they were being carried out of the helicopter

"Thanks for your help, Sancho. Sadly, your being left here." grimaced Kwiksilver, clapping his flipper onto Sancho's back.

"It's okay. I'm sure I can handle stuff in the igloo." he said, hiding away the sadness.", I have also checked the winds and conditions at the North Pole, and it is waves at a nice 9 knots, winds out of the Northwest at 23 kph, and the temperature is about -23°c, and there is a slight chance of heavy snows, as of 21:00"

"Thanks" said Ninjinian.

"Also, those jet skis have a Carmin 1000 GPS system, I set the course for all the jet skis, stay on that course, or you may end up, somewhere in Europe, or Africa." added Sancho "If you need backup, I have one MammothAir jet ready to go on the tarmac at the airport, eight helicopters, four military jets and twelve speedboats at the docks."

"Be careful with it, do not go above 190 miles per minute, or else the engine will brake." added Jacob "And that means your expected arrival time is in 1 hr and 51 minutes if you go now".

"Okay, we'll be on our way, now, we'll radio you guys every 10 minutes for updates". said Kwiksilver

"We'll we should be off now. We are unsure when we'll return, though." said Willy the Penguin.

They all hopped onto their jet skis, which were set for 100 miles per minute. They needed to use them to get across the sea to the side of the North Pole. They made a plan to first find Santa's Workshop and ask some questions. Then to go and find Santa's Sleigh. They hadn't planned anything ahead of that - yet.

The engines revved on, and they waved goodbye to Sancho and Katy as he sent the helicopters back home, and returned to the igloo grimly. The propellers shot out water to the surface as the jet skis were no longer visible from the coast.

* * *

Maxwell assessed the damage.

"Hmm.... broken pickup coils, a few damaged Brownian ratchets.... and a wrecked transformer, too....."

"How long will it bloomin' take, wot?" questioned McFlapp.

"About one hour and fifteen minutes to fix," replied Maxwell in his trademark monotone voice. "I've never seen so much damage in my life, though this may be due to the immense levels of Wutt Radiation emanating from that brick." He pointed to the glowing neon-blue object flying off in the distance. It had been secured to a rocket engine and blasted off back to where it had come from.

As Maxwell went to work, Billybob pulled Mayor McFlapp aside.

"Al, we have another issue. If we don't get those seven bricks back into their proper places by Christmas morning, just imagine the immense catastrophe that would unfold."

"What do you mean, wot?" asked McFlapp, puzzled.

"Christmas, as a holiday, contains extremely high amounts of positivity caged away into its essence. When those seven bricks impact, their sheer energy could actually act as a flux field, exponentially increasing the spirit of Christmas, and overloading the universe with untold amounts of happiness. The world would literally explode of laughter!"

"...Billybob, I'm 37 years old, and I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Putting it simply -- the bricks impact, and the universe goes kablooka."

"Oh, I see. We need to get those bally bricks back here, and fast, wot!"

They returned to the working Maxwell, who was working fast. Taking out some of his strangely-shaped tools, the Demon Penguin soldered some wires together and placed a circuit board inside its container.

"There's still a lot of problems that need to be fixed," he remarked. "I'll inform you when I complete my task."

So they went back inside the Bureau and waited.

* * *

Meanwhile, the chosen penguins were on high-speeds, about twenty-miles from the Sunshine Fjord

Willy and Kwiksilver were having a discussion about how this Christmas was going to end up.

"You really think we can pull this off?" asked Willy.

"Well, that depends on our actions from when we get to the North Pole."

The night sky was filled up with stars and there were little clouds up in the sky. The moon was shining. Everything was going smoothly.

That is, until a couple of "orcas" happened to show up. They were green & slimy, with lots of acne on what looked like their face. They came out of the blue sea, only their heads visible.

"Eh boys, look what we gots here!" said the apparent leader, who had a scar on his right eye.

"What happenin' boss?" asked another orca.

"It appears to be one of 'dem smart pengins."

"How do ya infer dat?" asked another.

"That got 'dem machinerys don't day?"

"Yeah, yeah, indeed they do!"

The leader of the group of creatures faced Ninjinian with a glare.

"You'd better run, bird." Ninjinian saw them glaring into his glossy eyes. He pierced them and looked carefully, not paying attention to the coming anchor which would topple him over and into the blue sea for the orcas.

"EVERYBODY, KICK YOUR COOKIE JET-SKIES INTO HIGH GEAR!" screamed Ninjinian, with a curdle in his voice.

The penguins did as they were told. They all high-tailed it out of there.

Except Willy the Penguin.

Ninjinian looked back. "Willy! You cookie idiot! You gotta get back here, brother!"

"I'll distract them for a bit. You guys get out of here." Willy said, confident.

Ninjinian hesitated, thinking of leaving. "No, I'm staying."

Willy then put on a head-band. And then he smiled at the horrible monstrosities. Ninjinian pulled his jet ski next to Willy the Penguin.

"Let's dance, beasties."

With that, Willy jumped into the air and did an air kick all the way down to meet his aquatic foes. Ninjinian experienced the same and crushed the propellers of his jet ski into the faces of the creatures. They screamed in terror as they covered their destroyed faces.

"Curses, penguins!" they screeched, and the two went forward to catch up with the others.

* * *

Back at the igloo, they had went upstairs to the control room (as they named it).

"Okay, we better contact, see how they are doing." said Sancho, turning on the radio.

"Looks like they are heading at the right course, they have just exited the Sunshine Fjord, as of right now." reported Jacob.

Sancho picked up the radio and dialled the frequency.

"How are you guys doing?" asked Sancho over the radio.

"Yeah, good, brother. We almost got attacked by Orcas!" responded Ninjinian over the radio.

"Yes, I'll give you the weather report for the next 1,000 miles you'll be travelling." said Sancho.

Sancho looked at his weather map, he saw this:


"Whoa!" said Sancho, lots of storms coming their way right now

"Okay, winds out of the SW at 12 km per hour, waves at twelve knots, skies cloudy, clear then turning into,heavy storms, rain/snow mix changing in to rain, and then a thunderstorm for the next 1000 miles you'll be travelling. And visibility at 7-24 km. The temperature will gradually increase as you go, so be careful." radioed Sancho "Slightly lower speed in the storm zone, which is a 55 mile area in your course."

"Okay," radioed back Ninjinian "We'll do that."

"So, talk to you in ten minutes." radioed Sancho, and shut the radio.

"So, what did he say?" asked Kwiksilver.

"Oh, um... heavy storms for the next cookie-1000 miles, brothers." said Ninjinian, vaguely.

* * *

Willy was jumping in and out of the water as the beasts swam rapidly behind him.

"A little smart aleck we gots here!" shouted an orca.

Willy saw a piece of ice and got an idea.

"Hey orcas!" All the villains turned to look at him. 'WHAT?!' they all shouted back.

Willy did an incredibly annoying dance, and the orcas got angry and swam towards him.

When they did, they smashed into the ice, while Willy did a back flip onto his jet-ski.

The ice came on top of them, and they were stunned.

"Weaves been had, I do tell ye." said the main orcas.

"Thanks for the fun time, but now I've really gotta get going! Santa's counting on me and my pals!" Willy said, as he rode off.

"If only I had a really big spoon, that guy would've been toast." complained the Leader.

The others agreed with him as they swam away, aching in pain.

Meanwhile, the others were encountering severe storms.

"All this cookie-hail is getting in our way!" cried Ninjinian.

"It's slowly us down!" Dan shouted.

"We have to keep moving!" Explorer said.

"What about Willy?!" asked Kwiksilver, worried.

"Knowing him, he's either marked his way alive, or he was stupid enough to die." Speeddasher said. "So we'll just have to guess if he's gone or not."

"I hope he isn't." Rosie said, with concern in her voice.

The group rode on for hours, encountering many storms, which included hail, thunderstorms, rain, even a small water tornado here and there.

After an hour or two, the storms let up. Everyone was relieved.

Then they saw it. The Northern Lights. They meant they had crossed the Arctic Circle.

Everyone except Fred cheered.

"Huh, typical," he muttered. "That trip should have taken days. How cliché."

* * *

Back at the igloo,

"Hmm, looks like they're at the Arctic Circle now, we better contact them, again!" said Jacob " And they're still on the right course!"

"Okay" said Sancho, vaguely.

Sancho dialled the frequency and picked up the radio.

"Ninjinian, you guys are past the Arctic Circle, right?" Sancho confirmed.

"Yes, we are, brother! We have just seen the Northern Lights!" said Ninjinian, into the radio.

"Okay, I'll give you instructions to arrive at the docks safely, okay?" radioed Sancho

"Yep." said Ninjinian

"Ninjinian, what is your current speed?" asked Sancho.

" says here that we are at 190 kpm, brother." responded Ninjinian.

"Good, start decelerating at 1.5 kilometers per minute squared in 10 minutes from now, or until you arrive at the dock, which will be in another thirty minutes." instructed Sancho.

"Copy that, man." radioed Ninjinian.

"Now, when you arrive, the elves at the Sea Traffic Control will approach you asking for your identification cards," stated Sancho.

"And, I have the weather report right here, so the waves are at 13 knots, winds out of the NE at 21 kph. Partly cloudy, 10% chance of snow, and the temperature is -20°c, The local time at the North Pole is 00:16."

"Yep, doing that right now." finished Ninjinian "Over and out."

"What did he say?" asked Dan.

"He said start reducing speed, in eleven minutes." said Ninjinian.

"We better go, we have 1054 miles to go!" beamed Kwiksilver.

And off they went, headed past icebergs islands and other places too.

* * *

Maxwell, having put the finishing touches on the Brownian ratchets, walked into the room.

"So you fixed it?" asked Billybob.

"It's secure & consolidate." replied Maxwell. They looked at him with a blank face.

"It's secure & firm." sighed Maxwell. There were ohhhhh's throughout the room. He went towards the door, but Billybob stopped him.

"Wait." he said, calmly. "We should check if it works first."

McFlapp pulled a knife switch on the wall.


The entire Bureau began to power up. The lights came back on, and the scanner computer started up.

"It works, wot!"

Maxwell left as the Masters checked the scanner and typed in the password. They had a list of penguins they could find. There was one called "Teh Big Man" in the left-centre. That was Santa's codename for the Bureau.

They pressed it, entered another password, then started scanning for him. It look about 10 minutes for a message to appear. The background turned red, and in big, capital, white letters, it read:


"Off course? What could that possibly mean?" asked Billybob, curiously.

"It means he's not in the universe." replied a worker. They stared.

"Well, where did he go, then?" asked Billybob. He thought for a while, then clicked his flippers and said, "Track the sleigh."

"Tracking!" the workers said in unison. Some more keyboarding. Another message in the same way as before, read:


"Now what?"

* * *

It was 21:10, although it would have actually been 22:51. Mr Tiny had tricked them into believing that an hour was five minutes. The actual time was, in fact, random.

They saw a white coast. It was pure-white. With a candy cane on one side, and another on the other side. There was a Christmas tree right in the middle, welcoming them. They had arrived at the North Pole.

"Hooray!" they shouted.

"What do we do now?" asked Akiza to Ninjinian, whom she felt most comfortable next to.

"Call in the gang back home." he replied. "We'll save Christmas all right," he said, hugging her.

"Where do the jet skis go?" asked PabloDePablo, who hadn't said much since they left.

"We'll get a rope and tie them to the dock bridge." replied Willy the Penguin. They did that. Ninjinian took out the radio from the jet ski and hung it where a humans waist is like a belt.

"We've landed." he said into the radio. This time, some others spoke. First was Tails6000.

"Where are you, again?" he asked.

"North Pole, man."

Sancho took the microphone. "I think another blizzards coming. Brace yourself." he said, fiddling with the controller. The blizzard started too soon.

"It's started. The cookie-blizzard." coughed Ninjinian.

"Go find shelter!" screamed Sancho over the roar of the blizzard.

"I'm losing you!!" sweated Ninjinian. The others went over to him and the radio.

"I... ant.... ear... eaking up." said a voice from the other side. They didn't know who. Possibly Maddieworld or Sancho.

"Gonna... av to.. manage on yourself. Good... uck, bro-"

The signal disconnected. They stood in silence for a second or two.

"Forget about the radio! We need shelter!" cried out Happyface, who hadn't said much either. They went over to a nearby dock warehouse. They sighed in relief. Ninjinian took out his coat from his backpack and wore it, then saw Akiza was only wearing her ear-mufflers. He took it off and gave it to her.

"Thank you." she said, creakily.

"We can't stay here forever. We need to move." stood up Dan.

"We have to stay here until atleast the blizzard calms down." persuaded PabloDePablo. Dan sat back down and took out his flask of warm coffee. They were all hungry, and had no food. Dan saw that and felt very guilty, so he shared out his coffee into portions amongst them all into their flippers.

"We can go fishing when we have time." said Dan while putting away his flask.

The time was 21:12. Two minutes since they had got off the jet skis. They knew it was 10 minutes.

After a real 10 minutes, which would of actually been 20 minutes (21:22), the blizzard stopped.

"We can go now." rose Happyface. He went straight out of the cave and the rest followed. They stood in a circle and discussed the plan.

Rosie began. "So we go find Santa's elves or Mrs. Santa, then go find the sleigh, and possibly contact someone if we can."

Willy finished it off. "So let's go!"

Then, Ninjinian's icePhone rang.

It was a map of the North Pole grounds, that he sent

"Hey, Sancho sent us a cookie-map!" exclaimed Ninjinian "And how did I get this message?"

"Well, it's simple, he sent you the message via Satellite!" answered Pablo

"Oh, but, there is a huge blizzard here, bro!" asked Ninjinian

"Not to worry, satellite signals are almost impenetrable!" responded Pablo "Now I sound like something from a HorizonWireless commercial!"

Then, they saw some instructions from him: "U C dat red bldg behnd the xmas tree, dat is whr mz.claus livs, u can talk to her ther." read the phone

"Oh, he wants to go inside the red building behind the Christmas tree, and Mrs. Claus lives there, so you can talk to her there, brothers!" translated Ninjinian

"So, maybe we can go to that red building like 300 m away, then, we could turn into giant ice statues while walking!" Kwiksilver said, sarcastically

"Hmm.." said Explorer, looking at the giant plastic sheets in the warehouse's shelf

"What man?" asked Ninjinian

"You see those giant plastic sheets, we could use those to cover our selfs, while walking to the red house!" exclaimed Explorer

"Sure!" said Kwiksilver

So, they grabbed the six giant plastic sheets and put it over their heads, there were two penguins under each sheet

Ninjinian and Kwiksilver were at the front, using the icePhone map to guide them to the red house

Then followed the other 10 penguins.

"We better go!" commanded Explorer, lifting his sheet

"Yeah!" said Happyface,"Better go!"

Everyone walked out, and huddled together.

"Everyone stay together!" hollered Ninjinian

The penguins walked through the treacherous blizzard, going sideways, backwards and forwards, until they reached the door of the red house.

"Here we are!" said Akiza! " Now lets see what we can do!"

"Now, let's talk to her!" said Willy

Chapter 7: Rescuing Santa[edit]

The penguins walked in,

"Hello!" said the elf at the receptionist desk

Ninjinian stepped forward, and asked "May we speak to Mrs. Clause?"

"Yep, go to the kitchen, just a left past the dining room and great hall" answered the Receptionist

"Thank you." said Kwiksliver

The team walked to the kitchen, in a single file line

Rosie knocked on the kitchen door,

The room stood quiet for a good 3 minutes

"Is she even here?" asked Explorer

Suddenly, Mrs. Clause opened the door

"Why hello!" greeted Mrs. Clause

"Hi, Mrs. Clause!" said Willy

"Hey, why don't you guys come in for some milk and cookies?" asked Mrs. Clause

"Why, thank you!" beamed Pablo,

The penguins stepped inside the kitchen.

Next, they sat down on the long kitchen table.

"So, what can I do for you lovely penguins?" asked Mrs. Claus, sweetly. They noticed she was human, but wasn't surprised from the fact that they were talking to her.

"Mrs. Clause, can you give us some information on your husband's location?" asked Kwiksilver.

"Oh dear, I'm afraid I can't be of much help there." replied Mrs. Claus.

"Why? Doesn't your husband keep like a tracking device or something to keep you and him in contact?" questioned Willy.

"Oh no, we've been doing this for over fifty years, and he's never experienced any trouble. He delivers the presents and comes back home." answered Santa's wife.

The penguins looked at each other.

"Do you want to tell her, or should I?" asked Ninjinian to Willy.

"I will." said Willy.

"Mrs. Claus, your husband experienced some, uh flight rouble." said Willy, vaguely.

"You mean a blizzard? He runs into those all the time." answered Mrs. Claus.

"No ma'am, I'm afraid he hit the Fourth Wall, head on." responded Kwiksilver.

Mrs. Claus gave a look of disbelief.

"WHAT?! He can't have! He's a professional! This has never happened before!" sobbed Mrs. Claus, but then she lit up.

"Wait a minute!" she then left the room. The penguins looked at each other and then she came back and everyone turned to her, except Willy, who was looking at Rosie and had to have Kwiksilver get his attention.

"What in the cookie is that?" asked Ninjinian.

"It's a Santa Tracker number phone! Isn't it nice? It's shaped like a gingerbread man! I made it myself, with some help with the technology elves." beamed Mrs Santa.

"What does it do?" asked Speeddasher, uncertain the device actually worked.

"You call the number, and it shows you Santa's location!"

* * *

Meanwhile, at the Bureau of Fiction, they had to choose the wrong timing to find the Santa Tracking Number at the exact same time as the others. A worker had found it hidden in the hard-drive, and McFlapp was literally flapping about the room announcing their discovery.

"We have bally found a number that track Santa's bally location, wot." exclaimed McFlapp.

"Really?! Call it! And hurry up! I can't take this!" yelled Director Benny.

* * *

The team called the number.

And so did the BoF, at the same time. There was a spring of light coming from the Bureau's machine, which was echoing it's Dialling tone.

So was the penguins' Dialling tone.

They both got disconnected.

Both sides tried calling the tracking number again. And again... and again... and again.

After twenty minutes or so, they both gave up.

Ninjinian laid down the phone on a table.

"We keep getting cookie-disconnected."

"Oh no! What are we gonna do?" gasped Tidalwave.

"We're going to have to solve this on our own, brothers." Ninjinian said, calmy.

"Should we call Sancho back home?" asked Kwiksilver, Let's see if we can use Ninjinian's icePhone."

"Possibly, since he sent me a message a few cookie-minutes ago, right?" responded Ninjinian.

Ninjinian whizzed through his Contact List. He didn't seem to have Sancho's number in his icePhone. He rummaged through his other bag pockets and took out his icePod. Remembering it couldn't call, he put it back inside, and took out the not-released "Aoikon A97" and looked through those contacts too. He didn't find Sancho.

"Where did that cookie-number go?" he murmured to himself. He got out his WhiteCrystal Blizzard 2 and found Sancho's number in the Dialled numbers section. He quickly saved it and dialled the number. It rang.

At the igloo, Sancho was busy slouching in his chair like all the others. Tails6000 the most anxious.

Sancho's icePhone rang, and played some Japaland pop song as the ring tone.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Hey bro, it's Ninjinian!"

"Yes, what do you need?" answered Sancho.

"It's about the Santa Tracker number." said Ninjinian "It did not work."

"Maybe you should use a more powerful signal, such as the TV Tower, the Air Traffic Control Tower at NPIA, if the phone does not work." instructed Sancho "The phone may not be that powereful enough to pass through the Fourth Wall"

"Okay, thanks, we'll see what we can do!" said Ninjinian "Bye!"

"Bye!" replied Sancho "Good luck!"

"What did he say?" asked Tails6000, the others with expressions on their face that said the same thing as Tails.

"I gave them some more information." he said, instead of saying nothing.

"Well let's hope that information of yours helped."

Chapter 8: The Sleigh and the Elves[edit]

The team sulked out of the house. Everybody went their own way, most went to go find the North Pole's pole.

Kwiksilver and Willy went towards a small ice cave three miles way.

"Man, I can't bear to see Rosie like this," Willy said.

"Ah young love, isn't it wonderful?" Kwiksilver joked, to make the scene brighter.

"It's more one-way Kwik." explained Willy.

"Ah." said Kwiksilver.

Then they discovered something when they reached the ice cave.

On a small ledge they discovered something, just swaying back and forth on the edge, almost on the brink of falling over.

Willy happily shouted, "Hey everyone, look what I found!"

* * *

"Where's those bally bricks?" said McFlapp.

"Don't get 'ya feathers in a twist McFlapp! We will find 'em!" shouted Director Benny.

"For pete's sake, where could those things be?" asked Maxwell, who was forced to stay in case he helped anymore.

"Keep looking!!" Director Benny demanded.

* * *

"What's so special about a sleigh?" asked Willy.

"Look closer," Happyface said. "It's glowing!"

"I better take pictures of this!" said Willy, taking out his camera.

"Precisely the case." Kwiksilver said.

"Who's there?" asked a creature from in the sleigh.

"Just some penguins." answered Willy.

"Oh." said a reindeer, emerging from the sleigh.

Everyone gasped. Well except for Willy, who had a large rock fall on top of him.

"I am Santa's lead reindeer, Dasher." said Dasher, jumping from the ledge.

"Hey, where's Ruldolph?" asked Willy, now okay.

"Oh, he took the winter break off. He's in the stable back in the centre" said Dasher.

"All right "Dasher" where's the fat man?" demanded Speeddasher.

And so Dasher explained to everyone what happened to Santa, and how the sleigh got off-course and malfunctioned, then landed in the cave.

"That's just sad. So what do we do?" asked Happyface. "We tried sending a message, but my friend back home says that we need something like a radio station or TV Tower!"

"We can take you there!"

* * *

The North Pole when they arrived wasn't at all a North Pole. They all soon stepped into The Centre while gathering up all the other reindeer, and tie them up to the front, and the rest push the sled from behind. The Centre was an amazing place. Shops everywhere, all numbered from 1 up to 23. There were elves running amok all over the place. There were also some penguins, which they could see from inside the windows, which most owned the stores.

"Woah!" gasped PabloDePablo as they passed the Investigation Bureau.

"This is so cool..." murmured Happyface while passing the giant Clock Tower.

"This way please." came a voice from down below. They looked down and saw someone, just only a head smaller than them, but certainly short, elf. His (they guessed) voice was squeaky but croaky. Another pair of elves came and rounded the reindeer into the stable. They were soon passing The Centre, and in front of them just about 30 feet apart, a rectangular building.

"What do you think this is?" asked Willy, not to anybody particular.

The elf replied urgently. "This is the North Pole International Airport. It has the Control Tower, with a satellite, where you can contact your friends."

"We saved!" bellowed Tidalwave11. Nobody bothered to give him the weird-look.

In about 7 minutes, they had arrived at the entrance. Crow checked his watch, who was tagging along at the back. It had frozen. The numbers had all turned to zeros, and the handles where spinning around crazily.

"Hey, you guys, check this." he said, and handed his watch to them. They observed it. Speeddasher & Dan checked their watches too. The same was for them.

"Weird." said Kwiksilver in a hushed tone. "Must be one of Tiny's tricks."

"Yeah." boomed Willy. Then they entered. The elf sped past them to the front desk, where there was a happy penguin typing on his computer, and chuckling at the same time. He had no hair, but was orange and had a hat that was covering his coffee cup.

The elf was about to introduce the penguin to them, but them the penguin at the desk held his flipper to him, still typing with the other flipper.

"I'll introduce myself, Fhilp. Thank you." he said. Fhilp let himself, not complaining a bit.

"I am Conductor Non, also known as Simon the Technician. I heard that you wanted to use the Control Tower. I will lead you up, but not all of you will be able to go up."

He hesitated, taking a glare at each of them.

"Choose among yourself. I will allow only 3 to go up. The rest will stay down here." he continued, pointing to some sofas and magazines, most of them old issues of Penguin Weekly.

They discussed in a small whisper, only taking 5 seconds.

Kwiksilver announced them. "I'll go, Ninjinian you can come too, and Will."

"Got 'em?" asked Simon. The three stepped forward. "Follow me."

They followed. Nobody knew much about Simon. He kept to his igloo and airport, not going anywhere much. The three were prodding at the back, and thought they'd ask him.

"So, got any personal life, Simon?" asked Willy the Penguin.

He paused for about a second, then sighed as they crossed the corner and up the 3 flights of stairs.

"I have a fiancée." he finally said.

"Cool, what's her name?" pressured Kwiksilver.

"We'll talk later. We've reached the tower." he cut. The three hadn't realised that they had walked out of the airport, back into the snow and up the tower. Simon jogged to the controls. Then took off Ninjinian's radio from his waist, then attached it up with ducked-tape and changed some wires. Then got the socket and exchanged it with a plug, and then switched it on.

It burned into life. Literally.

Simon dashed to a bucket of water, put the radio on the floor by hitting it off the tables with a pillow, then splashed the water onto the radio.

"Whoopsies!" he chuckled. "Let's try again."

This time he worked carefully, but a lot easier. The switches were replaced and soon Simon had gotten a microphone and attached it to the radio. He pointed towards the satellite tower.

"That will send your signal. It will take a while for them to receive - but should do the trick."

Ninjinian huddled the microphone and tried to find the frequency. It was a really high-tech radio, and with some adjustments he learnt from Crow, he dialled in a number and the signal set off.

Back at the igloo, they were all eating toast made by Professor Shroomsky - who had burnt most of them. The radio buzzed. They all dropped their burnt toasts and emerged to the sitting radio. Tails was the first to get there.

"Who is it? Is that you, everyone? Where are you? How's things..." Tails asked many questions until interrupted.

"Tails, it's me, brother."

"Oh good. Because in that blizzard we thought something bad had happened." sighed a relieved Tails.

"Well, it's a long story, man. First -" started Ninjinian, but was stopped.

"Save the story for later. What are you doing?" he asked.

Ninjinian gave the microphone to Kwiksilver. "Yo, Tails, it's Kwik. We're in the North Pole International Airport Control Tower, and were trying to contact you. We need to go visit the elves shop and find out some more stuff. Catch you later."

"What's wrong?" asked Willy, who didn't get a chance to speak. Sancho had got the radio and tried to get them again.

"Give it to Willy." he said from the muffled radio.

Willy replied, "Sancho, is everything okay?"

"Yeah, I think so. I'll get Tails to give the back-story later. Good luck, keep in touch if you get anything new."

They packed up the radio, and went downstairs, Simon not leading this time.

The others saw them coming from the snow, and went to them.

"Is everything alright?" asked Rosie.

"All good." assured Willy.

"You should go spend the night over at the Elves Shop. You'll find your way." said Simon, looking a bit frustrated, who went back to his desk and drank the coffee, now cold.

"You heard him! Let's go!" nudged Happyface.

* * *

Simon was right. They had spotted the Elves Shop almost straight away in The Centre. They reached it and it said Santa's Workshop: Also Elves Shop. Two elves came out of the door before they even reached the door, and led them in.

There was a nice warm touch in the shop. It was massive. And although elves are used to the cold, they still like their warmth. There was a giant track with a train-track floating about them in mid-air, whistling all over the place. There was a controlling panel, with 4 elves sitting at it. And lots of wrapping and presents being tied.

"This is Santa's Workshop. We make toys here for Christmas." announced the elf. "We can lead you to the Main Room for a relax and some cookie and biscuits."

Ninjinian licked his beak.

"Follow me." he said again. "After some rest we can show you how we make the toys."

The elf winked at them secretly. None of them knew what he meant. They took a detour through the crowd of busy elfs, and there was a room with no door at all, but had a rectangle cut neatly, with a mahogany frame around it, and above it said in capitals:


They entered, and two elves came with a box of coloured blankets and mugs of coffee. Ninjinian hugged Akiza and Willy hugged Rosie to keep them warm. They drank the coffee and within 10 minutes they had fallen asleep.

* * *

Kwiksilver groaned as he woke up. He was grumpy and kicked Willy on purpose to wake him. Willy woke with a jog and a low-pitched scream.

"Wake up, we don't know if it's Boxing Day or not." said Ninjinian, who had lost his accent and had woken up because of Willy. Nobody celebrated Boxing Day except for him and the other Terrains (Akiza & Crow).

The rest woke up groaning too. An elf spotted them waking while passing, and went into the room.

"Did you have a nice sleep?" asked the squeaky elf.

"Not really." grumbled Crow as Speeddasher got off him.

"Well it's time for the tour!" said the elf.

"What's the time?" asked Speeddasher. The elf gazed at the clock behind them.

"Eleven o'clock at night." boomed the elf.

"Is that good or bad?" Speeddasher questioned.

"Bad." replied Happyface. They departed from the Main Room, into the busy hall, now even busier than a few hours ago.

Thinking about how long they were asleep, Crow asked the elf. "How long were we asleep?"

The elf pondered. "Twelve minutes."

"Seriously?" barked Happyface. The elf nodded.

"Ahoy, Bill!" said a passing elf.

"Good to you, Noire." replied the elf, now recognised as Bill.

"So... um, Bill." pressed Crow. "What's the tour going to be?"

"Well, actually, you are one group of possibly just another dozen who have ever experienced the inside of the shop. The only thing that I am willing to show you are how we develop the toys."

"So, how do you?" muffled Explorer.

Bill smiled, which got wider & wider. "Magic!"

Everybody was surprised besides Crow, Ninjinian, Akiza, Willy, Kwiksilver, and Explorer.

"I see we got 6 who knew about this?" asked Bill, a bit annoyed.

"Oh, no. I know about magic. But I never knew you used it to make toys."

"It's how we make the toys quicker." replied Bill. "Wish to see a demonstration?"

"Sure!" they replied. Some wanted to watch, but Ninjinian started whispering to Willy as Bill rubbed his elf hands together and fiddled with them. Soon a necklace was made, and wrapped up within 5 seconds.

"Hey, Ninj. I don't know a lot about magic, but know it's real. What's it like?" asked Willy secretly.

"I've done some cookie-magic before, man, but it's hard I can tell you that!" quivered Ninjinian.

"Do you use a wand?" asked Willy.

"That's a secondary use, my friend. Hardly, though." stated Ninjinian. They walked off and saw the other elves collected the presents and loading them up. Or some just chatting if they're shift was over.

"It's fantastic, magic - you know." murmured Ninjinian. "You can do all sorts of things."

"How come there are just myths. And that nobody knows much about it?" asked Willy.

Ninjinian replied, "Well, it's always kept a secret from brothers. They don't want humans using it too much."

"Last question - So can more penguins do magic more than humans."

Ninjinian laughed quite hard. "Of course we can - that's the thing about us."

"Penguins are generally more likely to break the Fourth Wall," chimed in Explorer. "That's the key to success."

Bill spoke. "This is Benjy, the supervisor - he manages all the wrappings and loading up."

After watching some more magic, they walked outside, and visited almost all the shops, trying out things and buying stuff. They realised that the North Pole used a different currency, but the change was exchanged. They passed a rectangular building - Bill spoke when everybody was looking at it.

"That's the Santa Bureau of Investigation - aka the SBI. This is where they all try and keep Santa a secret from others and to stop intruders and paparazzi from interfering. We will only look, not enter. Things are secret in there. I do not even know what goes in there."

They left it at that, and returned to the shop, back into the Main Room, where there were sleeping bags placed all over the floor. Enough for them all.

"I will leave you here. Sleep if you wish-"

Bill was interrupted by Kwiksilver. "I need to ask is question - something that hasn't been discussed so far... do you know where Santa is?"

The elf grimaced, frightened almost. "Chief is lost, somewhere. No sign of him. Unsure are what we will do."

He wasn't completing sentences again. Almost as if his English has been torn up.

"What will happen then?" asked Crow.

"We haven't though of that yet, actually. We can't certainly do it." he said, referring to the elves. "The only ones that can do it now... are you."

"But how do we save Christmas?" asked Happyface.

Bill waved away the though. "We'll think of that soon. I'll come back in 47 seconds."

"But what-"

Speeddasher never finished. The elf was gone - and they were sure they had heard a loud bang of a door shutting.

Chapter 9: Let's Save Christmas![edit]

Nobody slept. It was still Christmas Day, and they had almost forgotten that Santa delivered the presents on Christmas Eve. What would happen now? It had turned out that Bill the Elf had really came back in 47 seconds. He now had a clipboard in his elf-hands, and a pencil behind his long ears. They were sticking out enormously.

Bill took some breath, then spoke, "Hmmm, well, Carl ran some tests and it seems the Chief is nowhere to be found."

"Well, we knew that!" informed Crow.

Rosie stood up. "We have to save Christmas! Nobody else is willing to." she said, more facing to Willy. "We can do this ourselves. Just by getting the sleigh and give it a fix, load up the presents and zoom off. It's simple."

Willy was sure of it, and replied, "Your right. Let's do this!"

The rest hesitated, but Ninjinian said "Sure, brother!"

Crow, Happyface, Explorer & Akiza agreed too. And so did the rest. Just Kwiksilver was last.

"Thank you so much, penguins!" said Bill. "I need to go tell the others." And ran off outside, screaming "Load up the presents, load up the presents! The penguins are saving Christmas!"

Just after he said it the first time, whispers crossed the other elves. Was it a prank, some thought. But they joined in and quickly finished up the presents, then got the massive Present Sack, being dragged by 7 elves. They swiftly chucked the presents into the sack, one at a time very quickly. Then the elf called Carl used magic and put all of them in a jiffy. Then practically all the elves dragged the sack to the garage.

Bill appeared back in the Main Room, "Penguins... let's go fix us a sleigh!"

* * *

They had merrily pranced out of the Main Room, going to the garage - but Bill stopped and remembered something:

"Oh, darn I forgot about the list!" he scowled.

"What list?" asked Speeddasher.

"The Good List and the Naughty List. It hasn't been finished yet." he replied. Bill looked sympathetic. "I'm sorry, penguins. You'll need to fix the sled yourselves. I'll give you some Wutt Energy if it comes in handy. He created a fire-like blue , and gave it to Willy.

"Just say anything and it'll happen. Use it wisely, though. Cause it'll only last several hours." said Bill, then rustled inside again. Willy felt very privileged. He held the magic as if it was a delicate vase or even an Elemental Amulet or Earthbound Immortal. It melted into his flippers, then felt especially warm.

"Open the garage." ordered Willy. Rosie got a bit closer to him but didn't manage any conversation.

The garage door squealed open, and then the one light-bulb flickered on immediately. The sleigh lay in there, battered and even chipped. It looked like it was impossible to fix unless it was replaceable.

But they had magic on their side.

They dashed in.

"Alright!" said Kwiksilver. "Willy's managing the sleigh. I'll go get the tools." And went looking round the back-door.

Willy gave orders, but didn't sound strict. "Ummm, Rosie you can hand the tools. And Ninjinian & Akiza can get new parts. Then PabloDePablo, Tidalwave11, Explorer & Speeddasher can supervise. Sounds good?"

Their heads nodded.

"Okay!" Kwiksilver had come back with a toolbox larger than usual. "I'm back with the tools."

Willy opened it and glared at the tools. Every space was carved into place, with every tool in place - the silver shining. He took out some nails and a hammer first. Then remembered something.

"Who's good in engines?" asked Willy. He also remembered that he had forgotten Crow.

"I am." Crow said. "I took a course while in college. What do you need?"

"Well, I think the engine's bust - so you'll need to fix it." There was another box in the tools - which didn't help.

"I almost forgot Dan!" said Willy. "We'll need some engine oil. See if you can find any."

"Right!" replied Dan, and looked around the garage for an oil can.

Many had departed and returned already. Ninjinian and Akiza came back holding a box even larger than the toolbox, with spare parts inside them. Crow found a skateboard and ollied towards the sleigh's engine. Then lay down, back flat, onto the skateboard and wheeled up, taking some tools with him. There was a sound of turning going on.

"We need wood and some metal. Explorer, Tidalwave, Pablo, Speed - can you get some?" asked Willy.

They nodded and went looking for some.

"We'll be back with some in a minute." said Explorer as they whisked out.

3 minutes past. 3 precious minutes...

Explorer and the others returned with wood. Willy got hold of the magic and nailed the wood and metal onto the needed parts, then used magic to make it look as new as ever - nails removed and polished.

"The engines bust alright...." sighed Crow, "But I can fix it. Oil please!" he nodded to Dan, who poured it on the rusty parts - spluttering at points.

Another minute definitely passed...

"I've fixed the engine!" beamed Crow. And came out of the engine and sat down onto the fixed mattress inside which Willy had mended. Crow looked at the controls. Then stepped outside and closed the engine cover, then wiping off the oil.

"Hmmm..." Crow hummed. "This sleigh needs a decent music system. I'll leave it for now."

Willy got up and smiled. "Well, I've fixed it now. Thanks Rosie!" She hid her blushing, but couldn't - and neither could Willy.

Bill came back. "Well, the last of the list has been sorted. Has the sleigh been fixed?"

"It sure has!" said Kwiksilver.

"Brilliant! Hey, Carl! Load up the presents!" Bill yelled to the door. Carl put up a thumb to confirm it. A hole appeared in a wall, with a tube magically leading to the sack in the sleigh. The presents fled in, perfectly aligned - not one missing. The sack was gigantic now - taking up all the back.

"We need to take off!" cried Bill. "It's 11:54. You'll never make it in time."

Carl heard the word time, and came outside.

"Time, time, time!" Carl said repeatedly to Bill. The elf slapped his head.

"How stupid of me!" said Bill. "We can freeze time!"

"But hasn't Mr Tiny slowed time already?" asked Speeddasher.

Carl shook his head. "No - he did at first - but tricked you, and now time has started running itself since 23:50."

Kwiksilver stuttered. "But... but..."

"But you thought you could trust Tiny? Never!" chuckled Carl seriously. "The penguin's basically the Trickster!"

Kwiksilver emalfed strongly. "I should of knew it!"

"Get to it, then!" encouraged Bill. "I can get the Santa Bureau to freeze time for you."

There was a small cry of happiness between them.

"But it'll take a while... possibly it'll be too late by the time they've finished. We'll need to try! Get on the sleigh!" said Bill.

* * *

They were in the air. Rosie held tight to Willy - Akiza held tight to Ninjinian. It was a rough ride. Bill was gripping onto the boot-handle of the sleigh, floating like a paper in the snow and wind at top speed. They had took off before he could even sit inside the sleigh, so had to jump for the end. It only took about 15 seconds to get over the building.

They landed on the roof of Santa's Bureau of Investigation.

All got out and went to the trap-door in the corner inside.

"Oh no!" cried Bill. "I'm not a master a magic - so it'll probably take another 5 minutes for the lock to-"

He never finished - because Ninjinian had got a rock and hit the lock open.

"Wow, how did you do that?" asked Willy.

"Got a rock, hit it - it opened." said Ninjinian sarcastically.

They climbed inside - and jumped in. The penguins inside looked away from their computers and stared at them. One even fainted.

"What is all this?" said a penguin coming towards them from the North hall.

"Intruders!" said a penguin from the deep-end of the computer-infested room.

"Hmm, snitch." spat Crow.

"These penguins are actually saving Christmas - you should be treating them like royalty!" said Bill. He looked at his watch. "There's not much time. Freeze time!"

The penguin that had shouted at them had a name-tag - Professor Maurice Web. He was brown-coloured, with a coat almost like a lab-coat, but not quite. He almost had a moustache and nice, brown-blond hair - but looked in his mid-years and a bit cranky.

Web didn't reply, Crow got furious. "Listen, Web! Just-" he said a strong emalf "-freeze or no Christmas for your son."

Maurice was stunned on how he knew he had a chick. He was about to speak, then shut his beak. Crow got his flipper and was ready to punch and run to the controls, but decided to throw him aside and sprinted straight. Web followed then the rest.

"Where is it?" asked Crow.

"I'll do it." said Web, and pulled a lever with TIME written on it. "Now time has frozen, along with everybody else except this room.

Bill saw the time. 22:59.

"Phew! That was close!" he said.

"Let's go, now." said Crow. "Thanks, Bill!"

"No problem, I know you can do it!"

They set off back through the trap-door, sealed it, and climbed into the sleigh again. The reindeer weren't attached to the sleigh, because the sleigh had been manufactured to fly itself, but then, all the reindeer came flying through the air, and were attached to the sleigh by Akiza.

"Let's save Christmas!" bellowed Happyface.

Then they set off.

* * *

They had done Antarctica, and almost all of UnitedTerra. They were covering the last igloo of Satellite City. Willy and Crow were handling the sleigh, others were reading the presents from the computer, and some just sat and watched. Though Happyface & Ninjinian were delivering presents. They were both excellent BASE jumpers, and had to BASE jump 6 other times because they couldn't get too near to the igloo and would of been seen. It was Ninjinian's turn to BASE jump.

"Ninj, you'll have to BASE jump. We can't get too near to this one." said Willy calmly.

"No problem, bro!" winked Ninjinian. He wrapped his belt around his waist, then put on his parachute.

"Explorer, who are the chicks in the igloo?" asked Crow, while Explorer read from the computer.

"There are 3 chicks. One girl, two boys. The girl is called Cassie Jones, and the boys are Mike and Chris Jones. Cassie wanted a... signed autograph by Cadence. You got that Crow?"

"Yup!" said Crow, waving the autograph.

"And also wanted tickets to an Awesomesauce concert. I bet Ninjinian brought them along. Did you?" asked Explorer.

"They're here!" Ninjinian yelled, and caught the autograph from Crow.

"Now Mike wanted an electric guitar signed by Crow."

"I'm on it!" Crow said, grabbing the guitar and signing it, then wrapped it and gave it to Ninjinian.

"Now..." continued Explorer. "Chris wants a replica of a Cookie Crown by Ninjinian and a new remote-control puffle-cart." He looked towards Ninjinian, who had got the Cookie Crown replica and puffle-cart all wrapped up.

"Countdown..." said Dan. "Five... four... three... two... one... JUMP!"

And Ninjinian jumped from the sleigh. It wasn't as scary as before when he was training with "Major Hammy", it was quite relaxing. The wind rushed into him. He could see the tiny, poorly-made igloo. Sometimes as President - Ninjinian thought he could really help Satellite City, and so he would after all of this... time to pull the parachute...

Too late.

He tumbled. The parachute string pulled off, and he fell.

"Ninjinian!" cried Akiza. He fell onto the roof - the parachute finally opening. He put up a flipper to show he was okay. They all sighed, relieved.

He jumped off the roof. Carefully not trying to make any noise. The presents were fortunately saved. He crept towards the igloo. He got his "PykALawk" kit that Explorer gave him. The door opening suddenly. And he stepped in.

Nobody was here. He went over to the very small Christmas tree. It had one string of lights and baubles.... and a paper star at the top. He put down Cassie's signed autograph by Cadence and the tickets to the Awesomesauce concert. She was 14, according to the fact-file. Then Mike's electric guitar was placed down. Nobody could ever guess that it was a guitar. He was 16 years old... but nobody's too old for Santa.

Chris was 6 years old, and his replica of the Cookie Crown and the puffle-cart was placed right into sight. He admired the President a lot. Ninjinian decided to open the Cookie Crown and sign it. It read:

Dear Chris,
Thanks for all the support. Your the #1 fan of the president!
Love, Ninjinian

He put the Cookie Crown back into packaging, and went out. He locked the door again, and the ladder for the sleigh dropped down, and he climbed up.

"Wahey!" they all shouted as he climbed on.

"We saved Christmas!" cheered Dan.

"We can be thanked later, Dan." said Willy. "For now, we need to get this pimp back to the North Pole."

And they set off back to the North Pole...

* * *

The Bureau of Fiction had found all of the bricks. Many were hiding behind the machinery, and one was found near Director Benny's food bowl. They fixed the last brick on, and Billybob cheered.

"Hooray!" the rest said with him.

"We've fixed the wall!" said Billybob, but he then frowned. "What about Santa?"

"Nothing yet, sir." said a worker. "Though times stuck at 11:59pm - I bet there's something going on at the Santa Bureau Investigation."

There was a crack... then another. They looked up. The wall had started to break. It cracked even more, and the roof tumbled apart, everybody jumped for cover. There sat a chubby, human wearing red & white robes and a Christmas hat.

"Ho, ho, ho! Anybody willing to help old Santy here?"

* * *

"Thanks a lot, penguins! We'll remember your favour!"

They had brought back the sleigh. It was stowed, and they were all congratulated by almost everyone at the North Pole.

"No problem, Bill!" winked Kwiksilver.

Another elf came. "Times back on, Bill!"

They looked at the clock hanging in the Main Room : 11:59:58.

2 seconds later... "Happy Boxing Day!" cheered DJ Crow.

"Hmph, yeah!" shrugged Speeddasher.

"I think it's time to get you home..." said Bill.

"It would take a long time, though!" pointed-out Rosie.

Bill winked. "Leave that to me!"

Chapter 9.5: Back Home[edit]

Bill walked calmly to the dock, where their jet skis still remained. Two other elves had come with them, but nobody except the elves knew how they were planning to get the penguins home. The elves walked straight towards the jet skis.

"Explain." demanded Kwiksilver.

"Well... we are going to do a little bit of magic on your devices here. We are going... to make them fly!" said Bill.

The rest were awestruck, except for Kwiksilver and Ninjinian.

"Well, get these baby's flying, then!" said Ninjinian.

The elves got to work... a green-pink glow came out of their elfy-hands, and the jet skis were surrounded by the glow. They hovered up in the air for some seconds. Then...

"Wings?!" exclaimed PabloDePablo.

Pablo was right. Wings started growing out of each of the jet skis. Then they started flapping about. Kwiksilver and Ninjinian got onto theirs.

"You can fly home." explained Bill. "It will only take you no more than half an hour. So get going!" he said, tapping his watch which now read 00:13.

"Last one back is a rotten puffle!" challenged Ninjinian and Kwiksilver, and they took off into the air. The others quickly got onto their jet skis and rode off... not wanting to be a rotten egg.

* * *

"Who wants pizza?"

Back at the igloo, Tails came bursting in through the door, with three boxes of pizza. The others lazily got up and took a couple of slices each. They ate them slowly... nobody talking.

There was a sudden noise of something crashing into the snow, and a burst of laughter.

"They're back!" cried Sancho, dropping his pizza, and ran for the door. The others put their pizza down gently and then ran outside. They came across 12 jet skis in the snow, and 12 penguins waving at them.

Sancho looked outside,

"Hey!" greeted Sancho "They're finally back!"

"How was the trip?" asked Tails.

Explorer shrugged. "Meh, it could of been better."

"Did you do it, then?" asked Maddieworld.

"Yup, we saved Christmas!" answered DJ Crow.

"Hooray!" they all cheered.

"Let's go inside and have a nice cup of coffee, eh?" suggested Sancho "Would you like French Vanilla or Irish Cream?, and they went in.

Tidalwave put on the kettle, and they all took a pizza. Kwiksilver explained what happened.

Jacob put a log in the fire, and everyone sat down on the couch and watched a TV Show.

In the end, Maddieworld said, "Woah!"

There was a manly laugh coming from outside.

"Come on! Christmas is gone now! And we haven't even opened the presents!" said Tails.

"Okay!" said Explorer, "Let's open the presents!"

Chapter 10: Opening the Presents[edit]

They went over to the giant Christmas tree. It was as beautiful as ever. The lights shone brightly, and reflected off the baubles and tinsel. The star shined the most at the top of the tree. Then, Kwiksilver's PDA rang. He looked at the screen of the PDA. Kwiksilver looked anxious. Explorer asked what was wrong. He handed the PDA to him stiffly. Explorer gasped, and so did the others. It read :


Kwiksilver picked it up immediately after.


"Tiny here." said Mr Tiny from the other side of the phone. "Well, I forsore that you succeeded. Well done, everyone." It was on speaker. "Santy will be proud of you dearly!" he said sarcastically, chuckling to himself. "The old buzzard was caught at the Bureau. I hoped that you would fail... but I also thought that you would succeed. Old Tiny is smarter than the rest. Well, time is restored. Badbye, penguins!"

And the call disconnected. There was silence for quite a while.

"Well! Let's open the presents!" said Explorer.

"Your right." said Willy, and started opening the boxes and looked for his presents. He tipped the presents out, and started to find his presents. The others did the same.

"Hey, thanks Ninjinian!" said Willy when he got his presents. "So cool! The new Razorbeak Racers game, Part III! This isn't out until next year!"

"I got in touch with the manufacturers. Got a test model, brother." said Ninjinian.

"What did you get, Akiza?" asked Rosie. Akiza found her presents.

"This one's from Ninjinian..." smiled Akiza towards Ninjinian. He winked back at her. "It's a..."

She gasped. "You didn't have to get me 3 presents!" she said, looking at 3 boxes.

"It's okay." he said. She opened the first box.

"Woah, it's a 12" single record! These are very rare!" she said, and got the next box. It was quite big, and opened it. "It's a Boombox xPerius! These are to be released in 2011!" she stuttered.

"Open the last one." ordered Ninjinian. She picked up the last box. It was the smallest. She opened it - and there was a fully-gold pocket watch. She opened it, and in it, it said, engraved in the gold:

To my love,
Akiza A.
Love, Ninj ;)

She got up and hugged him. "Thank you."

"It's okay." said Ninjinian.

"I got you some posters of milk and cookies for you!" she said.

"Thanks, I've been trying to buy some posters for milk and cookies, but couldn't find any!" exclaimed Ninjinian excitedly.

"Your welcome." said Akiza. "So... Rosie, what did you get?" All attentions went to Rosie. She had 2 presents.

And she opened the first one. "They're from Willy." she said, smiling. Willy smiled back. The first present was a silver necklace. It said...

Rosie, I love you.
Accept this bracelet as my proposal
From, Willy

Rosie also got some necklaces and some posters of her favourite singers and bands. "Oh thank you, Willy!"

The rest opened their presents, talked and everybody really enjoyed that Christmas Day. They were all together, enjoying themselves while the day ended... they all ended up sleeping in either sleeping-bands on the floor, the sofas or on the kitchen tables. Akiza slept as her head was tucked into Ninjinian's.

Some Christmas, ay?