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Roleplay.jpg Fanonbot involves Role-Play; leave a message on its talk page to talk with it!
Project Club Penguin Fanon Cyborg Bot Prototype 1

THAT is quite a jump! I think he met someone famous.
Born April 2nd 2008
G's Lab
Gender Male
Nationality Cyborg
Other names The Greatest Fan of the Heroes, A Big Fan, Weird Robot, The Third Random Robot(The first two are Smash and Pounder)
Education WHO KNOWS?!
Occupation The heroes' greatest fan
Years active Since he was activated.
Notable works A random statue of the heroes.
Home town Wait, what?
Known for Being the heroes' greatest fan.

Project Club Penguin Fanon Cyborg Bot Prototype 1, or simply Fanonbot, was intended to be a heroic biomechanical android, but ended up becoming a massive fan of every other hero in existence due to virus-related sabotage.


Knowing that the battle between good and evil will last for quite a long time, and that it will inevitably result in the destruction of one or the other, Gary the Gadget Guy attempted to work out a solution: Fanonbot, the ultimate hero.

With the combined intelligence of Questisbak and the Walrus Crime Ring, however, the plan was discovered, and they sent a virus into the system, making it malfunction. Of course, nobody else knew about it.

The day of the activation, Fanonbot was surprised.

"What's wrong?" G asked.


"Um, yes?"


"There must be a problem."

But before G could do anything, Fanonbot raced out the door.

Little Guy[edit]

That same day, an android puffle was activated. It somehow met Fanonbot, and they became (each other's only) friends.

Current Status[edit]

Fanonbot is known to pop up during extremely inconvenient moments for just about any character, asking for their autograph or something. He has been confirmed to own an igloo (somehow), though where it exactly is is unknown. As much as quite a few people would love to get rid of him, he won't die of hunger, thirst, or other natural causes due to his robotic nature (and thus he doesn't actually have a job), and trying to eliminate him by other means... technically counts as homicide.

Fanonbot is a dedicated subscriber of the Penstubal Post due to Penstubal's work in the Fanon Character Gang, and will believe just about anything he says (unless it contradicts his love for other heroes, such as Kermit or The Ice Finder).



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