Feey and the Amigo

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Feey and the Amigo is a story made by User:Amigopen that shows both Amigopen and Feey1's perspectives each chapter.

Feey and the Amigo
Feey and the Amigo.png
Feey and the Amigo official poster.
Start March, 4 2012
End Unknown
Rewards Amigopen got a whole lot of waffles.

Prologue: Dat face... (Amigopen)[edit]

Feey1 was trying to find a book to read. He found a book with a paper cover with a leek stuck on it. Feey didn't understand why it had a paper cover but decided to read it anyway. He sat on his comfy chair and started reading it.


Unfortunately, it was in Japanese.


Feey raged and threw the book at Amigopen, who was randomly wandering in the castle.

Amigopen: "!! This ain't good, he saw me! What am I gonna do!?"

Unfortunately for Amigopen, Feey heard his moe voice. He stood up and started waddling to the book.

Feey: "Wait a minute..."

Feey unwrapped the paper book and found out that it was actually a book called "LOL by Amigopen". He raged again and threw the wrapping at Amigopen, once again.

Amigopen: "My head hurts now, I even grew a bump on my head! >o<"

Feey could see the bump above the shelves. He called out his guards to blow him out of the castle.

Feey: "Guards, blow up this idiot!"

Guard 1: "But wouldn't it destr-"

Feey: "JUST DO IT!!"

The guards obeyed Feey's orders and blew up Amigopen back to Amataria.


Amigopen Blasts Off.png

Feey went to get his dinner from the kitchen.

Unfortunately, for Amigopen (again) he landed in Swiss Ninja's office. Swiss gave him a big kick to the rear and Amigopen was blasting off again...

Amigopen: "Mmnh, I think that kick broke my spleen! Wait, am I in Amataria?"

Amigopen crashed into an Igloo. It looked a lot like those places where you could get a cream soda. On one of the tables looked like a shady character of some sort.