Final 24

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Final 24
The current logo for Final 24.
Genre Documentary
Format Fullscreen
Created by David Tennyson
Developed by Penguin Bros. Pictures
Directed by Director Benny
Country of origin USA, Puffle'and, Castillan Empire, Shops Island
Language(s) English, Spanish, French
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 58
Executive producer(s) David Tennyson
Location(s) Various filming locations.
Running time 1 Hour
Production company(s) CBN
Distributor Penguin Bros. Pictures
Original channel CBN
Picture format Fullscreen
Audio format Pulsai 5.0 Channel Stereo Surround
First shown in August 13, 2013 - Present
Original run August 13, 2013 – Still Active
Status Active.
Related shows Penguin Bros. Pictures

Final 24 was a show broadcasted in USA, Puffle'and, Castillan Empire and Shops Island. The show is very popular in Club Penguin. Broadcasted on the channel CBN, and then shifted to ABC in September 2016.

Work on Final 24[edit]

One day, David Tennyson was thinking about an idea for a good TV show. First, he did some research on some movie stars. Then he heard about Ford Car and heard about his death. "BINGO !", he cried as he had an idea and called his show Final 24. He started to study on some dead penguins. Later he went to CBN studios to see if his show would get on the air. CBN allowed the the show to get on the air. CBN set up a studio and got Tennyson set up on what he needs. Starting to make the show real Tennyson set up auditions to take the parts of the penguins. Lots of penguins tried to get the part of Ford Car but only a few got the part, with some being stunt doubles. After that, they got to work filming the show and made commercials when the show was nearly done. When the show was complete, CBN cut some more gory scenes out to make sure that children didn't see it and in order to get the time to fit 1 hour. A few days later the show aired, with the ratings topping the chart in just 8 days. Then a few days later CBN announced that they will make more episodes soon. To this day David Tennyson is working on more episodes of Final 24.


The show starts with a clock showing 24:00:00:00, which will start counting down as the episode progresses. It tells a few of the penguin's actions and shows a bit of his life. The show reveals facts like "this was the last penguin who ever saw (deceased penguin's name) alive". As soon as the character dies, the clock reaches 00:00:00:00. After that, they shows the discovery of his death, and his final resting place. Then the episode ends.


Episode 1:Ford Car[edit]

The first episode of Final 24. Final 24: Ford Car was the first episode of Final 24 broadcasted by CBN the show had got a lot of hits getting 5 stars.


  • It airs every Tuesday on CBN
  • It is based on the show Final 24.

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