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Well... There he is Half black half red :)
Title King of the dragons
Gender Male
Race Dragons
Faction Flywish's Army
Health Perfect
Level 100
Status Fighting evil dragons
Location Wherever Flywish usually is

Fierycold is a dragon who is Flywish's pet dragon. However he is not friends with Maledict or Hardcore.


Fierycold hatched on January 3rd 1942. He grew up training as a Ninja. After getting out of training he moved into Club Penguin and lived in a forest. Then a few years later Flywish was walking in that same forest and saw a dragon making a fire that had pictures of Darktan. Flywish agreed to adopt him and they went back to his mansion. There Fierycold had food and a fire. He then burned a poster of Flywish finishing Darktan. Flywish didn't like that but he didn't punish Fiery. He just decided to keep Fiery on a leash outside where he stayed. He then joined Flyiwsh's Army along with all of his friends.


He can breathe fire out of his mouth and eyes. He can also make a roar that stuns something near him which Flywish is also immune to.


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