Fat Weed

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Fat Weed
A rare picture of "The Fat Weed"
Type Weed
Effects When eaten, will cause a rise in weight
Source Unknown
Location Underwater
Cost to buy Forbidden to buy
Cost to sell Forbidden to sell

The Fat Weed was the main factor that caused the Mullet Counting Problems by feeding the fishes, making them overweight. It is the cousin of the Doom Weed. It causes fat truly.

It causes a rise in weight when eaten by a creature, except for Humans.


For decades, noone has known how this came about. Only that it came before the Doom Weed and is the older cousin, that's for sure.

It appeared on the coral reefs of Shiverpool in 1986 to 1992. The Mullet-Touraer Counting Station stopped the catastrophe caused by the ubstance, but still lived on. It somehow dissapeared in November 1992, after some scuba divers went undersea to investigate the cause of no more overweightness.

However, it re-appeared, but around The Happyface State two years later. However, no underwater creature had been affected by the appearance. It again dissapeared in 2001, when USA was formed.

In 2006, another team of scuba divers were sent down to the ocean seas under Eastshield's east shores. Nothing was found. It seemed that the weeds had dissapeared completely after the formation of the country.

Weeds Substance[edit]

In 1994, during the start of the new era of fat weeds, three weeds were found on the shores. Two penguins, dubbed The Fat Weed Duo, examined the source and told the press:

The likely substance of The Fat Weeds are korosumine, wood, some type of freaking green source and green leaves joined together. The korosumine is found deep inside, and causes the rises of weight when eaten. The wood, well, I say it is from the sand. Why? Erm... I dunno. The green thingy is found at the sides, which could be poisonous. The green leaves are just like the normal leaves, thank you.

Amount of Weeds[edit]

25 weeds have been found to start off the reproductive scale.. 20 in Shiverpool, 5 in The Happyface State. It reproduces (gives birth) when the seeds in the korosumine exits the plant and goes to the sea bed.


  • EmotiCon are also immune to this sort of food.
  • Rumors that Fat Weed is used to make the McDoodle's burgers or they just rub the weed on an McDoodle's burger.

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