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Fierycold's antibody
Faction WishFlyX's Army
Health Good
Level High
Status Working with WishFlyX
Location WishFlyX
Occupation Minion of Darktan and pet dragon of WishFlyX
Interests Lot's
Friends DTA
Enemies Flywish's Army
Archetype Evil Antibody

FieryXold is the X-Antibody of Fierycold. He is very powerful


One day, Fierycold, like everyone else caught the X-Virus. He coughed out FieryXold and FieryXold flew off to join WishFlyX. He then was fighting Radal. FieryXold grabbed Radal. It suprisingly scared the living daylights out of her. He threw Radal and left. FieryXold decided to take advantage of this power. Even Flywish couldn't defeat him. FieryXold knew that he was very strong so he continued to take advantage of his powers and would always use them.


FieryXold is twice as powerful as Fierycold. He is known as many of the known dragons in the world. He has many powers that are seen below. He also turns back into a small dragon only when he is done fighting. After being done, he then flies away and ignores what happened. He only tells his companions.


  • Can become very tall
  • Can make darkness
  • Can show shadow fire from mouth
  • Flying
  • Grows very tall


  • He is a X-Creature dragon.
  • Corai is terrified of him.
    • Xorai is only scared but not terrified.
  • He has red eyes.
  • He has no legs.
  • He is the only dragon to be an antibody.
  • Fudd claims that FieryXold has really bad breath and has only had a bath once in his whole life.

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