Fanon Characters Special 2018!

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Fanon Characters Special 2018!
Start October 9, 2016
End October (add number), 2016
Prerequisites Gary creates a new portal machine like the one from 2016 and Herbert steals it.
Location Club Penguin, Orange Dimension (NOT Orange Puffle Dimension)
Rewards Club Penguin is safe
Fanon Characters Special FINALE!

2 years and almost a month after what happened in 2016, Gary creates a new portal machine like the one from 2016. However, Herbert steals it, accidently opens a portal to an alternate Orange Dimension (filled entirely with oranges) and is forced to hide the machine somewhere in the dimension. Because of Herbert's mistake, Club Penguin gets flooded with orange juice that keeps flowing out of the portal. The fanon characters must find the portal machine and stop Herbert to save Club Penguin.

Prologue: The Portal[edit]

One autumn's day in October, 2018, Gary had just completed re-building the portal machine.

Gary: Finally! It is complete! Now, hopefully this won't have the same disastrous effects as the previous one.

Gary waddled to the Ski Village to test the portal machine. Halfway down, a penguin stopped him.

Penguin: Hello Mr. Gary, what's this teleportation device for?

Gary: Ah, this? If you rightly remember what happened in 2016, there was a mysterious portal that sucked everybody in into a strange dimension, and then back to our world.

Penguin: Yeah, so?

Gary: I've managed to retrieve the portal, and I've rebuilt it. It might be useful for the wellbeing of our penguin society.

Penguin: Can you give any hints?

Gary: No, I'm afraid not. Classified.

Gary then waddled past the disappointed penguin. As he reached the tour booth, a rather large, slushy and obnoxious snowball hit him on the face.

Gary: What was that?

Gary wiped off as much as he could of the strangely gooey snowball, wiped his glasses and then looked around to see who threw the snowball, but he saw nobody. Stooping to pick up the machine again, he felt nothing. He realized that the portal machine was gone.

Gary: Oh dear.

Gary looked around again and saw Herbert, running in the distance with the portal machine. He immediately ran back to the EPF HQ and told the other EPF agents about what had happened.

Jet Pack Guy: Why did you decide to test it on the Ski Hill anyway? Don't you remember that mission we had, when the PSA was still around, when Herbert was at large?

Gary: To be honest, it's been so long since we had any real trouble, I must have not been thinking clearly.

Inside the HQ, the discussion continued.

At that moment, Herbert returned to the LEEPB HQ.

Herbert: MWA HA HA HA HA! I stole that infernal Gary's portal machine!

Polarkin: Let's test it straight away!

Herbert, Polarkin and Henry went out of the LEEPB HQ, walked a fair distance from the machine (so if they would create a portal to the EPF HQ by accident and it sucked things close by, they wouldn't be teleported there too), and started creating portals to random dimensions that nobody had seen before. Then, after they had created another portal, Herbert found a desirable portal with any amount of treasure in it. They had originally decided to keep creating portals until they found one which was suited for their purpose, but the gold was too tempting for them.

Herbert: Now, who's going to go in and get that gold?

Polarkin and Henry, when he said that, had suddenly disappeared.

Herbert: Oh all right, I'll go in myself.

Clutching the machine for some reason or another, he went in. As he set the machine down, he then realized that he forgot to bring a bag, but as he turned round, he accidently kicked the machine, which created a new portal in the "treasure" portal.

Herbert: Oh #$%^&*...

It was a portal full of oranges. Just then, orange juice started flowing out of it.

Herbert: I think I have an alternate plan to defeat the EPF and conquer Club Penguin for once and for all.

Herbert closed the other portals except for the "treasure" portal, and beckoned Polarkin and Henry, who had suddenly reappeared, to come in. Polarkin and Henry did as they were told.

Chapter 1: Orange Juice[edit]

The next day, Gary waddled back into the EPF HQ.

Gary: Has anyone found Herbert and my portal machine yet?

Rookie: No, but the Snow Forts have been flooded with orange juice. I've been told it must be a part of some Kermit-themed party.

Jet Pack Guy: I don't think so. There is a river of orange juice coming from the wilderness as well. They can't decorate the island in seconds, unless they have fairy wings.

Gary: Agents, go investigate that river!

Some of the EPF agents: Yes sir!

Suddenly, as the agents were turning round to leave, a penguin waddled to Gary from the group.

Stupidpingu: I have a question!

Gary: What is it, my friend?

Stupidpingu: Why couldn't it be a math party instead?

Everyone: ...

Ninjapingu sneaked away to avoid getting annoyed by Stupidpingu further, whilst a few others, anxious to get the job done, went out as silently as possible.

Quacker: I don't think there is a party. Why would someone waste all of his money on orange juice?

Stupidpingu: Then let's throw a party!

Stupidpingu pulled out math-themed party hats from a bag.


Gary: I don't think we need any more hats, thank you. Just go and get the mission done.

Grumbling that they couldn't have a math party, Stupidpingu joined the other agents, and left.

At the same time, in the EQF HQ...

Penstubal (on TV): Club Penguin is being flooded by orange juice! It is definitely the work of the well-known Neo-Naughtzee Kermit, or someone allied with him!

Quackerpingu: We'll have to stop this.

1penguin437: Okay.

Quackerpingu used his EPF Spy Phone to teleport himself, 1penguin437 and some other EQF agents to Club Penguin.

At the same time, in the secret base of The Evil Something...

QuaXerpingu: That piece of news is simply awesome! Let's go flood all of Antarctica with orange juice!

QuaXerpingu used a stolen teleporter to teleport himself and some other members of The Evil Something to Club Penguin.

At the same time, in a house somewhere in Noot Island...

Shadow Quackerpingu: Orange juice flood...I think QuaXerpingu might show up. I'll go and tell him that his plan will fail.

Shadow Quackerpingu exited the house and started waddling to the nearest airport.

Explorer was in his igloo.

A penguin (on TV): Club Penguin is being flooded by orange juice.

Explorer: That sounds strange - I'll go there.

Explorer waddled to an airport. Mabel followed him, and Mabel's daughter followed Mabel. Fred happened to be there because he thought a lecture on advanced mathematics in Club Penguin was going to be on that day, but finding out he was wrong, he joined the trio to form a quarto.

At the same time, a blue-feathered penguin and an orange-feathered penguin, both carrying heavy luggage, waddled out of their igloo, the former's parents waving them on. Two random penguins, who were passing by, stopped, and watched them meet with an EPF agent, and then, talking, disappear in the adjoining path.

Random Penguin 1#: There those two go again. Best of luck to them.

Random Penguin 2#: What about them? I'm new to the area, so you had better tell me what's so important about them.

Random Penguin 1#: Them? They've been a good duo together. Relatives, you know. Always going off to solve their own mysteries, with the orange one giving random predictions. Thanks to him, we knew in advance about those Arctic Hares.

Random Penguin 2#: Yeah, so?

Random Penguin 1#: They were solving some mystery over their ani-bodies a year or two back. I reckon that they've heard about the Orange Juice Lake, and they're going to solve it.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned blue and orange penguins, aided by the EPF agent, waddled their way to the origin of the river.