Feey3 Pie

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Born 2013
Pie Plantation, Maverick
Gender Male
Nationality Sith (Sith Empire)
Other names F Man Three
Citizenship Mavv, Sith
Occupation Sith, Emperor
Salary 90,000 Gold Coins a month
Net worth 10 billion Gold Coins
Height 4ft
Weight 75 pounds
Known for Establishing the Sith Empire on Yow Island
Opponent(s) Hochstadt Gang, Snowzerland, Castilla
Parents Feey1 Pie and Kaylin Pie

Feey3, later known as Darth Feey, is the son of deposed Yowien monarch Feey1 and Kaylin Pie. Born right at the end of The Great Yowien War in Maverick, the child grew up seeing his father appear drained and depressed from his loss. His father taught his son to use the force and be like a Jedi since his father used to be one. When he turned 18, young Feey3 befriended Emperor Pengvintine after a failed attempt to assasinate him, and he became his Sith apprentice. After Pengvintine's death, Feey3 went his own way and made plans to revive the old Yowien Empire by establishing a new Sith Empire.


Feey3 was born in 2013 in Maverick, not long after his parents sought asylum there.



  • "Subjects! Join me and fight against the colonial aggressors that hold your nation captive! I am the rightful heir to the Yowien throne, and together, YOW WILL RISE AGAIN UNDER THE SITH!"
  • "Jedis are no more than Dorkuguese nerds that can use the force and wield a lightsaber. I could kill a hundred of them in my sleep if I wanted to."
  • "My father was traumatized and forever affected by his downfall. I must avenge him. I will destroy the Snoss and the Castillans."
  • "Hate is what drives one forward and achieve greatness. Hate is the tenant of the Sith beliefs, it is what gives us our power."
  • "Swiss Ninja was a terrible dictator! Dictatorships are bad! ...unless if I am one, then they're good."


  • Unlike his father, Feey3 Pie is highly cultured and very snobbish. He is not clumsy nor is he in any way unprofessional.
  • He is very loyal to his family, and merciless to his enemies.
  • He learned to speak some Spanish since he grew up in Maverick.
  • He has a large ego and is known for being very impulsive.

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