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Feey2 Keysabers.png
Feey2 and his Keysabers. (Credit to User:Speeddasher for drawing)
Title Feey2: Evil Clone of Feey1
Gender Male
Race Viking Penguin
Faction Complete Villain
Health Amazing for a clone of Feey1
Status Devising his next attack
Location Everywhere (O_O)
Birth date 2002
Occupation RDA/Snoss Soldier
Interests Killing his original.
Friends Swiss Ninja, Snowzerland, All who hate his original
Enemies Feey1, The Three Pieteers
Archetype Complete Villain

Not to be confused with Feey1.


Feey2 is a clone created by the RDA in 2002 after word of Feey1 becoming the successor for the Yowien throne. The RDA got a sample of Feey1's DNA by plucking a feather off of his body while he slept. The DNA was taking to a Snoss RDA lab, and they began to work on it. Feey2 was created very quickly, and ended up with some 'bugs'. He ended up with super strength, and a third eye. Feey2 was raised to hate Yow, and Feey1. After that he was trained seven hours a day, by Snoss commanders and even Swiss Ninja himself. Feey2 was soon sentenced to The Royal Army of Snowzerland, and went through the ranks fast. He became a Sargeant in a month of being of the army, but seemed to stay there for now on. Though he refused to obey commands from any other penguins beside Swiss Ninja. And because of this he became disrespected by many soldiers, but not to Swiss Ninja. When word that King Alexander was leaving to the USA in 2009, Swiss Ninja commanded Feey2 to go there and kill him. Feey2 failed to do so, but did blow up an hotel and killed Alexander's sister. Feey2 is currently 9 years old, but has the grown body of Feey1.


Feey2 uses all types of weapons from Keysabers, to Fruit Blasters. He was personal trained on the Keysaber by Swiss Ninja, and learned it quickly.

Here is a list of all his weapons(bold means more than one.):

  • Keysaber
  • Bazooka
  • Fruit Blasters
  • Sword
  • Delete Gun
  • Cream Soda Bombs
  • Level 15 Card Jistu Cards

That Third Eye[edit]

Feey2's third eye has actually frightened penguins before. Some have actually laughed at him about it. To keep penguins from laughing Feey2 wears a brown cloak to hide his face, which makes him very mysterious. Some have rumored that the third eye has some super power of some sort, like it can shoot lazers or turn others to stone. Feey2 has denied all these rumors, but he does wish for his third eye to be useful. The third eye give Feey2 other problems also. It seems to mess with his vision, and gives his brain to much information to handle. This has caused head aches and nausea for Feey2, and he wish he could just have the eye cut out. The third eye remains a mystery, as it also only blinks only once every minute.


Feey2 gets around in luxury ways. He usually rides a limo, or rides a Hover Board. But he was trained for war, so he doesn't care what he rides. Even if it involves being tapped to the front of a train, going at high speeds.

Here is a list of some ways he transports.

  • Hover Board
  • Motor Scooter
  • Limo
  • Motorcycle
  • Jet Pack
  • Train

Rivals With Feey1[edit]

Feey2 was raised to hate, and kill his original. He will destroy anything that keeps him from killing Feey1. This means things like disobeying Swiss Ninja, destroying cities, or even killing fellow Snoss! Sometimes he questions why he has to destroy his original, and Swiss has to lie to him. Sometimes stating that all clones MUST kill their original, but this doesn't make any sense to Feey2 at all. Some of Swiss' close friends worry that Feey2 may kill Swiss just to complete his task. Swiss has dumbly ignored this.



  • Feey2 is very quiet, and doesn't want to socialize or spend time with other people. He is all business.
  • He hardly walks into the light. Some think that he does this because he is a vampire. But again he has denied this. He can still see his reflection, and plus he can't fly.
  • He loves to eat shrimp based foods. In fact he has never eaten food that does not include shrimp in it, even slushies.
  • He doesn't have a home, and is always moving around. Mostly he visits other islands in the Ninja Archipelago. Because of his moving Swiss Ninja had to give him a special communicator watch, which then he can communicate with Feey2 at all times.
  • His theme song is a Halloween song from Club Penguin's annual Halloween Party.
  • He will stop at nothing to kill his original. This usual means disobeying Swiss Ninja, or even destroying whole cities. He will literally destroy ANYTHING that keeps him from killing Feey1, including fellow Snoss.
  • Feey2 possesses two Keysabers, which are knockoff weapons designed to resemble the Energy Keysaber unique to Ed Island. This is generally regarded as a grave dishonor in Ed Islandian culture.


  • "Die Feey1!"
  • "Down with Yow!"
  • "All hail Swiss Ninja the great!"
  • "Whatever, Swiss Ninja."
  • "I AM NOT A VAMPIRE!" He screamed this at a Castillan.
  • "Does it come with shrimp?"

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