Fanon Characters Special 2016!

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Fanon Characters Special 2016!
They're back!
Start September 2, 2016
End September 8, 2016
Prerequisites An unknown evil emerges from another location.
Location All of the Club Penguin Fan Universe
Rewards Antarctica is safe
Night of the Living Boxes Operation Improbable, Fanon Characters Special FINALE!

After more than a year, the fanon characters are having happy, perfectly normal lives. But when a portal to a strange realm opens, the fanon characters return to reunite in the face of evil and this time, face greater evil that threatens all of Antarctica if they don't stop it. Who is responsible for all of this? What are they? That's for you to decide...

Chapter 1: Mysterious Visions[edit]

On one perfectly regular day, Rookie was wandering around Club Penguin Island looking for something fun to do around the unexplored forest areas.

Rookie: Hey, what's this?

Something shiny sparkled in the snow. Rookie tried to pull it out and found out it was buried under. After wandering back to the mine, he found a shovel that was leaning against a the mine shack and took it back to dig up the mysterious object. After a few minutes, he pulled out a metal box the size of a fish bowl. On it were several buttons.

Rookie: Hmm... I wanna see what it does...

Rookie pushed a small red button on the machine. It started to shake and beep.

Rookie: Uh oh...

Suddenly, it emitted a loud bang and Rookie instantly let go and hid behind a nearby bush. A purple laser shot out of a hole in the machine and a portal appeared.

Rookie: Whoa...A portal...

Rookie stared at it for a few minutes before deciding it was more safer to stay in Club Penguin than wander somewhere unknown. He left the machine there as well as the portal, completely unaware something inside it was watching him.

Somewhere else, in a penguin's house, a random penguin is watching the news. Some scientists have just discovered a skull wearing what appears to be a crown that looks like another skull biting down on it. When the skull is shown directly to the camera, its eyes suddenly glow purple, and the penguin starts screeching horribly as his skin melts away...

Meanwhile, in a city of unknown location...

A certain green penguin suddenly grew concerned.


Foopy: W-why?

Fooly: Haven't you read above?! Someone is causing massive, Special-starting trouble... and it isn't us!

Foddy: WHAT?!

Foomy: But we have to study for our exams!

Fooly: THERE'S NO TIME! (Kids, stay in school.) Ready for adventure?

Flipplings: Let's GO!

Meanwhile, at the dojo courtyard...

One penguin was throwing snowballs into the air while another was blasting it with flame. A puffle beside them was looking through a telescope.

Wikipenguino: 87!

Falco threw another fireball.

Wikipenguino: 88!

Terry: Hey...guys, there's something weird over there.

Falco paused to go and see and the snowball Wikipenguino threw in the air landed back on his head.

Wikipenguino: Eighty ni-OUCH! Why didn't you shoot it?

Falco: Something very, very strange is going on there.

He pointed at somewhere in the distance. A faint purple light was glowing.

Wikipenguino: Well, then let's go and explore it!

Wikipenguino paused and turned to the screen of the reader.

Wikipenguino: I can tell this probably is going to be more than an adventure, isn't it?

Without further ado, they all rushed off to find to weird purple source.

Meanwhile, in a vehicle not so far away...

Lance was relaxing in the sitting area of his Time Trekker 30000.

Lance: Joshua, if you don't mind could you-

Suddenly, the time traveller remembered.

Lance: (To himself) Oh, that's Joshua...

He sighed. Ever since he crash landed, the AI had been damaged and unable to operate. Looking out the window, he saw a strange light that hadn't been there before.

Lance: Huh...?

He opened the hatch and went to find the source.

Explorer was out in the forest in Club Penguin looking for something to do.

He spotted someone wandering out of the nearby woods.

Explorer: What the...?

The other penguin wandered off in another direction.

Explorer: Hmm...Looks like a good opportunity to prank!

He waddled through the woods towards the penguin but was distracted by a noise and froze.

Explorer: H-hello? W-Who's there?

Nobody answered him. Suddenly, he noticed an eerie purple glow and waddled slowly towards it.

Explorer: A portal!? What's it doing out here in the middle of the woods?

Just then, he heard footsteps and some leaves rustle. He turned around and really started to get annoyed.


Unknown: It's not a joke, penguin. It's part of my plan.

Before he could turn around and see the identity of the penguin, he was hit hard and passed out.

As Explorer passes out, we see him starting to see a flashback in a half-conscious state from the mystery penguin's mind.

We suddenly see a flashback to a blue penguin with curly hair, ripped dusty clothes, and a sack covering the place where his flipper used to be being hauled away by a horse with chains along with others. He takes over the job of Mayor McFlapp temporarily and introduces himself.

Voiceover: I am Steve Mango, and I am a slave. Closest I can think of it, the year is 1300 AD and I'm being dragged to my death. Wasn't always like this. I had a real life once, a job.

Another flashback within the flashback occurs. We see Steve working in a supermarket with his hair gelled and with clean work clothes along with both flippers.

Flashback Steve: Um, hardware, Aisle 12. Shop with heart, shop H-Mart!

Voiceover Steve: I had a beautiful girlfriend, Lindsay.

The flashback within a flashback now cuts to him and Lindsay driving somewhere and getting out of the car.

Voiceover Steve: We drove together to a small cabin in the mountains. It seems that archeologists had come to this place to translate and study his latest find. Necronomicon Ex Mortis. The Book of the Dead. Bound in human flesh and inked in blood, this ancient Cimmerian text contained bizarre burial rights, funerary incantations, and demon resurrection passages. It was never meant for the world of the living. The book awoke something dark in the woods. It took Lindsay, and then it came after me... It got into my flipper, and it went bad, so I lopped it off at the wrist.

We see Steven struggling to keep his possessed flipper under control, then taking a chainsaw and sawing it off while laughing manically. Then it cuts to a time portal opening and slowly dragging him in.

Voiceover Steve: But that didn't stop it. It came back, big time.

After dragging Steven through the portal, the flashback has almost caught up with time and Steve lands in 1300 AD along with his car and his chainsaw-flipper. He awakens to see a bunch of knights riding on horses circling around him.

Flashback Steve: Where in the diss...?


Flashback Steve: Whoa, now, easy now chief. I don't know how I got here, and uh, uh, I'm not looking for any trouble.

He sees his car being attacked cautiously by knights.

Knight: Wiseman!

A man in a robe rides over to the knight.

Wiseman: My lord, Arthur, I believe he is the penguin foretold by the Necronomicon! He who is prophesied to fall from the Heavens and free us of the evil of the Deadacs!

Arthur: More likely...(breaking into a yell) HE'S ONE OF HENRY'S MEN!

All the knights start cheering and booing at Steve. He sees what is presumed to be Henry off in the distance, chained up.


All the Knights start cheering him and grabbing him.

Flashback Steve: YOU MISERABLE BAS-

His words are cut off by knights attacking him. One of them removes his chainsaw attachment, which the Wiseman then finds. The flashback in the flashback has now caught up with the first flashback, and we see Steven chained up and being hauled to his death.

The flashback ended there as Explorer drifted away.

Happyface was rushing through the woods. He was very sure that he'd just seen someone get hit on the head and dragged through a portal. When he got to the strange, glowing purple gateway, he found a crown. Not just any crown. Explorer's co-webmaster crown. Suddenly, fear flooded into him and this intensified as he heard the sound of footsteps approaching. He scooped up some water from a large nearby puddle with a balloon, tied it and waited behind a tree trunk until the footsteps were close, ready to fire at whoever took his friend. Just then, some penguins emerged quietly out of the woods and Happyface threw the water balloon.



Burning rubber could be smelt and a flaming, smoking and steaming balloon fell onto the floor. Happyface saw Wikipenguino, Falco and Terry looking just as confused as he was. Falco's right flipper was on fire, having just shot a fireball.

Wikipenguino: Happyface? What're you doing out here? We thought you were someone evil...

Happyface: Somebody kidnapped Explorer! That's why!

Terry: We just came along to find what this portal was.

Falco: Guys! Quiet! Someone else is coming!

All four of them hid in different places. Terry ran up a tree, Falco hid behind a rock, Wikipenguino hid in the bushes and Happyface hid behind the tree trunk and they all listened. Sure enough, the sound of approaching footsteps could be heard. Lots of approaching footsteps. Little did they know, something else was watching them from the shadows, and approaching at an alarmingly fast rate.

Fobby: Alright, everyone! I found the mysterious wormhole you guys were making such a hoopla about!

Foddy: Geez, knock it off with the overly fancy language. That's Folly's thing.

Fooly: Whatever! This portal thingamajig is what is causing trouble! As the resident chaosmakers, we will NOT stand for this!

Flipplings: CHARGE!

As quickly as they came in, the Flipplings dashed into the unknown purple vortex, leaving the hiding penguins completely flabberghasted. After a few perplexing seconds, Happyface spoke.

Happyface: Hey...weren't those penguins the Flippings?

Wikipenguino: I think so...

Terry: This looks like a good opportunity to make observations!

He took out his notebook from Wikipenguino's hoodie pocket and a pencil and began to write, only to have his notebook snatched away by Falco.

Terry: Hey! Give that back!

Falco: Now's not the time for math! Let's go in and explore!

They waddled into the portal while Terry looked annoyed and hopped away behind Wikipenguino muttering something to himself. Wikipenguino was still standing in front of the strange, glowing gateway. He turned to the reader's screen.

Wikipenguino: I have a bad feeling about this... Oh, well. Come on, Terry! Terry?

Wikipenguino looked around him but all was quiet and nothing but the leaves moved.

Wikipenguino: He must've gone into the portal, too.

He sighed and decided he couldn't leave his friends in there. Even though he knew that it probably held more danger than adventure, he waddled into the portal anyway, not knowing that the thing from before had caught up with them. Whatever it was, it had Terry, and was dragging him away. Soon, Terry was deep in the forest, and the only thing he could see was a pair of menacing (and slightly discolored) eyes.

???: If your friends were foolish enough to go in that portal, it is safe to assume they're already dead. I will relieve you of your burdens.

Terry: Hey! Let me go! Who are you-?

The mysterious figure gave Terry one quick blow to the head and then left him them as Terry fell into a deep sleep. In his sleep, he had a dream that was another piece of the flashback.

This flashback takes place just seconds after the last one. Now, Steve and the other "criminals" are being dragged inside a castle. All around him, he saw peasants and knights stopping their jobs to crowd around them and witness the execution. There were excited yells and angry shouts from the people everywhere. One young woman breaks through the crowd to talk to Arthur.

Young Woman: Arthur! Where is my brother? I received no letter from him yesterday!

Arthur: Aye. He fought valiantly, but last night, he fell by the hands of Henry. I'm sorry, Svetlana.

The woman looked completely mortified. Meanwhile, Steve was still in chains, screaming.


People where throwing things at Steve and the others, laughing and shouting. Just when he thought it couldn't get any worse, Svetlana grabbed him and nearly strangled him.


By now, the prisoners were standing at the edge of "The Pit". Henry turned to Steve.

Henry: Thou art not one of my vassals. Who are you?

Steve: Who wants to know?

Henry: I am Henry the Green. Duke of Slate, ruler of the Northlands and the leader of its people.

Steve: Well hello Mr. Fancypants! I got news for you pal, you ain't leadin' but two things now: Jack and s#@%. And Jack left town.


The knight held a sword to Steve's throat, but then an announcer started yelling.


Arthur: There is an evil awakened in this land, and while my people fight for their very soul against it, you, Henry the Green, waged war on us!

Henry: CHARLATAN! It was YOU who raised your swords on US! And this evil is fought by OUR people too!

Arthur: Your people are no better than the foul corruption that lies in the bowels of that pit! May Billybob have mercy on your souls.

Two men start turning a crank, which opens the doors of the pit. Steve took one look in there and looked horrified.

The flashback ended there.

CAPTAIN ASPARAGUS was waddling in the forest, looking for someone to be LAZORED.


Suddenly, he found a portal. He waddled in.

After a hard day's work, Mcdonalds394 walked into the hotel room. He sits on the bed, looking at the skyline of beautiful Mcdonalds City, and turned on the TV. The MCC News at 8 PM was on.

MCC News Brodcaster: Breaking News: Our helicopters just found a portal in the middle of the forest in Club Penguin Island. Unfortunately, we did not have the time to explore what's inside the portal. More of the portal will be found out tommorow. Some of the crew are scheduled to Club Pen--

Mcdonalds394 turned off the TV.

Mcdonalds394: Woah, a portal in the forest? I have to figure that out! Guess I'll have to leave the city. I need to book a flight to Club Penguin, and I'll depart for the airport first thing in the morning.

Meanwhile, Zeno124 was waddling around the Club Penguin plaza playing Jokemon NO on his icePhone with his best friend Dev66.

Zeno: Hey, Dev, I think there's a Kanechu nearby...

Dev: Really?

Dev pulled out his icePhone quickly.

Dev: Oh, yeah, I see it too.

Zeno and Dev walked through, past the Puffle Berry Mall and the Pizza Parlor, still staring down at their phones. They walked all the way into the forest, about to catch the Kanechu, but out of the corner of his eye, Zeno noticed a light.

Zeno: Dev?

He tapped Dev on his shoulder, but Dev was still trapped in the game.

Zeno: Dev. How do you not notice this glowing portal directly in front of you?

Still, Dev didn't move. The power of Jokemon NO was too strong for him. However, Zeno quickly put his phone in his pocket and walked forward, about to step through the portal. Dev swiped his flipper up on his phone, as if to throw a Joke Ball, and cheered.

Dev: YES! Zeno, I caught him!

Dev looked around.

Dev: Zeno...?

Zeno had stepped through the portal, but Dev didn't seem to care as he continued to stare back at his screen.

Dev: YES! It's 304 CP!

(Meanwhile, a few hours later...)

Mcdonalds394 is seen walking out of the Club Penguin Airport. A montage is seen driving his rented car into the forest. He parks his car into the parking lot and gets off the car.

Mcdonalds394: Now, where is that portal...

Mcdonalds394 decided to walk, as it is easier. After a few minutes, he found the portal. It was in the middle of a bare patch of snow, with a few stumps and bushes. Two penguins wearing a rescue jacket with MCC News Rescue Team (obviously from the Mcdonalds City Channel) went into the portal. One wearing a red jacket and the other, a blue one.

MCC beat Mcdonalds394 to the portal. Without the care that he lost, he decides to follow them. And finally, Mcdonalds394 humbly went into the portal.

Meanwhile, everyone's favorite (not really) purple puffle was hopping around Club Penguin looking for Explorer.

Mabel: Hello? Explorer? Aww [email protected]#$%&, one of the few residents of Club Penguin whom I actually need is no where to be found.

Mabel looked around, confused. She hopped toward the Cove and across a bridge to the forest, and noticed something strange. A bright, glowing purple light was floating in midair across the trees. She hopped closer to it and saw an orange penguin wearing a black hat and a blue ninja belt. He was staring at the portal, looking a bit confused.

Mabel: What are you looking at, you idiotic [email protected]#$%*?

Dev: This group of guys just went into this portal... right after my best friend did!

Mabel: Explorer must be in there. If that [email protected]*%$# phreak isn't around, how am I going to get food?

Dev: Wow. Okay then. I'm debating whether we should save them or I should wait out here and let you save them.

Mabel: Are you trying to kill me?

Dev: Uhh... no, but...

Mabel: Fine! I'll get in the %^&*@(! portal.

And so, Mabel, the most hated character in all of fanon, stepped into the portal, unknowing of its contents.

Kektus and Waddler Whatever were waddling in the forest for no reason. Suddenly, someone told them to stop.

Mabel von Injoface XX: Hey you $%^&*(#$%(@*^#@* penguins, have you seen my $%^&*(#$%(@*^#@* mom?

Kektus: I saw her entering a portal.

Mabel XX: Let's go and find her in there then!

Kektus: You can go there. We'll stay here.

Waddler Whatever: Yes.


Kektus: Okay...

Waddler Whatever: :/

And so, they waddled through the portal.

Lord Brandon Stark was walking through the forests of Club Penguin, escorted by a small group of Lysenes. He had been sent to investigate reports of a mysterious portal in Club Penguin.

Brandon: Here it is.

Lysene: So, I guess we are to go in?

Brandon: I'm pretty sure those were the orders. Here we go.

Brandon and the other Lysenes walked into the portal.

Chapter 2: Into the Portal[edit]

Fooly: Did we seriously just spend an entire day in here?

Folly: Looks like it.

Fooey: We haven't even stopped falling...

Foopy: Have we even been falling in the first place?

No force of gravity was acting upon them.

Foddy: JUST GREAT. This is exactly how I wanted to spend my weekend.

Folly: Well, my guess is that we're floating in a vacuum of space. That means that we'll probably be floating in a straight line for a long time unless we crash into someth-

Of course, before Folly could finish, they all crashed into some sort of floaty cube thing.

Fobby: Ahhh! I almost messed up my hat!

Foomy: Folly, do you think you could simulate some sort of fake gravity or something? I would much rather be standing on something...

Folly: Sure. Just hang on for now. I'll probably have it ready after the scene cuts back to us. Foolby, what can you find in your hammerspace?

Meanwhile, a white penguin and blue penguin arrived on the scene with Tobot EX, ready to combat the-


Tar: Slippery lil' higher beings!

EX: Uhh... riiiiiiiight.

But then somebody on the writing team got lazy and decided to skip to the point, resulting in all three of them getting thrown into the portal for no particular reason.

At that moment, the Crash were about to leave their private 'plane for their first concert in Club Penguin.

Foe Stummer: Got everything? Memorized your chorus vocals,guitar melodies and drums?

Mick Phones and Since Height: Yep!

Bernie: Remember, all you got to do is show them how well we play!

Foe Stummer: Bernie, we already know that! You've repeated that 20 times now!

A certain puffle in the BoF got bored again, couldn't be bothered to hear Bernie and Foe's speech, so he skipped time, which accidently warped and teleported them (without the 'plane, of course) into the portal.

Mick Phones, Since Height and Foe Stummer: BERNIE!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?

Bernie: Don't blame me, it's not my fault!

The afternoon wasn't going very well for Dev. His best friend and a news team named after some fast food restaura--

Dev: Uhh, narrator? I think everyone knows that, unless they skipped the whole first chapter.

Oops. Sorry. Ahem, anyway, Dev couldn't decide whether he should stay in Club Penguin or go into the portal to rescue his friend. But unfortunately he was forced to make the decision after the portal seemed to fold up into a single long laser and get sucked back into the machine it was coming out of. Unfortunately, Dev couldn't activate the portal again, because the machine imploded.

Dev: WHOA! Oh no... how will I get to Zeno now? Alright, think, Dev, who is a real techie...?

And then Dev thought of one guy... more specifically, the gadget guy. So he ran out of the forest to the Everyday Phoning Facility to get to Gary.

Seconds after Dev rushed off to the EPF, a red penguin wearing golden goggles and a purple shirt waddled in only to find out that the portal was gone.

Lance: Drat! It's gone! How am I going to find them now? If only I had Joshua, I would've been able to find out where it lead...

He decided the best option was to try and find help from a scientist. He decided to also go and find Gary and waddled past the news crew and took a shortcut through the bushes. When he was halfway through, he noticed someone was following him. He knew whoever they were, they were not a friend. He whirled around ready to fire his Laser Gun only to be blocked and had the gun knocked out of his flippers.

???: You were fast...But not fast enough.

Before Lance could even say a single word, he was punched hard in the head and fell onto the ground, unconscious. The penguin dragged him away.

???: Here comes a thought...

And another piece of the flashback came into Lance's mind.

It was back to Steve and Henry staring at the gaping pit, cheering knights all around them.


Arthur decided to push in one of Henry's men as a warning. The man pleaded for his life, but his cries were not answered as he fell and was almost immediately torn apart as a fountain of the man's insides spewed out. Steven opened his mouth to protest but for the longest time, could not say anything.

Steve: Whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. You don't understand. I never even SAW these people before! (Grabs Henry) Quick, you gotta tell them you don't know me!

Henry did nothing but stare for a while until he spoke.

Henry: I don't think he'll listen, lad...

Steve was a lot a loss of words, but then decided to advocate himself.

Steve: Listen, I'm telling ya, you got the wrong guy!

Svetlana, having enough of this, stepped forward and threw a rock at Steve's head which sent him hurtling down into the pit. Down there, he was drenched with water, and it appeared to be a cave with nothing in it. Still, Steven stayed on guard, expecting something to pop out of nowhere. He was not disappointed when a demonically possessed penguin with no pupils and a very sharp beak popped out from the water. It beat Steve up mercilessly as the crowd cheered. At one point however, he grasped the demon penguin's head between his legs and threw him down. The crowd gasped.

Henry: YEAH!

Arthur: ...spikes...

A few knights started pulling a lever which made the spiked walls of the pit start to close in. Even though Steve was now fighting better than before, it still seemed that all hope was lost.

Wiseman: MAKE WAY!

The Wiseman had come bearing Steve's detached chainsaw arm.


The Wiseman threw the chainsaw arm, which Steve caught and reattached.

Henry: YES!

Steve revved up the chainsaw and with one swing, chopped the demon penguin's head clean off. He heard cheering, but this time, it was the entire kingdom rooting for him!

However, the spikes had already closed in enough and couldn't be stopped, so Steven spotted the chain that was now being pushed by gravity used to close the spiked walls, grabbed on to the chain that was going up, and climbed out of the pit, triumphantly. He walked up to Arthur.

Steve: You know, your shoelace is untied.

After a bit of hesitation, Arthur looked down at his shoes, at which point Steve took the opportunity to uppercut him. Arthur fell to the ground, and Steven turned to face the crowd.

Steve: Alright... Who's next? Huh? How about it? Who wants some?

All the villagers backed away, very visibly fearful. Then Steve looked at one of the men who started the spikes in the pit and pointed at him.

Steve: You. You want some, I know you do. Huh? You want a little?

Everybody around the man slowly backed away from him.


As he said this, he was now pushing and punching the man. After he had pushed him down onto the floor, he approached Henry and his men.

Steve: You, get your horses and leave. (To the Knights) LET HIM GO!

The Knights quickly withdrew their swords and freed Henry of his chains. Henry just stepped forward and shook Steve's hand before running away, back to freedom. Arthur was not happy at all and withdrew his sword.

Arthur: The arrogance... I should see you dead...

That's where it ended.

Happyface, Wikipenguino and Falco were floating through the strange purple dimension. They had been in there for a day now and were mostly sleeping and sharing a packet of cookies Happyface found in a random box. However, they were still unaware of the kidnapping of Terry and were-

Wikipenguino: Narrator, did you just say Terry was kidnapped?

As I was saying, they were floating through the strange, mystic realm of what seemed to be an endless purple world.

Falco: Guys, where do you think the Flipplings went?

Happyface: I don't know...But we gotta find Explorer!

Wikipenguino was now deep thought about the assumed disappearance of Terry.

Wikipenguino: So he's not in this place at all. I'm guessing his disappearance was mentioned a few lines above...well this can't be good...Terry's gone, something possibly evil is after us, we're helplessly floating here and now-

Just then, Falco gasped.

Happyface: What is it?

Falco: The...the portal is...GONE!

Happyface and Wikipenguino: WHAT?!?

For a few moments nobody spoke.

Wikipenguino: Well...we can't give up...there's gotta be some way outta here...Is there a way to keep going?

Falco: Well, I could use my powers to try and fly our way forward and see if that works.

Happyface: Sounds like a plan.

Falco sent a burst of flame from his flippers which pushed him forward.

Falco: Hey, this is actually kinda easy without gravity!

He let Wikipenguino and Happyface grab hold of his feet before sending small jets of flame to try and force their way forward through the mystic, purple abyss.

Zeno124 knew that bad things could come out of playing Jokemon NO... like getting sucked into an ominous portal. Zeno had been floating in purple nothingness for a whole day now, bored as heck but playing Snowcraft on his phone to pass the time. But soon he finally realized that he still had contact with the outside-of-the-portal world with just his phone.

Zeno: That's it! I can call Dev.

Zeno tapped his flipper on each of the numbers to call Dev's phone. When the call went through, someone answered. But it wasn't Dev.

???: Hello Zeno Wontafor.

Zeno: Uhh, who are you? And how do you know my name?

???: I'm proud of your friend. He closed the portal, ran from its initial location, and left his phone behind! What an idiot.

Zeno: Wait... Dev closed the portal?

???: Yes, but not on purpose. I am trying to find another machine to open the portal again so I can continue my master plan. I've got an unconscious penguin here who I found sprinting to the Ski Village... probably in fear... but even so, my plan will still succeed. And there's nothing you pathetic creatures can do about it.

Then the mysterious penguin hung up.

Zeno: Oh no... I better get back home, and fast. Luckily I have a jet pack here to--

Wait, wait, wait, where'd you get that from?

Zeno: Oh, narrator... you know nothing about fiction. I got it from the hammerspace! The Flipplings mentioned it above, clearly. Anyway, let's get a move on!

And so Zeno used his jet pack to boost himself forward into nothingness.

The members of the Crash and Bernie had been there for a total of 16 hours, and they had been passing the time practicing their music.

Foe Stummer: Ugh, we will be late for the concert at the Night Club and the Ultimate Disco of Concerts if we are stuck here for a week!

He suddenly got an idea, so he got his phone and called the manager of the Ultimate Disco.

Foe Stummer: I want the concert to be delayed for 2 weeks, we're stuck in a portal. Yes. Ok, thanks. Goodbye.

Since Height: Stummer! I got an idea!

Everybody: What is it?

Since Height then got his guitar, grabbed Bernie and began to "row" in the purple nothingness of the portal.

Foe Stummer: Great idea! Mick, grab my foot and hold on tight!

Mick did as he was told and they all began shouting (as an alert, of course) "WE'RE IN THE GARAGE, WITH OUR MABEL DETECTORS!". In the midst of the shouting, Bernie was chanting "Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream".

I bet you're wondering how Rookie, the guy who started all this madness, is doing. Well, let's just say he's sitting lazily in his igloo, eating chips, and watching TV, more specifically, the news.

Reporter: Confusion strikes the entire island of Club Penguin as bystanders have reported that penguins have been sucked into some kind of portal in the forest areas of the island. The Club Penguin forest has been bordered with police tape as investigators are trying to solve this mystery. We have interviewed some penguins, asking them about their thoughts on this.

Gary the Gadget Guy and Dev66 then appeared on-screen and Rookie gasped.

Gary: Yes, even I, and many other of the inventors of the island, can't seem to solve this baffling conundrum. Dev Melda here came to me with the news.

Dev: Yeah, so my friend Zeno and I were playing Jokemon NO, oh, I bet all of you've heard of that... anyway, we were playing it and we walked into the forest. We saw the portal and a few minutes later, Zeno waddled inside. Then I ran into Mabel von Injoface, you all know who she is...

A scarring picture of Mabel von Injoface showed up on-screen that included Mabel yelling at the photographer to not take a picture of her.

Dev: She said her owner Explorer was lost and assumed he got lost in the portal, so she went inside too to help him.

The screen cut back to the reporter.

Reporter: Onlookers also claim that many other penguins stepped in, including a group of green penguins with propeller caps, a lime green penguin with facepaint, and many more. Footsteps in the snow leave evidence to these claims. We don't know what is happening to these penguins at this precise moment, but chances are they might be... dead.

The reporter paused.

Reporter: And now for the weather!

Rookie picked up the remote, turned off the TV, and threw it back on his couch.

Rookie: Since I caused all this, it's my duty to rescue the citizens of Club Penguin! After all, I am an EPF agent.

So Rookie sprinted out of his igloo and headed toward the forest.

Mabel: This is anything but a great way to spend my birthday.

It was September 4, the day the Maximum of Arrogance was born. No one approved of this. Mabel had spent two days in the portal, and all of them were spent doing absolutely nothing except for sleeping. Mabel kept trying to force herself to go to sleep so more hours would pass, but she wasn't at all tired. Instead, she was... she was...

Mabel: Oh, what is this [email protected]()?*+ feeling? It's... it's making me so <}|/*-& tingly...

Mabel was scared.

Mabel: Ugh. Everything is going so $%^&*>? wrong today. I'm saying so many more %^&?><" symbols than I normally do! I really hope I don't get to the ♪♩☭⊘☏ point where I have to speak the name of the... you know. Oh, who ∏℗ЙӜᅤ cares, I'm completely alone! I can say it.

Mabel inhaled to say , but unfortunately couldn't because she heard a noise like a rocket. She turned around to see a penguin with a jetpack barreling down the--

Mabel: AHHHH!!

Zeno had rammed into Mabel, which caused Mabel to stand on Zeno's head. Annoyingly, Mabel continued screaming.

Zeno: Be quiet, puffle, or you'll make me scream!

Mabel: Oops. Sorry.

Zeno stopped his jet pack and grabbed Mabel to put her in front of his face.

Zeno: AHHHHH!!!

Mabel made a face.

Mabel: So I presume you know me?

Zeno: Yes, Mabel. And I hate you! Everyone does!

Mabel: This is the first time I am actually happy to see a living creature. I have been bored for two $%(@* solid days, floating in this nothingness that just so happens to be the same color as me... and my $%^&*(# birthday is today! How depressed would you be if you were floating around in absolutely nothing on your ^#@*! birthday?! Tell me, you useless fool!

Zeno: Er... I'd be pretty depressed. And don't worry, I bought food on the way over here. There was a convenience store that was also floating around called the Ominous Purple Abyss Convenience Store, and it had a lot of stuff. Here, have a bag of peanuts.

Mabel: I don't eat peanuts, I eat O'Berries.

Zeno: Well, it's our only option now, so go ahead. Eat them.

Mabel: Uhh... okay.

Mabel munched on the peanuts, desperate for food after two days of eating invisible nonexistent O'Berries.

Mabel: These are horrible. Never bring me food again, you little ^&*^%&*. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go through the abyss without you, so--

Mabel couldn't finish her sentence because she and Zeno noticed a very bright light a the end of the nothingness. The light loomed closer and closer until it swallowed Zeno and Mabel, who were both screaming in terror (although Mabel just shouted symbol names).


Tar: ...what.

EX: I am so confused.

Tar: You're not tha' only one.


EX: Can you at least shut him up?

Tar slapped Gold in the face, knocking him out.

EX: Thank you.

Tar: S'nothin'.


After a few hours of flying through eternal nothingness, Wikipenguino, Falco and Happyface had grown tired of searching and had now been eating from a packet of Jelly Beans that Wikipenguino kept in his pocket and continuing every now and then.

Wikipenguino: Does this place never end? It's like we haven't gone anywhere.

Falco: Yeah. We might as well be lost.

Happyface: We still gotta find Explorer!

Wikipenguino: I don't see him anywhere in here. If anyone else entered here, they could be anywhere by now and completely lost.

Happyface sighed.

Happyface: What do you say we split the last Jelly Bean? We each get a third and-

Wikipenguino: Uhh...guys?

He pointed at a bright light that definitely wasn't there before. It started to grow.


Happyface and Wikipenguino grabbed onto his feet and he tried to fire himself forward. Unfortunately, the light was too fast and caught up with them in no time with all of them screaming in terror.

Wikipenguino quickly turned towards the reader seconds before he was engulfed by the light.

Wikipenguino: I have a feeling this isn't going to end well!

After an hour of "rowing" in the nonexistence purple void, a large flashing light came towards the Crash and Bernie.



The Crash were too late, and Bernie was too quiet. They were sucked in the light, leaving nothing but an echo of the loud chant that Foe Stummer, Since Height and Mick Phones made.

Foomy: Was that flash really necessary?

Folly: Absolutely. That means that it is working! BEHOLD, THE FAKE GRAVITY MACHINE THING!

Fooly: Is this the best he could come up with?

Folly: ...yeah. Anyways, in layman's terms as to not have to explain all over again, staying at a close range to this machine simulates gravity for beings within the field and in the desired direction!

Foddy: Riiiiiiight. But here's a key question. Where do we even find ground to stand on in the first place

(Awkward silence)

The Director: G... I can't figure this out. A penguin dragging others into a portal? It can't be true.

Gary: According to a citizen who claimed he clearly saw it, it is true.

Gary and the Director of the EPF were having a meeting in a secret place that even the EPF agents didn't know existed. The room's lights were off, but the lights from the many security monitors joining together to show the Director's silhouette was useful for Gary. One of the screens, rather than showing part of the Director's silhouette, showed the Forest.

The Director: I assume it can't be the work of Herbert, as he's been inactive for so long I'm waiting impatiently for him to attack us. Plus, he's simply too dumb.

Gary: Sir, we must get the rest of the agents. They can all join together and help.

The Director: Some from our many divisions went into the portal, but that's no matter. We need the entirety of the EPF to find whoever is doing this and destroy them.

Gary: Sounds like a plan, sir. But are you sure it's really worth all those agents? You never know what's in that portal. We could all get killed, every single one of us.

The Director: Our agents are highly skilled in their own special way. Don't worry Gary, it'll be all fine.

The Director put on her glasses and the fog around her faded, revealing her face.

Aunt Arctic: We're taking matters into our own flippers.

All of a sudden, there was banging on the door.


Gary: Er, just a sec, Rookie!

Aunt Arctic: Warrook is here? Man, I can't believe I haven't fired that n00b...

Rookie: Who is that? Gary, who are you talking to?!

Gary: No one, Rookie, just wait! Sorry sir, I have to shut you off.

Aunt Arctic: No problem, G. I will recruit the agents while you are gone.

Gary shut down the screens, making the room pitch black. He put on his night vision goggles and headed to the automatic door.

Gary: Hello, Rookie. What is it you wanted to tell me--


Gary: Rookie! Be quiet! Yes, I know, we have the situation under control and... wait, did you say the portal closed? Oh no, I must inform the Director.

Rookie: Yeah, let's go.

Rookie walked through the doorway.

Gary: Rookie, no! Don't go in there!

Rookie: Why not? It's just your lab.

Gary: No. That's my lab.

Gary pointed to a door identical to the one they were standing at right at the other side of the command room.

Gary: Rookie, there's something I need to tell you.

Explorer awoke to find himself in a dark, stony chamber. The place was dimly lit by a candle on a table.

Explorer: Huh? Where am I?

He soon realized he was trapped behind metal bars and his flippers were encased in a shackle that was chained to the wall. He turned to his left to see a blue puffle trapped in a small cage inside another cell. The blue puffle was unconscious and was wearing a pair of black circular glasses. One of the lens was cracked and the cage was chained to the wall, too.

Explorer: Well, this is psyched. If I bought more bombs, it would've been more easy to get out of this doohickey.

He fiddled with any forms of communication he had, only to find that any way of contacting anyone else was out of the question.

Explorer: Great, I can't call EPT either. What now.

Explorer looked around for any useful items that could help him escape but there was nothing inside his cell. A small phone-like device was on the floor. Explorer tried to turn it on, but it didn't even seem to have an off button.

Explorer: This is starting to get worse then the time I got trapped inside my igloo. Drat you again, Director Benny!

Just then, the device rung and Explorer nearly dropped it in shock. There were no other buttons except for a green one under the screen.

Explorer: Well, here goes.

He pressed the button and waited for something to happen.

Explorer: Uh...hello? Is anyone on the other side of this phone doohickey...?

???: Ah. You've finally awoken.

Explorer: Uh...who are you?

???: I already know who you are, Explorer Freddell Antics. I assume you've learned a thing or two about me from what I showed you when you were asleep so there's no need for me to answer your question.

Explorer: Hey, wait a minute, you're the guy who knocked me out back in the forest! That was one evil prank even I didn't see coming...

The unknown penguin remained silent.

Explorer: And by the way, what is this place that I'm trapped in?

???: I'm not that foolish to answer that question. Can't have you ruining my plan. Anyways, I'm going to leave you here. I must continue my plan. The portal is currently closed, I need a way to get out. Goodbye for now, Antics.

The unknown penguin hung up leaving Explorer feeling confused.

Mabel XX: "#¤%&/()=?`¹@£$½¬{[]}\`'½*+´!

Kektus: I know...

Waddler Whatever: Hey, I know that, too!

Mabel XX: Shut up.

Meanwhile, in a land not far from the events currently happening...

Snow: Gee. You said it was 10:00 AM, Frostbyte!

Frostbyte: Sorry! I thought it said that!

Snow: Ah. I see. *murmurs* Stupid power outages. Snowbot...!

Snowbot: I'm as CONFUSED as you are, master! Who could've done such a thing...?

Snow: *facepalms* *snorts* That SnoX is really pestering us now.

Frostbyte proceeds to hop towards his storage unit, and tosses a toy into the air. The toy proceeds to land perfectly on the storage unit, just as it was in the storage unit moments ago. Frostbyte stares at the toy and then jumps and spins, sending fur everywhere.

Snow: We should be going now, FrostByte. We've got a friend to assist.

Snow points to the door with nonexistent hands.

As this was happening, the Director called up Star.

Star: It's that time of the year again, isn't it.

Director: I'm afraid so.

Star: Siiiiiigh. What's up this time?

Director: Portal in the middle of nowhere, random ambushes from someone who drags his victims into said portal, missing Explorer, Mabel, Gold, Tar, EX, Flipplings, Wikipeng, Falco, and Happyface, among others.

Star: Sooooo.... the usual.

Director: The usual, yes.

Star: So what should I do?

Director: Head to the field and see what you can do to get the portal back up and rescue the victims. I've called up a number of others to help you.

Star: Question...

Director: We've already... taken care of that nuisance you're currently worrying about.

Star: Alright then.

Dev66 was waiting at the Club Penguin forest behind the police tape, secretly hoping that the portal would pop up out of nowhere and release the captured penguins (and puffles), but sadly, nothing happened. Although, Dev did hear loud footsteps in the snow. They were moving really fast... it almost sounded like it was an army. Dev hid behind a bush just in case it was an evil one, but once he poked his head out he saw a few penguins and puffles he actually recognized. Gary, Star, Rookie, Tails6000, TurtleShroom, Speedasher, General Puff, Kim Plausible, Mary Gadget, Jet Pack Guy, Dot, among many others were all sprinting through the Plaza, not in their EPF attire but dressed as normal citizens.

Gary, who was leading the group, stopped in his tracks once he reached the forest, which made all the other agents stop abruptly too. Gary turned to the rest of the army.

Gary: Oh, err... yeah, uhh, I forgot for a second there. The portal, uhh, it closed.

Tails: D'OH! Seriously, Gary?

Gary: Hey, it's not all my fault! Rookie knew too.

Everyone turned to look at Rookie. Aunt Arctic, who was hidden in the crowd, revealed herself.

Aunt Arctic: Gary? Rookie? Why wouldn't you tell me this?

Gary: I apologize, sir. Rookie had informed me of this after our meeting. I was forced to show him the prototype Nostalgia Room--

AA: Gary... you showed him the Nostalgia Room? You know that's against your law.

Jet Pack Guy: Wait, what Nostalgia Room? Gary, is there something you're not telling us--

JPG couldn't finish his sentence because Aunt Arctic had already wiped them all out with an amnesia laser that pointed in all directions. Each EPF agent toppled down like dominos. However, Gary and Rookie had avoided the laser.

Rookie: Sir, what did you do to them?

AA: That's none of your business... citizen.

She blasted the laser at him too.

Gary: So what did you actually do to them?

AA: I wiped their memories of you saying "Nostalgia Room". They'll wake up in five minutes. Also, although it seems self-explanatory to me, Rookie is fired.

Gary looked at the unconscious body of Rookie.

Gary: What will we do with his body?

AA: We can just simply teleport it back to his igloo. As for the rest of these guys, we should leave them here until they wake up. Get out your EPF Phone and teleport Warrook back home.

Gary got out his phone and teleported to Warrook's igloo. He laid the unconscious body on the couch, never to be seen by the EPF again. Or that was what they thought.

Meanwhile, returning to PuffleVille's events...

Snow: Can we NOT get worried about that, FrostByte?

FrostByte: Great. Another game of Yum Yum Yuck Yuck's about to start...

Suddenly, SnoX appears.

SnoX: In all this majestic land of PuffleVille... wait, what now?

Snow: Uhh... SnoX.

SnoX: Foolish Puffle. We meet again.

Snow: No time to talk. We must combine forces now.

SnoX: Got it.

Snow: Alright, through the Puffleville Bridge we go!

SnoX: Wait... can't I just use some powers to get us to the other side?

Snow: ...

Snow: Good point.

They all went into the portal, and as it faded, the SPB went in, in case they were needed...

Mcdonalds394 stepped into the portal.

Mcdonalds394: This is real? No way. How-

Suddenly, a loud noise was heard, practically inhumane. Followed by a low-pitched scream. A laser.

Mcdonalds394: What the-

Suddenly, he found some MCC crew carrying a dark-green penguin on a stretcher bed. He was holding his flipper. Mcdonalds394 saw that a part of it was black. It was charred.

Unknowing how that laser was fired, Mcdonalds394 kept walking into the direction of the laser-holder.

Warrook Chintzovy was confused. The last thing he remembered was running to the forest with his friend and coworker Gary, along with many other penguins. Now he was suddenly lying down on his couch.

Warrook: Wha-what's going on? Where are the others?

He decided to get out his EPF Phone to call Aunt Arctic, his boss. But when he reached in his pocket, he realized he didn't have one anymore!

Warrook: Oh no! What's going on? Where's my EPF Phone?

Warrook searched his entire igloo for his phone, but he couldn't find it.

Warrook: Have... have I been fired from the EPF? ... Oh no... oh no, oh no, the Director warned me about this.

A lightbulb appeared over Warrook's head. But that was probably because the ceiling light was above him.

Warrook: I know! I can do something really heroic to prove to the Director that I can be in the EPF... I can save the victims of the portal!

And so Warrook ran out of his igloo toward the forest to help the citizens of Club Penguin.

Chapter 3: Next Destination[edit]

As SnoX hops out of the portal, he drags Snow and everyone else out.

Snow: That was nifty.

SnoX: For once we agree on something, it seems.

Frostbyte: C'mon! Frosty's waiting by the bridge!

Frosty: About time you guys made it.

Snow: Gee. We're all busy with things, too.

FrostByte gets hit by a rather heavy rock, knocking him straight down onto the ground.

Snow: Clear.

Inven zaps FrostByte. There's no response.

Snow: I've seen this before...

Snow remembers when FrostByte was a kitten how during a very particular earthquake FrostByte blacked out.

Snow: He's blacked out.

Frosty: That's bad!

SnoX: Not always...

SnoX lifts the rock, and FrostByte, still laying there, slowly wiggles his tail.

Frostbyte: *waking up* Ugh... Snow? Is that you?

Snow: Yes. Why?

FrostByte: Augh, my head hurts horribly!

Snow: I feel you, buddy. I feel you.

Wikipenguino suddenly awoke.

Happyface: Hey, look, he finally woke up.

Falco: You alright?

Wikipenguino: I...I think so...where are we?

He suddenly realized he was on top of some sort of cube. He suddenly noticed that Falco and Happyface weren't the only ones there. He recognized a group of green penguins with propeller caps, a purple puffle as well as a dark blue penguin.

Meanwhile, most of the EPF was in a state of overdrive. The scientists were working harder than ever to try and solve this strange mystery. Dr. Infinity was running some tests using a large computer. A long line of paper was streaming out of a slot in the side while making buzzing noises. On top of the machine, lights on top flashed and beeped continuously. Numbers could be see on a screen on the front of the machine while they constantly changed. Dr. Infinity was anxiously watching the screen and pushing buttons and pulling levers. A computerized map of Club Penguin Island directly under the main screen was beeping and a red dot that marked the location of the forest was seen. Just as Spider880 rushed past with a box of equipment, Dr. Infinity's confused looking nephew waddled next to him.

Cheddarbox: Uh...hey, uncle. Any idea what's going on...?

Cheddarbox's uncle addressed him in a quick and anxious voice.

Dr. Infinity: I really don't have time to talk now, Aaron.

Cheddar: Didn't I tell everyone to call me Cheddarbox?

Dr. Infinity: Perhaps, you could make yourself useful and go and help other agents.

Cheddar: Why exactly? You haven't told me what was going on-

Dr. Infinity: Haven't you heard yet? A portal in the forest swallowed up your cousin!

Cheddar: Wait, what? Who? You mean Wikipen? Nah, you can't pull a joke on ol' Cheddar...

Dr. Infinity: It is not a joke! You can go see what's going on in the forest. I need to work.

Cheddar: Okay, then.

Cheddarbox still didn't believe his uncle but waddled off to see what was happening, anyways. A crowd of penguins could be seen in the distance.

Cheddar: Wait, what..?

He waddled closer to get a better view.

A news team named after some city was present and reporting news while several others were present.

Cheddar: Whoa...this doesn't look good...

Mabel XX: Δ Ω ͏ Ϡ ‽ ҂ Ӷ ۝ ۩ ᴥ ᵯ ₠ ∏ ℗ Й Ӝ ि আ இ ண ഊ ෴ ษ ༕ ҉ ҈ ࿄ Ᏻ ᕇ ⃔ ∏ ⊛ ⎳ ⎲ ⏎ ␀ ① ⑫ ⓬ ☎ ☸ ☈ ♔ ♕ ♖ ♗ ♘ ♙ ♚ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♟ ♨ ⌚ ✆ ✉ ✍ ❀ ⨇ ⶹ ㆱ ﷼ * ᅤ <censored>!

Kektus: O_O

Waddler Whatever: O_O O_O

Then, they crashed into some sort of cube.

Mabel XX: £*¶^å@(!

They climbed on the cube, and noticed some more characters there.

Mabel: What the Δ Ω ͏Ϡ ‽ ҂ Ӷ ۝ ۩ are you doing here?

Mabel XX: I'm ᵯ ₠ ∏ ℗ Й ண ⏎ ① ⑫ ⓬ ☎ ☸ ♚ ♨ ⌚ ✆ ✉ ✍ ❀ ⨇ ⶹ ㆱ ﷼ * ᅤ looking for you!

Wikipenguino: Uh...okay...does anyone know how we can get out of here?

While the two puffles continued to scream at each other, the other penguins decided to start a discussion.

Happyface: So what exactly is keeping us stuck to this cube?

Zeno: I don't know. Mabel and I got teleported or something. It says so when the scene last cut to us.

Wikipenguino: Well, I'm sure Terry would've known if he was here...

Falco: Hey, uh...guys? W-w-what's t-that?

Falco was pointing to a bright purple vortex hanging in mid air. It was slowly sucking them in.

Zeno: Uh oh...

Happyface: Oh come on, not again...

Wikipenguino: Are you sure none of you guys did this?

Falco: Hold on tight!

Foe Stummer: What's going o-

They all held on to the strange cube-like object for dear life as they were all pulled into the second portal.



Returning to the PuffleVille shenanigans...

Snow: Uhh, what are we doing here?

SnoX: What do you think? We're off to the woods!

Snow: Oh, right. We'll be needing things from out in the wilderness where somebody crashed their sled...

FrostByte: Oh wow, this is amazing!

Snow: Alright. There's the Icy Whirlwind 3000.

FrostByte: Everything's good to go!


FrostByte: Not like I hit reverse at any point in time, but okay...

Frostbyte turns up the music and gets going rather fast, as they roam through the wilderness...

Barkjon was waddling around Club Penguin Island. He'd just heard the sudden rumour of a portal springing up in the forest and his two friends had been sucked into it.

Barkjon: Come on...where is it?

At last, he located a now huge crowd of penguins. A small patch in the center of the crowd was roped off with police tape. Many news reporting groups were talking about this strange new discovery. Photographers and journalists including Eve Lendfell, Crossfire Westley and Samantha Van Peng were also observing the scene. Barkjon looked around and spotted Explorer's crown in the snow which was being examined.

Barkjon: Uh oh...that can't be good...Where is Explorer?

Just then, some confused looking penguins including Star, Jet Pack Guy and Chase the Penguin came into the scene.

Meanwhile, in the wilderness...

Snow: Gee, do you suppose we're going too fast?

They all jump into a mysterious ring that appears from out of nowhere, sucking them in.

Snow: Oh wow. SnoX?


SnoX, trapped among several pieces of rubble, shakes his head.

SnoX: I'm okay!

Outside said portal...

Frostbyte: Snow?!?

Frostbyte: Me and the SPB better jump in to see what's going on!

So they go in as well.

Meanwhile, in Puffles' igloo...


One of Puffles' puffles then accidentally spilled green paint on the teleporter, but Puffles didn't notice that.

Puffles: So, if i push the green button, Kektus and Waddler should be teleported here.

Then, he noticed that all of the buttons were green.


He pressed one of the buttons. As it wasn't the right one, he got teleported to Kektus and Waddler instead.

Puffles: Hi.

Kektus: Hi! :D


Puffles: Someone spilled green paint on all the teleporter buttons!



Mabel XX: Δ Ω ͏ Ϡ ‽ ҂ Ӷ ۝ ۩ ᴥ ᵯ ₠ ∏ ℗ Й Ӝ ि আ இ ண ഊ ෴ ษ ༕ ҉ ҈ ࿄ Ᏻ ᕇ ⃔ ∏ ⊛ ⎳ ⎲ ⏎ ␀ ① ⑫ ⓬ ☎ ☸ ☈ ♔ ♕ ♖ ♗ ♘ ♙ ♚ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♟ ♨ ⌚ ✆ ✉ ✍ ❀ ⨇ ⶹ ㆱ ﷼ * ᅤ!

Snow: And where are we now?

SnoX: I think we're in some place... very fishy.

They saw several others, and so they simply walked up to them.

Snow: Oh, hey guys! What are you all doing here?

Wikipenguino: Oh hey, Snow! We got trapped in this portal and ended

Mabel: Whatever Δ Ω ͏ Ϡ ‽ ҂ Ӷ ۝ ۩ ᴥ ᵯ ₠ ☠ ☤ ☂ ☾ ✌ ㎭ ♲ ♻ ✄ ㎯ Я ㆱ ﷼ * ⎲ ⏎ ␀ ① ⑫ ö ∫ ∞ π Σ Δ ∏ ☢ you're doing! We've been stuck here for who knows how long and all I've had for company were these &œ&*©˙Ωø@πÒ∏ morons.

Falco: Did you just call us-?

SnoX: Why don't you shut your trap so we can help you all?

Snow: Good idea.

Everyone but the two Mabels, obviously, had their traps shut as SnoX worked.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the wilderness...

The unknown penguin known as Steve was wandering through the wilderness gathering materials for his new portal machine. What was unknown to the whole island was that Steve had been collecting materials and trying every now and then to create a stable portal. He had activated it several times and either they had sprung up somewhere else and disappeared, or they had glitched out and closed at the last minute. Steve overheard a news crew passing by and quickly hid behind some trees.

News Penguin 1: Have you heard of those disappearing penguins?

Steve Mango: Finally it is complete.

Steve activated the machine. A purple laser projected the same portal that was found in the forest.

Just as he was about to enter, CAPTAIN ASPARAGUS comes out of the portal


CAPTAIN ASPARAGUS fired his lazor.

Steve Mango: © ® ™ Ω Ü ö ∫ ∞ π Σ Δ ∏ ☢!

Steve jumped in the portal. A second later, ASPARAGUS fired the lazor again, and destroyed the portal machine.

Meanwhile, most the crowd of penguins had waddled away from the Forest. In his lab, Gary had just finished building a new portal machine.

Gary: I built a new portal machine.

Quack: Good.

An agent, who actually was The Director in a disguise, waddled in.

Agent: Gary, we have a problem.

Gary: What? Another portal?

Agent: No, but Rookie made a portal machine that didn't work and exploded along with igloo. He's trying to make us hire him again by doing something useful.

Gary: Now that is a real problem...

The agent waddled away.

Quack: We should open the portal now.

Gary: We'll do it at the Forest.

Quack: Okay.

Quack, Gary and the other agents waddled to the Forest.

Gary: I'll open the portal now.

Gary opened the portal. As that happened, Winston waddled there from the Plaza. The agents backed away from him.

Winston: What's wrong with you all? Maybe a hug will cheer you up?

Gary: Thank you, Winston, but we don't have time for-

Winston: If it isn't my favourite blue, lab coat and glasses wearing penguin!

Gary: Winston, please-


Quack and Quacker ran into the portal. Winston followed them. The other agents were also running around to get away from Winston. and a random EPF agent accidentally stepped on the portal machine, breaking it.


Mabel: Δ Ω ͏ Ϡ ‽ ҂ Ӷ ۝ ۩ ᴥ ᵯ ₠ ∏ ℗ Й Ӝ ि আ இ ண ഊ ෴ ษ ༕ ҉ ҈ ࿄ Ᏻ ᕇ ⃔ ∏ ⊛ ⎳ ⎲!

Mabel XX: ⏎ ␀ ① ⑫ ⓬ ☎ ☸ ☈ ♔ ♕ ♖ ♗ ♘ ♙ ♚ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♟ ♨ ⌚ ✆ ✉ ✍ ❀ ⨇ ⶹ ㆱ ﷼ * ᅤ!

Kektus: kektus



Puffles: Hi!

Waddler: Wait, how did you get here?

Quack: Gary made a portal machine, but the portal closed behind us. Anyway, watch out for-


Winston hugged Quack.

Director: Rookie, punching a dummy with a picture of Herbert's face taped on it isn't heroic, last time I checked. Now go away! Intelligent penguins unlike you are trying to figure out this situation.

And for the third time in the same ten minute period, the Director slammed the Everyday Phoning Facility door on Rookie's face, but as soon as the door closed, she heard a knock.


But it wasn't Rookie at the door. It was Gary with a panicked look on his face.

Director: Oh, Gary, I apologize...

Gary: Sir, we have a situation. It appears Snow and... SnoX, alongside Snow's siblings, Quack, Quacker, and a ninja who apparently loves cute things got sucked into the portal. Then a random agent stepped on the portal machine, destroying it. Yeah, we fired that guy.

Director: Has anyone escaped from the portal?

Gary: Yes, actually. This yellow penguin with sunglasses and tentacle-like metal things sticking out of his back. He keeps repeating--


CAPTAIN ASPARAGUS fired his lazor into the sky.

Gary: Yeah. That.

Director: Alright. We must keep him here, along with the other penguins trapped in the portal when they get out. We don't know what this CAPTAIN ASPARAGUS has seen, and we don't know what the penguins currently in the portal are seeing right now.

Rookie: Hey! Director! Gary! What if I punch the real Herbert? I'll go into the Wilderness to get him! Be right ba--


CAPTAIN ASPARAGUS fired his lazor at Rookie, blasting him into a pile of snow.

Director: Thank you.

Meanwhile, the Flippings, Zeno, the two Mabels, Wikipenguino, Falco, Happyface, Kektus, Waddler, Foe Stummer, Since Height, Mick Phones, Bernie, Puffles, Quack, Quacker, Winston and the SPB who had been sucked into the portal and thrown somewhere random were pacing around while SnoX was working.

Wikipenguino: What even is this place? And out of all the penguins who could've been chosen, Winston had to come through the portal.

Kektus: kektus

Waddler: Definently not kektus.

Falco: Well, it would be a real shame if we all died here.

Wikipenguino: Nah, don't think like that. We've been on tons of adventures possibly worse than this, and we've survived in one piece haven't we?

Happyface: You might have, but we haven't.

Quacker: Well, let's try to not die-

Winston: Cheer up, we're not going to die. How about a hug?

Foe Stummer: Not again...

Falco: Here we go...


Winston hugged Quacker.

Kektus: kektus


Winston hugged Kektus.

Kektus: kek

Kektus hugged Winston back, Winston hugged Kektus back, Kektus hugged Winston back and so on, with Quack watching and Foe Stummer face-flippering.

Quack: I hope that they'll keep hugging each other for some time...

Snow: Alright. In the meantime, I'll be pondering what to do to try and break outta here.


Snow: Anytime, Blair. Anytime.

(Mcdonalds394 finds Snow and Blair right away.)

Mcdonalds394: Hey guys! Can you help m-

He turned around frantically, as if somebody was watching him.

Winston: Cheer up, don't think bad thoughts! LETSALLHUGTOGETHERMEKEKTUSANDYOU! (AKA Let's all hug together me kektus and you!)

He grabbed Mcdonalds by the collar and began squeezing him with kektus. It was a weird sight.

Kektus: kektus

Mcdonalds: ERGH!!!! GET THE ㎯ Я ‽ ÿ¶ # ¹ ² ³ ‡ ∏ ℗ Й Ӝ ि আ இ ண OFF ME!

Mcdonalds managed to struggle out of the vice grip, but with kektus and Winston, the cycle of the hugging went on.

Foe Stummer: You alright, tough guy?

Mcdonalds394: Yeah, I'm ok. Why is there a huge block behind you all, though?

Wikipenguino: We were all pulled in by a portal. How did you get here?

Mcdonalds394: Long sto-LOOK OUT!!!

Out of the blue, two penguins with two coshes knocked out Snow then Mcdonalds, Happyface then Bernie, Mick Phones then Zeno, Mabel then Since Height, Falco then SnoX, Frostbyte then Quack, Mabel XX then Waddler, and then Puffles, while Winston and Kektus acted like nothing happened.

Foe Stummer: CUT IT OUT AND TA-

Wikipenguino: TAKE TH-

Foe attempted to hit the penguins with his guitar, which almost broke, while Wikipenguino hit them with his baseball hat. The poor hat ended up inside out and Foe and Wikipenguino ended up coshed while Kektus and Winston were thrown in a sack.

???: Ha, too easy!

Quacker: No :)

Quacker hits the penguin with his EPF Phone, but then gets knocked out by the other penguin.

Another fragment of flashback came to all of the coshed penguins.

Steve: Arthur, your days are numbered!

With his chainsaw arm, he threw the king into the pit, whose body never to be found again. He then sawed off the ropes, setting Henry free, while the crowd watched with awe.


The crowds were silent. Henry was now the king.

Henry: I may have never seen you, but I shall reward you! Come, we should live in our new castle together.

Steve gullibly fell for Henry's plan. Instead of being honored, he was thrown in the dungeon.

Henry: Thank you for making me rise to power, I shall torture you tomorrow so you do not cause more mayhem!

Steve was then locked in the dungeon, thinking of a way to escape.

The flashback ended there once again.

Everybody, expect Winston and Kektus, woke up with an aching head. They were all sorted in groups of 3 in 5 large cages hung from the roof.

Winston: At last everybody! You've been missing the hugs that Kektus, me and Bernie have been doing! LETSGETABITOFGHUGGIN!

Suddenly, Winston began singing a song he never knew about. He lurched his cage wildly to Since Height, Mick Phones and Foe Stummer's cage and grabbed Since Height's guitar.



Everybody but Bernie and Kektus: THAT'S ENOUGH OF THE SINGING!

Explorer: Hey, guys! Down here!

As everybody looked around their cages for the voice, they saw Explorer down below.

Happyface: Explorer! Finally! Our long search for Explorer is almost finished!

Explorer: I wasn't the only one though. This group of green penguins, a red penguin and a blue puffle with glasses got shoved into cages, too.

But, as they looked around a second time, there was no way of picking the lock then jumping out as they were high off the ground. They also saw all 7 of the Flipplings in a large cage as well as the still unconcious Terry Van Furry and Lance X. Penguin.

Falco: Look, there's Terry! And...Lance...? How did they get here?

Snow: You were thinking?

Wikipenguino: Well, we've still gotta get down there and-Sweet Snowzer Cheese!

Suddenly, the cages began to move up, then began sliding sideways, with Explorer's cage at the front.

Bernie: Eek! What's happening?!?

Mcdonalds394: How did he...

Suddenly, the cages stopped at a halt, with a radio falling out of one cage.


Winston: Cheer up, when we get back I'll sing it for you again and I'll pay for a new radio! LETSGETABITOFHUGGIN!

So, the cycle of hugging began again, with Quack face-flippering and Zeno passing the time on his phone playing Pac-Penguin.

Rookie had been spending a long time making a new portal. Finally, he had succeeded.

Rookie: YAY! Finally I can go and save those poor penguins!

With his phone, he dialed the official Everyday Phoning Facility.

Gary: Hello, what number do you need?


With that, he cut off the phone.

Gary: What?

He then secretly teleported to the Elite Penguin Force and waddled up to the director.

Gary: How is the blah guy then?

AA: Nothing! All he says is "Captain Asparagus Blah!".


With that, he shot an elite officer, turning him into snow.

AA: You better put up with your disguise. I'll handle Mr. Asparagus.

Gary: Good luck! Oh, and Rookie called.

AA: What did the silly ex-agent say then?

Gary: A load of nonsense I didn't understand.

AA: Oh, right. Good luck with your disguise!

Gary: Thanks!

At the exact moment Gary teleported back to his disguise job, Rookie was ready to jump back to the portal.


Star Kirby12 was also in his igloo, waiting for his portal opener 1300. His brown puffle tweaked in one more screw, and finished.

Brown Dude: Here's your portal opener 1300!

Star Kirby12: Thanks a lot Brown Dude!

He pressed the button, opening the portal.

Star Kirby12: In I go!

Chapter 4: The Evil is Revealed[edit]

After 2 hours of Winston hugging Bernie and Kektus, they stopped.

Winston: Feeling better now?

Bernie: Of course! I want to do it again!

Suddenly, the cages began to move again.

Snow: You do realize I was taking a nice snooze?


The cages move again.

Foe Stummer: What was the date again today? I've somehow lost my phone.

Zeno: According to my phone, it's the 8th.


Zeno: Yes, we did.

Wikipenguino: Well, I guess that explains the super-long wait. Man, I've never been this hungry before...

Foe Stummer: YARGH!!!!

For the first time in years, Foe Stummer got a bad temper and smashed his half-ruined guitar on the cage. It actually broke the cage, somehow making Mabel and her daughter fall out of one cage in the front.

Foe Stummer: Wow... My guitar rules...

Mabel XX: OH Δ Ω ͏ Ϡ ‽ ҂ Ӷ ۝ ۩ ᴥ ᵯ ₠ ∏ ℗ Й Ӝ ि আ - OH HI MUM!


Waddler Whatever: HEY! WE AREN'T ALONE!

00700gold: SO TRUE!



Foe Stummer looked at his precious guitar. It was almost destroyed. Then, he looked down.

Foe Stummer: GERONIMO!!!

He leaped out of his cage, landing on both Mabels on the floor.

Foe Stummer: I've got this!

He found a totally random pole, and using the pole, he hurled himself to the cage with Waddler, Tobot, gold and Tar Tar. He hurtled his guitar and smashed open the cage, leaving the poor guitar broken.

Foe Stummer: Oh.

Tar Tar Peng: At leat nine of us are free!

Mick Phones: Don't worry! We will get all of you out! I hope.

Waddler: I just remembered!

Waddler took out his pistol and shot Puffles' cage with it, so that the door of it broke and opened.

Puffles: thank you

Waddler shot the cage of Winston, Bernie and Kektus, so that the door of it broke and opened, as well.

Bernie: Thank you!

Kektus: top thankek you

Winston: Thank you!

Winston hugs Waddler.

Then, out of nowhere, a seemingly familiar voice shouts to Snow, SnoX, and FrostByte.

???: I'm comin' for ya!

Out from the shadows, Dude revealed himself.

Dude: Why haven't they saved you three?

Snow: Dude, just lemme out, then I'll explain what happened.

So Dude hopped in his Jr. Cannon Model II and blasted into their cage, breaking it open. At the same time, Waddler shot Terry's cage, so that the door of it broke and opened, as well.

Snow: It's about time we were rescued, but... where's our escape bridge doohickey?

FrostByte: Ahem?

Blair: Allow me.

So Blair used his harmless back fire to carry them across, and then they proceeded to thank one another. Suddenly, a voice recognizable to Wikipenguino and Falco spoke.

Terry: Wikipenguino! Falco! There you guys are! Waddler managed to free me with his pistol and we found this in a box. Catch!

Terry hurled what looked like a thin metal pole as high as his telekinesis would let him. Wikipenguino managed to snatch it by squeezing his flipper through the bars.

Wikipenguino: My keysaber! Thanks, Terry!

Wikipenguino activated the keysaber and sliced the bars encaging him and leapt onto an empty cage closer to the ground before leaping down. Falco leapt down quietly a moment after him.

Wikipeguino: There! Now to-hey, how did you get out!?

Falco: I have powers remember? I melted my way through. Whoever captured us definitely should have upped their game.

Mick Phones: That. Was. FAST!

Since Height: Hurry up! Wait a minute, are we missing twelve penguins?

Mcdonalds394: HURRY UP AND GET US OUT!

They had almost forgot Quack, Quacker, Zeno, Mcdonalds, Lance, Explorer and the green penguins with propeller hats.


Since Height took his guitar back and handed it to Foe Stummer.

Foe Stummer: Here goes!

He threw it at the cage that had Zeno, Quack, Quacker and some evil puffles in it, and broke it open. Luckily, the two Mabels were still unconscious. Foe picked them up and used them as a safety net.

Zeno: Thanks a lot!

Quacker: Thank you.

Quack: Thank you.

Since Height: I'll fetch it!

Once he got the guitar, Foe Stummer threw the guitar back at Lance, Explorer and the random blue puffle and broke it open once again.

Lance: I've seen many honourable penguins and sights on my travels, but not as fantastic as this!

Then, Foe Stummer threw the guitar at Mcdonalds' cage.

Mcdonalds: Thank you.

Finally, he threw the guitar at the Flipplings' cage, making the guitar a tangled mess.

Since Height: Everybody safe and sound? Now we should hurry!

As they all left, the kidnapper, hiding in the shadows with another penguin, watched them escape.

???: I'll catch them yet again! Come on, apprentice! Wait, aren't these the silly purple and red puffles who shout out punctuation marks? And isn't that the green penguin who sleeps all the time?

The mystery penguin picked the Mabels up, and tied them up in a sack, while putting Fooey in a large container.

???: I'm sure my plan will work! MWA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cough Ahem!

At that moment, outside the building, one portal opened. Star Kirby12 rolled out of it, wielding his keysaber.

Star Kirby12: HAI-YA! Oh, nobody here.

Suddenly, a portal opened in the sky, with Rookie diving to the ground. He splat himself on the ground, with no keysaber.

Rookie: OW!

Star Kirby12: YOU?!?

Rookie: Yes, it's ME!

Another portal opened and Quackerpingu flew out of it with his jetpack and two keysabers.

Quackerpingu: Quack.

Rookie: Good. Mcdonalds394, like hates you.

Star Kirby12: HE WENT IN?

Rookie: Yep.

Again, a portal opened. This time, Robot 3000, Shadow Walrus, Hubert U. Pengumin and Sheepman came in.

Quackerpingu: Robot 3000, i told you to NOT come here...

Robot 3000: Beep.

Quackerpingu: ...

Rookie: Well in any case, seeing as nobody would let me back into the EPF, I'll just have to prove I've worthy of it. Let's go find wherever those penguins went. This is the right place, right!?

Robot 3000: No.

Quackerpingu: Yes, it is.

Star Kirby12: Well, let's go!

Meanwhile, back in the portal....the escaped penguins were actually in a futuristic mansion, not a medieval house.

Lance: I think somebody - or something - has been messing with the future. The houses in 3000 looked like this!

Mcdonalds394: We need to get these people free. We are free, but there are still more caged.

Waddler: We already came away from the cages. Also, WHO are you talking about? Everyone got out.

Puffles: He's right, the Mabels and Fooey are missing. We are also missing some more people, Zack Khoury and Matthew von Injoface.

???: I am afraid that YOU ARE TOO LATE!

The characters turned around, to see the impossible!

Steve Mango: If you don't go into that cage (he points at a big cage), then i will kill them.

Kektus: top kek, the cage door is locked

Steve Mango: Apprentice! Unlock the cage door!

A key unlocked the cage door and it opened.

???: May the force NOT be with you.

Steve Mango: Apprentice! What are you doing? I didn't tell you to talk!

???: Did you REALLY believe me when i told you that i want to help you?

The "apprentice" stepped out of the shadows and was revealed to be QuaXerpingu. He activated his keysaber and killed Steve Mango.


Quacker: Oh no.

QuaXerpingu pushed everyone into the cage using the force and locked the door.

QuaXerpingu: BTW, this cage is fireproof, pistolproof, keysaberproof and morshubombproof. And i won't give you the key.

QuaXerpingu took the Mabels out of the sack and opened the container Fooey was in, and after that he unlocked the cage door, opened it, put them in, and closed and locked it again.

Puffles: You shouldn't stand so close to the cage...

QuaXerpingu: Why?

Kektus: top key


Kektus gave the key to Puffles.

QuaXerpingu: Give it to me!

Puffles gave the key to Waddler.

QuaXerpingu: Give it to me already!

Waddler gave the key to Quacker, who unlocked the door, and everyone came out.

QuaXerpingu: N00bs...

A portal appeared, QuaXerpingu entered it and it disappeared.

Puffles: Now we'll just have to find another portal and get out!

Waddler: I don't think that it's so easy...

Another portal appeared, QuaXerpingu, Quackerpengu and Major Sheep came out of it and it disappeared.

Kektus: top kek

What no one noticed, was that Star Kirby12, Rookie, Quackerpingu, Robot 3000, Shadow Walrus, Hubert U. Pengumin and Sheepman camein through a door.

Robot 3000: Beep.

Waddler: Wait, how did YOU get here?

Quackerpingu: Hi!

QuaXerpingu: Δ Ω ͏ Ϡ ‽ ҂ Ӷ ۝ ۩ ᴥ ᵯ ₠ ∏ ℗ Й Ӝ ि আ இ ண ഊ ෴ ษ ༕ ҉ ҈ ࿄ Ᏻ ᕇ ⃔ ∏ ⊛ ⎳ ⎲ ⏎ ␀ ① ⑫ ⓬ ☎ ☸ ☈ ♔ ♕ ♖ ♗ ♘ ♙ ♚ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♟ ♨ ⌚ ✆ ✉ ✍ ❀ ⨇ ⶹ ㆱ ﷼ * ᅤ!

Star Kirby12: I'll tell you later, first it's time to stop QuaXerpingu!

Everybody who didn't have a proper weapon got anything to use as a weapon. Foe Stummer and Zeno used microphones, Mick Phones and Since Height a plank, Puffles a rope in the shape of a lasso, Mcdonalds394 a round stick with electrical wires, SnoX a metal bar, Happyface, Quacker and Quack their hats, Winston with his vice grip hug, Kektus with his get rekt mode, Bernie with his annoying goofiness and the Mabels with their punctuation screaming.

Quackerpengu: Stupid penguins...

Quackerpengu and Major Sheep got some kind of weapons, as well. Then, everyone started fighting QuaXerpingu, but he soon destroyed all the usable "weapons" they had (well, goofiness, screaming, hats and microphones aren't very usable) with his keysaber and grabbed Star's, Wikipenguino's and Quackerpingu's keysabers using the force. A lot of the characters climbed up to the roof of the cage.


Winston: HUG!

Winston hugged QuaXerpingu, who dropped all of the keysabers.

Quackerpingu: You have 0 keysabers now.

Everyone took their keysabers back.

QuaXerpingu: ...

A portal appeared. QuaXerpingu took his keysaber and waddled into the portal along with Quackerpengu and Major Sheep.

Quackerpingu: Now, how do we get out of here?

Mcdonalds394: Those people up on the cage will help...

Chapter 5: The "Happy Ending"[edit]

Meanwhile, in the Bureau of Fiction...

Director Benny: Ugh, when will this special end?

Benny looked down at all the dimensions. The villains in one, the heroes in another, the side characters in Club Penguin... it was a very jumbled story at this point.

Director Benny: Well, at least there was that plot twist with Steve and everything. I had to kill off at least one character. Wait a second... that gives me an idea!

Benny took out his editor and started writing.

QuaXerpingu, Quackerpengu, and Major Sheep were in the unknown dimension they had just traveled to, plotting the next sneak attack.

QuaXerpingu: So what are we going to do?

The other two shrugged just before Major Sheep collapsed on the ground.

QuaXerpingu and Quackerpengu: WHAT?!?

Just after that, Quackerpengu collapsed too, leaving QuaXerpingu alone in the dimension.


Just after that, QuaXerpingu died too. Benny smiled down at them.

Director Benny: My work here is done... almost.

Just after the fiasco in the villains' dimension, every penguin was saved and out of their cage.

Mcdonalds394: Alright, do we have everyone? Let's see...

As Mcdonalds counted all the penguins in the room, Fooly felt something.

Fooly: The fourth wall... it just broke. I can feel it.

Everyone in the Room Who Isn't Capable of Breaking the Fourth Wall: wat

Fooly: Something's wrong... where is QuaXerpingu?

Zeno: He just walked into that spontaneously-appearing portal.

Mabel: Yeah, and he kept doing it, that little Δ Ω Ϡ ‽ ҂ Ӷ ۝ ۩ ᴥ ᵯ ₠!!!

Another portal appeared.

Lance: Don't worry guys, it was just me. I'll be right back. I think I know where the three went.

And he stepped in the portal he activated, leaving the other characters behind, extremely confused, with the exception of Fooly, who seemed to know everything that just happened.

Soon after, Lance stepped back out of the portal.

Wikipenguino: So what happened, Lance?

The rest of them murmured in agreement.

Lance: QuaXerpingu, Quackerpengu, and Major Sheep are all dead.

Wikipenguino: What?

Lance: Yeah. I just found them lying on the ground. If you want to come see, you can. It's not gruesome at all, which is strange.

Fooly: Probably because this is a kid-friendly story.

Everyone stared at him.

Lance: Ahem... anyway, it doesn't matter now. All we need to do is get back to Club Penguin. But how?

Meanwhile, on Club Penguin, there stood QuaXerpingu, Quackerpengu, and Major Sheep, all incredibly confused on what happened.

Quackerpengu: Weren't we dead a second ago?

QuaXerpingu: Yeah. How the heck are we here now? How do we get back to fight the heroes?!

Quackerpengu: I guess every villain in every story has to fail at one point.

Major Sheep: Agreed.

Quackerpengu: But how did it happen?

QuaXerpingu: We'll never know for sure, I guess.

Director Benny: Nope. You never will.

Benny cackled.

Back in the portal...


Rookie acticvated the machine, everyone waddled back to Club Penguin through the portal and when they got there, they saw that QuaXerpingu, Quackerpengu and Major Sheep were there, as well, and they weren't dead.

QuaXerpingu: ...

QuaXerpingu, Quackerpengu and Major Sheep took their stolen spy phones and teleported away.

Wikipenguino: Well, uh, that was, um, awkward.

Zeno: Maybe we should go to the forest and check on that place. After all, it's where all the calamity started, Rookie.

Rookie: What? It wasn't all my fault! ... Okay it kind of was.

The heroes walked back to the forest and saw reporters crowding the forest. After a few seconds, the reporters turned around and gasped before running to the heroes and asking them all questions.

Dev: Zeno! Guys, you're all back!

Out in the distance, Gary and the Director were watching the crowd.

Director: Rookie called earlier. He told me he made another portal machine that got them all back here.

Gary: I presume that neither of us are supposed to believe that.

Director: Nope.

Gary: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I kind of miss having Rookie on the team. He provided comic relief.

Director: Yeah. I actually feel the slightest bit bad. Maybe we should rehire him?

Gary: Your choice. After all, even though he's a terrible agent, he would never really lie.

Director: True. Alright, I'll rehire him, but I'm just giving him one more chance.

Back at the forest, the heroes had warded off the news reporters after the questions they asked were a little too extreme.

Wikipenguino: Well, nice knowing you all but not you two Mabels. I think I'll be on my way. C'mon, Terry, Falco, let's go find another adventure that our creator wants to put us in. I can probably tell he's not too impressed with this one...See ya!

Wikipenguino, Falco and Terry waddled and hopped off somewhere else.

Lance: Er...I guess that means I have to leave too. I'll be off fixing my Trekker.

Lance waddled down a different way. Happyface followed him.

Fooly: Yeah. I think our creator doesn't even write anymore, so we better get going.

The Flipplings waddled somewhere else.

Rookie: Why is everyone talking about their "creators"? Whatever, I'm leaving.

Rookie left too.

Explorer: Hey, I need to make new pranks for Mabel!

Explorer waddled off.

Foe Stummer: C'mon, Mick Phones and Since Height! Our concert begins in a few hours!

The members of The Crash ran away.

Snow: Alright then, SnoX. Back to your place-- (we weren't much of a help anyways)

SnoX: You sure got that right. Let's get to it!

FrostByte: Next time I will not be ssssso misssserable! I cannot let an opportunity passsss like thisssss!

Dude: C'mon, let's go!

Snow: Uhh, Dude. Your house, please and thank you. Don't pop outta the blue like that. You could kill yourself doing so!

Zeno: I think we have better things to do too. Come on, Dev, let's go.

And Zeno left, along with everyone else, finally ending another adventure in the Fan Universe.

But it seems the villains had other plans.

QuaXerpingu: So where exactly should we meet?

Wikipenguino X: January 29th, at Blizzardville, Eastshield, at 3:00 AM sharp. Spread the word.

The four villains cackled and disbanded before anyone could find them. It was time for an improbable plan.

Right before the story ended, Steve Mango walked through the forest, looking for a new home with minor stitches on his head.

Steve: Man, this special SUCKED. Wait, didn't I die?

Director Benny: Yes.