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Artwork of Finwe
Title First Amulet of Light Keeper
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Faction High Penguin Confederacy, inventor of The Mission!
Health Dead
Level 100
Status His Ghost is Wandering around Antarctica and Arda
Location Unknown

Finwë (Pronounced Fin-way) was the first Amulet of Light keeper, the first Silmaril lord, and was the first High Penguin to lead other High Penguins to Antarctica from Arda and other High Penguin settlements. His brothers and sisters were Drachus, Amluc, Jadis, Berun, Rillian, and Ulmos (not to be confused with Triskelle's father). He is best remembered for being the inventor of The Mission, which plagues modern society with its sheer annoyingness.


He is apparently the oldest High Penguin alive, and one of the first seven born. He was the first Chief Mark of Arda, along with Ulmos I, who crafted it. Due to overpopulation, he sent out a band of explorers, who found Antarctica. Finwë sent three thousand Penguins there, male, female, and chicks. They populated Antarctica.

He stayed in Arda, while his good friend Kuruk led the settlers in the new world.

During Malcur's attempt to corrupt the High Penguins, Finwë attempted to moderate his people and lead them back to the Old Lands. At the gates of Arda, the first city leading the gateway to the High Penguin Lands, Malcur stood, the city in ruin. Malcur slew him in the Spirit Oasis, searching for The Silmarils. Malcur attempted to take his Amulet, but the Amulet of Light burned his flippers. Malcur and Opacus literally ate The Two Trees out of anger and trying to weaken the remaining good High Penguins. Opacus made the Amulet of Shadow soon after, but they were defeated after the Wars of the Silmarils.

Years later, Finwe trained penguins such as Theangol and Domǒr. Unfortunately, he never trusted Theangol and often gave him unfair treatment. It was nothing to severe though, but it was enough to make Theangol know the Finwe didn't trust him. Later though, when Khanzem attacked the High Penguins, Theangol suggested that the use the Amulets to get back at them. Finwe disagreed though, and then Theangol tried to get Domǒr to agree. When Domǒr almost got possessed by Opacus though, Finwe blamed Theangol, even though he didn't mean for it to happen, and banished him.

Years later Finwe was killed by Opacus and Malcur, who had somehow returned. The two evil penguins were cast back into the void, but Finwe was not going to survive. Before he died though, Finwe regretted what he had said to Theangol, and asked Domǒr to try and convince him that he didn't have to become his grandfather. Finwe died a few days later, but his ghost still wanders Antarctica.


Finwë is dead, killed by Malcur and Opacus, though his ghost still wanders Arda. He can be summoned with an ancient scroll or Swimming Pool water, but not for long. Finwë wants the good guys (and girls) to defeat Darktan, and is trying all he can to help fulfill The Prophecy. He also tries to remind everyone not to lose The Mission, but ironically this makes them lose and pulls him down deeper into shame.


  • He married and had two chicks, though the names of the Wife and Chicks are unknown.
  • Even though he ruled Arda, after his friend Kuruk retired, he, along with Ulmos, ruled the High Penguin Confederacy.
  • He invented The Mission, which has caused much trouble to all the penguins of the world.

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