Fanon Characters Special 2015!

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Fanon Characters Special 2015!
They're back again, and about time too!
Start February 2nd, 2015
End February 9th, 2015
Location Club Penguin, The Mirror World.
Rewards Balance to the worlds are restored.
Really Random Story Night of the Living Boxes

It's back and better than ever! After a whole year (and a half) of absence, various characters from different series in the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki join forces once again to fix some monumental problem! This time, our heroes are going into a parallel dimension known as the Mirror World, where our heroes are not so heroic. What'll happen next? YOU DECIDE!

Chapter 1: Prologue

?????: Release!

The Propellor Cap Trio was doing something random again. On an iceberg in the middle of the sea, for some reason. As Fooly shouted those words, they all released the band of a gigantic slingshot, loaded with a mirror. For some reason.

Fuzzle: Finally! We got rid of that cursed... thing!

Fooly: Yay! By the way, where was this slingshot pointing, anyway?

Folly: According to my calculations, the mirror should land in the middle of Club Penguin. The Town to be exact.

Fooly: Wait a second... weren't we told that there was a "Good Guy Reunion" or something over there right about now?

As the three fools looked at each other with worried faces, they began Turbo-Boosting towards Club Penguin. Oh, what a mistake they made. As they flew towards the horizon, a shadowy figure emerged, grinning maliciously.

??????: Mwahaha! This scheme is going better than a thought it would...

Meanwhile at the Coffee Shop, the aforementioned "Good Guy Reunion" was occurring, albeit it wasn't particularly popular this year. Mr Cow2 was working as Barista while Star kirby12 was relaxing, with Phillip Pawn just hanging out in the background.

Mr Cow2: So, how have things been going?

Mr Cow2 poured some coffee into a cup.

Star: Great! I haven't heard from Questisbak for a while now! I think we finally got rid of her this time.

Phillip Pawn: So then what ARE we going to do?

Star: Hopefully we can have some relaxation time before the next villain arrives. I could really use some.

Mr Cow2: Sounds exciting! I've always dreamed of joined the EPF or some other group that fends off the baddies. To be honest, I'm kind of tired just hiding in a box and waiting for the trouble to go away.

At the same time, a small boat was arriving to the dock of Club Penguin. Out came hopping a small white puffle, talking to a friend in his cell phone.

Snow: FrostByte, I'll be back in about a week or two, because I need to to meet someone.

FrostByte: Have a great trip, Snow! MEOW! So who is this person you're gonna meet?

Snow: I... forgot. Anyways, this place is so big, I think I'll need a map!

FrostByte: See ya soon! MEOW!

Snow: Later!

Frostbyte: BYE! MEOW!



Star, Mr Cow2, Ph1l1p P4wn and Snow dashed into the Town Center, where they met The Propellor Cap Trio. They were randomly running around crazily around a enormous cracked mirror.

Fuzzle: OH BOY, OH BOY!

Fooly: Gah! We messed up! Again!

After facepalming, Star began interrogating Fooly.

Star: Ok, did you make another confetti bomb?

Fooly: No, we already used that plot in New Year's Eve! This time it's worse!

Folly: This mirror you see here is no ordinary mirror... we think. Maybe someone could inspect it?

Mr Cow2: I have a magnifying glass.

Star: That should work.

Mr Cow2: Here Fooly, catch!

Mr Cow2 threw the magnifying glass to Fooly

Fooly: Thanks! Now, how do I use this again?

Mr Cow2: Beats me.

Snow: You just lo-

Taking his best guess, Fooly threw the magnifying glass at the mirror, shattering it, causing a purple wormhole to appear.

Star: NO!

Phillip Pawn: Looks like we don't have a choice.

Snow: And I had to pick today for my trip! So much for that plan!

Just then, a penguin came out of the portal. He was wearing a mask, a helmet and a cloak, covering most of his body.

???: Who shattered the mirror?

Everybody pointed at Fooly.

???: Oh, good guys. This'll be fun. COME ON OUT!

Right as he said that, more penguins emerged, taking the forms of an evil Phillip Pawn, Mr Cow2, Snow, Fooly, Fuzzle and Folly.

???: Sic 'em.

Right then and there, a huge battle with these villains commenced, catching almost everybody off guard. Mr Cow2 was easily sealed in a box, The PCT were a bit hard to catch but were taken captive next, then following were Phillip Pawn, Snow, and finally Star, who put up a valiant effort. They were all taken back into the portal.

Fuzzle: Yay! We're hostages!

Chapter 2: The Great Escape

Richperson and Human entered the scene.

Person: WHAT IN THE-

Human: *sigh* I'll clean it up.

Human pulled out his Magic Pencil, ready to erase the portal, but Person stopped him.

Person: Wait. You're better at fourth-wall breaking. Take a look at the script.

Human: Right.

As Human was reading the prologue, our heroes were being taken by the mysterious doppelgangers through a city in ruins. It was soon apparent that they were still in Club Penguin, but things had drastically changed for the worse...

Fuzzle: Hey, Star. Don't you know about this thingy?! You saved the Multiverse once, after all.

Mr Cow2: What's the Multiverse?

Star: I'm not sure this has anything to do with the Multiverse. Unlike the other realities which run in their own timeline, this particular reality seems like it's parallel to ours. I haven't seen something quite like this, Person would know more...

Mr Cow2: Can somebody please tell me what is the Multiverse?


Snow: Fine. Grumpy Puffle it is.

Human: Uh-oh, Star's in trouble!

Richperson: What? What happened?

Human: Star being kidnapped by a bunch of doppelgangers! And a bunch of other guys are there too!

Richperson: (sigh) It's that time of the year again, is it?

Human: Huh? What do you mean? This is normal?

Richperson: Afraid so.

While Human and Richperson were discussing their plans, our heroes were thrown into a dungeon.

Star: What do you want? Who are you anyway?!

???: That's none of your business!

Phillip Pawn: Hey, wait a minute. That cloak you're wearing. It reminds me of-

???: Questisbak? Hah! She would tremble under the might of me!

The evil version of Fooly, followed by his partners, then entered the room.

Mirror Fooly: Actually, she's the one who made the mirror, Dark Knight.

Dark Knight: DANG YOU!

With a strong punch, Dark Knight sent Team Propellor blasting through the window.


Snow: What just happened, anyways?

Dark Knight: I cannot have you running around exposing my identity to everybody. Release the MABELSAURUS!

A giant T-Rex which had been genetically altered to have Mabel's head and arrogance.

Everybody: AAAAHHHH!!!!

Dark Knight: Good luck trying to survive, incompetent fools!

And just like that, Dark Knight disappeared in a puff of smoke, while our heroes are running for their lives.

Back in our reality...

Richperson: Ok, everyone! You might be wondering why I gathered you all here today..

Human: Yeah, a little explanation would be nice.

Richperson: A bunch of our close friends got kidnapped and taken into the mirror by evil twin-like being!

Penquino: Huh, it's that time of the year, huh?

Human: I still don't know how you find this common.

And so, Richperson's team marched on into the mirror.

In Mabelsaurus's room, Star had already devised a plan to defeat the hideous abomination.

Star: Mr Cow2! Distract the monster!

Mr Cow2 proceeded to juggle wedges of cheese, which was just enough to catch Mabelsaurus's attention.

Mr Cow2: Uh-oh...

Star: Quick Snow, freeze it!

Snow proceeded to blow a chilly wind which would temporally stall the Mabelsaurus in place. Star proceeded to use his jetpack to jump high and slash with his Mike Sword at the beast. As he landed, the Mabelsaurus exploded in the most epic fashion.

Phillip Pawn: Yahoo! Now to get out of here...

Fooly: We got that covered! Folly, commence plan T!

Folly nodded and hid inside a cardboard box. Soon after, she went dashing uncontrollably out of the box, wearing a stereotypical transfer student suit. She also had a slice of toast in her beak.

Folly: ああ、私は学校に遅れてんだよ!私は物語に重要である文字に実行しないことを願っています!

Upon reaching what appeared to be the exit to the main dungeon hallway, she crashed into a seemingly familiar face, though it wasn't as evil.

Snow: Is that...?

Star: N...N...Nexer?!

Mirror Nexer: AHH! DARK KNIGHT! I was defiantelly not trying to escape from your dungeon!!

Star: Wait a second, I'm not Dark Knight! I'm Star kirby12, hero of Club Penguin! Aren't you a self-proclaimed villain?!

Mirror Nexer: No... oh, right! Today must be the day! There's hope!

Phillip Pawn: Wait, what? I'm confused...

Mirror Nexer: Let me explain...

Chapter 3: Chronicles of the Mirror World

Mirror Nexer began explaining the backstory of this war-torn alternate world...

Mirror Nexer: You probably know that your own universe, the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki, is part of a greater Multiverse. They are all fanonical pieces of fiction based on canonical pieces of fiction. This was all created by what is known as reality.

You should all know that the humans from reality are the lead species in the True Earth. Luckily for you, you were imagined by more organized humans, who actually created a coherent universe. They do not change: they just add.

Unfortunately, there is another type of writing human. Their fan-based fiction (or just "fanfiction" for short) is all messed up.

Maybe they just did a shameless self-insertion of a persona based on what they think is their true self.. Maybe they put every character they can think off in a high school of sorts. In extreme cases, they'll just completely rewrite the whole timeline in a way that doesn't make sense.

A portal, or "mirror", has been opened for one of these kinds of fictions. And a shameless one it is, they just took your reality and simply switched all roles around.

In this universe, it all started with an Island called Club Herbert. Every penguin had fun there, until the Breau of Fictious Literature came. They are a bunch of completely detestable omnipotent beings which just want to bring misery, chaos and confution to the world. I assume that it is reversed in your world.

To aid them, they created a large amount of Mary Sue-ish villains most super. The human behind this just took your information and put everything to "evil", so they should have about the same abilities and look as you. Except for personality. That probably changed in drastic levels.

You are currently inside the dungeon of one of the biggest baddies' hideouts of today: The New Generation "Heroes". They are conformed by Dark Knight, the evil mastermind of the plan, Mr Bull2, one of the laziest beings alive who just happens to have super powers, Blyzzard, the cruel and merciless dictator of the PuffleVillian Empire and c4pt41n P3R4p1n, a spamming hacker who just loves to make spelling mistakes.

They also hire lesser villains to aid them, like Team Propellor. They are a highly loyal but incompetent trio of thiefs-for-hire, which are Fooly, the serious leader, Fooly's sister, the one who carries out the plans and Fuzzle, the completely obnoxious member who just complains and says "WOBUFFET" after every sentence. I also heard rumors that they are hiring new villains right now!

That Mirror you passed was created by your version of Questisbak. Ours is kind and loves everything. The mirror ties the links between the two worlds, which means chaos will ensue! To stop all of this madness, you must save our world from destruction and fix the mirror!

Back at the rescue team's location...

Richperson: See? We made it safe and sound into th-

Suddenly, three objects came crashing nearby.

Human: Who... who are those three... they look like... Fooly, Fuzzle and Fooly's twin sister who's name I forgot?!

The members of Team Propellor stood up and began... reciting a motto?!

Mirror Folly: Prepare for trouble, we'll break the fourth wall!

Mirror Fooly: Make it double, and we'll defeat you all!

Mirror Folly: To protect our world from devastation!

Mirror Fooly: To unite all penguins within our nation!

Mirror Folly: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

Mirror Fooly: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Mirror Folly: Folly!

Mirror Fooly: Fooly!

Mirror Folly: Team Propellor blasts off at the speed of light!

Mirror Fooly: Surrender now or prepare to fight!

Mirror Fuzzle: Yeah, that's right! Wobbufett!

Penquino: We have no time for this, you fools! We need to rescue our friends!

Person: These are not the guys we are used to...

Human: What do you mean?

Person: First off, yes, this is Fooly, Fuzzle and that third girl. But at the same time, they aren't. It's a bit of a parallel dimension thing, but I don't know too much. Let's test it out. Lazor, go!

Lazor approached the trio.


Some time later, Lazor was busy shooting virtually everything at Team Propellor.

Mirror Folly was busy launching bombs at the mechanical powerhouse, who started bashing them back with a hammer. Mirror Fooly was flying around, trying to get a good shot at him, being disrupted by the constant laser beams. Mirror Fuzzle, on the other hand, just sat back and started complaining.

Mirror Fuzzle: What a bunch of idiots you are, Wobbufett. I would have defeated them already, Wobbufett!

Explorer: Question, when does Mayor McFlapp have the time to build something like this?

Person: Beats me.

Suddenly, Person received a transmission from his communicator.

Person: Yes?

DaiBouken: This is DaiBouken. We've got the entire team of Hero Mechas ready to battle.

Person: Stay in standby. We'll only do it when we need to; we don't want them knowing how much power we have in store.

DaiBouken: Roger.

The transmission cut off.

Explorer: Oh, right! There is only one way to distract a fool...

Suddenly, Explorer summoned a Sea Cheese-and-Fruitcake Taco Pie. It was a taco made out of Sea Cheese and leftover fruitcake, then stuck into a pie.

Mirror Fuzzle: You realize we're the successful thieves on Club Penguin, right? Wobbufett!

Saying that, Mirror Fuzzle used a quick attack and managed to steal the taco pie.

Mirror Fuzzle: HA! WOBBUFETT! I finally have a sea cheese-fruitcake taco pie all for myself, Wobbufett!

Mirror Fooly: Hey! Share!

Mirror Fooly's response was just long enough for Lazor to shoot him out of the sky, landing near Mirror Fuzzle.

Mirror Folly: Leave some for me!

Folly then charged at them, but tripped on her own feet.

Richperson: That... was oddly easy. Lazor, where did these two come from?

Lazor scanned them.

Lazor: Scan Complete. Results are Fooly, Fuzzle, and [ERROR 404] of the Propellor Cap Trio. Their physical conditions are identical to the ones in my data banks, but their recent behavior does not match with my recorded data. They come from an unknown origin, but evidence shows recent damage signs, suggesting that they may have been punched very hard, sending them flying at 120 degrees straight from the town.

Explorer: Great, we'll start our search there.

Chapter 4: The Desperate Duo

Snow: Man, I'm tired! Are we out of the dungeon yet?

Star: I'm sorry to tell you that we didn't even begin heading out.

Snow: WHAT?!

Fooly: We had to stay here a few more minutes, because the other guys who are coming to save us were fighting our alternate selves.

Star: Wait... how do you know all of this!?

Fooly: I read the chapter above.

Fuzzle: It says we might be somewhere near the Town of this reality.

Star: Well... we should begin our escape!

The team began walking down the long, empty hallways, hoping to reach a random destination.

Folly: Why don't we just fly through the window, like the other me, Fooly and Fuzzle did?

Mirror Nexer: I'm afraid that's impossible.

Star: Why?

Mirror Nexer: Well, it's simple. It's because...

Before Mirror Nexer could finish his speech, a diabolical jester came in and knocked him unconscious, followed by a puffle splattered in... red paint, I guess?

Ph1l1p P4wn: Who are you?!

Mirror Clovis: I'm surprised you didn't recognize me. And you... hah... saw us knocking him out. That means it's time to... heh... get rid of the testimonies.

Mirror Leonardo: Looks like there's going to be more red paint. (maniac laugh)

Star: This is not good...

Just then two wedges of cheese flew right the evil duo's faces, splattering all over them, and temporarily blinding them.

Mr Cow2: RUN FOR IT!

Mr Cow2 kept throwing more cheese in hopes of toppling them over. Mirror Clovis just wiped the cheese off his eyes and pressed a button.

Mirror Clovis: You're in for it now!

The button set off an alarm, which alerted many mirror High Penguins.

Random Mirror High Penguin: FREEZE! POLICE!

Mr Cow2: You guys go on ahead. I'll find my own way out, and have fun doing it too!

Star: If you insist...

Carrying the unconscious Mirror Nexer, Star, Snow and the Propellor Cap Trio waddled their way out. Mr Cow2 was holding well off on his own, but Mirror Leonardo, smiling manaticly, approached slowly with a sharp weapon in hand...

Snow: We... should... be... safe... by... now...

Snow was lagging behind the rest, due to not being used to run such long distances.

Fuzzle: Don't worry! We're almost near a safe spot!

Snow: That's nice too... AUGH!!!

From inside a cell, a new mirror entity was starting to shake Snow violently. She looked like certain obnoxious purple puffle, asking for mercy.

Sabel: Please, let me out of here!

Suddenly, a loud scream was heard.

Sabel: What was that?

Snow: I think that was Mr Cow2!

Star: We have no time to go back for him now!

Star sliced through the cell bars with his Keysaber and ran towards what he thought was the exit of the Mirror World.

Fooly: Uh, Star, aren't you acting OOC?

Star: I'm sorry, but in here, survival is key. Plus, did you SEE how many High Penguins there were? Follow me. I think I know how to get out now.

Human: I guess this is it... Fooly, Fuzzle and... em... whoever was the other penguin must've come from here.

The search party was standing in front of the single building in the Town Center of this Mirror reality.

Richperson: It feels so... eerie. Everything we know has been torn apart.

Mabel: @%[email protected]¢÷|[8^;×&°+8-:¥€~€!!

Explorer: MABEL?! What are you doing here?!

Mabel: What's wrong about hiding behind you?

Richperson: Enough! Let's get in and bust out our friends!

c4pt41n Ph1l1p P4wn: N0t s0 f4ST!

Blyzzard: 5 opponents? This fight's in the BAG! PUFFLEVILLAIN ARMY, IN POSITIONS!

Pufflevillian Empire General: YA HEARD THAT?

Pufflevillian Empire Army: NO, WE DIDN'T!

Pufflevillian Empire General: Blyzzard said, "5 opponents? This fight's in the BAG! PUFFLEVILLAIN ARMY, IN POSITIONS!". Listen to your instructions, you incompetent fools! Let's fight 'em!

c4PT4in Ph1l1p P4wn: eY, y es, T1M3 t• f1gHT!!!!! 101 101 101 101!!!!1!!!

Human: Wait, are these guys really that bad at counting? Even if we only count those with dialogue, there's six characters, and then we have this squad of other characters back here.

Blyzzard: Hey, we're "heroes", not mathematicians. Now that I think about it, I... erm... DON'T DELAY YOUR DEMISE!

17 seconds later

00700gold: Sooooo what have we been doing?

Human: Delaying our demise.

Person: That's enough. Lazor, go!


Lazor approached once more, ready to obliterate the opposing forces, but as Lazor fired a laser (how appropriate, eh?), it was suddenly reflected back by a sudden gigantic "SH111LD" appearing from nowhere, apparently summoned by c4PT4in" P4wn, temporarily disabling Lazor.

Person: Ah, great! I'll fix this, the rest of you get into battle!

Human: That's more like it! LEZZGO!!!

Human tried to charge at the army, but was soon stopped by a "N00B" that appeared. cpatin P4wn seemed to block most of the attacks with simple words appearing from thin air.

Human: Ow. Hmm...

Human then proceeded to draw a hammer, while c4PT4in P4wn created the word "F147" to counter. However, Human wasn't creating a hammer- he was making Amigopen's Banhammer. Not noticing this, Ph1l1p P4wn blasted the word at him, but Human immediately slammed it down, and these words appeared:

  • (diff|hist) m Fanon Characters Special 2015; ??:?? . . (-4) . . Human Denton (Talk|contribs|block) (Reverted edits by c4PT4in P4wn (talk) to last revision by Lazor)

Ph1l1p P4wn: ...W4T JU5T H4PP3N3D?

Human: Sayonarra!

Human brought the giant hammer down on the spammer.

  • (Block log); ??:?? . . Human Denton (Talk|contribs|block) blocked c4PT4in P4wn (Talk|contribs) with an expiry time of indefinite (account creation disabled, email disabled, cannot edit own talk page) (Spam) (unblock|change block)

P4wn: W41T... Y C4π'T 1 D0 4NyTH1NG?!

Human: Simple, you're banned.

Somehow, P4wn connection crashed and he disappeared.

Blyzzard: WHAT?! HOW DID DAT HAPPEN?! Well, try to get past my army! They might be nincompoops, but they'll do the trick!

Mabel: If you actually want to win, try not revealing your plans, you +%67-&6=°¥°--^π-¥6™"%-+™√{}['€%.

Blyzzard: SHUT UP! Army, ATTACK!

Pufflevillain Empire Army: SIR, YES SIR!

The Pufflevillian Empire's army began firing at will. They weren't exactly the best at shooting, but they were outnumbering our heroes regardless.

Richperson: AH! They're... actually, hitting everything BUT us... what?!

The army was literally hopping on their guns to shoot.

Human: I got an idea!

Human drew a flamethrower and single-handedly took out the whole army. Except for Blyzzard, who then froze the flamethrower.

Explorer: What? I'm pretty sure fire can't be frozen. Welp, I'm just going to blame cartoon physics.

Mabel: Agreed (for once...), cartoon physics can be a ΔΩ ͏ Ϡ‽҂Ӷ۝۩ᴥᵯ₠∏℗ЙӜஇ ணษ༕࿄Ᏻ ᕇ∏⊛⎳⎲⏎␀①⑫⓬☎☸☈♔♕ ♖♗♘♙♚♛♜♝♞♟♨⌚✆✉✍❀⨇﷼*ᅤ!!!

Explorer: Oh well. BOMBS AWAY!

Explorer threw a bomb (approved by Morshu of course) that finally ended Blyzzard.


Meanwhile, inside the Mirror Fortress, Mirror Leonardo and a few Mirror High Penguins rolled a ball of cheese to a extremely powerful, yet lazy, Mirror character.

Mr Bull2: Dead or alive?

Random Mirror High Penguin: He hasn't moved, but for all we know, he's still breathing, sir.

Mr Cow2: ZzZzZ...

Mr Bull2: Perfect.

Mr Bull2 pressed some buttons on his hover-chair, which made some tubes connect to the giant ball of cheese. Slowly, the ball turned purple. Then, a brown flipper punched through the top of the ball.


Random Mirror High Penguin: Nyahahaha?!

Mr Bull2: Don't judge me.


Mirror Nexer woke up after accidentally being knocked into a wall.

Mirror Nexer: Ouch! Wha...? What happened?

Fooly: Eh, nothing much. Some random vandal came and edited Star's dialogue, but nothing important happened.

Star: Eh, that was really weird.

Suddenly, three penguins blocked their path.

Mirror Kerboommista: Stop right there!

Mirror Friend Test5: There's no escape for you!

Mirror 00700gold: Time for a battle!

Fuzzle: WAT.

????????: RAWOOAAR!!!

Fuzzle: WUZ. DAT.

Mr Cow2 appeared behind the mirror trio, except he was different. His eyes were glowing purple.

Snow: He's...alive!

Folly: Yeah, but there's something odd here.

Mr Cow2?: Rrup.

Mr Cow2? took a bite of purple cheese.

Star: Wait a minute, what's that he's eating?

Fuzzle: I got it!

Fuzzle flew over and snagged the cheese. This angered Mr Cow2?, however.


Even with the powerful roar and all, the Propellor Cap Trio didn't notice how Mr Cow2? was angry. They were just preparing a taco with the cheese to eat themselves, with a microwave appearing from nowhere.

Fooly: Yum! Random purple-y cheese taco!

Thankfully, Sabel managed to kick away the cheese through a window before it could be cooked by the fools, which angered Mr Cow2 even more.


Suddenly, Human and the rest of the team appeared.

Human: Star!

Star: Wait, Human?! How did you get here?

Human: One of the authors spilled his coffee and ripped a hole in the story. So I broke the system. And- cheesus crust he mad.

Mr Cow2? was getting angrier, growing in size.


Person glanced at the Propeller Cap Trio.

Person: WHAT. DID. YOU. DO.

Fooly: We lost a taco.

Fuzzle: And a perfectly good one, too!


Person pointed at the beastly Mr Cow2?.

Fuzzle: Ooooh, that. We used his cheese as an ingredient.

Folly: It's sad to see such a yummy, purple, delicious cheese go to waste like that.

Fooly: Just thinking about it makes my stomach water!

Human: Wait... the cheese was purple?!

Folly: Pretty sure we made that point pretty clear.

Mirror Kerboommista: HEY! PAY ATTENTION TO US!

Mirror Friend Test5: We're here and about to kill you all!

Mirror 00700gold: Let's battle!

Meanwhile, the other characters in the room were ignoring the Mirror Kerboomista, Friend Test5 and 00700gold.

Mirror Friend Test5: Are you gonna fight us or what?!

Mirror 00700gold: C'mon, fight!

The 3 mirror clones were very unlikely to be noticed in a heated discussion about how cheese can't be purple and why Mr Cow2? was so big.

Mirror 00700gold: WHAT?! Even the narrator underappreciates us?!

Mirror Kerboommista: This is stupid!

Everything is stupid.

Mirror Kerboommista: Shaddup!

Mirror Kerboommista clapped his hands and blew up the narrator. Another "narrator" soon stepped in.

Fudd: HEY GUYS! I'm your substitute narrator! LULZ!!!1! *ahem* And so, while the three mirror idiots or something were busy blowin up the dumb, usual narrator, Lazor used a giant lazer thing that went WOOSH and KABLOOIE! And they defeated the bad guys or something.

Star: OK... Let's get out of here.

Fudd: And so, the heroes, like, exit-ed the Mirror Fortress through te hole that the stick-figure thing made, leaving some poo-colored guy behind, who somehow fell asleep... I think. So, anyways, the poo-guy sleepwalked muttering about some dream about junk food, flytraps and whatever is "Tiny". Who the heck is he anyways?

Folly: I can't believe the BoF is allowing this.

Person: Ok, the mirror should be over there...

Dark Knight: NOT SO FAST!!!

Fudd: Suddenly, the guy who looks like Star went WOOSH and took the mirror in which the guys who I actually recognize and that green female penguin with the weird hat entered from!!1!!


Fudd: Soon, the main guys just went running for the Mirror. Or some thing-a-jing.

Fooly: Hey! That's my phrase!

Fudd: Shut up. Soon, they had the weird Star in a corner, trapping him or something. BUT (Ha! I said butt!) SUDDENLY HE PUNCHED THE MIRROR, SCATTERING ITS FRAGMENTS! KABOOSH!!!1 WOWOWOWOWO1!1!

Human: What?! WHY?!

Dark Knight: Pretty soon... the invasion will be over... we'll have double the power!

Mabel: So you're conquering our world? WHY IN THE @([email protected]`{€°¢℅©©3(+%#+!#*? WOULD YOU DO SOMETHING SO STUPID?!

Folly: Wait a second... we all got here due to by brother shattering the mirror... IT'S A TRAP!

Snow: Wait, wha? This is what I expect out of Fudd?

Fudd: As the mirror shards started moving towards the void in the mirror, Dark Knight kickly ducked to the other side. Our heroes were quickly getting sucked into the mirror, again, with horror in their faces, as they saw the twisted land that their universe had become. AND ALSO, RAINING WAFFLES. HOORAY!

I'm finally better. You can go now.

Fudd: WHAT?! NARRATOR?! Aw poo! I'm not leaving this spot!

Oh yes you will!

Suddenly, while the obviously handsome narrator character trapped Fudd in a toilet, the heroes waddled around the island, staring in fear to their surroundings.

Chapter 6: Gotta catch 'em all (Part 1)

Explorer: What the..

Walking aimlessly, the heroes could see an army of familiar faces battling another number of slightly less familiar faces.


Snow: This is terrible! Every hero is fighting its wafflehanger!

Richperson: If we can't get ahold of something they could not have, we have a chance of winning, but they have a larger force at their side! We could lose any moment now!

As they talked, Folly noticed how another Flippling, Foomy to be exact, was launched far into the sky by the enemy forces.

Folly: Hey, that's IT! There's one thing that we have that they don't!

Mabel: (sarcastically) I hope it's guns or something.

Mirror Nexer: What is it? WHAT IS IIIIIT?!

Fooly: It's not some cliché "Friendship Power" or something...

Folly: Trust me, it's not. But to get it through an insanely difficult task, we'll need the help of some of our greatest heroes.

Fuzzle: Hooray! Lets do character-collecting montage!

Before our heroes began their long character-collecting montage (quoting Fuzzle), we take one more look back at the mirror world.

Dark Knight: This is going too slow. I have an idea! I'll send out my army of evil robots I build 3 seconds ago!

Dark Knight then pressed a button and about 10,000+ 5-second old robots went flying into the CPFW. Next to the portal, an unconscious Mr Cow2 spat out purple cheese, ending his horrific allergic reaction.

Mr Cow2: Huh? What happened?!

Annoyed, Dark Knight kicked Mr Cow2 into the mirror, send him back to his world.

Folly: Ok! So the first hero we need is...

Then Mr Cow2 crashed into Folly, having been launched suddenly from the mirror portal.

Folly: That was convenient. But can you PLEASE GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF MY FACE?

Mr Cow2: Sorry. *coughs*

As they said this, 10,000+ 20-second old robots flew through the portal to wreck havoc.


Suddenly, a horde of them were obliterated by pie blasts, claw attacks, blade kicks, and sword slashes.

Explorer: Hey there, Kwiksilver!

EPT, Ultra Leon, Sentinel and DaiBouken stood, having delivered the attacks mentioned two lines ago.

Kwiksilver: Come on, we've got company.

Explorer, Richperson and Star entered their cockpits.

Star: Where are the Tobots?

DaiBouken: They're currently receiving their Super Mode upgrades.

Ultra Leon: Well, while they're at it, we're going at those!

The portal then unleashed 50,000+ 5-second old robots.

Star: Umm... Fooly's sister, take the others and do your job. We'll take these down.

Folly: You got it!

DaiBouken: Entering DaiVoyager form.

Star cranked a wheel on his control monitor, turning DaiBouken into DaiVoyager. Meanwhile, Richperson hit several buttons to put Ultra Leon into Tategami Mode, while Explorer pulled a lever to initiate EPT's Hyper Mode. Kwiksilver spun a wheel on his control pad to activate Sentinel's Shinobi Mode, causing an obnoxious tune that kept saying "Dare ja? Dare ja? Dare, dare ja?!" over and over again. However, the robots never ceased. They were now rapidly coming out of the portal one-after-another in a seemingly endless loop.

Folly: Hey, you guys! I'm calling in a favour!

Arriving at the mysterious Tutupie City, Folly met up with her siblings. Except for Foomy, who unconsciously landed on a pile of snow just recently, after being sent to the main battle.

Foopy: Oh. That cheesecake accident at school, right?

Folly: Precisely. I need a list of the great heroes of Club Penguin Fanon Wiki. As many as you can. Reading Category:Good guys is too bothersome.

Foddy: I'll get Rosie or Justa to do it.

With that, the Flipplings waddled towards their school, with Foddy having an evil grin on her face.

Human: Say... why did we go to this city?

Fuzzle: Well according to her plan, this place will serve as...

Fooly: ...some sort of "Gateway" to get to...

Folly: ...different places in Antarctica!

Mabel: wat.

Folly: I knew you'd ask that, so I drew this graph.

Folly: Does that clarify?

Everyone else: NO.

Mcdonalds394: Not at all.

Ben Hun: *sleeps*

Mcdonalds394: Aw great, not again!

Folly: Hey, wait, where did YOU TWO come from?

Mcdonalds394: We were with you all along!

Fobby: Hey, guys! We got the list together!

Fooey: We suggest that you begin by recruiting Kwiksilver.

Human: He's battling.

Fooey: Then start with Explorer.

Snow: He's battling too.

Fooey: What about Star Kirby12?

Mr Cow2: Battling.

Fooey: Oh.

Foddy: Then I guess you'll need to begin with you know who.

Fuzzle: Let's do it! She isn't battling.

Foomy: I guess we could stay here and try to wake up Pancae to help you all.

Folly: Great! Let's go!

Mabel: Wait! Who the ($'-#!!($(}€=©×`{€{¥[|{£}}(+3!$ is "you know who"?!

Fooly: You'll soon find out ;)

The group walks into Amataria

Folly: Hey, Nat!

Nat: Hello, everybody! It's that time of the year, huh?

Snow: Yup!

Nat: What is it this time?

Penquino: Evil characters from a parallel reality.

Nat: Oh, that sounds awful!

Fuzzle: Say, what are you doing with your door?

Nat: Installing a knocker.

Fooly: Why?

Nat: Well, you see...

Human: Don't do it.

Nat: ...I'm trying to win...

Human: DON'T DO IT!

Nat: ...a no-bell prize!

Whenyouhearareallybadpun.gif intensifies

Mr Cow2 claps

Snow: I'd clap... if I had HANDS! Man, that was HAND-y!

Fooly: GRATE! I love cheesy puns!

• NAT (lv 58) joined your party!

The narrator, annoyed with these puns, decided to switch back to the fight scene.

Lots of explosions occurred as less-than-a-minute old robots were made and destroyed. Tategami Leon stabbed through thousands of robots next to Hyper EPT, who was shooting missiles at even more. As the battle continued, GoGo Drill, Shovel, Mixer, Crane and Jet were summoned as backup, turning into DaiTanken and directly to SirenBuilder.

SirenBuilder: Backup's here boys!

Kwiksilver: Alright. Let's pull the triggers!

As SirenBuilder spammed bullet shots at the robots, Kwiksilver clipped in a green wheel into his cockpit, activating Safari Edition (with more obnoxious noises, singing "Paon! Paoooooooooon!! Wasshoi!" over and over again in an Indian style) to allow Sentinel to aid him in rapidfire.

Star: Explorer, let's take out their factory.

Explorer: Roger that.

DaiVoyager and EPT turned into their respective vehicle forms and headed towards the portal.

EPT: Approaching portal.

DaiVoyager: All weapons OK! We're good to go.

Star: I'll clear the way. Adventure Double Screw!

Turning back into DaiVoyager, DaiBouken charged up two punches, wiping out the robots that were blocking the way.

Explorer: Fire the Hyper Giant Flash!

EPT's chest blasted a bunch of colorful lasers, obliterating the factory.

The Dark Knight kicked his robot creating computer aside.


Pressing a button, the Dark Knight went back to his dimension, but a sticky note left in the trash can is seen and on it is written: REMEMBER! Attempt to use old prototype first.

Back in Amataria

Fooly: Penguins creating robots in less than a few seconds? Well that doesn't seem Mary Sue at all.

Phillip Pawn: I have to remember to report that sometime.

Folly: Well, whatever! We need to find at the very least 9 more heroes to support us.

Soon, Amigopen walked into the scene with a tray of tea on his flippers.

Amigopen: Oui, everyone, I got tea! Say, what is everyone doing here?

Snow: It's that time of the year again. Wanna join our team?

Amigopen: ONLY if you give me a waffle.

Mr Cow2 reluctantly handed a waffle to Amigopen.

Mr Cow2: (to the waffle) I miss youuuuu...

Amigopen: Fine, I'm in. But I'll probably still destroy Club Penguin at one point. Maybe.

•Amigopen (lv 60) joined your party!

Fuzzle: Let's go back to Tutupie City and plan our next move!

As they mysteriously walked back to Tutupie City, they were welcomed by Fobby with some exciting news.

Fobby: Look, you guys, the divine beauty has awakened!

Snow: You guys woke up Pancae?

Folly: I think she's referring to herself.

Foomy: Oh, but we did wake Pancae up.

Mr Cow2: Then we need to see her!

Foomy: I'm afraid that'll be impossible.

Folly: WHAT? Why can't we see the deity? It's important!

Fooey: It's not her part yet. (yawn)

Amigopen: Uh... ok?

Folly: Let's go find more heroes, then. One specifically comes into mind...

Sabel: Whom?

Folly: That's easy. It's...

Suddenly, the group found themselves in South Pole City.

Snow: Seriously, that city gets me confused. We didn't even walk at all!

Amigopen: Besides, we shouldn't be here around this time of the year. You know what happens...

Fooly: Oh, come on! Since when did something chaotic happen in South Pole City, or Antartica as a whole for that matter, during a Special?

The Halloween Special


The War Before Christmas

"Part of the stage was crushed abruptly by Questisbak and a huge army of villains including Herbert, Klutzy, Nightmare, and most of the evil X-Antibodies. Xgopen and AmigoX flew into the scene after the villains crashed and Amigopen facepalms. "

An Explosive New Year

"After the the radioactive confetti was dropped in South Pole City, a radius of 15 miles was contaminated. Only one citizen died, fortunately, but many had to evacuate the city. Zayne Pie, Randy, and Destructo67 were ashamed about their failure; especially when they were pounded by biased media. Zayne stopped doing much bounty hunter business. He eventually retired in his 60's, and moved to Club Penguin Island. Randy moved to Eastshield, and lived on a family farm. He became a local state trooper, and retired to Club Penguin as well in his late 50's. Destructo stayed moved to South Pole City, and helped out penguins and puffles who became homeless after the radioactive confetti crashing. He has not yet retired, and stays in contact with Zayne much."

Really Random Story

"In this special, crazy things happen, including Nexer6472 accidentally making a monster out of a Leego set, me having to go to the toilet really badly, EPF agents pranking each other with the classic traps, random commercials that no one gives a crud about appears, and worst of all Feey1 Pie and his brothers accidentally releasing the Box Dragon. And all because of a malfunction on the Fourth Wall."

Fooly: Oh, right...

Folly: Well, this is the one place where we can contact who we need to summon.

Mabel: STOP MAKING CLIFFHANGERS AND TELL US WHO THE Ωӧ∞®©ÓÁ†∞¢´Ò©©Ó†®ÏE¢∞4ϣή†∞§7∞§¢∞£¢2H¶•¶∞§¢∞¢Ô¨ÁÓ†©®¡¡¡¡¡W∏∏∏φ† we're supposed to meet!

Folly: Well, obviously we're supposed to meet-

We see Hatpop and Ninjinian playing a game of chess.

Hatpop: I believe that's checkmate.

Ninjinian: Aww man. This is the 36th time you've won this week!

Flywish (from out of nowhere): Are you guys STILL arguing over checkers?

Hatpop: No we're playing chess. the next game is our 54th match!

Flywish: Doesn't playing board games get tiring?

Ninjinian: Well, there really isn't much to do after you retire from being a hero.

Just then, a robot's deactivated body flew through the window and almost hit Flywish. In the background, Explorer is heard saying "WE MISSED ONE".

Hat Pop: Ok. I think it's time to come out of retirement.

!!!: Good!

Right about then somebody gagged and kidnapped all of them.

Chapter 7: Gotta catch 'em all (Part 2)

Fuzzle: I think we delayed it long enough.

Fooly: I must admit that it is getting kinda annoying.

Folly: Ok then, let's call him.

Soon, Folly took a phone out of nowhere.

Folly: McDoodles!

Mr Cow2: Wait, what?!

Folly: It's part of the plan. Hello? I'd like to order a McDoodle's Silly Meal Jr.

Penguin 1: Yes, yes! We know where you are... coming right up!

A few minutes later...

Penguin 2: Here's your order! Are you gonna pay?

Fooly: I dunno

Penguin 2: Ok!

And then Penguin 2 exploded.

Snow: What next?


Suddenly, TurtleShroom (penguin) appeared from nowhere, infuriated.

TurtleShroom: WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?!

Folly: Whoops!

Folly threw the McDoodle's Silly Meal Jr. all over TurtleShroom, with toy and everything.

TurtleShroom: WHAT?! How dare you put my dignity at line? Oh, crap...

A mysterious shadow dropped from the sky.

BOSS XeXeXe: Ahm BOSS XeXeXe, and I'm here to defend TSP's dignity, ethical beliefs, and morale, whether he likes it or not!

Kwiksilver: Where's Explorer gone to?!

Richperson: I'm pretty sure he'll come back. He wouldn't just leave for no important reason.

Star: I don't know. We should at least try to hold the Mirror characters away until then...

Randomly, a Sonic Walrus flew by, Sentinel blasting into pieces.

SirenBuilder: ...what just happened?

Soon, an abomination walked into the scene, after it caught the scent of the Silly Meal Jr.

Kerbpuff: HIIIIII!!!

BOSS XeXeXe: WAT?! I'm gonna get you, Kerbpuff!

BOSS XeXeXe pulled out a radio.

BOSS XeXeXe: (into radio) BUGZY! Ahm callin' in a favour! Send me some of them Waddle Gs! I need some monstahs to clobber that dere Kerbpuff!

A few seconds later, a ton of Waddle Gs were deployed to begin an attack on Kerbpuff. Coming from all sides of the city, causing destruction with their weak but massive numbers, accidentally attacking buildings into rubble or trampling citizens like an avalanche of hungry piffles. Their attack failed miserably, with the last Waddle G attempting to escape Kerbpuff's deadly breath. It was soon grabbed by Folly using a prototype grappling gadget she found conveniently lying around.

Folly: Yes... caught our next hero!

Phillip Pawn: Wait... WHAT?!?

Penquino: So... you guys obliterated the capital of Antartica just to get... a simple Waddle G?!

Fooly: Can't see why not.

• WADDLE G (lv -1) joined your party!

Snow: I can't believe you guys triggered a chain reaction to get that low-level mook.

Mr Cow2: Well, what is done is done. Hooray, I guess?

Fuzzle: At least South Pole City only received minor damage, comparing to what has happened before, right?

Just as they were talking, a single confused Raptor Bot, which looked like it previously flew right into the fourth wall, crashed into Fragile Things Inc, the only building remaining, in the background.

Fuzzle: Oooor maybe not.

Phillip Pawn: Well, can we at least recruit these two?

Folly: *sigh* Fine.

Kerbpuff: HIIIII!!!

• KERBPUFF (lv 9,000+) joined your party!

• EXPLORER 767 (lv 40) joined your party!

Folly: I believe we should begin recruiting a few members of the Fanon Character Gang.

Mirror Nexer: What about that "Pancae"?

Folly: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Meanwhile at Gary's Lab, Gary is on the phone.

Gary: Buhc!! Buhc! Arrrgh. Chub, I can't get a signal from Buhc either. Do you have the supplies as planned?

Chub: *Muffled talking on the phone*

Gary: Perfect. You guide the heroes over to the new VR room. I have a plan for all this chaos.

Gary began searching through his lab table, cleaning up the area to reveal four batteries, with the colors gold, red, navy and purple.

Gary: Uh oh. Where's #10?

Fooly: An FCG member who should be nearby is... Uh... "Tang"?

Fuzzle: His first name seems to be "Nick".

Snow: Ooh, the suspense! No one could possibly guess who it is!

Penquino: I think that's Nicktan-


Mcdonalds394: No, it's Nicktan-

Suddenly, a mysterious figure gagged the team of heroes.

When they all woke up, they found themselves in a bunker.

Fooly: Hey, I remember this bunker! It's the one we used this Halloween!

Mirror Nexer: But... it's only February.

Fooly: What part of "time travel" do you not understand? Besides the paradoxes and the fact that I didn't mention time travel until this point in time? Besides, Halloween hasn't even happened in reality. Ha! Take that.

The figure, not being mysterious anymore, revealed himself to be Nicktang10.

Nick: Thank goodness none of you spoiled my name before I suddenly kidnapped all of you.

Mabel: WHAT THE ΔΩϠᴥ℗ண␀☈ ♖♗♨✍⨇ⶹ* DID YA DO THAT FOR?!?

Waddle G: ...

Nick: So nobody could foresee my surprise appearance, duh. Now I got some explaining to do. You see, you alright fought against an evil guy named Dark Knight, right?

Nat: Left.

Whenyouhearareallybadpun.gif intensifies

Nick: Anyway, we just got intel from Gary that he's still out there, but we can't track him, so we're preparing for his next attack instead. He entrusted a few of us with special batteries and kept four to himself. For some reason, he didn't tell us what they did. He told me to go find you and the retired heroes, then bring them to Chub. That second part is getting increasingly harder though...

Hatpop: Could you let us out of here?

Nick: Ok.

•NICKTANG10 (lv 30), HAT POP (lv 447), NINJINIAN (lv e), and FLYWISH (lv, 239876543) have all joined your party!

Mcdonalds394: What about these guys and me?

Nick: What about you?

Mcdonalds: What do we do?

Nick: What do you mean? I mentioned just a few lines ago that I was to find you and the retired heroes, which includes you.

Nearby, a wall exploded. Meanwhile, Nick received a call on his communicator.

G: This is a group call to all FCG veterans. Who took the silver battery? I forgot to mention not to take that one.

Welcome00: Err, that would be me.

Everyone turned, surprised due to not noticing Welcome hiding in the shadows of the bunker.

Snow: WELCOME?! What are you doing here?!

Welcome: What, is it wrong for me to be creepily hiding in the shadows?

  • WELCOME00 (lv 14) joined your party!

Folly: Wait. This is it. We have enough heroes to advance the plot!

Mabel: No 1)+$-%[email protected]!$;#ing way.

Fooly: It's time to go meet Pancae!

Mr Cow2: But how are we going to get to TutupiHOLY CRAP WE'RE ALREADY THERE.

And they were there.

  • THE FLIPPLINGS (lv 7) joined your party!

Fooly: And that just happened!

Chapter 8: Heroes Unite!

Pancae: Greetings, heroes of new and old. And a Waddle G. It's been quite a journey, huh? You fought, collected, worked... And got eaten. Maybe. However, a stranger path unwinds into the horizon. A new adventure to look forward to. This is it. The overpowering forces of evil have advanced to our imaginary world. These forces can only be repelled by a single thing, but it will take effort and a lot of characters. And that Waddle G. For this item of unimaginable power is...


Pancae: OH! You're already here?! Ahh, I haven't finished practicing for my climactic cliffhanging speech...

Phillip Pawn: Just say it.

Pancae: Uhh... OK... Greetings heroes of... You know what? Forget formality. Blab blah blah, reflection on your journey, name of the item.

Mirror Nexer: Which is...?



Buhc had fallen like a meteorite. There was no visible psychical changes, but everybody could already tell something was different. He quickly rushed over and knocked all the heroes over like bowling pins in a robotic motion, except for Pancae who put up a forcefield. Then, she started speaking to Fooly through telepathy.

"This is your chance! Grab what is in his pocket, and hold it up to the sunlight.

And just like that, Fooly got up and whackhammered Buhc. He eventually knocked something out of his pocket. It was a purple battery with "#18" written on it. Fooly held it up to the sunlight, and something shot across the sky like a blur. It was Bill Gate$ who IMMEDIATELY took fighting stance.

Bill Gate$: Wait, what am I doing here? Oh, it'$ that time of year again.

And the battle was on! While Bill Gate$ and Buhc were fighting, Fooly had a sudden flashback of Bill Gate$'s fight against 12yz12ab during the events of Arda on a Silver Platter...even though he wasn't there to witness it. After Bill won, Buhc spat out a purple chemical and snapped out of his evil state, somehow immediately regaining consciousness. Right at that moment, everybody else somehow woke up too.

  • BILL GATE$ (lv $) joined your party!

  • BUHC (lv 777) joined your party!

Boss XeXeXe: Whoa, son. Ah say boy, ah say boy, what just happened?

Fooly: What DID just happen?

Pancae: Good job, Fooly. That is what is known as the recall battery. You must all find Chub with this item of immeasurable power. While I won't follow ya, I'll still help out! Even the most powerful villains shudder in fear under the great might of the-



And just like that, the unnamed device had been crushed into pieces for some reason.

Fooly: What was it supposed to be?

Pancae: *sigh* It was a BOF-brand microchip. The smallest one in the universe, but the most powerful too. It was used to regulate the flow of battle to make heroes win constantly.

Nicktang: So THAT's how it worked!

Pancae: Yes, and through all your adventures, I slowly turned the power down, and I had just completely turned it off since you were so well at fending them off yourselves. Then Dark Knight and his minions arrived. Each of them has as much power as their counterpart, sometimes they're even better at fighting then the original (looking at you, Mr Cow2)! There was absolutely no way you could win on your own, so I was diverting all of its power to keep Dark Knight and the other dopplesomethings under control, and it already wasn't doing well.

Folly: C-can we fix it?

Pancae: I'm afraid it is beyond the point of repair. Any attempt could further damage it. Now that this is gone-


Pancae: "The time" is near. Dark Knight is ready now at any moment to unleash his army on the world and take over both universes. The recall batteries are you last hope. Go and find Chub and Gary. He has already gathered the others. Now go and do whatever is supposed to happen!

Fooey: And where ARE they?

Pancae: Look. I've already given you plenty of information. I can't just suddenly give you all of the answers. Ask someone else for a change! Gimme a break! Pancae, OUT!

And then she disappeared into a cloud of smoke.

Snow: *cough* *cough* *cough*!

Fooly: How are we going to get them?

Mcdonalds394: Well, it says on my tracking device that Gary and Chub are in a location 110 miles west from here.

Nicktang10: Them, what are you waiting for? Let's go!

10 miles west...

Snow: AUGH! I hate walking! Couldn't you guys just do the thing that we are suddenly where we're supposed to be?

The Flipplings: Nope.

Suddenly, a mirror appeared out of nowhere, from it appearing a devilish Kerbpuff, a XeXeXe-mode Explorer767 with an eye coming out of his stomach and... a Waddle G.

Richperson: Star?

Star: What is it?

Richperson: Somehow, I feel that the Mirror World's forces are somehow stronger. I mean, before we could handle a Mary Sue-ish amount of robots created on the spot, but now they are pushing us back!

Human: Yeah, you're right! And my magical pencil is suddenly not drawing well...

Star: Have you tried sharpening it?

Human: Oh, right. Sorry. But the enemy forces do seem harder to fight, for some reason. I wonder why?

SirenBuilder: Well I don't know, maybe the GIANT ENERGY CONDUIT IN THAT PORTAL?

And indeed, a huge channel of energy pipes was powering the forces of the Mirror World, made in 3.14159265 seconds when Dark Knight had a bit of free time. Even worse, this is the sound it produced.


Suddenly, a mysterious shadow dropped from the sky and did just that, using hot sauce to burn the enemy.

"This is a haiku

It is made out of three lines

And now it ended."

Kwiksilver: SENSEI?!

Unfortunately, a huge blast of energy shot out the pipe Sensei burned, making the noise play faster.

Snow: Kerbpuff, suck this torch!

Mcdonalds: Where'd you get that?

As Snow spoke those words, he threw a torch into Kerbpuff's open mouth. He then proceeded to swallow it to copy the awesome power of fire.

Pogopunk: He has become Fire Kerbpuff!

Mcdonalds: Where did YOU come from?

Bill Gate$: Do$en't matter. Let'$ move.

Penquino: It shouldn't take much longer now, be we could certainly go faster if we had a vehicle of sorts.

Phillip Pawn: Yes. But I doubt we'll get a random vehicle of sorts suddenly appearing from nowhere.

And a random vehicle of sorts DIDN'T appear from nowhere.

Phillip Pawn: See? I told you.

Mr Cow2: Welp, we're just going to have to Waddle along.

Mr Cow2 bit into a wedge of cheese, but...

Mr Cow2: Ow!

Hatpop: What is it?

Mr Cow2: There's something in my chee- OK. Who the heck is deciding where to hide the magical batteries?!

He then extracted another battery from the wedge of cheese. Who hid it there or how remained a mystery. Curious about it, Mr Cow2 proceeded to hold the battery up to the sunlight.

Mcdonalds: Wait, I have mine right on my glasses.

Folly: What?! Everyone, check your personal belongings for batteries, just in case.

Sure enough, a couple of characters found batteries in their own things. Kerbpuff spit one out of his mouth, Fooly had a battery on his other flipper all of this time and he didn't notice and Explorer (now turned back from his XeXeXe form) had one under his hat.


Mayor McFlapp: Eh, wot? He's right. Why are we allowing this to flippin' happen?

Director Benny: For the same reasons as the Rule 63 story. For the kicks.

Billybob: (facepalms)

Suddenly, the batteries started to glow and shake and rumble and vibrate! The immense power of this many of them in one area had created accidental inter dimensional travel! Right after they left, a giant glop of blue sludge just barely missed them.

Back to Dark Knight.

Dark Knight: CURSES! That sludge that had absolutely no significance in the story until now was supposed to mutate them and make them my slaves! No matter, I still have one more bucket. ROBOT NUMBER 9,999,99&[email protected]:;&:$-#### (can't compute), TRACK THEM!

Robot #(can't compute): Boss, they've traveled to another dimension. It has been dubbed "nightmare land". For some reason, we're not seeing them. Instead we have... Walking apples?

??????: What are you waiting for, then? You guys have traveled to a parallel reality, this should mean nothing to you guys.

Dark Knight: You can stop with the question mark thing, everyone knows that you're this universe's Questisbak.

Questisbak: CURSE YOU. However, we need to go in. Time to kick butt and chew bubblegum.

Chapter 9: And we're all out of gum

Foomy: W-w-what is this place?!

Mr Cow2: It looks vaguely familiar, if you ask me...

Mcdonalds: Everyone, search for clues. It might be somewhere here. No wait...

Folly: What might be somewhere here?

Everyone looked at Mcdonalds. Then he realizes something.

Mcdonalds: GAAAAH!!! NOTHING!!!

Fooly: Told you. Hey, what's that?

Fooly pointed at a big red button beside him.

Nat: No, wait! Don't push the...

Fooly pushed it. Emergency sirens began to sound at an incredibly loud volume and an ominous red light began flashing out of nowhere.

Ninjinian: Ooh boy. This can't be good.

Disembodied Voice: IT'S ME.

Fooly: Who?


Everyone's greatest fear manifested in front of themselves.

In the form of television sets showing a screening of WHAT?!. And there was no remote control.

Evereyone present in this scene, the Bureau of Fiction and the Narrator: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!

Mabel: Hooray!

While the video was playing, a group of orange puffles were hacking in a group as if they all had just eaten something awful. The puffles suddenly disappeared, leaving a game console behind.

Fobby: Huh? *picks up the game and pushes a button, making a penguin dancing in the game fall down* Hey, its a game of sorts!

Mcdonalds: No way!

Fooly: OH BOY! Let me try! *moves joystick, making the penguin that just fell crash into things* I think I'm making progress! *penguins knocks into a switch, then the puzzle appears*

Mabel: Pfft... How stupid.

Snow: Does this even do anything?'

Fooly: I know how to do these things.

Everyone stayed in silence for a moment, thinking of the contradictions in that statement.

Mcdonalds: And we are all out of gum. Great.

Bill Gate$: Chill. Thi$ i$ a wood puzzle.

Fooly: I got it! I know what the answer is!

Folly: Really?

Fooly: No. I don't even know what's a wood puzzle.

Foomy: Why don't we just go away now? There's literally nothing stopping us from just going back out of the portal...

Fooly: No. This is completely necessary.

After a few hours of just staring at it, the Waddle G stepped forward and quickly solved the simple puzzle, which showed a hybrid of various creatures...

And did nothing.

Folly: Uhh... should we be doing something?

Fooly: This must do something!

Welcome: THIS is why we delay our demise so much.

All the waiting for something to happen let Dark Knight and his army, along with Questisbak and her own minions, to enter the Nightmare Relam.

They too were affected by the screening of WHAT?!, though.

Soon, there was nobody left. Everybody had fallen, knocked out cold by the awfulness of the accursed WHAT?!. As this happened, the hybrid on the wood puzzle started to peel off, reincarnating a creature so vile, so disgusting, so terrifying...


Mabel: You know, mirror me, I'm starting to hate you a bit less.

Sabel: Really?

Mabel: Of course ×¥°`×£{¥×•°¢[¥¶|[°¥{™}[\℅€°(#+%-#2+%$(!'*!$+%+' not. I do like your taste on movies, though.

Tiny knocked both of them away with his scaly tail. He was not happy that his trap had failed.

Mabel: WHAT THE ☎আஇணഊ♘ᅤ⌚✆✉✍❀⨇ⶹ WAS THAT FOR?!?

Tiny: For trespassing!

Sabel: Hey, look! WHAT?! is still on.

Tiny: What's WHA-

As Tiny looked towards the television screen it too got knocked out by WHAT?!'s sheer

Sabel: Now all we need is to revive them.

[1 hour 15 minutes later]

The credits roll on WHAT?!?

Everyone awakes.

Sabel: It works!

McDonalds: Ugh, what happened?

Sabel: Dunno. Just unconscious for a little bit.


Tiny: What? H-hey wait!

• TINY (lv aeiou) joined your party!

SirenBuilder: Knuckle Vulcan!

DaiVoyager: Voyager Cannon!

The duo fired multiple shots at the power-generating energy conduit, only to be blocked over and over again by suicidal robots.

SirenBuilder: Oh come on, that's backwards!

Human: Leave this one to me! Come, StickSpacer!

The StickSpacer robot blasted through dimensions, arriving at the CPFW universe with a loud crash.

Human: I learned this from that one cheesy robot universe... UCHU KITAAAAAAA!!!!

The StickSpacer flew into the air and divebombed down, both fists forward, crashing straight into the conduit and destroying it. This only appeared to be futile, as more conduits formed.


Team Propellor suddenly warped in through a box portal.

Morrir Fooly: Did you call?

Dark Knight: What?! No.

Team Propellor warped back out.

Mcdonalds: Look, we're finally here!

Snow: Why are we here, anyways?

Phillip Pawn: Weren't you paying attention?

Snow: I kinda stopped caring since Chapter 7...

As Folly gave an extensive lecture to Snow on what had happened so far, the rest of the characters headed into the location that Gary and Chub were in...

Penquino: Are they seriously in the Pet Shop right now?!

Mcdonalds: Oops. I miscalculated the XY targets of my Gary/Chub tracking device.

Fooly: Why would you even have such a thing?!

Mcdonalds: Doesn't matter. Gary and Chub are actually... there.

He pointed to the Pizza Parlor.

Mcdonalds: Which means they were safe all along.

Gary: My, this is some fine deluxe pizza.

Chub: Delicious! It can't possibly be beat! Except for the dessert pizza, I think...

Gary: Then, let's try the dessert pizza! I bet it tastes better.

Chub: Yes. Waiter! Could you bring us a Dessert Pizza?

Penguin 1: Certainly.

After the waiter went into the kitchen to notify the chef about the order, the doors of the Pizza Parlor suddenly flung open, with the squad of Fanon Characters staring at Gary and Chub, who had appeared to have finished their 4th pizza. Like, 4 entire boxes of it. Some of them had a poker face, others were noticeably annoyed.

Gary: Ah, you guys finally came. Chub and I were just... making field experiments.

Chub: Oh, look! The... um... new evidence is arriving.

Penguin 1: A Dessert Pizza for table 4. Enjoy!

Everyone: (-_-)

Suddenly, out of the blue, the entire forces of Dark Knight's army blasted in through the roof. Every heroes' doppelgänger was ready for some dimension-conquering action... with the Questisbak of our own world leading the army.

Penquino: Oh boy...

Mirror Nexer: This doesn't look good.

Kerbpuff: POYO!

Mr Cow2: This was unexpected.

Fooly: Ahh! They rushed the plot?!

Folly: Well, the year is ending after all, at the time this was written.

Fuzzle: No time to explain! I got everyone else here!

  • STAR (lv 12) joined your party!

  • RICHPERSON (lv lv) joined your party!

  • HUMAN (lv 1337) joined your party!

  • KWIKSILVER (lv 1234567987654321) joined your party!

  • I-L-L-U-M-I-N-A-T-I (lv 669) joined your party!

  • A NUMBER OF GIGANTIC ROBOTS (lv ???) joined your party!

Star: I'm not even going to ask how you did that.

Human: And since when did the ILLUMINATI join?

Fooey: Why wouldn't it join?

Questisbak: This time your demise won't be delayed. Prepare for defeat!

Chapter 10: In the Final

Heroes. All the same, yet very different at the same time. Wether it was a lighter Antics story, a Multiverse crossover, an action-filled Special or just a nonsensical adventure, they had antagonists, in one way or another. Sometimes time or reality itself was the enemy, or it could be a concrete villain. Sometimes shadows or X-Antibodies were fought. But for our heroes, this would be their toughest challenge yet. If there was an enemy that could match up to each character's strength, it is themselves. And such an event was happening, for they must now conquer their mirror counterpart. Their evil side. A third synonymous thing. This would be a truly epic battle of self-knowledge. Those who know their strengths and weaknesses will succeed in glory. Those who don't... well, let's hope that they are simply lucky. This is no ordinary climactic battle, even if this plot line was used a variety of times before.

How can one conquer themselves?

Part 1: The Defense

Gary and the others were in a replica of the VR room.

Gary: Mmm gud pizza. Anyway, where were we? Oh, right, climatic stuff. You've all witnessed the great power of these thingies you've been collecting, right?

Fobby: Yeah, it's not like they almost killed us or anything.

Gary: I saw it and thought "what is one step better than that?" Then Chub was like "What's A HUNDRED steps better? And then I was like "no way, dude"


Gary: Gimme those.

Gary stole the batteries and put them into a machine that would harness their power.


All those noises you just saw described the batteries making the machine blow up and the batteries started floating and shooting concentrated beams that made matter blah blah blah.

Basically, the batteries created a ton of machines and weapons from the past and present and future. Among these were:

  • The Dino Bot from Willy and Kody
  • A swarm of Monopuffles
  • The karts from the penguin kart game series
  • A Puffle Car (for Snow)
  • A regular red bumper car and a hover car from Lost in Time
  • A Puffle Bath
  • The Pizzatron 3000
  • The Puffle Shooter from the beta testing game, Puffle Pop
  • Richperson's battle suit
  • Tiny's Tank
  • Devices from The RoboShop (In CP Shops wiki)
  • The AC 3000
  • The Flare Flinger 3000
  • Parts of the Space Squid Ride
  • The Legendary Whackhammer
  • The Box Zombie Antidote
  • The Slush-Rusher 1
  • The Puf-fling Sling attached to the Multi Purpose All Terrain Artillery Type Snow Cat with one of Protobot's arms
  • The Confetti Rocket
  • The Éclair of Power
  • The Aqua Grabber (looks normal but has the ability of flight from its Klepto form)
  • The entire Ed Island Air Force
  • Many Snowball Guns, Knicicles, and Banana Blasters
  • PULSE weapons
  • The Heavy's Minigun from Penguin Fortress 2
  • The System Defender Sentries (all fully upgraded)
  • Xet's spaceship (VICTORY FOR XET!)
  • The MJ-Dark Angel (also from Lost in Time)
  • I.L.L.U.M.I.N.A.T.I also managed to summon an army of memes
  • A Purple Puffle Costume (for some reason)
  • The Three Random Head Banging Drivers's car (which the said three drivers promptly got into and started headbanging)
  • Three Turbo Speed Jet Packs
  • Amatarian robots
  • Giant Fudd
  • Spam Bombs
  • A Motor Scooter
  • All four of X-Treme Penguins' innovations
  • A Hoverboard
  • The Sleigh from the Sleigh Ride mini game in canon CP

(Insert anything else you want here)

Fooly: It's like we're ripping off the ending of another certain dimension-traveling story!

Wonderweez: Whoa!

Star: Wait, where'd you come from?

Isai: We're being sloppily added into this story. Accept it.

Nicktang: k.

  • ISAI (lv something) joined your party!
  • WONDERWEEZ (lv you know these level things are getting old) joined your party!

Chub: Until we can find an opening to the mirror world and get the giant robots in, all we can do is defend the little land we got left. Ok, heroes?

Tiny: Ahem.

Chub: and villain.

Gary: Speaking of which, while we were... experimenting, I managed to finish these two.

Gary showed the team the navy blue battery marked with a #00 and a spinosaurus, as well as the purple battery marked with a #9 and a plesiosaurus.

Gary: These will allow EX and W to enter their Super Modes. Now if Welcome will kindly hand me the silver battery, I can finish the rest.

Welcome: Sure thing!

Welcome fastballed the battery to him.

Gary: ...I believe I said nicely?

Welcome: This is my nicely, though. Normally I would've juggled it to you.

Later, they arrive on the field of battle, where the doppelgangers and robots were starting to complete their conquest. Multiple penguins and puffles piloting and using the said weapons earlier. It was time to defend.

(Insert epic picture of the battle scene here)

There isn't really much to say about the battle. Slowly, but surely, the heroes (and villain) took their land back. The robots dropped by the millions every second. Soon, the robot making machine ran out of resources and finally halted the mass construction. It seemed like after less than an entire week, it was finally over...

But it was far far from safety.

You see, this is only the shortest Sub-Chapter in the three because the story is still being rushed. In the next one, a few select heroes will have to fight against the prime doppelgangers. Stay tuned, kids!

Part 2: The Offense

Dark Knight: Have they...

Mirror Fooly: seriously...

P3R4P1N: d3l4yed...

Blyzzard: their demise...

Mr Bull2: for an...

Mirror Fuzzle: entire... (wobbuffett)

Mirror Folly: sub-chapter?!

Dark Knight: ...why are we constantly overusing an unfunny joke just because it started in this story?

Mr Cow2 (user): Actually, it started in mine.

Dark Knight: Get back behind the fourth wall. Now that they are finally here, we can begin to attack!

Mirror Folly: Now prepare for trouble!

Mirror Fooly: And make it... octuple!

Soon, the first major enemies, the Flopplings (+ Mirror Fuzzle) were ready to Battle!

(Cue Battle against a Silly Enemy)

Mirror Foopy: FLOPPLINGS! ATTACK!!!!

Mirror Foomy: Hey! I am the leader!

Mirror Fobby: No way. It was I who was in command.

Mirror Fooly: You FOOLS! We rehearsed this! I was the leader.

Mirror Folly: I refuse to act until you all realize I was the leader to begin with.

Mirror Foddy: Guys, we rock paper scissored for the role and I won, remember?

Mirror Fooey: We don't even have fingers! We can't rock paper scissors! Stop bluffing, I was the leader!

The Flopplings began bickering with each other on who was the leader.

Fooly: Let's just fight, ok?

Mirror Fuzzle: The other you has a point, Mirror Fooly. Wobuffett!

Mirror Fooly: Why are you calling me "Mirror Fooly"? I am regular Fooly to you and that other Fooly is Mirror Fooly to us!

Mirror Foddy: Let's just get this over with.

The Flipplings and the Flopplings went behind a pile of snow and this was heard. (If you click on the link, make sure it is on another tab and you can only hear, not watch what is happening for best results)

Amigopen: Wait... what are they doing?!

Star: Those are some strange sound effects...

Soon, the Flipplings and the Flopplings walked back, with the Flopplings peacefully retreating to the mirror.

Snow: Wait... what?! How?!

Fooly: We won a rock paper scissors tournament against them.

Fuzzle: I won the tiebreaker match!

Tiny: But how... Then why... you know what? Just forget it. Let's proceed.

C4p741N p3rAP1N: u W0T m8?

Blyzzard: Did you really think you would get rid of us that easily?

(Cue Battle against a Normal Enemy)

c4p741n P3R4P1N: W8. S0m30NE w17h my LV 0f ML6 15 pR353n7!!!!!!!!111!1!1one hundred and eleven111!!!!!!!!!11!1!1!!!!!1221111!!!!!

ILLUMIN∆TI: 1v1 me on Twitter, m8!!

C110101 NIPAREP: cH4113n6 4¢¢3p7ED!!! F0110w M3 0n f4c3b00k, tw1tt3r, 1nst4gr4m, mysp4c3, sn4pch4t pl0x


c4p741n P3R4P1N: plz i has no subs


c4p741n P3R4P1N: memes aren't even that good


Suddenly, the Illuminati and c4p741n P3R4P1N disappeared. A few moments later, something far away exploded and c4p741n P3R4P1N appeared randomly, completely defeated. The Illuminati never came back.

Blyzzard: What was that?!

Snow: Hey you! Over here!

Blyzzard: Well well well. What do we have here?

Snow: That's right. Double spacing, too!

Blyzzard: Please... let's just FIGHT, mirror me!

Snow: You're in on it- I'll send you FLYING!

Blyzzard: BRING IT!!!

Snow: C'mon, show me what you've got!

Blyzzard starts running. He gets faster and faster and FASTER, until he's right next to Snow. It is at this point where Snow rapidly takes out his wood mallet, smacks Blyzzard, and puts it back in a matter of seconds.

Blyzzard: HOW?!?

Snow: That's just how I roll.

A PuffleScape ball hops out from the floor, and Snow jumps into it. He proceeds to run Blyzzard over, flattening him momentarily. Then he runs over Tiny's tail causing him to spit fire and melting Blyzzard into a puddle of useless water.

Tiny: What? I get startled easily!

Blyzzard: You're not done yet...!

Blyzzard dissolves.


Snow: Behind the fourth wall, please.

Mr Bull2: Time to stop pulling the strings on the background and begin actual attack, I guess.

Mirror Leonardo: RED. "PAINT". WILL. BE. EVERYWHERE!

Mirror Leonardo, signaling a bunch of helicopters, commanded the helicopters to drop a giant crate... from which emerged the Mabelsaurus.

Mabelsaurus: ROAAAAAAR!

(Cue Battle against a Tougher Enemy)

Mr Bull2: You know what? It's too much trouble. I'll be going back to sleep.

Mr Bull2 got on back to his floating chair and went to sleep.

Fooey: Geez, how can someone be so lazy?

Everyone looked at Fooey.

Fooey: ...What?


Mr Bull2: Just use the 'saurus. Geez, for a creature who's all head, there's not much in it.

As Mr Bull2 finally dozed off, his hand slid on one of the buttons on his chair, creating a forcefield around him.

Mirror Leonardo: Well... well... uh... MABELSAURUS!!! ATTACK!!

The gigantic Mabelsaurus promptly began attacking our team.

Foddy: How are we going to defeat something like this?

Phillip Pawn: This is like a nightmare...

Ben Hun: BTW, I'm still here.

Explorer: Penguins, please! If I know a single thing that absolutely ends Mabel's wrath, it's these two guys!

Explorer quickly summoned both Fudd and Mabel X out of hammer space.

Fudd: LULZ!!!1! I CAN GETS MOAR LINEZ!!!! WOOP!111one!!!1!

Mabel X: Hi everybody! It is such a wonderful day full of joy and happy and rainbows and joy and bunnies and kittens and rainbows! Who wants some Fairy Cakes and Strawberry Milkshakes while we go chase butterflies! Whee! So much fun! I love every and each one of my 4,792 friends!

Richperson: Why did you do this to us?!

Nicktang: My ears hurt!

Star: Hat Pop? Penguin do not have ears...

Nicktang: Then it hurts in the place my ears would be if I had some.

Hat Pop: What now?!

Mabelsaurus disintigrated.

Fooly: More story rushing?

Hat Pop: I actually don't think so this time.

Nicktang: That was too easy.

Questisbak got a bit worried. Her mirror character army was getting smaller and smaller.

Dark Knight: You see? This is why villains of this world always fail.

With that, Dark Knight struck Questisbak nonlethally with the side of his lance, rendering her unconscious, laying in the snow.

Dark Knight: It's time to take matters to my own flippers.

Star, watching how other character were battling, fell into a mirror portal trap, trapping him on a circular arena with a star-shaped image on the floor. Warping through mirrors, Dark Knight attacked from behind.

(Cue Fury of the Dark Knight)

Dark Knight: It's time to teach you puny penguins a lesson. WE ALWAYS WIN.

Dodging a forward thrust with a lance at the last second, Star got into a more serious battle stance.

Star: What is your problem? It isn't right to attack someone else by surprise!

Dark Knight: You fool. Did you seriously think someone can win a battle by giving equal footing to their opponent? Let me teach you another lesson.

Using mirrors once again, he teleported behind Star.

Dark Knight: You don't. It's kill or be killed my friend. Kill them before they know what happened.

Dark Knight thrusted forward with his lance, hitting Star! Thankfully, because of Super Smash Mates logic, this only sent Star flying a few meters away, where he teched his landing using the shield command and quickly getting back on his feet.

Dark Knight: Ok, seriously. That doesn't make sense at all.

Star wasted no time and got his Keysaber out.

Star: Fine. I'll have to play by your rules then.

  • Star uses COUNTER!

  • It's super effective!

Dark Knight: Oomph!

Dark Knight fell to the floor with a thud. The impact of the force upon the ground caused it to break up every eventually just be reduced to a platform surrounded by a shadowy trench.

Dark Knight: You fool. That only made matters look worse for you! Don't you know anything about fighting?

Dark Knight used mirrors to teleport behind Star, then quickly sent him flying. He then teleported back are forth playing volleyball with himself and eventually striking Star right upon his head.

Dark Knight: You can't show any mercy. You heroes are pitiful. You always try to talk sense into the villains, you have your own code of honor, and you never give up. It disgusts me.

Dark Knight placed his foot on Star's unconscious body.

Dark Knight: And do you know what I hate the most? In your dimension, it works. Ohh, but not anymore. This is mirror world now, Star. This is where VILLAINS. ALWAYS. WIN!

Right as he was about to strike the finishing blow on Star, his strike was blocked by a keysaber. Star was back up for another round. The battle went back and forth for a little while, but it soon stopped again at an effort full clash in the middle. Star with his keysaber, shining ever-so-brightly, and Dark Knight, lance dented and bloody from previous victories.

Dark Knight: How pitiful.

Star: Huh?

Dark Knight: Don't you get it by now? You, the hero. The one who's supposed to save the day every time, stuck here in the evil dimension. WE'RE EVENLY MATCHED.

Star: That's what you think.

Star advanced forward, now he looked about ready to slice Dark Knight's head off. However, he found an opening and kicked Star in the stomach and then struck him again, which sent him to the ground.

Dark Knight: You're right. Now, I think I should show you something.

In a dramatic moment, Dark Knight took off his helmet and mask that covered everything but his beak and eyes on his face. This showed that Dark Knight was actually.... Blue... he had light blue feathers

Star: WHAT?!? Y-you're...

Dark Knight: That's right. I'm you.

Star: .... Now I remember what you taught me.

Dark Knight: ...We always win?

Star: Show no mercy.

Star quickly took his keysaber and turned it on while it was facing Dark Knight. The key saber shot straight through him, and he felt, down on his nonexistent knees.

Star: You might know everything I'm going to do, but that's not going to help you, since I know everything you're going to do! Strange, isn't it?

Dark Knight: That was the cheesiest finishing line... looks like the heroes won this time... PSYCH!

Soon, Dark Knight shattered. Star had just attacked a mirror image of Dark Knight.

Dark Knight: Heh. Now, if you excuse me, I have to go back and check on how your world is being turned into my world.

Dark Knight escaped through a mirror portal, which Star decided to jump into himself.

Dark Knight: W-w-what?!

Dark Knight's army was no more. Everyone had been defeated, except for Mr Bull2, who wasn't going to be a lot of help, really.

Star got out of the mirror world and reunited with the team.

Part 3: The Worst Enemy

Dark Knight: URGH! How could you plow through my army so easily?!

Folly: That's simple. We just...

Dark Knight: NO MATTER! We've been holding off our ultimate attack for last!

And at the press of a button, a shadowy machine rised out of the snow.

Phillip Pawn: How long did it take you to build this machinery just for a single use?


(Cue "A Dark, Stormy Knight - Phase 1")

Mcdonalds: Diamonds. Sharp Right. Do that.

Fooly: You don't know what Diamonds means...

Mcdonalds: So, do you know?

Fooly: Touché.

Mcdonalds: I know what Sharp Right is.

Dark Knight entered his own cockpit.



SirenBuilder: What a ripoff.

Dark Knight: Activate the particle system!

VrilBouken began emitting a gajillion megapixels, all culminating into a large number of robots.


As the story rushed on, EX and W arrived at the scene.

W: Hey, mind giving us a bit more screentime?

Star: Alright, as long as you can keep those things busy.

EX: We're on it! Charge us up!

Star tossed the two batteries, causing someone to scream "GABURINCHO! TOBASPINO! PLEZUON!" as they were scanned through EX and W's grills. A few rings appeared in front as the two giant car models rushed through, transforming them into a spinosaurus and plesiosaurus mecha respectively.

EX: Alright, let's begin!

An ankylosaurus and pachycephalosaurus warped in as EX transformed into Force Mode, while W began transforming to a dramatic rocket fanfare of "ZUON! ON! ON! ON! ON!". Once complete, there was more yelling: "SPINO DAIOH! PLEZUOH!", whatever that means.

W: Well, this'll be fun! I'll take a giant dinosaur arm bazooka any day of the week!

EX: Eh, might as well get used to this weaponry. Here we go!

EX and W charged at the robot army.

Dark Knight: ...well there goes that plan.

Meanwhile, not far away from the robots...

Human: Oh wow! It's New Year in real life!

Mr Cow2: Seriously?

Penquino: That is great!

Isai: How do we integrate it into the story, though?

Nat: I think fire would work.

Fooly: Great timing! I brought the Confetti Rocket!

Folly: No wait! That's dangerous!

Fooly blasted the Confetti Rocket. It exploded right on VrilBouken's... "face". However, he brushed it off with ease.

Fuzzle: What.

VrilBouken then makes its forcefield visible, though the explosion left a small dent on the area it exploded on.


Mr Cow2: Calm down, Molly, you're losing it.

Nicktang: This is no good. That is a regenerating forcefield.

Amigopen: What? Seriously?

Almost as if on cue, the dent was soon fixed, leaving no trace of the explosion apart from some soot, confetti and a few spots of Liquid Nuclear.

Foddy: Totally looks like one. I could recognize one from anywhere, specially when they are regenerating.

Nicktang: If we don't damage it as a team, we will never be able to actually defeat VrilBouken!!

Explorer: Then lets battle as one!

Nicktang: That's insane, that blockade is completely impenetrable.

Mr Cow2 quickly writes something down.

Folly: What are you doing at a time like this?!?

Mr Cow2: Writing an idea down in crude pencil marks. (Seals it in an envelope) Gonna mail it to the BOF.

Nicktang: ... your plan then, Explorer.

Soon, everyone was lending a hand on destroying the shield. The Flipplings were Puffle Fighting at the shield, Mr Cow2 was trying to smear cheese infused with ditto on the forcefield, Kerbpuff kept sucking and spitting the Waddle G, Explorer kept throwing Morshu Bombs at the forcefield, Snow rapidly tossed snowballs, as they slowly got larger in size, (add your own character's cooperation).

All while Welcome00 was hiding on the top of VrilBouken.

Star: What are you doing all the way up there?

Welcome: Is it wrong for me to hide on the top of a super fighting robot?

Folly: It's no use! The forcefield is still regenerating!

Dark Knight laughed diabolically from inside VrilBouken, when suddenly...


Out of the blue, Herbert of all characters attacked the forcefield, using an Earthquake Drill, with Klutzy on tow behind, as always.

Everyone: HERBERT?!

Nat: Beary surprising!

Herbert: I barely get enough lines or important roles nowadays! TAKE THIS!

The drill pushed hard into the forcefield, finally penetrating it for good. Still charging on, the drill ended plowing through the forcefield mechanism, disabling it entirely!


Folly: THAT'S what you wrote on your paper?

Dark Knight: WOAH! Oh crap, this is sorta bad.

Richperson: Now's our chance!

(Cue "Epic Finisher Music #1")

SirenBuilder: Alright, first up on bat is us! Triplicate Bomber!

EPT: Roger. Giant Flash!

Both finishers bursted out at VrilBouken, causing particles to shatter around the mirror copy. Without hesitation, Ultra Leon approached.

Richperson: Lion Burst!

Ultra Leon: You got it!

Hit by a third finisher, VrilBouken began crumbling down onto one knee. Meanwhile, most of the particle robots had already been obliterated.

EX: Boomerang Ricochet!

W: Plesio Burst!

With an echoing "WASSUN!" and "ZUON!", both attacks struck each and every robot, leaving nothing but a mess of particles.

Star: Alright, what say we end this one together, Kwiksilver?

Kwiksilver: Let's do it!

DaiVoyager: System all green- ready to go.

Sentinel: Zun, zubaan!

Dark Knight: Uh oh, I gotta think of something fast...

Kwiksilver: Secret Ninpo: Triple Fist Attack!

Sentinel jumped atop DaiVoyager's shoulders, and the two began gathering energy before DaiVoyager activated Double Smasher. Sentinel then leapt onto the two launching fists, dashing at VrilBouken before activating his Knee Punch just as the Double Smasher hit its target. Skidding to a stop, he made a ninja-esque pose as VrilBouken collapsed and blew up, throwing particles everywhere.

However, something still remained- VrilBouken had shed its shell, leaving this ugly thing:


Ultra Leon: WOW that's hideous.

Dark Knight: Whew, good thing I made that shedding system in time. Now why don't I do some retooling to those factories?

Dark Knight pressed a few buttons to activate a few wireless systems, causing the ruins of the factories to turn into a large black jet and come flying out of the portal. It then combined with VrilBouken, creating this:


(Cue "A Dark, Stormy Knight - Phase 2")


SirenBuilder: You're really good at ripping us off, aren't you.

Dark Knight: FACE MY WRATH!

Ultimate VrilBouken fired a hadouken blast, landing a critical hit on Ultra Leon and EPT.

Ultra Leon: We're down!

Richperson: What?!

EPT: That blast took out almost all of our power. We can't hold Super Mode anymore, and even in normal mode we'll hardly provide any help.

Ultra Leon and EPT were forced back into normal mode, and were barely able to stand up.

Dark Knight: Ha! How do you like that?

Ultimate VrilBouken approached the two, brushing off their attacks with ease. With a single hit, both were down again.

Richperson: How'd we lose so much power?

Ultra Leon: Oh crap, it's because we wasted too much energy fighting off the robot army!

EPT: Emergency shutdown to prevent data loss.

With that, the two Hero Mechas had almost instantly been taken out of the fight. Richperson was ejected automatically.

Kwiksilver: Ah great! Sentinel, how are we on power?

Sentinel: Bon! Bon!

A screen showed up on Kwiksilver's monitor with an energy reading of 6.312%.

Kwiksilver: This is bad... We're gonna have to go tactical.

Sentinel: Zun!

Sentinel summoned illusions to surround VrilBouken, making sure all of them acted in sync to not reveal himself. However, VrilBouken launched a giant burst of energy, wiping out all the illusions and once and taking out Sentinel.

Star: This isn't good...

Tiny: Don't get too worked up. That hideous robot with its even uglier controller can probably only destroy robots. LOSER!!!

VrilBouken blasted an energy beam at Tiny, immediately disintegrating him.

Tiny: Again? Well, the creators of this story just lost a huge opportunity to use me again.

Tiny suddenly undied.

Everybody else: O_O

SirenBuilder: What was tha-

Dark Knight: YOU'RE OPEN!

VrilBouken struck SirenBuilder twice before gripping his neck. Electrical surges bursted out, completely draining his energy. Reverting into DaiTanken, he fell to the ground.

Mr Cow2: Well thanks a lot Tiny.

Meanwhile, in the distance, at a tour group...

Bernie the Tour Guide: And if you look at the left, you can see how a giant evil robot from an alternate dimension is fighting against a number of heroes attempting to fighting against him.

Fanonbot: OH WOOOOOOOW!!!! This is like a fanfic come true!

A nearby wall got shattered.

Winston: Ooh! That giant evil robot just needs a hug!

Wezzeti: I have a feeling something is going to be NOT SAVED...

EX: We just got here, so our energy's fine. Guess we'll handle this then!

W: Way ahead of you!

EX and W rapidly traded blows with Ultimate VrilBouken, with DaiVoyager assisting with the Voyager Cannons. The two newer mecha lasted significantly longer, with their energy tanks in the higher percentile.

Dark Knight: Out of the way!

Suddenly, Ultimate VrilBouken took to the skies and divebombed DaiVoyager, taking him out.

Star: Ah crab apples!


Suddenly, deus ex machina came back in the form of rapid Spider Gun shots. Everyone looked towards the shooter to see Tritan arriving on the scene! At the same time, G ran over to them.

G: Sorry for the wait! The upgrades are done, go for it!

G tossed the silver, gold and red batteries towards Richperson, who caught and rebounded them to Tritan.

With a "GABURINCHO! BRAGIGAS! PTERAGORDON! GABUTYRA!", Tritan began transforming to a grand chant of "GI-GANTO! KYORYUZIN! GI-GANTO! KYORYUZIN!" Having turned into Gigant Tritan, the chanting yelled out "GIGANTO...... KYOOOOOORYUUUUUUZIIIIIN!!!" with a chorus of "GIGA GIGA GIGA, GIGA GIIIIIGAAAAAAAAA!" and other obnoxious noises that we won't talk about here.

(Cue "Roar! Gigant Tritan")

Dark Knight: ...this is gonna suck, isn't it. Well, as long as I stay up here I-

Before Dark Knight could finish his sentence, Tritan's helmet extended to swat Ultimate VrilBouken out of the skies.

Dark Knight: ...I really gotta learn how to keep my mouth shut. NOW GET OVER HERE SO I CAN HURT YOU!

Ultimate VrilBouken quickly approached the rather slow-moving Gigant Tritan, ready to throw several punches. Unfortunately, the punches did nothing to hinder Tritan's movement, as he brought down his giant axe upon the evil robot. Rebounding, he stabbed the VrilBouken multiple times, shooting from his shoulder gun once it was out of range.

Dark Knight: How is this happening?!

G: I've observed the mirror copies and loaded Tritan with the necessary protocol to counter your every move.


Ultimate VrilBouken blasted Tritan, who withstood the attack with ease before countering with the shoulder gun.

Tritan: Gigant Full Blaster!

Tritan's chestplate lit up and fired an energy burst that decimated VrilBouken for good this time, making the evil robot erupt into flames. Once the explosion subsided, Tritan took a bow.

Tritan: Sir.

Dark Knight fled from the fiery remains of VrilBouken, having survived the explosion with an explosion-proof barrier he created about two seconds before the impact.

Dark Knight: Crapcrapcrapcrap, this is bad. Tactical retreat!!

Dark Knight cowardly attempted to run away back into the Mirror World, however...

Dark Knight: run away run away run away... Ow! Watch where you are going jer-eep

Questisbak was holding Dark Knight down by stepping on his webbed feet.

Questisbak: Remember me?

Dark Knight: Uh uh... Uh... Questisbak How nice of you to be h-here! I-I-I need to go and... uh... make some excuses! Yeah! Bye bye!

Questisbak: Not this time.

Questisbak reached for something in her cloak. While she was doing this, she was smiling at Dark Knight. It wasn't a friendly smile of one of pure evil either. It looked like a smile of a person who is about to take the opportunity to do something they've wanted to do for a long time.

Questisbak: I brought you a toy.

Questisbak somehow took out a severely damaged Raptor Bot that looked like it had previously flown into the fourth wall AND Fragile Things Inc., and yet was at least a thousand times bigger than her due to hammerspace logic.

Dark Knight: G-Gee that's awfully nice of you...?

Questisbak tore the Raptor Bot's head off. Sparks flew everywhere. It was finally going to blow. She muttered something to herself as she walked away. Dark Knight tried to leave too, but both of his feet were now broken. He decided to let out a secret.

Dark Knight: You can't kill me...

Questisbak turned around slightly.

Dark Knight: I'll be back one day. As long as your world's Star is still alive, I'll always come back. *his feathers start to turn maroon* I will track you down and I will BEAT YOU SENSELESS. YOU HEAR ME? BEAT. YOU. SENSELESS! YOU WILL RUE THIS DAY FOR I AM THE DARK KNIGHT! VICTORY FOR THE DARK KNIGH-



Out of the main mirror came a final figure, wearing a green robe.

????: Oh my. Is this the other world?

Our own heroes, who were about to throw the mirror characters back into their own world, were startled at the sight.

Star: Excuse me, but, who are you?

????: Oh! You must be the Dark Knight of this world! Nice to meet you. I am...

The figure quickly flung her robe open.

Mirror Questisbak: ...known as Questisbak. But you can call me "Mirror Questisbak", I guess. You must be the other version of the Dark Knight, right?

Star: Yes, I am. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Mirror Questisbak: Anyways! You are all planning to dump your mirror versions back into my world, right?

Human: That's a pretty accurate description of what we were going to do.

Explorer: That isn't going to be a problem, right?

Mirror Questisbak: No. Just if you follow this one condition. As the heroes of our world are... well... not very effective, I ask you all that the Mirror Portal is maintained open. You know, so we can ask for help when things get really bad.

Mcdonalds quickly took the liberty to answer for the team before anyone else could say anything.

Mcdonalds: Sure, but where would we keep it?

Phillip Pawn: What about the BoF HQ? It'll be safe there.

Snow: I think it should be in PuffleVille, so I ca-

Agent Isai: The EPF Headquarters would be a good place, amiright?

Mirror Questisbak: D-don't worry everyone! I have already discussed this with... certain characters. I am allowed to set up a Mirror Portal inside the Universal Gateway, which may also possibly leave access to even more Mirror Universes, if I am granted a permission to do so by an important character of this universe. And I still don't have such permission.

Fooly: But who is the important character?

?: Don't you get it?

Fobby: WHO'S THERE?!

Pancae appeared suddenly

Pancae: There is no important character in our universe. We all have our quirks. Our strengths. Our goals. So if an "important" character must give the permission...

(Dramatic pause)

Pancae: It should totally be Mabel.

Pancae pointed at Mabel, who was uninterested.

Mabel: Huh?

Everyone nearby looked at her.

Mabel: What the @([email protected](%%)%)){¢=¥[`{€¶® are you all looking at me for.

Explorer: Just say "Yes".

Mabel: I don't want to.

Star: Just do it.

Mabel: Nah.

Fooly: Seriously, who is writing this crap?! (reads script)

Kwiksilver: JUST DO IT!

Mabel: Alright, alright. "Yes". Are you all "$&/$&%$%%&/( happy?!

Mirror Questisbak: Yes, I guess that'll do!

The remaining Mirror characters, including Mirror Nexer, Sabel and Mirror Questisbak, went into the mirror. It was soon teleported to the Universal Gateway by unknown means which won't be explained in this ending. And thus, it's the end of yet another adventure for this incredibly large group of heroes. And Tiny too. And a lot of "neutrals" as well. And I'm not sure any of the Flipplings can even fit into any of those categories. Well, back to the point. Even though this team is disbanding for now, who knows when our chaotic bunch of characters will meet again.

But for now it's...

Fudd: THE END!!!!!!!!!!!1!!1111!!!one!!!1111!!!!


Fudd: Geez, fine.

The End.