Fanon Characters Special FINALE!

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Fanon Characters Special FINALE!
Time is almost over.
Start March 26th, 2017
End March 29th, 2017
Prerequisites The end of canon Club Penguin.
Level 8-4
Location Club Penguin, the archives of the Universal Bureau of Fictitious Literature, a new Club Penguin Island.
Rewards A new land is created, fanon and canon finally meet in agreement.
Fanon Characters Special 2016!, Operation Improbable Fanon Characters Special 2018!

This is it, everyone. The Fanon Character Special FINALE! is the last Special created before the end of the beloved game that served as the root to this entire wiki, Club Penguin. In this special, mysterious visitors come to Club Penguin, promising to bring amazing changes to the land. However, after a visit to the Bureau of Fiction, penguins left and right have been changing in radical ways. The time for our heroes time runs shorter by the second as memories fade away all over the world. Can our heroes find the truth behind this chaos? Or will they succumb to Project: Super Secret?

Chapter 1: Paradise?[edit]

Suddenly, Fooly8 jumped out of a snow pile with about a million puffles and shouted, "PUFFLE F--"

"Wait. Something is wrong," thought Fooly, as he scratched his head. He was in a snow pile in front of Star's Club Penguin igloo, like he once was in his debut in Christmas so many years ago. This time, however, there was a distinct lack of a million (or any) puffles and no one was around. "Geez, this place is deserted!" Fooly said. He then also realized he was speaking in the wrong way.

Fooly: OK, the script format is much better.

Fooly waddled through the eerily empty neighborhood. As he waddled further, he suddenly heard a crowd in the distance.

Fooly: What's happening over there?

The Dock

A mysterious, tall penguin stands on a pile of crates in the middle of the room. A huge flock of familiar characters surround this penguin.

???: Hello, fellow citizens of Club Penguin! I have very exciting news, for each and every penguin here!

Mabel: We'd probably care if we knew who you are.

???: Ah, then allow me to introduce myself. My name is Walt Iger, but you can call me Iger for short.

A brief period at awkward silence ensued.

Random Crowd Penguin: I got the reference! It's a portmanteau of the names of "Walt Disney" and "Bob Iger", the current CEO of Disney.

The entire crowd unanimously: Oh.

W. Iger: Anyways, I'd like to introduce all of you the greatest discovery in all penguinkind!

W. Iger pulled out a huge scroll of paper. After unscrolling it, he revealed the image of an undiscovered island, filled with snow, jungle flora and a dance floor for some reason.

The entire crowd unanimously: Oooooooh!

W. Iger: Oh yes, it's practically paradise. There is everything you could ever need there!

Star kirby12: But will we be able to go on massive quests?

W. Iger: I hope you like deciding the fate of the world, we have them by the bunches!

Zeno124: What if I just want to lay back and relax?

W. Iger: You can do that 24/7!

Mr Cow2: Is there cheese?

W. Iger: Way too much, in fact.

Discussion began within the crowd about this perfect utopia.

Wikipenguino45: Sounds exciting and fun!

Penguinpuffdude: I am definitely going to go!

Mabel: I hate to say this but I like what Iger is selling.

Mcdonalds394: I will be the first one to arrive!

The entire crowd cheered for Iger and his paradise island. Iger was humbly accepting the praise when he spotted Fooly waddling towards the crowd to see what was happening.

W. Iger: Oh! Umm! I... uh... need to go! See you all... in paradise!

Iger used his map to escape the crowd.

Fooly: Wowie, what's happening?

Random Crowd Penguin: Hey, who's that chick with the red propeller cap?

Star: Huh, that sounds like... Fooly?

Mr Cow2: That'd be impossible. He retired last year!

Snow: Fooly is -2998 years old, for your information. The term "retirement" sounds kinda odd, does it not?

Meanwhile, in a nearby unknown location

W. Iger: Crap, crap, crap... how is he still alive? I thought I alrea-

Suddenly, Iger's phone rang.

W. Iger: Oh crap, it's the boss! (answers call) Salutations, Miss...

????: There is no time for formalities. How is Project Super Secret going?

W. Iger: It's going nicely. You were right, doing that got all of them to agree with me in almost no time at all. There is however, one teeny problem...

????: What is it?

W. Iger: The current "fool" still exists.

????: £<*•¥|~£{*¥&[email protected]&/!! You do realize this puts the project at great risk? Whatever. As long as he doesn't become aware of it, nothing can go wrong. Keep pushing Project Super Secret... but you know what to do if you find the fool alone.

W. Iger: Affirmative.

Back at the Dock...

Fooly: ...and that's where I went to after I left.

Star: I still don't understand. What does "P.I.O." mean? And why is Amigopen there too?!

Fooly: Enough audience teasing! I want to know what happened here.

Wikipenguino: Oh, you see, Mr. Iger just presented to all of us a new island! With quests and relaxation and an awfully excessive amount of cheese!

Mr Cow2: I bet that cheese must be pretty good. He didn't give us a name, though. The closest thing we have to one is... "paradise".

Star: Paradise Island is a thing though, we can't call this new place the same way.

Mr Cow2: What ELSE could we call it then?

Snow: Why don't we leave the name as "paradise" until we find out further?

Fooly: I am still confused.

Star: Let's just go to the Bureau of Fiction's archives so you can read it for yourself. Should be easy enough.

As such, this gang of Fanon characters went to the Town to dig up the remote which would lead them to the fourth wall-destroying building, like it says so here. However...

Star: The remote is not responding. At all.

Sure enough, the big red button was completely inactive. The remote was bricked. They decided to go to the alternate entrance, but when the group dashed to the Pet Shop, they found that the Puffle Book had been removed.

Richperson: I think that Club Penguin has, for some reason, been removed from the entrance to the Bureau of Fiction.

Zeno: There are other entrances around the world, you know.

Snow: Let's go on an adventure!

Mr Cow2: Sounds like a sound idea.

Penguinpuffdude: We'll have to do it tomorrow, though. It's pretty late.

Mcdonalds: Let's all meet at the Box Dimension tomorrow. That's the fastest way to travel.

Fooly: Why don't we take Tut- never mind, I forgot what I was going to say.

Soon, the group parted ways for now, back to their own igloos to prepare for a great voyage.

Fooly: I forgot where my igloo was. Oh well, I'll just spend the night at the Box Dimension.

Chapter 2: City of the South[edit]

Next day, at the Dock

Wikipenguino: Boy, I can't wait to see this new place! Imagine all the adventures we could have!

Terry Van Furry: If Director Benny approves, that is.

Falco: All the same, isn't it strange that the entrances in Club Penguin aren't working?

The trio paused to think for a moment.

Falco: Eh, they're probably doing some sort of clean up, so we'll just have to use the main one I guess.

Falco and Wikipenguino resumed to their excitement, but Terry, however, wasn't convinced.

Wikipenguino: Well, whatever the case is, we'd better hurry up and get to the Box Dimension. TO ADVENTURE AND BEYOND!

A few minutes later, the three entered the Ski Attic and opened what looked like an ordinary cardboard box. As soon as they opened it, a bright purple glow emitted from inside the box while a swirling purple vortex was there in place of the box's contents.

Wikipenguino: Hop in!

Wikipenguino stepped inside first and instantly sunk through the box as if there was a hole in the box that went through the floor. Falco grabbed Terry, stepped in next and vanished through the box. A few minutes later, Penguinpuffdude holding a suitcase came waddling up.

Penguinpuffdude: So, according to this totally random voice in my head that turned on a few minutes ago that sounds like it's eating ice cream, this is where we all meet, eigh? Might as well jump in!

She pushed the suitcase in the box first, and jumped in the box.

Not too long after, Mcdonalds climbed up the ladder.

Mcdonalds: A suitcase, eh? Might as well.

Mcdonalds jumped through the box.

Zeno soon arrived in the lodge with his friend Dev and his puffle Apple, all carrying suitcases except for Apple, who was carrying a bag on a stick like most puffles do when they travel.

Dev: So what exactly is this island place?

Zeno: We'll explain when we get there. We'll be fine, don't worry.

The three hopped into the box portal, Zeno and Apple first, then Dev, who was getting a little suspicious.

The Box Dimension

Mcdonalds, along with a bunch of stuff, fall to the ground. He lands in a pile of clothes, along with the heroes of our story.


Wikipenguino had apparently waddled too fast out of the portal, tripped and slammed into a pile of boxes. He crawled out of the pile of boxes, brushed dust off himself and stood up.

Wikipenguino: Hey! I think we're here!

Falco: Well this place is purple, full of boxes and doesn't look like Club Penguin any more so it's gotta be it.

Suddenly, Mcdonalds394 appeared with heart-cladded boxers on his head.

Mcdonalds394: Really? *he puts the underwear off his head* Oh by the way, this is not mine.

Random muffled voice: I'm under here!

A suitcase was pushed out of the pile and Penguinpuffdude emerged from underneath the pile of boxes, with smelly black socks encasing her arms.

Penguinpuffdude: Eww, what a smell! These certainly aren't mine!

She crumbled up the socks in a rough ball, threw it in the air and used her suitcase like a tennis racket. It disappeared over the horizon of boxes.

Penguinpuffdude: Hopefully it won't return.

Wikipenguino: ...Well, uh, didn't expect to see you both turn up so soon...Now we just have to wait for everyone else...

Suddenly, a penguin waddled into the scene from behind another stack of boxes sealed with duct tape.

Quackerpingu: Hi! Has anyone seen QuaXerpingu, Quackerpengu and Major Sheep? They are probably hiding behind some of these boxes...

Everyone: Since when did YOU get here?

Quackerpingu: I have been here along with some other EQF agents for 3 hours, looking for QuaXerpingu, Quackerpengu and Major Sheep.

Falco: By the way, have you heard? Some guy just told us about some place and from what we've heard, it's awesome!

Quackerpingu: Quacker told me about that. However, for some reason I don't like it...Are you sure that it wasn't a villain who told you?

Terry: He's right, this is a little suspicious...

Falco: Oh come on, you're just overreacting, it'll be fun, you'll see!

Mcdonalds: Let me go with you.

Falco: (smiling) Best you stay here, Assistant Sergeant. You don't know what it is.

Mcdonalds: Yeah. Real funny.

Then, Quacker, Quack, Quackerpenguin, Topkek von Kek, Sheepman, Bean Pod 600, 24Keyser, Keyser5, Kektus, Waddler and Puffles came out of a portal box.

Quacker: They aren't in the Orange Puffle Dimension.

Quackerpingu: Ok.

Wikipenguino: We're gonna have to wait for everyone else first. Too bad the internet here's bad or I could've finally caught a rare Jokemon...

Penguinpuffdude: Could you please be quiet? I'm trying to read one of the The Adventures of Ping-Ping for the hundredth time.

???: Those books are excellent, of course.

Penguinpuffdude: I SAID BE QUIET!

Penguinpuffdude turned around to see who distracted her. She gasped in shock and embarrassment at the sight of a penguin sporting a darkish brown trench coat, with a hat and standing with a dog puffle at his side. It was Ping-Ping himself. Penguinpuffdude blushed, and began trying to forgive him for shouting.

Ping-Ping: You don't need to make such a fuss on trying to forgive me, I'm going to South Pole City to ask about this "Island Paradise", which is what I heard is called.

Penguinpuffdude: What a coincidence, we're going there too!

Mcdonalds: Well, Wikipenguino here already figured out about this "Island Paradise", some of it, so it's smooth sailing.

Ping-Ping: So, you either want me to just stay here, go back to my igloo, join you to South Pole City or go on another adventure?

Mcdonalds: Um, sure?

Ping-Ping: Stay here it is.

Penguinpuffdude: I can't decide...forgive me!

Meanwhile, in the Plaza Mall

A pink penguin in ninja attire was weaving through the crowd, past shoppers, preps, families and costumed Anti-Puffle Berry Mall protesters. She disliked this place as much as the protestors, worrying about where the keeper puffle would be after the destruction of the Stage.

After pushing her way to a wall, she took out a few flyers out of her bag and pasted them on in a row.





As she pushed her way back in, the sirens went off.

Random Penguin: A ROBBERY!

Random Agent: No, Herbert's attacking this place!

Random Ninja: The snowmen are coming...

Security Guard: Wait, is that a poster...of other unknown islands?

??????: Ugh, I guess I have to run...

As confusion and panic welled into the public, the unknown pinky slipped away to the plaza, hoping there were not too many Mwa Mwas/Pookies/Bay Bees/whatever were those disgusting idiots.

??????: Next stop, the Pizza Parlour.

Suddenly, back in the box dimension, Zeno, Dev and Apple all came out of the portal followed by Snow, Mr Cow and Star a few moments later.

Mcdonalds: Great! Now we're all here!

Snow: Wait! Someone's missing-- I can tell!

Star: Fooly! Where is he?

Mcdonalds: He'll come. He will just be right...

Something came out of the portal. In a form of a penguin.

Mcdonalds: Huh. Seems to be brand new.

Wikipenguino: Unless...

Mcdonalds looked around. He sees Star, with his sword in hand. Wikipenguino with keysaber on, holding it like a baseball bat. Quacker, Snow, Falco (complete with Terry) and Ping-Ping all seemed to be ready for battle, as if that thing there was NOT Fooly.

Mcdonalds: Wait. Hold your fire.

Falco: Ha ha. Very fu-

Fooly: You expected some sort of threat, but was actually me, Fooly! Sorry, kinda forgot this was a thing for a while. Anyways, let's go to South Pole City before some other character comes in with their own sideplot for no reason.

What no one noticed was that QuaXerpingu, Quackerpengu and Major Sheep, who were hiding behind some boxes, came to South Pole City along with them, as well.

Seconds later, in South Pole City...

Our group went to the center of South Pole City's business district, Metro, at the 4th Street/Walker Road intersection. Star insisted he would let the guys in and swiped his employee's pass across the sign with instructions on when to cross and when not to cross. As they heard the faint beep, Mr Cow2 pressed the "PUSH TO CROSS" button 4 times. With the sound of a beep and the manhole covering the entrance melting away into thin air, the entire group jumped down.

They were now in the Bureau of Fiction.

For some reason, however it was eerily deserted, except for a dark blue penguin, working at a counter in front of the true entrance. Mcdonalds walked up to to the counter.

Mcdonalds: (In a weird Puffl'and Accent) Good Evening, sir. We are here to check the archives for the-

Dark Blue Penguin: Sorry, absolutely no one can go into the facility at this moment.

Snow: Shame.

Dark Blue Penguin: Like I just said, no one can enter.

Star: Pardon me, but as a matter of fact, quite a few of us work here. We should have clearance.

Dark Blue Penguin: I can't let you do that, Star fox.

Star: What.

A long, awkward silence followed. No one had any idea of how to get in. That is, at least not with dumb luck.

Fooly: Can't we even a tour of the facility?

Dark Blue Penguin: Wait... did you say "tour"?

The dark blue penguin was breathing heavily.

Fooly: Uh, I think so...

Dark Blue Penguin: And are you all willing to take one?

Falco: If that can get us in, I guess yes.

The dark blue penguin was now shaking violently.

Dark Blue Penguin: I-I-I-I-I will ask once more, just to be sure this is happening.

The dark blue penguin ripped off his uniform and wig, to reveal a tour guide hat and a yellow scarf.

Wikipinguino: oh CRA-

Bernie the Tour Guide: DO YOU WANT A TOUR???

Mcdonalds: I knew it. Actually, no. We-

Bernie: W O N D E R F U L ! Let me just open this door and...

As the doors to the Bureau swung open, our entire cast ran into the facility, leaving Bernie behind.


Chapter 3: Infiltration[edit]

Mcdonalds: Good thing we missed the tour.

Wikipenguino: I know! That guy was annoying at the dozen!

The building of the Bureau of Fiction was oddly empty. It would usually be full of penguins, other creatures and maybe Weegee working to keep the universe running correctly. However, not a single worker of any kind was present.

Zeno: Okay. Now we just gotta sneak in this way...

Penguinpuffdude: Not really. This certainty looks like it!

A tall metal door with the BoF emblem stood before them. It was the archives.

Terry: And presumably, this door is locked, too.

Falco: Then if it won't open, we'll just have to make it open!

Falco's flippers suddenly fired up. Some of the others took out their weapons.

Falco: On the count of three, we're gonna blow this door down! 3...2-

Zeno: Wait a minute...

Zeno pressed a flipper on the door then knocked. Surprisingly, the door opened.

Falco: Oh.

Star: We could've just done that the entire time.

Dev: Err...let's just go in.

Richperson: Yeah.

Mcdonalds: Agreed.

Our team gazed in amazement at the expansive archives of the Bureau of Fiction. Every single piece of information about their world was in front of them, in the form of over billions of pages, neatly separated into 4,792 cabinets containing related information.

Penguinpuffdude: This is massive! How will we know which one is the transcript of W. Iger's speech?

Zeno: Only one way to find out... wait a second, where is Fooly?

Fooly apparently had run off on his own to who knows where.

Star: Well, this page isn't going to find itself.

Mr Cow: Let's hurry. We can't miss out on that cheese!

The team then split up and started searching through random cabinets.

Richerperson: This place is huge...

Terry: If I remember correctly, everything ever known is archived in this place...

Zeno: Hey! Look! I'm mentioned here! "Zeno Wontafor (born in 1997 and known by his director alias Zeno124) is a carefree blue penguin who works as a director..."

Penguinpuffdude: And what's this? "Sheggra Jean is the adopted daughter of Meggara Jean, and is famous for that strangely cold, robotic look." What a weird page. By the way, we could be in here for ages...

Dev: Maybe we just have to find Club Penguin's cabinet.

Mcdonalds: It must be at the archives marked with a green C.

Meanwhile, Fooly was just skipping aimlessly through the rows and rows of the archives. Right now, he had entered the row of files that started with "F".

Fooly: Oh wow, look at all of these cabinets! I can't help but feel that I am going to end up messing them up somehow... or should I say, they could end up defiled?

(Cue a laugh track here.)

However, before Fooly could even spill a drop of Christmas-colored turkey or trip over a single page, he saw a mysterious... thing emerge from the shadows. It made loud, clanking sound as it walked towards Fooly and stared at him with its meaning, glowing green dot eyes.

Fooly: O h w o w . If I was any smarter, I'd be fearing for my life.

The thing approached Fooly slowly, each step harder than the next. However, as soon as Fooly was in its reach, Fooly got bored and calmly waddled away.

Meanwhile, in the Ski Lodge...

The pink non-member was on the run again.

She had been pasting posters on as many walls in CP, and that kind of behaviour only attracted chaos, confusion, and security chases.

Now, she was hiding in the Attic of Deacon Peak's Lodge. The security haven't checked the room yet...

??????: They'll probably will, they're still just downstairs...

Receiver: You know, you could use one of the boxes here...

??????: For hiding like that Deus Ex Machina game?

Receiver: No, it might lead to the place you need to go!

??????: South Pole City, right? I guess I'll give it a shot...

She opened a box, and something familiar appeared in front of her.

??????: (surprised) The Box Dimension's still active!

Receiver: All that remains is for you to arrive at the Bureau of Fiction.

??????: On my way!

Back at the archives...

Penguinpuffdude: I think it's this one, and it's marked #Project Super Secret! But I can't *wheeze* seem to open this drawer!

The others waddled closer and started trying to pull open the immovable drawer. Suddenly, it burst open and some files flopped out. The drawer had apparently been packed to burst with as much files as the drawer could hold.

Star: Okaaaaay, that's a lot of files.

They all started rummaging through the files and checking it's contents before throwing them away. Mr Cow2 was rummaging through the files in the trash haphazardly and reminiscing.

Mcdonalds: This one right here must be his speech!

He pulled out a sheet of paper from one of the files.

Mcdonalds: "Hello, fellow citizens of Club Penguin! I have very exciting news, for each and every penguin here!". Welp. This is it.

Snow: But where's Fooly?! He's the one reason we even came here to get that paper.

Star: We'll probably find him anytime s-

An explosion was heard on another area of the archives.

Star: I think I have a pretty good idea of where he is...

The group soon arrived to the site of the explosion. There were no signs of fire, but paper flew everywhere.

Penguinpuffdude: These seem to be... pages from stories!

Falco: But where did Fooly go?

Star: We'll split up and find him.

The group then divided themselves into pairs and trios like before and ran along the corridors looking for him. However, before he can move an inch, Mcdonalds finds a piece of a page.

Mcdonalds: Um, Star? You should see this.

Star wallks up to Mcdonalds. He snatches the paper away from Mcdonalds, and recites it.

Star: "On Janurary 12, 2017, Club Penguin Island contradicted to stop being the host for any Server in paticular. However, a new island that was discovered recently will eventually replace it. The lease owner, Walt D. Iger, has created a new lease. However, a "fool" is trying to disrupt his plans. He is planning to destroy both islands with Deletion Nukes following the announcement, killing Iger in the process."

Meanwhile, in Dragonstone, Lord Brandon Stark meets with his top advisers to discuss the events unfolding in Club Penguin.

Brandon Stark: Please tell what is going on in Club Penguin right now.

Adviser 1: Well, there seems to be this mysterious man named Walt Iger who was advertising some paradise of sorts. Most are convinced, but a few of us are quite suspicious.

Brandon Stark: Please prepare a plane bound for Club Penguin. That is all for today.

Adviser 2: Very well, my lord. I will prepare a plane shortly.

Back at the archives, the rest of the group had split from the group and continued the search.

Snow: Hey, I think I heard something over here! What could it be?

Zeno: Was it the sound of the fourth wall breaking?

Snow: No, I definitely heard echoing footsteps in this unnaturally dark-- and creepy --creepy corridor!

Penguinpuffdude became pusillanimous.

Penguinpuffdude: D-d-d-do we real-l-l-l-ly have to go in-n-n-n th-th-there?

Zeno: Well in situations like this in most stories, the characters have to be brave and go in there for the story to continue, so yeah...

They all waddled and hopped into the dark section of the archives.

Snow: Fooly, are you in there, by any chance?

They waddled further inside. It turned out no one else was there except for their own shadows. A beeping noise was heard in the distance.

Penguinpuffdude: What's that beeping noise, anyway?

Suddenly, the ceiling starts cracking and both a laser and a voice is suddenly heard.


Penguinpuffdude: Ooh! Aaaaaaaah!

The robot exploded, leaving a hole in the ceiling.

Penguinpuffdude: At least if it was Dooby Derlick we're rid of him for good.

Zeno: Maybe this is where the BoF stores all the strange things and weird stuff...We'd better continue. And we might want to hurry, too...

Zeno sighed and took out his phone. He then started dialing a number and waited for whoever he's calling to show up.

Penguinpuffdude: Who are you calling?

Zeno: Would you keep quiet, please? I'm calling Zena.

Penguinpuffdude: Really?

Zeno: Yes.

Penguinpuffdude: And what is your plan?

Zeno: Nothing. Just felt like she would be a good fit helping us.

After hearing the answer, she noticed that she lost her Ping-Ping book. She also realized that Ping-Ping wasn't in the group. She saw a wafting piece of paper, picked it up, and, out of curiosity, looked at it. It seemed to have once been a description of somebody, but was scribbled over, making it impossible to read (except what looked like a single, solitary, clear "PING" at the edge of the page). The only word visible was "SPEEDY DELETE". She could guess all too well what the page's subject was about. Too shocked for words, she put it down, let it fly and, sitting down on her suitcase, remained silent.

Chapter 4: Fool-on Battle[edit]

In this chapter, Fooly, "behind the third wall", was to battle the true villain, Donald Tenorio (who reveals his plans dramatically), like the final boss of Planet Robobot, summoning props from running jokes specials and items from his own series, including Fuzzle and the Flipplings, who had not shown up in this special otherwise, due to their files being archived. Fooly gives a speech about the role of The Fool and their ability to kickstart stories. While Donald's machine self destructs. Fooly's story ends how it started, throwing puffles at a penguin to disrupt him. The machine takes down both Fooly and Donald.

Chapter 5: Epilogue[edit]

In this chapter, Fooly and his series aren't recovered, forever sealed in the archives. However, a propeller cap comes flying out, with a note attached to it. "Give this to the next one! ;D - Fooly" We then cut to citizens of club penguin coming back to their senses. After Walt Iger proves that the Paradise is real and habitable, many citizens, on their own will, wish to move to this island. The special ends with Walt Iger, along with Rockhopper and the penguins who wanted to move, sailing off to the setting of Club Penguin Island.