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Fire Ninja
Fire Ninja.png
An average Fire Ninja.
Fire Ninja information
Official name Order of the Flaming Ninjas
Type Ninja clan
Formation Unknown
Master Sensei
Ninjutsu Card-Jitsu Fire
Hideout Fire Dojo, Club Penguin
Society logo FireKingdomPennant.png (Pennant)
Notable ninjas
Mysterious Ninja
Ninja O'Dark

Fire Ninjas are warriors who have mastered the art of Card-Jitsu Fire. They are usually friends of the Sensei, and they always help him whenever he is in trouble. Fire Ninjas are most commonly seen with a bottle of Hot Sauce in their flippers, and in groups of 4. Their element dance consists of "holding" fire on their flippers, while standing straight.


Fire Ninjas are younger than the concept of plain Ninjas, but are older than the other Elements.

The Fire Ninja clan/society were first founded by The Three Masters, so the Fire element itself could have warriors, and be a variation on "boring old plain" Ninjas. It was the first element to have its own warriors; as a result, Snow, and Water proceeded to have warriors too, which made it more respectable.

For a long time, Fire Ninjas were in hiding, being known to a small clan of secretive outsiders of ninja society. Whilst the Water and Snow elements were slightly better-known, Fire was almost unheard of. This is understandable, as, after all, the climate is made up of snow, which is made of water, and these few clan-members slowly began to wonder: if fire can get so destructible, how can they and their society survive?

Despite this major problem, over the years, the clan slowly grew, as more and more were curious enough to find out more about the supposedly "missing element". In time, a Fire Sensei was appointed. Fire became more and more respectable. Sadly, at one point, a major storm largely demolished their original hideout and scattered their most experienced members - who were now, at this point, bound in secrecy regarding their location - and even killed one or two of them.

Fire Ninjas were almost destroyed by the numbers of Water and Snow, but somehow, they recovered to their previous respectable standards. The Fire culture was rebuilt, and the creation of their famous Fire pennants were around this time, specially crafted for their all-new Fire Kingdom, which was only a few yards bigger than the Water Kingdom and a mile larger than the Snow Kingdom. Everything seemed to reign in peace, at last.

Then, Khanzem came.

After the Khanzem era, when most of the Amulets were destroyed and all clans, regardless of elements, were nearly wiped out, a system universal for all Elements was created. The system allowed Ninjas to earn an Amulet, then attempt to gain the Fire Gem on the Amulet. This was gratuitously elected by the remaining fire seniors, and it only had one vote against (made by a poor loser who was always on the wrong end of the stick). They had all agreed amongst themselves that this was a better plan than just joining on a whim, and learning about fire any-old-how.

The seniors of the other elements, however, were doubtful about this, so they didn't enforce the new system. Fire Ninjas soon became the most powerful Element Army, becoming bigger than Snow and Water. In worried haste, they too resurrected the idea about the system, and enforced it too. Although their numbers quickly rose in pursuit, Fire Ninjas still remain the largest and most powerful army/clan.

Because the Fire Ninjas are high in numbers, Fire Ninjas tricked themselves into thinking that they are unstoppable (the majority of these thinkers being not particularly well-educated). As a result, one day, in 2011, a particularly popular Fire Ninja waddled past his Water Ninja counterpart, seemingly without acknowledging that he was there. The latter was in a bad mood that day because of the former's gang of ninjas teasing him for a week on end, so he publicly provoked him. The former was in a bad mood too, because one of the latter's ninjas had beaten him in a fight, so he went over and punched him. They then got in a fight, lasting for two hours, but due to their powers being more or less equal, it was a tie, but they didn't forgive each other.

Relations between the two elements' teams became so bad, that they refused to congregate a few metres away from each other, and their own ninjas would attack their enemy's ninjas. In the end, it led in a war. Sensei hid the war, and called it the Card-Jitsu Party. He made sure that the Fish Warriors didn't know the backstory about it, and then advised the more sensible ninjas to keep quiet about it at all costs; eventually, they were forced to take part, too.

The war was reflected in two new Stage plays, named "Battle of the Ancient Shadows", and, to a lesser extent, "Secrets of the Bamboo Forest". Non-element-ninjas - as well as the aforementioned Fish Warriors - didn't notice that something was up, and as a result, they enjoyed it for being all "fun and games". Believe it or not, the war began on November 23rd, and, when the dojos were almost destroyed, it ended on December 6th.

It only ended because there was a showdown between the two leaders in the plain Dojo, the Fire Ninja lost the all-deciding game when he showed a level-10 Fire Card and his opponent a level-12 Water Card, meaning that he lost. Just as the Water Ninja was cackling and was about to proclaim that the element Fire was vanquished from "his" dojo forever, a double-agent named Lilly slammed him down, and threatened that if he didn't apologise at once, she would vanquish him, too. In her flipper was an unbeatable level-12 Snow card. He refused, and Lilly was about to unleash the card's powers, when the Fire Ninja, upon reflection, burnt the card, meaning that he apologised. In return, he apologized too, and the war was over.

In the aftermath, the Sensei, to avoid any more trouble, forbade the formation of ninja clubs; this practice is still carried on to this day.


Generally, when it comes to having a full-time job, penguins think twice before joining. Those who have the wrong ideas think that the Fire Ninja suddenly gains modes, which end up in exaggerated and pointless destructiveness, and as a result, they either stay in their own job, become a Ninja, or join another element. When these penguins have the correct impression, some may be scared and not want to join because of the lava, but others will want to enlist under the Sensei straight away. However, the popularity of being a full-time Fire Ninja is only around 10%-40%, making office worker, tour guide, or agent more popular jobs.

Despite this, in a survey carried out in 2016, 57% of Club Penguin's population who have heard of Fire Ninjas approve of their clan, most of them becoming Fire Ninjas themselves afterwards. They are accepted in society.

Compared to the...[edit]


Ninjas are older. Fire Ninjas are a subsidiary of the Ninja. Fire is dangerous.

That is how the logic of the Fire Ninja-dislikers go, and it is true. Throughout Club Penguin's society, the popularity of being a Fire Ninja as a full-time job is around 10%-40% (though some may be lying), with another kind of Ninja - especially Ninja - being more popular. However, for the sake of it, they may become Fire Ninjas in their spare time. Not only that, the survey was made in 2017, so it may now be outdated.

Of the Ninja Population, 50%-75% don't mind having the Fire Ninjas their own Dojo/volcano beside their Ninja Dojo; 40%-70% don't mind their existence; 50%-75% would like to be a Fire Ninja too; only 15%-35% hate the Fire Ninjas with a passion, with the remaining percentage being a fan/indifferent/too lazy to answer.

Water Ninjas[edit]

As a whole, Water Ninjas can bear the Fire Ninjas.

When compared to the Water Ninjas, their popularity level is pretty much the same - 40%-75% of ninjas asked like both Fire and Water ninjas, and it is common for one ninja to also be a ninja of the other. Almost equal amounts of new ninjas join the two clans each year.

Around 40%-60% of Water Ninjas asked don't mind that the Fire Dojo is close to the Water Dojo; 39%-70% don't mind the clan's existence; 30%-55% want to be Fire Ninjas too; only 15%-40%, who believed the Card-Jitsu Party was true and was disappointed at the climax, hate Fire Ninjas with a passion, with the remaining percentage accepting/indifferent/too lazy to write.

Fish Warriors[edit]

Alongside the Water Ninjas, they bear the Fire Ninjas too, but since they have had no conflicts in the past, they can do so better.

They are less popular and well-known by and when compared to the Fire Ninjas - 20%-45% of ninjas and Fire Ninjas questioned knew what a Fish Warrior was, and only 10%-35% of these ninjas & Fire Ninjas liked them to the point of wanting to join their clan. Fire Ninjas have almost 80% more new members in their clan.

In the same survey, the questioners switched to the Fish Warriors, and found that 60%-90% don't mind that Fire Ninjas exist and have their own dojo; 40%-75% admitted to being Fire Ninjas too, and only a pathetic 2%-20% despised the Fire Ninjas. The rest had no good reason to; in return, the Fire Ninjas are always willing to help their fish comrades.

Snow Ninjas[edit]

Whilst the Snow Ninjas can bear the Fire Ninja better than the others, fire can stir fear in them.

Like the Water Ninja, they are pretty much of equal popularity - 50%-75% of ninjas questioned liked both Fire and Snow Ninjas, and around 20%-50% admitted to being masters of both. They have pretty much equal amounts of annual newcomers.

In the same survery, the Snow Ninjas said that 45%-70% didn't mind that Fire Ninjas exist and they have their own dojo; 25%-65% said that they were also Fire Ninjas; 45%-75% of the seniors said that they were sometimes afraid of the Fire Ninjas; only 35%-55% didn't like the Fire Ninjas. The Fire Ninjas, knowing that they can melt snow, show respect to the Snow Ninjas, by never trying to go into their dojo in their Ninja Outfit.

Shadow Ninjas[edit]

Shadow Ninjas adore the Fire Ninjas, as fire, if placed behind an object, makes shadows.

The Fire Ninjas have a basic inkling about the concept of Shadow Ninjas, but leaked documents state that only the seniors have close ties with them. In the same document, the seniors stated that they were glad only 5%-20% of all the types of ninjas that they questioned knew what they both were (in order not to break the rule of secrecy, if they didn't know, they would say that it was something they saw in a dream), but none - including the seniors - admitted to being masters of both. Fire Ninjas get more overall members, having over 95% more members per year.

The same survey couldn't ask the Shadow Ninjas what they thought, however, because they didn't know who they were because of their secrecy. Curiously, the day following the mass surveys of the other groups, a typed letter came into the leader of the survery's postbox. It had no address on it, but it had been clearly written by the Shadow Ninjas. It revealed that 99% didn't mind that Fire Ninjas exist and had their own dojo; 95% said that they too were Fire Ninjas (the remaining 4% either practicing or are unable to); only 1% - who, the letter stated, were generally considered to be the weirdos - hated the Fire Ninjas.

The reason that almost everybody liked them was concluded to be that without light (fire), there can be no shadows.

Air Ninjas[edit]

Lightning Ninjas[edit]


Fire Ninjas who don't have a single article of Fire clothing generally have an extremely n00bish/scrubby air about them, and have a way of playing out their cards in a patronizing manner. More experienced Fire Ninjas generally have pity on these excited, charismatic young'uns, as they remember that they were - usually - once like this too.

Fire Ninjas who have the shoes have a little more respectable feel, but they are still n00bish/scrubby, and still have the patronizing manner. They like showing off to others that they have the shoes and an amulet, but otherwise, they don't do much than that.

Fire Ninjas who have the suit feel more mature, but if they wear the suit and shoes, they stil feel somewhat n00bish/scrubby, but they, at least, don't show off. The patronizing manner is gone, and they want to talk to other elements too, asking what they think of Fire.

Fire Ninjas who have the mask are mature with fire, are no longer n00bish/scrubby, and they feel that they can, at last, do the Fire Dance. They like talking to their seniors about mastering Fire, and the ninja may visit the Sensei more often.


Fire Pennant[edit]

Fire Dance[edit]

Hot Sauce[edit]



Plain Ninjas are tolerant of Fire Ninjas in general. They, being a neutral kind of ninja, tend to have a natural respect for what they are, and how they can moderate fire to their will without causing mass chaos and destruction. In return, many Fire Ninjas are willing to help their Ninja allies, no matter what the cost.

Water Ninjas[edit]

Their relationship with Water Ninjas are slightly strained because of the Card-Jitsu Party, but relationships with them have eased since them, and they can get along perfectly fine. As long as one side doesn't mention the events in 2011, they can co-operate, defeat mass evil, and other superhero-type things.

However, if one side does mention the so-called "party", a fight can break out. As a result, both sides need to be cautious of what they say.

Fish Warriors[edit]

To the Fire Ninjas, the Fish Warrior is an elusive sort of Ninja. They either don't say that they are a Ninja at all because they need special training from the Sensei since they can't fight back without weapons, or they casually state that they are just a division of the Water Ninjas. As a result, they either don't know about them, or they shun them for the above statement. This hurts the Fish Warrior very much, so they avoid them. It is, however, not impossible for a Fish Warrior and a Fire Ninja to get on well together, and fortunately, any mention of the 2011 "party" will not cause tension, as they weren't involved.

Snow Ninjas[edit]

Shadow Ninjas[edit]

Air Ninjas[edit]

Lightning Ninjas[edit]

List of Fire Ninjas[edit]



  • It is unusual if a Fire Ninja does not own at least one bottle of Hot Sauce.
  • If Snow Ninjas, Fire Ninjas and Water Ninjas team up and do their element dance, purple clouds (and thunder) will appear in the sky.

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