Feey1's Crazy Halloween

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Feey1's Crazy Halloween
Feey1 in Halloween.JPG
Feey1 walking up to his grandfather's mansion.
Start Halloween Day
End Halloween Day
Level 100
Location Zayne Pie's mansion.
Rewards Nothing
None The Race to Thanksgiving!
Feey1 doesn't know it, but his grandfather has gone crazy for Halloween. Now this little 48 hour adventure will change Feey's, and one young lady's life forever.


It was a week before Halloween, and Feey1 sat at a desk. He stared at a computer screen that showed an airline website. He was buying airplane tickets to fly to Club Penguin Island, to meet his grandpa. He click his mouse had a a page popped up saying he had bought the tickets.

Feey1(thinking)- "Grandpa Zayne is a great penguin to hang out with at Halloween. His mansion is always so well decorated."

He got up out of his seat and went to bed. The next morning he walked onto the decks of F Island, where he met a happy sea captain.

Feey1- "Are you Garnold, the captain sailing to the June Islands?"

Garnold- "Yes, and I know you're Feey1. Come aboard."

Feey1- "Thanks for being so cheap. Yow has been on budget cuts lately."

Garnold- "No problem, sir. But where are your guards?"

Feey1- "I can protect myself. No penguin wants to mess with me while I have a Keysaber."

Garnold- "Unless they have another Keysaber."

The boat left the dock and started to sail down South. It would take about five hours for them to make it there, but Feey1 kept himself entertained by reading a massive book.

Five hours later the captain saw the island.

Garnold- "Land Ho!"

Feey1- "Great. This book is melting my mind!"

Garnold- "What is that book anyways?"

Feey1- "It's The Secret of CP's Halloween. It's really interesting."

Garnold- "I'll remember to buy one at the book store."

The boat docked and Feey1 went up on shore. He waddled to a cafe and got some lunch, even though it was 3:45pm. He pulled his Hover Board out of his backpack and turned it on. It started to hover above the ground, and he got onto it. He then rode it to the airport. When he made it there he waddled as fast as he could to his plane. Just as they were about to close the doors he got on. He sat in a chair and breathed heavily. He soon started to fall asleep, as the airplane took off. His crazy Halloween will begin soon.

Chapter 1 Humbadua Humbadua[edit]

Feey1 woke up to the noise of a flight attendant waddling down the aisle with a food cart. She waddled up next to Feey1 and handed him a in flight menu. He looked at her name tag which said: 'Kaylin'.

Kaylin- "1st class gets in flight menus. I'll be back in a little bit to take your order."

Feey1- "Thanks, Kaylin."

Kaylin- "Oh um your welcome."

Kaylin waddled away, and Feey1 opened up the menu. Suddenly without knowledge of it he muttered..

Feey1- "Humbadua Humbadua! That food looks great!"

He stared at the menu and found that he started to drool. He wiped his beak and closed the menu, trying to stop drooling.

Kaylin came back into the cabin with a notepad this time. She waddled to Feey1 first and clicked her pen.

Kaylin- "What will you like, sir?"

Feey1- "I'll take the macho man fish burger, with a chocolate milkshake too."

Kaylin- "Alright I'll just take your menu, and be back soon."

Kaylin took the menu and waddled away smiling. Soon a male flight attendant waddled up to Feey1. In his flipper was a big bucket full of orange tickets.

Feey1- "What's this?"

Attendant- "Oh, we're having a drawing. The winner gets 50 Coins in flight credits."

Feey1- "To spend on my next flight on this airline?"

Attendant- "Yes, it only costs 25 Coins to enter too."

Feey1- "Count me in. So what do I do when I win?"

Attendant- "Press this little button to call us."

The attendant pointed to an orange button above Feey1. The attendant handed him a ticket then waddled away. Soon after the PA system crackled in the airplane.

PA- "Alright, all you ticket holders get ready!"

Feey1 almost recognized the voice immediately, it was Kaylin. His spine started to tickle, and he smiled. Suddenly he woke himself back to reality and was shocked. He had a crush!

Feey1(thinking)- "And In had to make myself believe that!"

PA- "Okay, the winning number is...5...4...2...8...and lastly 9!"

Feey1 looked at his card and literally jumped up and hit the ceiling. As he did he heard a crash, and looked up. He had broken the little attendant button.

Feey1- "Oh Rhopper Berries!"

Feey1 got up and waddled to the cockpit where he would have to say he won. As he waddled up he saw Kaylin taking off her attendant hat, and messing with her hair. He ignored the thought in his head and continued.

Feey1- "Um, I'm the winning number. But I accidentally broke the flight attendant button. So I had to come up here."

Kaylin- "It seems like every winner jumps up and breaks that little button."

Feey1- "Wow, I though I was the first."

Kaylin- "Actually you're the 506th to do so. Anyway let me see your winning ticket."

Feey1 handed her his ticket. Kaylin typed the numbers on a computer, and did some other stuff. Than she handed the ticket back to him.

Kaylin- "The flight credits have been added to your Player Card."

Feey1- "Alright thanks. Oh, and um nice hair?"

Kaylin- "Um, thanks. I suppose?"

Feey1 quickly turned around and waddled away. He started to grumble at himself, as he sweat.

Feey1(thinking)- "What was I thinking?! What a stupid move, what a stupid move."

He sat down in his chair, and grabbed a magazine. He instantly put it on his face and tried to sleep.

Chapter 2 Halloween Day[edit]

It had been a week since Feey1 arrived to Club Penguin Island, and he spent most of it with his grandpa. His grandpa taught him some ninja moves, and showed him some old photo albums. Feey1 was staying at an hotel near the Stadium, and visited his grandpa's mansion every night.

Feey1 opened his eyes. He sat up in bed and blinked his eyes.

Feey1- "YAWN!"

He got up and waddled into the bathroom. He brushed his teeth and took a shower. He came out of the bathroom and got dressed. He walked out his room and saw that the hallways had been decorated for the Halloween Party.

Feey1- "Ah, yes. Today is Halloween, time for me and grandpa to open the best haunted house ever!"

Feey1 walked down the hallway. Where several penguins recognized him. Some of them turned their backs to him, and others smiled and waved. Feey1 waddled onto the elevator with some other penguin.

Feey1- "So, are you enjoying the Halloween Party so far?"

Penguin- "Well it has been going on for about two days, but on Halloween night it gets the most fun!"

Feey1- "How?"

Penguin- "Penguins open haunted houses at their igloos. And there's a contest to see which one is the scariest."

Feey1- "Wow! Me and my grandpa are going to the Pizza Parlor to celebrate Halloween. I remember trick or treating as a chick."

Penguin- "Me too. Oh, well see you later."

The elevator opened on floor 1 and the two left the elevator. Feey1 waddled into the breakfast area where there wasn't many penguins. He got some waffles and a glass of orange juice, then sat down to eat. There was a large TV with the news channel, and he watched it while he ate.

Feey1- "Hmm. These waffles are good."

Feey1 ate everything off his plate.

Feey1- "I must have been hungry. Well grandpa is meeting me at the Pizza Parlor, I better go."

He got up and waddled out of the hotel. He waddled into the Snow Forts where ACP and Nachos were having a snowball fight. Feey1 ran in between the two armies quickly covering his head. When he made it across he found himself standing right where ACP and Nachos were about to charge.

Feey1- "Uh-oh."

He was about to run but it was too late. The two armies charged at each other and he was crushed under their feet.

Feey1- "Pathetic!"

Feey1 jumped up and turned on his Keysaber. Everyone stopped and stared at him.

Feey1- "Stop trampling me!"

ACP General- "Yes, yes. Let the dangerous man leave without being trampled."

Feey1- "Thank you!"

Feey1 waddled out of the Snow Forts and entered the Plaza. It too was decorated and there was many pumpkins around. Feey1 pushed open the door to the Pizza Parlor. Inside it was well decorated and was playing music. Feey1 waddled to the front desk where there was a chef.

Feey1- "Table for two please. My grandpa is meeting me here tonight."

Chef- "Sure thing,...Feey1! The man that found F Island, and is successor to the Yowien throne?"

Feey1- "Yes, it's me."

Chef- "Half off for you. You're a great explorer, and I love your songs."

Feey1- "You've heard my songs before? Not many have."

Chef- "I have all of your albums."

Feey1- "Well I'm flattered. Can you show me where I'm to seat."

Chef- "Oh we have a place right over by the piano for you."

Feey1- "Thank you, and here's a tip."

Feey1 waddled over to the table and sat down. About 10 minutes later a waitress came over with a pizza.

Waitress- "Here you go."

Feey1- "Thanks. By you have any chance seen a black penguin wearing a top hat in here?"

Waitress- "Sorry I haven't."

Feey1- "Thanks anyways."

Feey1 looked at the pizza and grumbled. His grandpa was suppose to meet him at 1:00pm PST, and it was that time.

Feey1(thinking)- "Where is he? We were suppose to meet now!"

Feey1 got up out of his chair and walked out of the parlor. He gave the chef some coins before he left. As he walked into the Plaza he grumbled.

Feey1- "He probably forgot about me."

Feey1 jumped off his Hover Board and turned it off. He was at the gates of his grandpa's mansion and it didn't look too pretty. The gate had missing chunks, there were cob webs, and torches were lit.

Feey1- "He decorated for Halloween."

He opened the gate and walked in. The ground was really foggy, and he couldn't see his feat. While waddling he...


over something. Feey1 fell to the ground face first.

Feey1- "Ouch! My beak. ARGH!"

Feey1 stood up and saw what he tripped over. He almost screamed, because the thing he tripped over was a penguin skeleton! The skeleton had a top, a monocle, and a cane just like his grandpa. Feey1 stood there in fear, until the skeleton started to rise up.

Feey1- "AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!"

Feey1 ran towards the mansion, and the skeleton chased after him. Feey1 made to the door but it was locked. So he pulled out his Keysaber and decided to destroy the skeleton.

Feey1- "BRING IT ON!"

Feey1 slashed his Keysaber at the skeleton, and it fell in pieces. Then he slashed his Keysaber at the door, opening it. When he walked it was as scary as outside at all, it was much much more scary.

Feey1- "Creepy."

Chapter 3 The Adventure Begins[edit]

Haunted house.png

Feey1 walked past some statues, their eyes seemed to follow his every move. He was sweating crazy, and at the smallest sounds he would almost jump out of his skin. He couldn't go back outside, the skeleton was angry and wanted him.

Feey1- "There's another way out, for sure."

Feey1 heard a door creak, and almost jumped. He looked behind him and saw a mummy, moving!


He ran into the kitchen and grabbed some knifes. He started to throw them at the mummy, but it did nothing. The mummy didn't get hurt, the knifes seem to right through him. And they did go right through the mummy, the mummy wasn't real. It was a light, like a ghost.

Feey1- "Ghost mummy!"

Feey1 turned on his Keysaber and whacked the mummy, knowing that it wouldn't do anything. Soon the mummy vanished, just like that. It was scaring the life out of Feey1, then was gone.

Feey1- "(Gasp!) That (Wheeze!) was horrifying (Gasp!)!"

Feey1 slowed down his breath and started to waddle around. He came by the dining room table, and felt his belly grumble. So he took a lid off of on the plates only to scream. Underneath it there was his grandpa's head! But like the mummy, it suddenly disappeared.

Feey1- "What's happening?! I need to get out of this place."

Then he saw it. He saw daylight coming from a door to the basement. Feey1 waddled to the door and opened it. He saw the stairs, and the basement was normal.

Feey1- "No mummies, no heads. Alright let's go."

He took one step then found himself falling down a cliff. He looked down and saw he was falling right towards lava!

Feey1- "AAAHHHH!"

Feey1 crashed into the lava, but instead of a SPLASH there was a BUMP. Feey1 found himself on concrete, and his rips hurt really bad.

Feey1- "OOF! ARGH! OUCH!"

He got up and looked around. To his left he saw a grave yard, filled with snow. There were two tombstones, one of them having the word 'Pie' on it.

Feey1- "Oh dear."

Feey1 waddled to the tombstone and brushed some snow off. The tombstone said:

Here lay Feey1 Pie. 
The great Pie. 
Who was great, but now he died.
Remember him, who Pie Family.

Feey1 gasped and his breathing started to speed up. His heart beating 50,000 times per minute. He started to sweat, then he was thinking weird.

Feey1(thinking)- "Am I in the future, am I dead? Am I seeing the future? What is happening!?"

Feey1 suddenly found himself trapped in the graveyard, with no way out. Well he knew he was in his grandpa's basement.

Feey1(thinking)- "So if I just go up, I'll be free! But how?"

Feey1 thought for 5 seconds until knowing what to do. He pulled out his player card and looked through his inventory.

Feey1-"Ah ha! My Penguin Super Suit will save me."

Feey1 click on the icon, then in 0.1 seconds found himself in his Penguin Super Suit.

Feey1- "I'm so glad I built this thing."

Feey1 started it up, then was about ready to launch it. The super suit started to blast off towards the sky, until it bumped into something than fell to the ground.

Feey1- "What the heck!?"

The super suit got back up, then started to run left.

Feey1- "I'll run out of here, if I cannot escape!"

The super suit kept running, but didn't seen to go anywhere. Like running on a treadmill. Feey1 didn't notice it until about 5 seconds later. He turned around and saw he hadn't moved from the grave stones at all! He was still right next to them.

Feey1- "ARGH!"

And just as he said it the floor broke open, and he and the grave stones started to fall towards lava.

Chapter 4 Getting Out![edit]

Feey1- "AAAAHHHHH!!"

Feey1 looked up from the lava and saw statues of Swiss Ninja on the walls. He didn't have anytime to think about it, he was too busy screaming his lungs out.


The super suit crashed into the lava, but something weird was going on. Feey1 noticed that the lava was not eating away at the suit. It was as if he just landed in water, nothing happened!

Feey1- "What the heck?"

Feey1 swam the super suit out of the lava. When he looked up he no longer saw statues of Swiss Ninja, he saw statues of Mabel!

Feey1- "What's going on!?"

Feey1 fired up the super suit's rockets, and flew up to the statues. He reached in to touch it, only for the statue to change into his father! Feey1 touched the statue, and suddenly flashes of light shown. Soon the statue disappeared, and he found himself in outer space!

Feey1- "What? How is this possible!?"

Feey1 started to float around in his super suit when he heard engines. Massive engines coming for him! He looked ahead and saw two ships, two ships that looked like the ones from Race to Mars!

Feey1- "AAAHHHH!!"

The ships came right at him, and barely missed him. He turned to watch them, and found that he was right over Mars.

Feey1- "Oh wow!"

Then suddenly the sight of Mars was lost, and darkness filled his eyes.

Feey1(thinking)- "Hey, what happened!?"

Feey1 couldn't see, so he turned the headlights on his super suit on. He looked around and saw nothing but darkness, nothing but black.

Feey1(thinking)- "Where am I?"

Feey1 saw another but darkness, even if his lights on. He then finally thought he was dreaming, it had to be a dream. He looked around and thought he was dreaming, but it was too real.

Feey1(thinking)- "Well if it isn't a dream, what is it?"

Zayne waddled into the Pizza Parlor, the smells catching him.

Zayne- "My, it smells good in here!"

Chef- "Thanks sir. Seat yourself."

Zayne- "Just one question; what tonight's special?"

Chef- "Vegetarian pizza, with your choice of toppings. And if you buy two pizzas you get two free cold drinks."

Zayne- "Alright."

Zayne seated himself in a the exact table Feey1 sat in. He looked at the menu, and saw many foods. A waitress came over, and she looked tired.

Waitress- "Sorry for the wait. So, what would you like to drink?"

Zayne- "Do you have any tea?"

Waitress- "Yes, we do. Ice or heated."

Zayne- "Heated, I don't like ice tea."

Waitress- "Alright I'll be right back with your drink, and be ready to take your order."

Zayne- "Thanks."

The waitress waddled off and Zayne looked at his watch: 5:10pm PST.

Zayne(thinking)- "Feey1 may be just late."

The waitress came back with a cup of tea.

Waitress- "What would you like?"

Zayne- "The special."

Waitress- "Alright, one Vegetarian Pizza coming right up!"

The waitress took Zayne's menus then waddled away again.

Feey1 ran like the wind, as angry arctic wolves chased him. He ran across a river, to the other side. On the other side there was an old house, that looked nice to Feey1. But the wolves were catching up on him.

Wolves- "BARK! BARK! WOOF!"

Feey1- "AUGH! It isn't a dream!"

Feey1 put his Super Suit back in his inventory and quickly pulled out his Hover Board. He hopped onto it and blasted off at full speed. He outran the wolves, and flew over to the house. He land the Hover Board in front of the doorway and tried to open it. The door was locked.

Feey1- "I'm too young to die! Open the door! Open the door!!"

Wolves- "Grr!"

He turned to see the wolves growling behind him.

Feey1- "Nice dogs. Nice little dogs."

Wolves- "Grrr..."

Feey1 grabbed his Keysaber and sliced the door open. But as he did the wolves suddenly disappeared and every went black.

Feey1- "Hey! What happened? I can't see!"

Feey1 turned on his Keysaber, and the glow provided some light. As he looked around it was almost like he was in a giant black box. As Feey1 was about to say something light filled the room again, and he screamed.

Feey1- "AAAHHHH! Walruses!"

Walruses were everywhere, and they were staring at Feey1.

Walruses- "Penguin equals food! Feey1 equals penguin, penguin equals food!"

Feey1- "Stupid creatures! Die, die!"

Feey1 slashed his Keysaber at the walruses killing them off one by one.

Chapter 5 WHAT!?[edit]

Zayne waddled into his car, and grumbled.

Zayne- "I sure hope Feey1 didn't go to my mansion. It's decorated for Halloween, and he doesn't know."

He grabbed his keys and put them in the ignition, and turned them. The car didn't start up. Zayne looked out the windshield and saw that an icicle can fallen from a roof and slammed into his engine!

Zayne- "What the heck!?"

Zayne got out of his car and waddled towards the front. His engine was completely smashed, and there was no way it could be repaired.

Zayne- "Darn it! The stupid icicle smashed this dumb engine."

Zayne waddled into the Pizza Parlor, and waddled to the front desk.

Zayne- "My car is broken, can you call a car repairman please?"

Chef- "Sure, sir."

Zayne- "While you're at it, can you tell me where the nearest bus stop is?"

Chef- "Um, a block down from here."

Zayne- "You could have just said the Snow Forts, you know."

Chef- "Hey, do you want to be helped?"

Zayne- "Yes."

Feey1 hid in the darkness, the flying skeleton had returned. After he killed the last walrus the skeleton had tapped on his shoulder, and almost scared the life out of him. It chased Feey1 through a forest, then a dessert, then Snowzerland. He finally lost the skeleton when he jumped into an alley way, which quickly changed into a big black box.

Feey1(thinking)- "I need to get out of here! But how?"

At that moment the big black box turned into Rockhopper Island, and 100's of red puffles came running at him!

Feey1- "AHHH!.....Wait, red puffles!? That's not scary."

The puffles ran him down, and ran on top of him.

Feey1- "Owww! OOF! OUCH!"

Once the puffles ran him down he was smashed, hurt, and aching. He got off the floor and start to waddle away when he heard a familiar voice.

Voice- "Feey1, are you in here?"

Feey1- "AUGH! Ghosts, go away!"

Voice- "I'm not a ghost, silly boy."

Feey1- "Don't take me now! I'm too young to die."

Voice- "I told you, 'I'm not a ghost'. I'm your grandfather."

Feey1- "Oh-no my grandpa is dead!?"

Voice- "GRUB! Open your ears and LISTEN to me!!"

Feey1- "They're open, I'm hearing you."

Feey1 heard footsteps walking behind him, and then a click from a light switch was heard. Suddenly Rockhopper Island disappeared, and Feey1 found himself in a very large basement with Halloween decorations all over the place.

Zayne- "I see you've found my Haunted Adventure Attraction."

Feey1- "Grandpa!? Your house, it's haunted. We have to leave NOW!"

Zayne- "Calm down boy. My house isn't haunted, it's decorated for Halloween."

Feey1- "WHAT!?"

Feey1 stood up and looked around the basement, which was actually very small!

Feey1- "You mean to tell me this was all decorated for Halloween!?"

Zayne- "Pretty good, huh? It took me a month to make!"

Feey1- "But, the basement is so tiny! How did you fit so much in it?"

Zayne- "Simple: every time you run motors in the ground activate a belt, that keep you from actually running anywhere. For instance: a treadmill."

Feey1- "But the lava, and statues, um, oh and the wolves!"

Zayne- "Holographic images, they are not used commonly for Halloween."

Feey1- "Then what about the lava!?"

Zayne- "Floor boards opened up, and you fell into a pool full of water."

Zayne stepped back and some floor boards opened up. Underneath them was a pool just two feet below the floor.

Feey1- "But I fell miles down!"

Zayne- "Air jets on the side kept you in the air, making it seem like a long time."

Feey1- "Well, um, what about...hum. I got nothing."

Zayne- "Well I hope you didn't break anything. Now come on, trick or treaters will be coming soon. And I want to scare the living day life out of them."

Zayne started to waddle up a flight of stairs at the end of the basement.

Feey1- "Right behind you, grandpa!"

Feey1 ran up to his grandpa and followed him up the stairs, chatting about all sorts of things.

Chapter 6 BOO![edit]


Feey1 ran up to the door in his skeleton costume. Before he opened the door he grabbed a bowl of candy, and snickered. Opening the door he saw three chicks, all in witch costumes.

Chicks- "Trick or treat!"

Feey1- "Nice costumes, here's some candy."

Feey1 reached into the bowl with a flipper full of candy. He dumped the candy in one of the buckets and a chick screamed. There was a dis bodied flipper in the bucket!!!

Chicks- "AUGH!"

Feey1- "No no, my grandfather's flipper got in the candy! Don't call the moderators please!"

Chicks- "AAAHHHHH!!!! It got blood on my candy!!!"

Feey1- "Fooled you! It's a fake flipper. Happy Halloween!"

Feey1 quickly closed the door, and laughed inside the house.

Feey1- "Ha ha ha ha ha! Man, that was funny!!"

Zayne- "What did you pull on them this time?"

Zayne waddled up behind Feey1 and was smiling.

Feey1- "I put a fake dis bodied flipper in the candy, and pour it into some chick's bucket."

Zayne- "Good one, my boy. Good one!"


Feey1- "Ooh! I wonder who that could be?"

Feey1 answered the door where a penguin wearing a flight attendant costume was standing. He gasped when he saw her, it was Kaylin!

Feey1- "Kaylin, what are you doing here?"

Kaylin- "Well I heard about the haunted house here."

Feey1- "Oh, that. Sure come on in, and let's go on an adventure!"

Kaylin- "Is there an admission..."

Before Kaylin could finish talking she waddled in and the floor broke open!

Kaylin, Feey1- "AAAHHHHH!!!"

They landed in a slime puddled and looked up. The hole in the floor closed up, and they found themselves in a dark swamp.

Kaylin- "Um, please tell me this is the decoration?"

Feey1- "Um, um, no."

Kaylin- "*GULP!"


A wind blew through Kaylin's hair, and a little voice was heard.

"Welcome undead..."

Kaylin- "AUGH!!"

Feey1- "RUN! I think I see a boat not far away!"

The two penguins got up and waddled as fast as they could to a boat Feey1 saw. When they made it there they hopped into the boat and turned it on.


The boat took off across the swamp, but it seemed like ghosts were chasing them.

Kaylin- "They're chasing us!!!"

Feey1- "AUGH! Can't this thing go any faster?"

Feey1 kicked the engine, and it made a few weird noises. Then suddenly it stopped. Kaylin looked behind her shoulder and saw a white, see-through penguin flying towards them.

Ghost- "Come with me. To the world of white, weird things!"

Kaylin- "OH MY GOSH!!! It's a ghost!"

Feey1- "Whatever will we do?"

Suddenly everything went dark, and lights turned on. Kaylin gasped as she looked around at a small basement.

Kaylin- "What the heck!?"

Feey1- "Fooled you! You though we were being chased by a ghosts. Hahaha!"

Kaylin- "GASP* That was a trick? But it was so life like!"

Feey1- "Never underestimate my grandfather's capability, Kaylin."

Kaylin- "You got me good."

Kaylin friendly punched Feey1 in the shoulder as they somewhat laughed. At that moment Zayne waddled into the basement and saw the smiling penguins.

Zayne- "Having a good time?"

Kaylin- "What? Oh, um, yes we are."

Feey1- "We got her good grandpa!"

Zayne- "Well I did. You had nothing to do with it...."

Feey1- "Okay, maybe."

Kaylin- "Well I wish I can do more, but I have to hurry. I have to get home within two weeks. My nanny is quitting."

Feey1- "Oh well have a nice trip home."

Feey1 helped Kaylin off the ground and showed her the way out. He let her out the front door and waved goodbye as she waddled away.

Feey1- "By, Kaylin!"

Kaylin- "Nice to meet you, Feey1!"

Kaylin waddled away and Feey1 closed the door blushing. From the kitchen Zayne saw this and looked at Feey1 confused.

Zayne- "What's that about?"

Feey1- "Ohhhh. Um, nothing."

Zayne- "Yeah right!"

Feey1- "Fine, I might be a little crushing on Kaylin."

Zayne- "Well, good for you."

Kaylin waddled into the airport, then went to her flight. The pilot was standing in the kitchen with an official-looking paper in his flippers, and he wasn't smiling.

Pilot- "Bad news guys, the company is low on money. This means we will have to lay off some folks."

Kaylin- "AH! Please don't be me, I've already been laid off three times!"

Pilot- "Well we'll soon know."

The pilot started to read the rest of the paper and frowned.

Pilot- "Um. Kaylin, you're laid off."

Kaylin- "Four times laid off!? Please there must be some other way."

Pilot- "Sorry, but you're laid off now. Pack your things and leave. I'm sorry about this, Kaylin."

Kaylin(crying)- "But, I have no money! No where to go. What will I do now?"

Pilot- "I'm sorry, good luck out there."

Kaylin- "Thanks, sir."

Kaylin grabbed her suit case and waddled off the plane, while crying. She waddled into the airport and saw the penguins running around, and looking at flight schedules.

Kaylin(thinking)- "Well, what now? I have to be back home for Thanksgiving in a week, my chicks are counting on me."

Kaylin grabbed her purse and pulled out her Player Card. She scrolled through the inventory till she came upon a scrap book her chicks made for her. She tapped on it, and the scrap book appeared in her flippers.

Kaylin- "I miss them so much."

She started to flip through the pages, looking at pictures of her chicks. They were smiling, and swimming in pools.

Kaylin- "I'm coming home guys, don't worry!"

Kaylin shut the book and marched away. There was no way she was missing a Thanksgiving with her children.

The End...

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