Fanon Characters Christmas Special 2012!

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The War before Christmas
Start 22nd December 2012
End 25th December 2012
Location Star's igloo, South Pole City
Rewards Christmas is saved, the Fanon Gang is created
An Explosive New Year

This is the real story. If you where looking for the GAME based on THIS story, it is this page: Villain Crushers: Christmas Edition 2012

Fanon Characters Christmas Special 2012! is the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki's second Christmas special, based on the Fanon characters! Everybody can participate and help in making the story (if not finished already)! The characters celebrate Christmas, however things don't go as planned...

Chapter 1: Introduction[edit]

"Five days left before Christmas... time flies, doesn't it, Star?" Richperson asked.

"Oh yeah, definitely. It's odd, sometimes you feel like that and other times you feel like you'll never move on," Star Kirby12 replied.

Somebody knocked on the door. "Hm? I wonder who would be here at 7:00 PM?" Star wondered.

He opened the door. It was Patrick Tea, his friend Donneye, Lollipop386 and his brothers, and Sparkpin!

"Oh hey guys. Come on in," Star said.

"Are we having a party here?" Party386 asked.

"Uh...I...think so." said Lollipop.

"Hey, why isn't Repeater338866 here?" asked Star.

"It would be annoying to hear him repeat everything everyone says at this party. But I'd prefer to have Repeater here than Annoying." said Lollipop.




"Oh boy." Lollipop said, covering his ears. "Yikes."

"I can't stand that singing." said Patrick Tea as he ran out of the igloo.


"It's 'one-horse open sleigh', not 'one-horse soap and slay'. But I gotta admit, that was pretty funny." said Lollipop.

"Even though you used to sing it that way until you were 9 years old, Lollipop?" said Clumsy, tripping on a pile of snow.

"Umm...I did NOT!" said Lollipop.

"Oh, yes you did. Remember at that Christmas party when you were singing 'Jingle Bells' over and over again saying 'one horse soap and slay'?" corrected Clumsy. Lollipop blushed.

"CAN I WATSH WUT" asked Annoying annoyingly.

"Oh no! Don't say that!" said Lollipop.

"Y NAWT" asked Annoying. Mabel came.

"Did someone just say WHAT?!?" said Mabel.

"THAT'S why." said DJ.

Amigopen suddenly appeared right behind Star.

"Uhm, why am I here?" Amigopen did not remember how he came here.

"Was this supposed to be this random?" Star asked. "Let me look at the script," he said to a nearby wall.

"Yes, fortunately." Amigopen answered, with a wink. He suddenly went for the waffles that were hiding on the table.

"By the way, the Hero Mechas are putting up a big artificial Christmas tree over at the park today. Let's go see it!" Star said.

"I thought all Christmas trees were artificial," Party said.

While everyone was greeting each other, a penguin everyone recognized walked in. He was wearing a Santa Hat, and a Christmas scarf. He tossed the scarf on the head of the eager red puffle behind him. He took off his sunglasses to reveal his face.

"Hello, everyone! Merry Christmas!" It was Gary the Gaget Dude, the recording artist who wrote I Am Fail. "Please, please. Hold the applause; I'm flattered."

"Nobody is clapping, stupid." The voice came from the red puffle, who had ripped off the scarf.

"Don't ruin the holiday spirit, Fire." GGD shook his head. Fire rolled his eyes, but smiled at everyone. "Merry Christmas," Fire awkwardly stated.

"Uh, GGD, we're going to see a giant tree." Star explained.

GGD was unimpressed. "A tree? How stupid. This is even more stupider than the time I went to jail for trying to destroy Kill." GGD stated rudely.

"That's quite rude, Gary, my good friend." said Goody386.

"Let's GO." Fire scooted out of the room, followed by everyone. GGD folded his flippers. "Fine, I'll come. But don't expect me to enjoy myself." he followed the crowd of penguins out.

"This is going to be fun!" said Party. "Isn't it, Popillol?"

"Yeah. It be really funny good! I likes it, funny! You thinks it too, Lolly?"

"Oh,'ll be cool. Unless something goes wrong and the giant tree explodes causing the island to melt and Herbert P. Bear takes over the island and stuff...and tells penguins to leave the island forever. Or if Annoying comes with us to the tree." said Lollipop.

" talk too much. Ya shouldn't talk so much, 'kay? Relax." DJ386 said.

"Ice Block!"

W created a huge ice block. DaiTanken moved the block to a foundation, where DaiBouken sliced it into a shape of a tree. There, X, Y, Z and EX used their weapons to decorate with lasers.

"Ooh, a tree! Can I put the star on?" Amigopen attempted to climb up the tree, but due to his weight, the tree fell down with him.

"OH CRAP!!" Amigopen fell splat on the ground. Fortunately X was able to catch the tree in time.

"Maybe I should put up the star?" Fire offered.

"Sure." GGD replied.

Fire shot up to the tip of the tree, the star in his mouth, and he placed it on top. "There! Now, look out." He bounced off the tree and landed right on GGD.

"OW!" GGD could barley speak, as Fire landed on his beak.

Chub 777 and Buhc 777 were waddling down a footpath. The two had just gotten back from the Culldrome Isles and had not put up their Christmas decorations, making their igloos look dark and gloomy from outside.

"Huh, our igloos do look dark and gloomy," said Chub.

"Well, we just, let's see...SAVED THE WORLD," replied Buhc.

"Yeah, I know." Chub stuck his cold flippers into his pockets as he stared down the path towards some bright lights. He squinted as he saw an icy Christmas tree sculpture with a star on top and penguins at its base.

"Do you see that tree down the road? It looks quite nice."

"Let's check it out."

The two waddled down the path towards the icy Christmas tree and the crowd.

"Oh hey guys, I'm back." says Patrick Tea.

"And in time," Star said. "Now just a simple touch."

Star turned on a radio connected to speakers. The radio began to play Carol of the Bells.

Chapter 2: Mishaps of Antarctica[edit]

"Y WE HAV TO LISEN TO DIS" Annoying said. He changed the music to polka music.

Suddenly, all the bean humans went crazy, covered their ears and ran towards the tree in an angry mob.


Richperson quickly changed the song back to CotB, but the humans didn't notice because their ears were covered.

"Green Capture!" X stopped the humans from hitting the tree with a green capture beam. "I won't be able to handle this forever. Hurry!"

"Time for some soccer!" Y said. "SONIC KICK! YAAAAAAH!" Y rapidly kicked the energy ball, which shot into the air and blew up, sending the bean humans back to their homes.

"I hope this stuff doesn't happen again," Lollipop commented.

"I wouldn't be so relieved," Star replied. "Can I see a copy of the script?"

A nearby wall handed it to him. Somewhere near the words that you're reading right now, it said "Party386 lets the rhinos out"

"It says here 'Party lets the rhinos out'. Ummmmmmm..." said Star.

"Party?" Clumsy wondered. He turned back, slipped and got back up, but Party wasn't there.


And in front of the rhinos was a panicking Party386.

Nearby, Chub and Buhc also saw the rhinos.

"Oh crud biscuits," Chub said.

"Is there an airplane around here?" Buhc asked before seeing a nearby plane and starting its engine.

"What're you planning to do?" Chub asked.


Buhc smashed the plane into the herd and they were knocked back all the way into the Rhino Exhibit in the zoo. And the plane... well it exploded.


"That wasn't YOUR plane, Popi." said Lollipop.

"dont call that too me" said Popillol.

"Okay, okay. I was just trying to find a short little...nickname for you. How 'bout Pop? Loppiloop? Um...Crazy McPeng?" suggested Lollipop.

Popillol shook his head no.

"Yo, dude. GGD. The christmas tree won't be so bad. We could...I dunno...make video there! Or something. Uuuuuumm...the tree is artificial! Do you like artificial trees?" said DJ.

Gary nodded. "Um...I suppose I do."

"Why not go and see it then, and...and we could... okay, I dunno what we will do next. Come on!" DJ dashed out of the door, yelling out to the others. They all followed him out of the door. No one followed him.

"DJ, we've already seen the tree, you know?!" Star shouted.

"Oh. Right. So what should we do?" DJ asked back.

"Let's see the script. After I break the fourth wall, which is now, an avalanche comes." Star read out loud.

"AVALANCHE???" Lollipop looked surprised and shocked.

"yeah whatz dah rumbling sownd?" Popillol asked.

"RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" Amigopen yelled out, taking the remaining waffles with him. An avalanche came tumbling down.

"This is the WORST Christmas Special yet...where are we anyway?" Lollipop asked.

"PBJT Valley-oooh crap," Richperson said.

A bunch of Bananaphones appeared everywhere and began to sing PBJT so loud the avalanche got worse.

"POWER SMASH!" EX charged at the avalanche with blazing green and blue lasers surrounding him. He tackled the avalanche head-on and destroyed it.

A mailman came and gave Star a letter.

"Looks like... jobs for the holidays."

Hey! Dancing iPod here!

Just wanted to notify you that we're going to have jobs for the holidays.

  • GGD is going to Penguin Daycare playing the role of Santa, and Fire and Mabel will be elves.
  • Chub and Buhc go on a plane delivering presents. Chub plays Santa!
  • Lollipop and his brothers are singing Carol of the Bells, Christmas Gloria, The First Noel, The Little Drummer Boy, Chopsticks for Christmas, Silent Night, and Angels we Have Heard on High at the Christmas Concert.
  • Sparkpin, Patrick, Donneye and Amigopen dance to StarramelDansen live on TV.
  • Star and Richperson send out the songs that Lollipop's family is singing to the radio systems.
  • And someone get Nicktang10 to host on the Dancing Channel.

See ya!

Dancing iPod

"We're having those embarrassing jobs?!" Patrick said.

Everyone but Star and Person ran yelling towards Dancing iPod's house. Amigopen walked after them, who thought, "I like my job."

"Uh, Star, you forgot this part," Person noted.

And he definitely did.

P.S. By now I'll be at the Night Club giving dance lessons. The jobs are permanent.

"We cannot just humiliate us in front of everyone! It would be our worst christmas!" says Patrick Tea.

"Hello, did I come too late? ...Hello, did I come too late?" says Repeater338866 as he trips on a blue puffle.

"Oh boy." said the blue puffle. Repeater repeated what the blue puffle said.

"You sure did, Repeater. We all have to sing a whole bunch of christmas carols at a concert! That's the most humiliating thing job ever." said Lollipop sadly.

Repeater repeated what Lollipop said.

"Luckily, you won't have any problem singing the songs because you repeat what everyone says. If we all sing the songs, you'll sing too. But if we mess up...well...who knows what could happen!" said DJ. "But it won't be totally humiliating. I can jazz up the music with mah turntables!"

"Do I have to sing too?" said the blue puffle, who was Fluffypuffle.

"Boy, YOU'RE lucky. You don't have to sing it. And the worst part about singing those songs...the WORST our singing will be on every radio! Yikes." said Lollipop.

Chapter 3: Embarrassing Jobs[edit]

"What do we DO?" said Patrick and Donneye.

"Yeah! WHAT WILL WE DO? I don't want to be an elf!" said Fire.

"ME NEITHER!!!!!! Ϡ۝ᵯ%Ӝ*Я!∏①" screamed Mabel.

"Wow...where were you this story? You haven't done or said anything in this story since the beginning of Chapter 1!" said Fluffypuffle.

"I ran outside the igloo when I heard Annoying Penguin singing. Just like that other penguin, Patrick. So...when are we watching WHAT?!?" said Mabel.

Suddenly, Fooly8 jumped out of a snow pile with about a million puffles and shouted "PUFFLE FIGHT!"

They all started throwing puffles everywhere. Everyone was having fun, until someone picked up Mabel and threw her into a pile of snow.

"&€@$£¥#%{*]>.>\'¶\",¿!" shouted Mabel.

"Uh... Who's up for some turkey? I'm hungry," said Fooly8.

"Since when do penguins eat turkey?" Lollipop asked.

Fooly pulled up a turkey. "A christmas colored one!" he said.

"Uh, how... Uh, how..," Repeater asked.

"Oh, I painted it."

"I'll pass," everyone said in a monotone voice.

"If we have to do this, I guess we better start," Goody said.

"What is 'StarramelDansen' anyway?" Sparkpin asked.

This. But with a more embarrassing dance.

"I never asked you, narrator. Wait, did I just hear a wall break...?"

"Ah, that's going to be hard, what about..." Amigopen came up with an idea. Everyone waited for an answer.

"Gah, I forgot."

Star chatted on the internet with Dancing iPod. I don't think they like their jobs.

Dancing iPod replied. Maybe. By the way, Fooly's there now, right? He's going with Chub and Buhc.

Who's letting you do that?

Look at the letter I sent you.

Below the P.S. of the letter, it said... --Signed and approved by the Masters of the Universe

"Guys, we gotta do this. The Masters signed it."

"I don't wanna go! I'd rather watch WHAT?!?!" said Mabel.

"YAH AND MEE 2" said Annoying.

"Oh well. Here we go to our boring jobs." Mabel sighed for the first time in a long time.

It seemed like everyone was having bad job switches today.

"And now, on the Dancing Channel, Sparkpin, Patrick, Donneye and Amigopen will dance to StarramelDansen!" Nicktang10 shouted out at the studio, while sobbing in one corner afterwards. "I hate this holiday job. Why, why of all the jobs that I could take did Director Benny have to approve this one?!?!"

Everyone looked at him except for Amigopen who was dancing away.

"Erm...anyway, let's see them in action!"

No one danced. Except Amigopen.

"Hello everyone, I'm Santa! Let's sing songs and play games!" GGD sighed hesistantly as the chicks cheered on.

"And here's Mabel and Fire, the elves who will bring you all presents!"

All the chicks screamed in terror and ran into the bathroom and hid. Then they came out and stuffed onions into Mabel, and chased GGD and Fire for presents.

GGD yelled out as the chicks chased him, "WHY? WHY? WHY?! Well, at least Mabel is being tortured. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HELP!"

"Looks like we've got to do this..."

Chub looked at himself in the mirror at the Gift Shop and sighed as he tightened the Santa beard on his face. Buhc was laughing madly and flailing about on one of the seats.


"You look"


"You...hahahahah...y-you look so stupid with that."

Chub rolled his eyes and huffed.

"It seems that you're the only one enjoying this."

Buhc stopped his laughing rage. "Of course! I get to fly a plane...A PLANE!"

"Hey, you have to dress up too."

Chub dug around inside a box of costumes and threw a reindeer costume across the room towards Buhc.

"You should start putting that on," said Chub. "We've got to go in, what, ten minutes?"

Buhc grabbed the costume in rage and started to squeeze into it. This time, it was Chub's turn to laugh.


"HEY!" exclaimed Buhc. "You look more ridiculous in that Santa costume! ARGH...I can't fit in this!"

Suddenly, out of no where, Fooly bursts through the door.

"You better hurry up, guys, before I start the plane up!"

Buhc looked up.


"Would you like some ham with that, or will I just eat all of it?"

"Woah, woah, woah, WAIT! Who's flying the plane?"

Fooly put on a wide grin as he replied "Oh, I'll be the pilot!"

Buhc was speechless. "D-d-do-do you even know how to fly?"

"Of course! Its just a hop, skip, jump and you're off!"

Buhc, Chub and Fooly went into the plane. It took off after a bunch of tries.

Buhc started to take off the part of the costume which he had squeezed into before Chub looked at him furiously.

"If you don't get in, the tern won't be happy."

Buhc hesitated before saying, "Oh, great! Now I don't want to do this."

"Ugh! I know these jobs are boring, but someone needs to do it! Small baby penguins and eggs will be sad! Hmmm... I think I could to the Santa part, then." said Fooly, after putting the plane in "Auto-Piloting"

"Uh... anyone knows or has any idea of where are we? I see no island ANYWHERE. Just sea." asked Buhc, who was looking out of the window of the plane.

And so, Fooly8 ACTUALLY drove the plane safely to the main area of Club Penguin. They crash-landed right in the middle of Town Center. Everyone went back to Star's Igloo.

"Good news is that because the first two jobs did so badly, all five jobs were postponed," Star said.

"Can we go to Dancing iPod and express our anger now?" Buhc asked.

"I guess so. Where was he again?" added Fooly.

Chapter 4: The True Meaning of Christmas[edit]

Everyone went to the Night Club. Dancing iPod had just finished giving dance lessons. "Oh, hello," he said. "How's it going so far?"

"VERY. VERY. TERRIBLE," everyone said. Repeater repeated them.

"We can't stand these jobs anymore! I'd rather eat this 600 year old Puffle Poop in this bag I'm holding than doing these jobs for the next 4 days!" shouted Fooly8.

"Are you forgetting the true meaning of Christmas?" DI asked.

"dah prezents?" Popillol asked.

"The free time?" Chub added.

"The snow?"

"The games?"

"I'm pretty sure the answer is eggnog or christmas colored turkey." said Fooly8

"NO," iPod said. "During Christmas, we should help those who don't have what we have. We want to make the young feel happy. A long time ago..."

This will be a long night... half of them thought.

iPod began a story. "...there was a boy named Ted. Ted was a nice guy. He did all he could to help people...but one day, he got poor. He gave away everything he had in the past years..."

"Wait," interrupted Amigopen, "that means that BEING NICE makes us poor?"

"No interruptions," iPod said.

"Ted still tried to help people, even if it meant he would get much more poor. The citizens didn't want Ted to live without comfort, so they met up. 'We gotta help the boy,' one man said. Another man said 'I don't wanna help him!"

"OH! I think I know the ending of this story!" said Fooly8

"Really? What is it?" said everyone, except for iPod.

"They squashed the bad guy with an anvil, and everyone lived happily ever after!"

"NO! THAT'S NOT IT." said iPod.

"Instead of giving to him, because he would use the gifts for others anyway, they decided to do his job for him. They helped the poor, needy, crippled, blind, deaf, and outcasts all over the continent. And everyone became happy. And then when blah blah blah blah blah blah blah..."

Lollipop was almost falling asleep. Goody, however, was wide-awake, listening to the story. Finally Dancing iPod was finished telling the story.

"FINALLY! least it wasn't as boring as WHAT?!?." Lollipop pointed out.

"WHAT?!?" Mabel and Annoying said.

"And when did this happen?" Star asked.

"About 6 BC, or whenever Jesus was born in one of the universes out there," iPod predicted. In the background, a wall broke.

"The point is that sometimes we have to give up some of our time to make people feel happy."

"Okay guys. We might not want to do this, but it's for the people who don't have what we have. Let's do it!" Richperson said.

Chapter 5: For the Poor[edit]

"So what're these instruments called again?" DJ asked.

"I know it's not even close to your DJ board, but Dancing iPod recommended these instruments for the Christmas carols," the tutor replied.

Nearby was a clarinet, a flute, an oboe, a trumpet, a snare drum, a bass drum and a xylophone.

"We do need at least 3-5 people for singing, so we should have leftovers," the tutor added.

"'Kay, so...Lollipop and I can do the singing...and Clumsy and Goody..." said DJ

"AND MEE?" Annoying asked.

"Yes, Annoying. And you." Goody said.

"Aw, WHAT?!? YOU CAN'T LET ANNOYING SING!" Lollipop said.

"Yeh. The Lollipop ere's right. Annoyin' can't sing that well, ya know." DJ continued.

"Yes, but DJ Matthew, I'm...I'm only trying to be nice!" said Goody.

"YAY! I LOVE THIS JOB!" exclaimed Fooly8.

Chub said, "WHAT? Then why did you say the thing about the puffle poop when we where all complaining?"

"Oh, that? I was complaining that YOU were complaining!"

"Well, okay! Let's go!" said Buhc.

They took off in their 99th try. The plane was heavily damaged after that.

"ΔΩϠ‽҂Ӷ۝۩ᴥᵯ₠∏℗ЙӜिஇணഊษ༕࿄࿄Ᏻᕇ⃔⊛⓬✍✍✉✆♨♙♘♖ᅤ!" shouted Mabel.

"Wait," said Chub "What are YOU doing in here?"

"Me? I was hurled into the plane by one of those chicks!"

"HEADS UP! INCOMING MABEL!" shouted Fooly8 with a megaphone, which was connected to a microphone, which was connected with a million speakers which where hanging off the bottom of the plane. All of Antartica heard it and they all evacuated 100 km from the main Club Penguin area, except for the other fanon characters, which were busy with their jobs.

After that Fooly8 took off his jetpack and strapped it to Mabel. "WHAT THE @#$%&/?+-*/><-.Ñ are you doing??!?!?!?"

Fooly8 took out his Jet Pack's remote and set it to TURBO-BOOST.

"Be careful," whispered Fooly8 "this jet-pack one of my Turbo-Boost jetpacks. It took me YEARS to master and it is extremely powerful. Buhc, please take control of the plane. Chub, can you kick Mabel of this aircraft?"

"WHAT?!?" said Mabel. She was watching the movie WHAT?!? from a TV.

Suddenly, Mabel was kicked off the plane, which was 1000 meters from sea level. Fooly8 turned on the jetpack and Mabel was shot off right into the center of the place where SHE was supposed to bring gifts. She again was stuffed with onions. They also kicked out the TV. Fooly8 put on another Jet Pack.

"Yay! Smooth sailing from now on!" said Chub.

"Guys?" said Buhc, "The motor is starting to burn, the landing wheels came off, the propellor snapped, we lost one wing and we are almost off Antarctica!"

A few seconds later, they where falling into water.

"Aaaaaaaah!!!!!" they all shouted.

Suddenly, the plane stopped falling. It then suddenly flew right up in a very quick way.

"What is going on outside?" Chub said.

"Maybe we'll see it through the front window." Buhc stated.

They all ran to the front and saw a grappling hook from a shiny red sleigh. Next, they saw floating puffles with antlers, and one in particular was shining in the front and a mysterious penguin with a snow hat. Suddenly, the penguin turned around and all of the penguins in the plane gasped.

While Amigopen was dancing and Patrick was struggling to not stop dancing, Sparkpin was wavering over a choice. Delete or keep that phreaking puffle, Benny, from his buddy list? Then, as if by bureaucratic fiddling, he started dancing and couldn't stop no matter what. He never remembered to remove Benny from his friends list.

"So what's the plan again?" Star asked.

"We're using these sun lamps to charge up Titan's reflector extension which can send transmissions everywhere," Person replied.

"What happens if I supercharge these?" Star overcharged the lamp.

"Well, it would-"


Star's sun lamp fired a heat blast that burned down a tree nearby.

"-do that."

Titan removed his helmet. "So when do we do our thing?"

"The concert begins at 7 PM sharp. Admissions were free," Person replied.

"And it's already 5 PM! They better be ready," Star added.


Star and Person came. "You ready?" Star asked.

"Oh ho ho ho, yeah, mm-hmmm." said DJ.

"Wait, wait. Star, Rich, there's a problem here." said Lollipop.


Person sighed. "What's the problem, Lollipop?"

"I don't know how to sing Carol of the Bells." Lollipop answered.

"AND as a matter of fact, he does not know how to sing Christmas Gloria, The First Noel, The Little Drummer Boy, Chopsticks for Christmas, Silent Night, Angels we Have Heard on High, or StarramelDansen." Clumsy stated.

"Oh, Clums, will you be QUIET? And StarramelDansen isn't a song...or- or at least I don't think so. AND as a matter of fact, CLUMSY, I do know how to sing...well...some of those!" Lollipop said to Clumsy.

Then the concert started.

" of some bells...I- I mean,'s of the's a car- carol..." said Lollipop.

"Hey guys! Can I sing too!" asked Fluffypuffle, who just came.

"Where's your grammar, dude?" asked DJ.

"Oh! Sorry, um...hey guys! Can I sing too?" asked Fluffypuffle.

"Yeah, that's totally better, man." DJ said.

Repeater repeated repeatingly. Lollipop continued to make up a "Carol of the Bells" song...but then...

"BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" shouted someone in the audience.

Chapter 6: Concert Disaster[edit]

"BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Repeater yelled.

Then Fluffypuffle turned into his Bossy Mode.

"BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH!" shouted Fluffpuff. Repeater repeated.

"Yikes." said Lollipop. "Yikes." repeated Repeater. Everyone threw snowballs at the brothers.


"SNOWBAL FITE YAYAYAYAYA...oh no! Oh no! I'm repeating annoyingness! I'm repeating annoyingness! AHH! AHH!" Repeater repeated.

"BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH!" yelled Fluffypuffle. Fluffypuffle went to Phreaker Mode.

"I LIKESH 'EM PIFFELZ DOEZ U MINNY MANNY YOINKZ I AM FLOOFYPOOFELZ MERHERHERHERHER!" said Fluffpuff. That's when he changed to Fourth Wall mode.

"Phew. It's a good thing this isn't really happening." said Fluffypuffle.

Lollipop stared at Fluffypuffle. "Ummmm...what?" asked Lollipop. He heard a wall crack.

"This isn't really happening. You know...this is just a story. It's just a christmas story on the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki. In fact, this whole UNIVERSE doesn't exist!" Fluffypuffle continued. The fourth wall broke.

"NO! No, Fluffypuffle! You're breaking the fourth wall too much! I CAN'T STAND IT!" Lollipop said.

"Oh, sorry. I just like breaking the wall. I am a Class V and a Class VI fourth-wall-breaker."

The fourth wall broke so much the concert fell apart.

A big plane fell on a cracked wall. Out of it came Chub, Buhc and Fooly8.

"Did we came too soon?" Chub asked.

"I'm not feeling so well...," Buhc said.

"Puffle fight!" said Fooly8, as he threw a green puffle.

"Wow! How did you came to this non-existant place we're in right now?" Fluffypuffle asked.

An earthquake started.

"Dude, stop breaking walls. I think that if too many walls are broken, all of our universe will disapear, along with ALL OF US!" Fooly remarked.

Unfortunately Fluffypuffle was practically stuck in his fourth wall mode.

"Just listen to this," Star said. He played Carol of the Bells on a radio.

"Ding, dong, ding, dong... ding, dong, ding, dong," it began.

The audience finally stopped throwing snowballs.

All of the fanon characters, including Mabel, came from random places peacefully to listen to the song. No swearing was heard.

It was all peaceful.

"THIS is the true meaning of Christmas! THIS is the true meaning of Christmas!" Repeater repeated.

"Peace to all penguins," Chub said.

"I hope this goes on for the next three days," Fluffypuffle said. The music had changed him into his normal mode.

"True. Very true, Fluffypuffle." Goody said.

"Yeah, true. This might be a great holiday season," Person remarked.

"Hey, wait a minute, what happened to Annoying? By now he would already be saying random things," Buhc asked.

Everyone turned to Annoying and they saw that Mabel taped up his annoying beak.

"Wait, Star!" Person yelled. "We can't just stand around here doing nothing! We have to do our part!"

Star and Person hurried to their places.

"Now, now, NOW!" Titan put on his helmet and Star hurried over and charged the sun lamps.

Soon, every radio was filled with glory.

Back at the dance channel studio, Patrick whispered, "Psst, Amigopen! You might want to spice this up a bit."

Amigopen smiled and shot waffle lasers at the audience, followed by a candy impact from a candy hammer.

Lollipop and his brothers caught up on the music.

Ding... dong... ding... dong...

Here come the bells, Sweet silver bells

All seem to say, "Throw cares away"

Christmas is here, bringing good cheer

To young and old...


"WHO UNTAPED HIS ANNOYING BEAK?!?!?!" screamed Mabel.

"It was me. You have to be nice, Marble. You just can't be mean." Goody said.

"YOU @#$%!^&*ΔϠ?>/ΩӜЙ℗ணഊஇ!!! MY NAME IS NOT MARBLE!!!! IT'S MABLE!" Mabel screamed even louder.

"LOL, you spelled 'Mabel' wrong. Ha...Mable..." laughed DJ.

"҉ΔΩ͏Ϡ҂۝۩ᴥᵯ₠∏℗ЙӜिআஇணഊ༕҉҈࿄Ᏻᕇ⃔∏⊛⎳⏎␀⑫☎♕♖♗♘♙♚♛♜♝♞♟♨⌚✆✉✍❀⨇ⶹ﷼*ᅤ!" Mabel screamed.

Lollipop and his family just kept singing...except Annoying, who's annoying beak got taped up again by Lollipop.

"yay gud job lolipip u maid anoyign not singg" Popillol said.


Part of the stage was crushed abruptly as Questisbak and a huge army of villains including Herbert, Klutzy, Nightmare, and most of the evil X-Antibodies. Xgopen and AmigoX flew into the scene after the villains crashed and Amigopen facepalms.

"Xgopen. AmigoX. Right now is not the time." Amigopen said frustrated.

"But.. We flew all the way here for 3 hours!" Xgopen responded.

"We at least want a reward for flying nonstop." AmigoX asked and tired.

"Fine, just don't make any mess and I will give both of you something fun." Amigopen agreed with this.


"Heh. That will work for them, but WE will take over CHRISTMAS!" Herbert declared.

"Yes. From now on, you will have to celebrate X-MAS! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Nightmare said.

The evil X-Antibodies chased the Fanon characters with all sorts of weapons, from a Giant Cannon that shoots flaming explosive chainsaw razors to boogers.

Chapter 7: How the X stole Christmas (or at least tried to)[edit]

There was a lot of calamity and commotion in that time. Everyone was in total panic.

Chub, Star, Richperson, Clumsy, Patrick, Fooly, Mabel, Buhc, Fluffypuffle, Annoying, Lollipop, Popillol, Repeater, DJ, Goody and Amigopen managed to hide safely under the plane, behind the cracked wall. They saw all of the audience running around in panic.

"HI" Fudd shouted, appearing out of nowhere.

"This is a problem. How do we stop them? All of our weapons are in the storage," Buhc said.

"Well we've gotta use what we've got!" Star said. "I brought this with me just in case."

And guess what it was. The supercharged heat lamp.

"How'd you bring that?" Person asked.

"Well how do you think?" Star pressed a button on a remote.

Titan teleported to the area.

Each character used what they had. Fooly grabbed his slingshot and picked up some stones and small peices of debis from the plane. Fudd was busy showing off his "epic" ninja moves to Mabel. Mabel just tried to ignore him. Person grabbed a boombox, while Amigopen started to sleep on his candy banhammer.

"Heh, Amigopen is sleeping, time to wreck havoc!" Xgopen shouted. AmigoX took Amigopen to his small cart and left him in there.

Suddenly, PatriX Tea appears out of the shadows, and doesn't seem to look like his counterpart, Patrick. He was more robot like and was as big as Darktan, and was flying.

"Who is THAT guy?" Fooly8 asked.

"Forget him, who's THAT?!" Lollipop asked.

Behind PatriX was a giant replica of Titan, only recolored.

"Zaritan," Titan answered. "You could say he's my X counterpart."

"Zaritan? I would think that it would be Xitan. Or Titan X." Fooly said.

"Hello?" says PatriX. "Did everyone forget about me? If you guys did, im ready to unleash my full power!"

PatriX starts making clones of all X-Virused penguins, including Nightmare, and turns into a robot as big as the whole Club Penguin Island!

"YAY! More penguins and puffles! I hope they like my Christmas-Colored Turkey! JOY!" Fooly shouted, as he threw a leg of the turkey into PatriX's mouth.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" PitriX shouted, as the turkey seemed to make him weaker, probably because all of the green and red paint, which tasted horrible.

"No need to shout for more. Here, more turkey!" Fooly said, as he threw a whole Christmas-Colored Turkey at PatriX.


"Don't worry. I have a whole lot of turkeys!"

PatriX made clones of Puffyfluffle XX, Questixbak, FredX and WishflyX to help him

"YAY! MORE FRIENDS TO FEED" Fooly screamed with a whole lot of joy.

"Well, while Fooly is busy feeding a bunch of clones, we should go defeat Herbert, Nightmare and the other X-Antibodies," Star said.

"Not so fast!" Zaritan blocked the way. "You're going nowhere until Titan beats me!"

"That's just you, you always want a fight. Well if you want one you'll get one!" Titan remarked.

The two charged at each other.

"Green Energy Punch!" Titan's fist was surrounded with energy.

"Black Energy Punch!" So was Zaritan's.

The powered up fists collided, causing a major impact. A huge crater was created containing the two mecha. Totally ignorant of the crater, the two continued the battle.

"Hurricane Spin!" Titan's extension armor blasted out a huge tornado.

"Typhoon Spin!" Zaritan's extension armor blasted out a sandstorm.

"Green Energy Cannon!" X's Energy Cannon emerged on Titan's right hand.

"Black Energy Vulcan!" Zaritan's wrist revealed a vulcan.

At the great force that they fought with, nobody was sure who would win.

And all of a sudden...


The two dissapeared, causing the their small shelter to be partly destroyed, but still a bit safe.

"What are we going to do now??? Christmas is DOOMED," Lollipop wailed.

"We still have backup," Star said, " I remember that new fellow of the AP... was it Nich, or...oh, Nicktang. He has weapons, and according to the AP tracker, which I don't know why I have it, he's nearby. Otherwise, the nearest signal of help is Happyface, 100 miles away."

"So, what are you waiting for?" Chub asked.

"Waiting for him to reach range of the communicator. He's on a train." Star replied

The gang then call Nicktang. After 5 repeated calls, they manage to contact him

"Hello?" Nicktang answered the call.

"We need help! The X-antibodies are going to ruin Christmas!" Fooly yelled, having finished feeding the X-Antibodies with turkey.

"I'm afraid I can't help you, but I'll teleport some laser guns, as well as a bomb to you" Nicktang replied.

The weapons appeared in front of the gang.

A bunch of wild puffles came passing by, running from the explosions outside.

"Oh! Perfect for launching in my slingshot!" Fooly said, as he picked them up and put them in a big backpack he found in one of the presents from the plane. The puffles seemed to like the idea of being launched.

Everyone put their weapons ready.

"Who is going to have the bomb?" Lollipop asked.

"it huz tu bee da lider of aur gung" Popillol said.

"But who is the leader?" Person asked.

They went into a large discussion of who should be the leader.

Meanwhile, Titan and Zaritan were still in battle somewhere.

"Triple Black Energy!" Zaritan shouted and shot a powerful shot at Titan

"Triple Green Energy!" In response, Titan shot back.

The positive was equal to the negative, but Zaritan's shot took almost all of Titan's energy and power away.

"No...must FIGHT BACK!!!" Titan yelled, "Soul Energy Storm!"

The strongest blast destroyed Zaritan into a thousand pieces.

That was one problem solved.

"Star wins the role of leader!" Lollipop shouted out, having counted the votes.

"Here's the bomb." Patrick Tea passed the bomb to him.

"Let's get some baddies! For Christmas!" Star commanded.

"For Christmas!" Everyone else shouted out. Amigopen suddenly woke up.

"Haah? What am I doing here?" AmigoX was shocked.

"DaiBouken, code 55," Star said through his communicator.

Ultimate DaiBouken teleported to the area, just like Titan. Following came Titan, Z, EX and W.

"Everyone on. It's time to flip the coin," Star said.

Popillol misunderstood and flipped a coin. "iM dun"

"Yay! My turn!" Fooly said, as he reached for a coin.

"That is not what I meant." Star said.

PatriX began to say, "OMG. I can't believe there could be a turkey so..."

"WONDERFUL!, I know!" Fooly interrupted, after he threw ANOTHER turkey into PatriX's mouth.

"Ith tweistz auwswphwuill!" PatriX said, trying to say "It tastes awful".

"It tastes AWSOME? YAY!" Fooly shouted.

PatriX dissapeared in a pume of smoke.

"Well, now that THAT is over, TIME TO SAVE CHRISTMAS!" Star commanded.

"Wait, we have to save Christmas?" Amigopen interrupted, leading to the next chapter.

Chapter 8: The War Before Christmas[edit]

The war started after midnight.

The war was divided in 4 battles (attacks) for your un-boring-ness

First Attack: Nightmare[edit]

Fought by: Lollipop and his brothers, EX, W

Nightmare was standing on the broken stage. Suddenly, Lollipop, his brothers (excluding Goody, who stayed back at the thought of fighting), EX, and W busted in. W shot Nightmare with his Ice Gun, but Nightmare vaporized.

"...wut juhst happnhed?" Popillol asked.

"Nightmare escaped? How is that possible?" EX wondered.

"What if that's a decoy? It could all be part of a plan," Lollipop noted. "At least that's over with."

Second Attack: Herbert[edit]

Fought by: Sparkpin, Amigopen, Patrick Tea, Donneye, Fluffypuffle, X, Y (X + Y = Titan)

The team were thinking about how to defeat Herbert. Amigopen had one simple but stupid idea.

"How about, we use a FLAMETHROWER to burn him off the planet?" It could have been a good idea, if this wiki wasn't an all-age wiki. Nobody agreed with it.

"How about we throw pies at him? I heard he cannot take extremely good jokes.", says Patrick Tea.

"That's a good idea, now who here will volunteer to make super good jokes?" Amigopen asked everyone.

While Amigopen was speaking, Titan punched Herbert all the way to his fortress.

Everyone but Amigopen stared, their mouths wide open.

"So we just make up a crazy joke and- hey, what're you looking at-" Amigopen looked behind him, "WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED."

"Simple- I defeated him," Titan replied.

Third Attack: X-Antibodies[edit]

Fought by: Chub, Buhc, Fooly, Mabel, GGD, Fire, Fooly's Plane, Z, Fudd

"Ok everybody! I got a plan on how to get rid of these antibodies... for now." Fooly started to say.

"We shall build a giant slingshot to launch the plane into the X-Antibodies! What do you think?" Fooly concluded.

"Meh, as if it could defeat us!" Xgopen and AmigoX appeared right behind of the team.

"We, of course, can defeat the whole planet with just the power of nuclear fusion!" Xgopen shouted with his might.

"Quick question- where do we get a slingshot?" GGD asked.

"Who needs a slingshot when you have Laser Nets, was what they said," Z replied, demonstrating a quick sling attack using the Laser Net ability and his Quadruple Spin trick.

"COOL!!!!!!!" they all said.

"I'm going to do it for real now, was what they said! Duck was what they said!" Z shouted.

Everyone ducked while Z was preforming the sling attack with the plane.

The plane fell in the center of the X-Antibody Crowd and defeated a bunch of X-Antibodies, but the others where still running towards the gang with boogers and other deadly weapons.

Characters ran furiously into battle with all they had.

But at the end, their weapons broke and they where surrounded.

"Any last words?" Puffyfluffe said

"YES! CATCH!" Fooly shouted, as he passed him a shiny, round object.

It was gOld-berry.

Suddenly, a giant golden puffle fell down from the sky, fell on the X-Antibodies and flew away, with the villains in its bottom.

"YAY!! I LOVE PUF-FLING!!!" Fooly yelled.

Z reloaded his spider gun and fired again. The X-Antibodies were stuck in the yellowish-green laser material.

"We win!" Fooly shouted.

Final Attack: Questisbak[edit]

Fought by: Star, Person, Ultimate DaiBouken

"Questisbak was leading the army. Where is she?" Star asked.

"Over there," Person replied.

The three approached her.

"Time for the Christmas Showdown," Star said.

"You can't defeat me!" Questisbak was on Sungae 1 and was ready to fight.

Ultimate DaiBouken charged, grasping his drill firmly.

Sungae immediately grabbed the drill, trying to counter the attack. Star and Questisbak pressed multiple buttons and levers, trying to overpower one another. Ultimate DaiBouken and Sungae were overheated, but neither seemed to be damaged.

"Super Sunglass Beam!"

As the sun rose, Richperson charged the nano solar chargers inside his glasses and suddenly fired a huge blast of solar power. Ultimate DaiBouken was able to avoid the attack, but Sungae wasn't so lucky. Sungae immediately fell into the nearby ocean.

Questisbak landed on plain ground and escaped.

The battle was over.

Chapter 9: Christmas is Here![edit]

After the war had finished (by the other day's midnight) , Fooly waddled up to the pile of defeated villains.

"Oh, we are NOT done yet!" Fooly said.

Then he took out... fruitcake.

"Wanna some fruity cake?" Fooly yelled.

"WHAT? No final battle? No final hit?" Herbert asked.

"Well, it is Christmas right now! It does not matter is you are good or bad, you must just have JOY! And christmas colored turkey!" Fooly said.

All of our characters came together and drank eggnog, sang and exchanged presents. Well, at least only the good ones.

They where all happy. (I'm not going to say "happily ever after" because that would be weird AND it would be a lie, because they didn't really live happily EVER AFTER.)



While they where celebrating, no one noticed that Questisbak had gone away. She was planning something that was not good.

"I'm sure that they will have an explosive New Year! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!" she yelled.

If you want to see what happens next... click here: An Explosive New Year