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The great explorer, Feey1!
Feey1 in his general's coat, he wears it a lot now.
Born January 7, 1980 (1980-01-07) (age 39)
Shiverpool, Olde Antarctica
Gender Male
Nationality Yowien
Other names F Man
Citizenship Yowien, Mavv
Occupation King-in-Exile, Plantation Owner
Employer Alexander Clanin
Notable works Penguin Super Suit
Salary 90,000 Gold Coins a month
Net worth 10 billion Gold Coins
Height 4ft
Weight 75 pounds
Known for Discovering F Island and enslaving the Hokjoks.
Opponent(s) Swiss Ninja Hochstadt
Spouse(s) Kaylin Peirce
Partner Jake Slang
Children Joe, Lexi, Manny, Mia Peirce
Parents Garmield Pie and Sue Pie
Awards Key To Golden City

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Not to be confused with the User.

Feey1 is a king-in-exile who was an explorer, part-time inventor, and politician who discovered F Island, co-invented the Penguin Super Suit, and has become a celebrity. He has a profound knowledge of geography, and mapping. He isn't, however, as fit as many explorers, and no longer explores uncharted islands as he is now a politician in exile. He was crowned king of the Yow Kingdom in 2012, and, unfortunately, has many enemies; one of them being a RDA Clone. Foreign invasions deposed him from power in 2013 in the Great Yowien War and sought refuge in Maverick. Now the owner of a banana plantation, Feey1 has become a bitter man who wants to get revenge on Swiss Ninja, Lavender, King Carlos, Steven Snowen, and the Hochstadt Gang.


Chick Years

Feey1 as a chick.

Feey1 hatched in Shiverpool (Captial of the modern USA Antarctic Peninsula state), Olde Antarctica on January 7, 1980. He was a very obedient, and kind chick (even as a toddler). When Feey turned two, he became very hyper active. His parents couldn't exhaust him, and he would stay up all night long. As a young chick he took much interest in how things work, which would later effect what career he'd get as an adult.

At age five he started to take an interest in exploration, and wanted to discover new things. So he started scrutinizing things in his backyard. "He would stare at the grass for hours, and sometimes rip it part to see what's inside," Sue Pie said in an private interview.

Feey didn't grow up with many friends, just his brothers and Jake Slang. He spent a lot of time with his best friend, who also liked exploring. The two would explore Feey1's backyard, a nearby woods, and some frozen ponds. They were close friends, and explored many places. When Feey and Jake were 7, they left the the borders of their neighborhood to explore. They were gone for over a month, and the day before they returned they were legally dead. When they returned to civilization, they were a wreck. Their feathers were dirty and overgrown, and they looked wild. They came to a farmer's house, and from there they were reunited with their parents. Feey and Jake said that they explored a Jame's Peak, and Ice Lake. They lived in a cave with wild puffles, but were never able to describe what the creatures were like until one was found on Club Penguin Island in 2005.

After that exploration, Feey and Jake were watched over almost constantly by their parents. They did, however, still go exploring (just not out of civilization).

Teenage Years

As Feey1 got older, his expanse of knowledge grew greatly. Because of his lack of social life, Feey spent much time studying. As a result he became powerful in many different subjects; mainly geography, and government. He learned many different forms of government, and outsmarted many chicks going to his same highschool. When he was 13, Feey had drawn blueprints for what would become the Penguin Super Suit (which would change the course of history).

Feey1, his brothers, and Jake continued to explore. Now that they were older, their parents gave them for freedom. Jake and Feey basically lived to explore, and everything in their lives were centered around exploring. Feey and Jake especially liked hanging out in a frozen swamp two miles out of town, that was home to puffles. The two did know that puffles lived in the swamp, but they rarely saw the furry creatures. Feey put his engineering skills to the test, and built a fort in the swamp. The fort was built in trees, and had many advanced features. It had a PA system, automatic defense system, and had an automatic puppy theater (of course, the puppets did not speak). Until when he turned 15, Feey spent most of his free time at the swamp.

When Feey1 was 14, his parents became extremely rich. This is because they entered a lottery, and won .5 billion coins. Garmield, Feey's father, instantly invested the money in opening a clothing shop. However, Feey was soon forced to work in the shop as a janitor. Now Feey had less time to explore, study, and hang out with his only friend. He found it extremely unfair because his brothers didn't have to work; as a result, he became self-conscience that his father hated him.

Overtime, it became evident that Garmield's clothing shop was failing quickly. The company was loosing 200 coins a year, and its debt was increasing. By 1996, the business became completely broke. As a result, the Pie Family had to sell some valuables just to pay their taxes. Feey1 tried to ignore his family's debt crisis by listening to music for hours a day. Eventually he gained a love for music, and decided to teach himself how to learn the piano. With some help from a family friend, Feey learned keys, notes, and more of the music language.

In 1999, tensions in the country were growing greatly. King George was taxing everyday things so much that they became luxury items. Penguins across Colonial Antarctica started to starve, and become ill. Shiverpool wasn't hit too bad by the taxes (it was hardly industrialize). Feey1 was about to turn 19, and he was still living with his parents. He though it would be best to stay in town until everything was resolved. During the tax situation, the young Yow Kingdom started to send delegates to Shiverpool. The delegates announced that any colonists seeking refuge from the taxes should come to Yow, where there would be little tax. This excited Feey, and he nearly moved the week after the delegates left. As many as 50 citizens of Shiverpool moved to Yow, which ruined the local economy. Soon businesses were shutting down, and less penguins were working. The Minny Economic Crisis of 1999 occurred across the Antarctican colonies, as citizens escaped to calm nations.

Feey1's family was now desperate for money, and so were many others. While studying in his highschool's library one day, Feey found information about an explorer who won 50 million coins for re-discovering a lost nation. This excited Feey, because he believed that he found a lost nation he'd get an award too. So he got a loan from his bank, and bought a small vessel. He then started recruiting crew members, and did so by hanging up posters around Shiverpool and nearby cities. About 50 penguins registered, but Feey only hired 23. One of them was Coldless M. Gutter, who would soon become a righthand man on the voyage for Feey. Feey1's crew set sail on the 1st of Febuaray, and made great progress. Along the way they made quick stops at the June Islands, and Rockhopper Island. They made it to Golden City by March 3rd, and there they docked for three days. Feey personally toured the city, and looked at cheap apartments. The crew was back on their voyage soon, however. As the crew sailed away from Golden City, they passed an imaginary border called the End of Penguin Circle. Beyond this line was believed to be nothing but ocean, however, during this time, many started to believe other wise (mostly because of the realization that Humans lived on Earth). After two days of sailing, Feey1's crew became fearful that they would never be able to return to Antarctica. As a result, the crew members started to be lazy, and rumors spread of plotting a mutiny. Eventually Feey's ship made it to a island, one of a small chain of islands. The ship dropped anchor, and a small boat with Feey, Coldless, Jake, and several crew members sailed to the mysterious island. Being an expert on mapping and geography, Feey had his crew members walk the length of the shoreline till they met each other on the other side. Coldless and Jake would lead each team on the expedition, while Feey1 and two others explored the inner part of the mountain. By April 10th, the three groups regrouped on the northern tip of the island. Thanks to the expedition, Feey was able to draw a rough map of the island's coastline. Feey decided to name the island 'Villas. Instead of backtracking through the island, Feey1 called the ship to come pick them up on the northern tip of Villas. It took only a couple of hours, and Feey's urge to explore more became unstoppable. He commanded that the voyage be made longer, in order to search for more islands. By the next month, the crew had discovered all 5 main islands of the present day Barbearer Islands. After that, Feey1 and his crew decided to camp on the largest island. During that night a walrus attacked their camp, and ate one of the crew members. Coldless risked his life, and killed the walrus to protect his new friends. After that, Feey gave possession of the islands to Coldless. The whole crew even signed a declaration declaring that the newly found Barbearer Islands weren't part of any present state/nation. The crew sailed back to Shiverpool on April 29th.

In 2000, King George was removed from the throne, and the monarchy was destroyed. The colonies declared themselves one nation, and established a Krytocracy. After this, Feey1 decided to move to Yow. He left his hometown for the first time on August 9th, 2000. His album was selling good in Golden City, so he moved to there.

Adult Years

When Feey1's ship made it to Golden City, he was filled with joy. The young country had an amazingly beautiful capital, and the perfect amount of population for Feey (he didn't like large, tight crowds everyday). Feey moved into the Blue Apartments Complex, which was thriving off the new immigrants. Feey went to work as a janitor at a local stage, and after making enough money to buy a car, he went to work as a chef at a restaurant. He wasn't very good at cooking, and didn't know why he decided to be a chef. Eventually, after a food poison incident, Feey was blamed for the death of a patron, and fired. No legal charges were pressed fortunately.

Feey1 lived off his album's sales for another two weeks, until he met the Exploration Society of Yow. He was hired by Captain William Drill, who was a retired miner. Feey, Jake (who had come to visit Feey), and Drill decided to explore the wilderness between the capital and Nilo. There they discovered a large valley with rich soil. They built a fort there to protect themselves from predators and criminals, and called it Sall (after William's wife: Sallie). Feey was sent to King Alexander in 2003, to retrieve a declaration establishing Sall as a city. Alexander kindly agreed to, and even wrote a check to build a large highway that would connect Golden City to Sall, and reach to Nilo. After this, Feey and Alexander became close friends.

In 2004, the Exploration Society lost its federal funding mysteriously, and had to declare bankruptcy. Feey1, and every other employee, was laid off. Feey was very mad and confused, but decided that it was just a sign to move onto other things. So Feey started working on a new album, until one unfortunate day: his laptop was stolen in October by a homeless penguin. Eventually Feey had had enough, and took all his money out of his bank account. He bought a house boat and fishing gear, and left Golden City. He sailed back south, and settled in the calm waters near the June Islands. There he fished for food, and traded some at a local market. He kept in touch with his family and friends with email, and hardly went ashore.

Feey's house boat; which he named The Colonizador.

Great Accomplishes

In the spring of 2005, Feey1 and his parents went on a boating trip. Feey showed them around his large house boat, and took them fishing. His parents were used to fishing with nets and the natural way, therefore, Feey had to teach his parents how to use a fishing pole. One day during the trip, Feey decided to sail south. On their trip due south, it soon got dark; so they all decided to spend the night on the water. While everyone was sleeping a loose chain on the anchor line snapped, and the boat started to drift away. On the morning of June 5th, 2005, Feey1 woke up, walked onto the deck, and gasped in surprise. The boat had docked on a sandy shore. Feey and his parents went ashore, and instantly he named the island F Island. "It was a small volcanic island, with lush forests of tropical plants," Feey said about the newly discovered island. On the island, Garmield found shipwrecked boats; ranging from yachts to row boats. That struck fear into Feey1 and his family, and just minutes later the wild Hokjoks appeared. The Hokjoks were cannibal penguins at that time, and unfortunately when the Pie Family arrived they were going through a famine. In seconds a group of Hokjoks tied Feey, Garmield, and Sue to poles and carried them to a nearby camp. They were placed over three separated fires, and were slowly rotated over the fire. Feey1 tried to wiggle out, but he was too weak to. Fortunately Garmiled's knot was loosened from the trip to the camp, and he was able to escape. He quickly untied Feey, and a big fight broke out. Feey and his father didn't know the Hokjok's fighting style, and vice versa. So the battle became quiet awkward, and each side was getting beat. Garmield and Feey1 decided to escape, and picked up Sue (who was still tied to her pole). The three raced out of the forest, and onto the beach. They placed Sue inside, and Feey started the engine while Garmiled pushed them out to sea. For a couple of hours, Feey1 circled the island in his boat. For the entire time, the Hokjoks followed the boat on land. Feey decided that he would take that island, one way or another. So he got some military-grade weapons from his small armory on board, and gave two to each of his parents. Very soon the trio stormed the island, and killed the Hokjoks responsible for attacking them. They soon controlled the whole tribe on the island, and were waiting to figure out what else to do. Feey1 recommended enslaving the Hokjoks, and goading them to build a large castle and city in Feey's honor. That didn't please Garmield, and he became disappointed in his son quickly. Feey1 went along with enslaving the Hokjoks however, and unofficially made himself king of the island. The Monarchy of F Island lasted for just three months, and then it was enrolled as a Yowien landmass. During those three months, Feey had the Hokjoks build him a castle, and a large harbor. After F Island became a part of Yow Kingdom, Feey still ruled it (but as a governor appointed by King Alexander).

Through 2004 and 2005, Feey1 adopted three puffles: Beep, Meme, and Gill. These puffles were more than pets to Feey; they were family. Gill helped Feey invent stuff, and together they built many weapons for the Yowien military. However, Gill did most of the actual inventing; Feey just dreamed up crazy ideas, and payed Gill with Puffle O's to build it. At the same time, Beep provided some laughter and entertainment for Feey. Usually Beep would put on talent shows that would turn into his knocking over a lampstand, or flying into a wall. During one of the shows, Feey nearly died from laughing. Meme helped Feey1 in learning self defense, and how to properly use weapons to his advantage. Thanks to her, Feey became a very good fighter (good enough to protect himself).

In late 2005, Feey1 was called to The Yowien Castle by Alexander. When Feey arrive, he and Alexander had some snacks on a balcony overlooking the royal garden. The whole time Alexander was talking about his past, and while he was, Feey was stuffing his beak with royal cookies and brownies (he would later say they were magically delicious). Just as Feey took a sip of coffee, Alexander explained that Feey is the successor to the Yowien crown. Instantly Feey spit his tea out in shock, which sprayed all over Alexander and some gardeners below the balcony. After that, Alexander held a massive celebration in the Grand Hall of the castle.

In 2009, Gill and Feey1 created the Penguin Super Suit. It took 63 days to design and build, and the first prototype was basically ugly. However, the machine was a marvel of engineering. The Penguin Super Suit had motor-mechanics, weapons, and more unlike any other weapon. Such weapons, even in the USA, had only been imagined in science fiction. Feey and Gill were awarded Engineers of the Century, and hundreds of other awards. At the same time, Alexander had the Super Suit mass-produced for the Yowien military. The Super Suits cost 5 million coins each, however, and sent Yow spiraling into debt. The Super Suits paid off in future wars though. After the Super Suit, Feey1 moved onto studying government and economics (since he would be the next Yowien king). He didn't learn much however, and gave up. He moved onto other things, like more sea voyages and inventions.

In October 2011, Feey1 met Kaylin Peirce during Halloween. After that Feey developed a slight crush on her, and would shortly propose to her. On November 1st, Kaylin was suddenly in a race to get home to West Pengolia, or else loose her chicks to the government. Feey1 soon ran into her, and helped her get to West Pengolia. However, at the same time, Feey2 was given a mission to kill Feey. During a battle with Feey2, Feey realized that the Snoss had made a clone of him. So now Feey and Kaylin are being chased down by Snoss, and need to get to West Pengolia before Thanksgiving day. Along the way, Feey's love for Kaylin grew so much that he decided to propose to her.

Feey1 reuniting Kaylin with her chicks.

When Feey and Kaylin made to West Pengolia, Feey2 and several bounty hunters were now hunting after them. After Thanksgiving, Feey was about to propose to Kaylin, and when the two were attacked by the Snoss. In the ensuing battle, Feey1 was injured greatly by his clone. But right when Feey2 was about to kill his original, he realized that Feey was fighting to protect Kaylin, not to gain fame. Feeling ashamed, Feey2 left without completing his mission. After that Feey went through intense surgery, but was fixed. In the hospital room, Feey proposed to Kaylin from his bed. Six months they got married, and honeymooned in Polaris SAD. During his honeymoon with his new wife, his puffles were on they're own adventure.

The Crab Wars

When the Barbearic Crab War happened through 2011 and 2012, Feey1 paid little attention to the war. Until he realized what was really going on. Towards the end of the war, he became disappointed in Coldless for attacking Bar Crab City (which officially isn't a city; it's an independent nation). Feey's friendship with Coldless vanished overnight, and the two slowly became fierce enemies. After the 1st Crab War, Yow was constantly the edge of war with the Barbearer Islands. At the same time Yow was in an economic situation, with a large debt to pay. Though, the Barbearer Islands was completely broke and used extraordinarily inflated money that was worth nothing.

On October 1st, 2012, Feey1 went to meet with Alexander in Golden City. There the two decided to ease the public's worry about an impending war; so they decided to decorate all of Yow Kingdom Island for Halloween. As Alexander was about to make the announcement, he was shot and killed by a Barbaric robot. Then a hologram appeared, and Coldless made an appalling statement: he declared war. Feey was angry and saddened by the death of Alexander, who was like a father to him. Feey hastily ordered military forces be sent to Bar Crab City, and begin an invasion of the Barbearer Islands from there. Crab War 1 began, and Feey was the unofficial ruler of Yow Kingdom (he had not yet been crowned). At the same time, Coldless pressured Bar Crab to join the Barbearer Islands, or be destroyed. Soon, the first battle of Crab War 1 broke out. Shortly after the battle, Yowien military forces arrived.

Ish2 and Feey1 joined forces, and marched Eastwards towards the capital. There, with Dare23, The Three Pieteers, and a couple of soldiers, the allies stormed Coldless' castle. There they freed injured Lane Ants, and battled Coldless. Coldless had rebuilt himself into a powerful cyborg, and nearly killed all the heroes. Feey1, Ish2, and Metal Knight escaped down a elevator. They retreated to the underground submarine docks, and tried to escape on a submarine. Feey started the submarine's engines, which caused it to go in unstoppable dive. Feey didn't know how to stop it, unfortunately, so the group had to swim for their lives. Once they escaped, they were rescued by Dare23 in a boat. Feey1 and the others were giving slight medical help, but the war was about to get much worse.

Shortly after that, Coldless tried killing Feey1 and Ish2 with a robot filled with explosives. His plan didn't work however, and Feey and Ish survived. After that failed, a fleet of Barbearic submarines surfaced near Billings. Then they started firing the beaches, and nearly killed Feey. Quickly Feey got into a Super Suit, and flew up with a fleet. They destroyed many of the submarines, and several robots trying to stop them. It was then, however, that Feey decided to change the official Yowien anthem. After that the enemy submarines started to dock on the beach, and explode. That made Coldless vulnerable, because he escaped from his submarine and surfaced. Feey1 and a group of alliance soldier surrounded Coldless, intending to shoot him. But before they could, Feey was suddenly deleted. Coldless laughed, and made a quick escape.

While Feey1 was in the CyberVoid, Coldless was easily beating the Yowiens. He took the June Islands, and F Island. His forces grew, and the alliance nearly lost control of Billings. Chaos was spreading throughout the Yowien Sea, and things were looking bleak for the allies. Then when the Barbearer Islands was about to invade Nilo, Gill was finally able to get Feey back from the CyberVoid. But when they got him back, Feey was frozen in an icicle cube. Gill and other scientists used hairdryers to melt him out, and Feey instantly got on a helicopter to Nilo to defend it from Coldless.

After the tables turned, and the allies were back on top. The Three Pieteers, Ish2, and Dare23 were now planning to storm Coldless' castle again. It was here that they planned to end the war. They planned to have a sea invasion of Topia, and during the chaos, sneak into Coldless' castle. They proceeded with their plan, and made it Coldless' submarine docks. They were, however, suddenly attacked by Coldless. Feey1 and Coldless were quickly in a Keysaber duel, but Coldless had the upperhand. Right when Feey was about to kill him, Coldless punched him. Feey was rescued by Bonny1 Pie, who distracted Coldless by shooting him. Then Dare23 emerged with a bazooka, and shot Coldless with it. Then Feey1 was on the verge of death, and his favorite song played in his head. Feey almost thought about physically and mentally giving up: dying. He was nearly choked to death, and wanted the easy way out. But something inside him told him not to. Feey1 forced himself to live on, and get back up. He grabbed his lazer pistol, and caught up with his friends and Coldless. Very quickly they defeated Coldless, and forced him to surrender. The allies won Crab War 1, and after that Feey was crowned king of Yow.

The Great Yowien War

Feey1 was responsible for starting an attack on Shops Island that threw his nation into war. Only after of few days into the war, Feey could tell that the overwhelming strength of his enemies would lead to some severe battles, so he already began to establish an evacuation plan for his wife, her kids, his puffles, and himself by constructing a bunker. If anything got worse, he would deploy a submarine that could escape behind enemy lines. However, he was captured with his wife and puffles by the Snoss military, and he was taken to prison in Pen Chi Island, where he languished in sadness. By the time he moved to a prison in Snowzerland island, he knew his country had lost bitterly. It was then that Gill saved him by breaking him out of jail and replacing him and his wife with cyborg duplicates. Feey and Kaylin were transported on a small rowboat out to sea, where thry were met by a stray Yowien battleship that had escaped the invasions. Luckily, Feey was happy to see that his step children had eluded the Snoss attack on F Island and had been safely rescued by the same Yowien navy ship. The East Pengolians offered Feey secret asylum, and he quietly settled down there and hoped to start a base there in order to establish a resistance army. However, the EPF had discovered his location and he was taken to court in South Pole City, where he was sentenced to live in Maverick since it was the only country that offered him asylum. (East Pengolia rejected him after the public discovered his whereabouts.)

In Maverick

Feey, Kaylin, his puffles, his son, and his step children were all loaded onto a helicopter and taken to Maverick, where they were greeted by Tortugadesetas. Tortuga was nice enough to give Feey and his family a large plot of land in the middle of a dense jungle. With his new land, Feey built a large, fancy mansion made of brick in a very Puffish style. The mansion contains many large rooms, including a large laboratory and Cream Soda cellar in the basement. Around his land, Feey established a large Banana plantation and hired several Mavv locals to come work his banana groves and several Yowien loyalists to work as plantation overseers and financial advisors. Unlike other plantations and farms, Feey's estate is NOT owned by Tortuga, though he has settled with him to recieve 5% of Feey's profit.

His isolation in Maverick, however, doesn't mean he did not find ways to still travel around Antarctica. During the Great Snowzerland War VI, Feey tried his luck at being a Jedi, only to come close to the brink of death, thanks to Swiss Ninja. Feey lead many Yowien nationalists in the Frosian War, in hopes of getting revenge against Shops Island and the Culldrome Isles.


Feey1 is most interested in history and weaponry. Though he is also an engineer in his spare time. He spends most of his time on top of his castle looking at the sunset, and even painting it sometimes. He tends to always be moving from one thing to another, never staying interested in one thing at one time. Feey also has a wide palate (allegedly) and enjoys many different kinds of cuisine. He especially has an unnatural lust for eating rubber tires.


Feey considers himself to be a good guy, but many have disagreed to this. Lots of creatures have considered Feey evil, and not good like he says so. This has ruined his reputation, and made him very unpopular. Though he has tried to convince others that he's good, and he only enslaved the Hokjoks because they tried to eat him and his family. After his downfall, hate and rage filled his mind because he wants to kill both Swiss Ninja and the Hochstadt Gang due to their betrayal. Feey has become a Sith, though he still thinks he's a Jedi doing the right thing.


Feey1, like many others, went to The Oldschool Academy of Shiverpool. However, Feey didn't learn much there. His expanse of knowledge was gained by his curiosity. At home he would read books on engineering, exploration, geography, and sometimes warfare. He learned so much that he was basically 3 grades ahead of his classmates, but he never moved up.



Feey1 does not have many friends due to him always going on an adventure, being a slave owner, and disappearing. He does have one best friend named Jake. Here is a list of some penguins he hangs out with.


Feey1 is mostly hated because he enslaved the Hokjoks to do his whims, and also because he is to become the next King of Yow. (Many believe he will be a terrible leader because he is cruel to his slaves.) He has more enemies than friends.

  • Feey2 his evil clone created by the RDA. (However, Feey2 shows some sympathy towards his clone "father".)


Main Article: The Pie Family.


See Feey1's Puffles.


He uses a large amount of weapons, having a massive armory in his castle. His personal favorite weapon is his Keysaber. Though he uses other weapons like bazookas and even sometimes swords.

Here is a list of ALL the weapons he uses:


Feey1 is quiet weak when it comes to strength. He can run fast and hide well, but when in a fist fight he will loose. His lack of strength has actually made him build the Penguin Super Suit. He is easy to beat up in a fist fight, but while dueling with Keysabers no one even thinks about fighting him.


Feey1 has a large armory in his castle, just for him. But before his only strength was hiding well and being a fast runner. If he got in a fight he would use his ninja like moves to escape fights. Now he has more strengths than weaknesses, being a royal and all.


Feey1 has done many things in his past. Though people tend to not like him due to him enslaving the Hokjoks, his adventures and discoveries and ignored by many. He had discovered Sall on Yow Kingdom Island, found F Island, enslaved the Hokjoks, found gold and jewels, and many scientific advancements. He has discovered a lot in his past, and have done a lot in the past. He has also introduced the violin to rock 'n roll. He is now the successor to the Yowien throne.



  • He was the last king of Yow Kingdom, and the first King of the Yowien Empire
  • He is a figure of scorn in Castilla, and is not liked by King Carlos Goberna and the Hochstadt Gang for being a "cruel" slave owner. Swiss Ninja and the citizens of Snowzerland don't like him for being the successor of King Alexander. Lavender and Shopper citizens hate him for attempting to destroy Shops Island.
  • He likes to name his things in different languages, like his boat: The Colonizador.
  • His signature is signed "Feye" for an unknown reason.

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