Fanon Characters New Years Special!

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The Fanon Characters New Years Special! is the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki's first ever New Year's story special! Based after Halloween and Christmas, it is 6 days after Christmas. This special features many characters from the wiki, and the whole idea of holiday specials was introduced from this guy! Courtesy to many users who helped in making this special - including all the other specials! On the behalf of all the users on the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki, we hope you - the reader - enjoys reading this special! Now it's time for the first, super-duper, awesome New Year's fanon special!

Chapter 1: TNT ho![edit]

"Ok, everybody! Let's get this show running smoothly!" shouted Fooly8, while carrying a box of TNT to a stone stage. On the stage there was a big catapult, aiming for the sky directly.

This year, the Fanon Characters wanted to put on a "Fireworks" Show for all of Club Penguin. It was going to be great. At least everyone hoped it was. Fooly8 was in charge of it and knowing his lack of common sense, everybody knew something was going to go wrong

"TEST LAUNCH! TAKE COVER!!" shouted Fooly8. He lighted up a red stick of dynamite. About 30 seconds before it was about to explode, Fooly8 launched it from the catapult and it blew up in midair. Red sparkles came out.

"Yay! This is perfect! On my FIRST TRY!" said Fooly8, with entusiasm.

"Wait here! I'm going to get some more dynamite!" shouted Fooly8, and turbo-boosted away with his jetpack.

(continue the story, please)