Finding Link

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Finding Link is Ford Car's journal where he writes his attempts to capture Link.


Ford Car is G's top agent on the PSA. One day, the evil criminal Link kidnaps his brother Dancing Penguin and he must try to find him.

Leaving this place

(Ford Car is in his igloo when he receives a message on his Spy Phone)

Rookie (Spy Phone): Hi Ford Car, where have you been?

Ford Car: Rookie, we need to talk now. Meet me at the Ski Village.

Rookie: OK, man

(at the Ski Village)

Ford Car: Hey Rookie, if you see G tell him I was kidnapped by Link.

Rookie: Why?

Ford Car: Because Link has my brother and G can't know where I am.

Rookie: OK, man. I have to go. Bye.

Ford Car: See ya!

(Rookie leaves and Ford Car prepares to go leave to the mountains when he sees a familiar face: Flystar)

Flystar: Hey! Ford Car! Over here!

Ford Car: Hi there! Look, I really need to...

Flystar: How's my inventor doing?

Ford Car: Look, I'm really busy.

Flystar: Wait, wait, I need you to invent a super-magnetic shirt and...

Ford Car (yells): LEAVE ME ALONE!

(Flystar looks at him in shock)

Flystar: Fine, cya.

Ford Car: Look, I'm really sorry. Link took my brother and...

Flystar: What?

Ford Car: Come on, I'll let you help me with the search.

Flystar: OK! Let's go!

Troubles with The Trio

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