Fanon City

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Fanon City
The Flag of the City
Country Freezeland
Monuments Telenacle Cathedral, Propellerola Statue, Hindensnow Memorial
Headquarters Manor of the Mayor
Neighbourhoods Original Village,
Mayor Kenneth O'Malley
Population 1,300,000
Inhabited species Penguins, Puffles
General information
Native name Fanon City
Foreign name Fanon City
Demonym Fanonites
Founded 1380
– Founder Viking fishermen
Time zone FRT (Freezelandian Royal Time)
Summer time FST (Freezelandian Summer Time)
Area codes 353

Fanon City is a major port city in Freezeland. It is most famous for it's Freezelandian Styled Architecture. It has the largest non- High Penguin/Viking Penguin population in the whole state. (There are still plenty of High Penguins still living there)


The city was founded in 1380 during the HPC. Before the city, there was the lowly, village of Ganny (now called the Original Village). Ganny Village was a small trading town that sold crops that were farmed from nearby villages. It was first settled by Viking Penguins, but later High Penguins came into the village as well. They were next to the sea and a salt water lake. As the Trade grew, they needed to expand the ports, so they gathered friends and family from other villages to help build a canal that connected the sea to the lake. A year after the Canals completion, a wealthy lord bought the village, renamed it to "Fanon", and built a mansion on the other side of the canal. He united the surrounding villages together and began to build the City. Other HP's moved there too. On its 101 birthday in 1481, the city was elected to be the Capital of the HPC until 1493, when the capital was moved back to the original one. The city stayed virtually unchanged until 1913. War was sounded when the Hindensnow Disaster occured. Since then, many soldiers were stationed there for the war. When Khanzem was attacking, many penguins both high or not fled to Fanon city to escape the clutches of Khanzem. On the silent day of 1914, Khanzem made its first arial attack on the city. It had frightened many citizens, refugees, and soldiers, leaving them unprepared. Many buildings and Penguins were destroyed from the ditto bombs and falling aircraft. It took the City two years to restore the city back to normal. Again in the GSWIV and The GSWV, The Snoss invaded Freezeland and burnt down Fanon City to the ground. After Liberation, The Vikings and Castillans rebuilt the Town back to its former glory.


Fanon City.png

  • The First Square - a plaza where many public events occur. Houses the Honor Amplitheather of the First Square as well as sports venues for the local sports teams.
  • The Telenacle Cathedral of High Penguins - (also called the Church) the first catherdal ever built in Freezeland. It was where the first catheral school for penguins began, was rebult by Vikings after the Snoss invasions.
  • The Frysland Abbey - An abbey home to Governance Priests who also help run the Cathedral.
  • The Fanon City Catacombs/Sewers - Are Underground and are both connected. The Headquarters of The Order of the Clover is somewhere within this maze.
  • Fanon City International Airport - A small International Airport a few miles from town that usually has 50 flights per day. It was a hangar for the former Freezeland Royal Air Force. After the raid of Fanon City, commercial service to the city was cancelled, and was re-started fifteen days later, with service to major Antarctic cities.
  • The Original Village - the original remains on the village of Ganny that was mainly destroyed by Khanzem and the Snoss. Now only replicas of the buildings stand in it's place. It is known for it's various Shops and small cafes.
  • The Manor of the Mayor - a large house that is home to the mayor, It has a beautiful garden and is located right below The Old Canal.
  • The Old Canal - A penguin-made canal that connects the Inland Docks.
  • The Inland Docks - A natural saltwater lake, the canal connects it to the sea. It used to dock Small to Medium sized ships.
  • The Sea Docks - Located along the sea, these docks hold Medium to Large sized ships.
  • The Propellora Statue - A bronze statue found in the First Square, many believe that the statue looks a lot like Explorer. It was spared by the Snoss and Khanzem raids.
  • The Hindensnow Memorial - A memorial for the crash vicitims that was placed on the platform that the Hindensnow was supposed to land on, but crashed on instead. It was one of the only things that survived from the Snoss raids.
  • Club Finwe "Wiki" - A tavern that honors St. Finwe! It also was destroyed and was rebult in a more beautiful Spanish Style. The first level is open to the public, but the second story is for Club Finwe Members only, where there is a lounge.
  • Globesphere Tower - A 561 ft (171 m) observation tower and one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city. This is a parody of the Renunion Tower in Dallas, TX

Architecture Style[edit]

Fanon City has mainly been influenced by it's home country, Freezeland, and its predecessor, the High Penguin Confederacy.


The Original Fanon City Architecture that was prior to the Snoss invasions of 2010 was very much like the rest of Freezeland's. They lived in English Styled Timber Framed Houses made with Mortar or Brick and had a wood thatched roof. The Streets and Alleyways between houses where all made out of Cobblestone, and there where no outside lamps to guide penguins though the dark. Many had to depend on the lights from Inns, Taverns, the moon and stars, and some stores and houses to get across the town without tripping or bumping into things. Since the Streets where built many centuries ago, there where no sewage systems, so the streets and especially alleyways where very filthy with trash. A sewage system was later built in the late 1800s, but only was used for Sinks, toilets, and bathtubs and such. The Sewers where also where The Order of the Clover have their meetings. However, many have considered the architectual style of Fanon City to be dreary and depressing. The Houses are not very fancy and where built very poorly as well. The Whole town was destoyed and all of it's architecutal buildings where destoyed along with the streets.

New (Current) Architecture[edit]

When The Snoss where driven out of Freezeland, Vikings from the Republic of Frostize rebuilt the city in a very Freezelandian Style. They kept the cobblestone streets, but they added sewage systems to the streets to make it cleaner and lamp posts to give light to the city during the night. The city's new architecture consisted of homes made of timer framing, stone, and brick. The city's new architecture looks very medieval and reflects Fanon City's rich Freezelandian and Viking History.

Fanon City Port[edit]

Fanon City's Port is the heart of Fanon City's Thriving Trade takes place. The whole port spans across the whole city, including the Sea Docks and the Inland Docks. Many Services take place, and here they are:

Fishing Industries[edit]

Fishing Industries are one of the most common. These are usually Local buisnesses that go out into the Freezelandian Seas and catch the local fish. They either sell it back in Fanon City or sail to other towns and sell it there. Most Small Fishing Companies dock their smaller boats in the Inland Harbor, while the large companies with the large boats dock in the Sea Harbor.


Cargo Ships are also common and bring goods to the city. They usually dock in the Sea Harbors dispite their size.

Passenger Transportation[edit]

The Ports of Fanon City also are home to some Passenger Transportation. The large pleasure cruise ships are docked in the Sea Docks, while the Galleons, Caravels, some yachts, or other smaller transport ships are docked in the Inland Docks.

Destinations include:

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  • No one is sure of why the city is named "Fanon" or where the name came from. Some claim it means "whale bone."
    • In further exclusive research reluctantly released by the Time Agency, the name comes from a huge whale jawbone that was found half frozen in ice where the "Original Village" was formed. It has long since been covered with snow, and is impossible to find, although some aged prospectors still search for it as it's find would make them famous.
  • The insignia of the city is a propeller hat, and the flag is obviously our wiki's logo.
  • This town is also well known for its Muffins, scones, and pastries.
  • There is a massive Green Cream Soda drinking contest and a large festival every Saint Patrick's Day in March.
  • The mayor often tries to persuade Triskelle to recognize Kermit as a Saint. He claims that the fact that Kermit likes Orange Juice should be ignored, and that Whoot Smackler Whoot didn't invent orange juice as it existed before Khanzem.

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