Fire and Ice

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Fire and Ice
Origin Penguin Academy
Genres Rock pop,
Punk pop,
Alternative rock,
Alternative metal,
Alternative hip hop,
Hip hop rock,
Rap metal,
Years active 2009-Present
Labels Independent (2010)
AirPlay Records (2011-)
Associated acts None yet
Rocket Slug,
Agent Meltie
Past members

Fire and Ice is a South-Polian punk-pop band found in Penguin Academy by Rocket Slug the lead guitarist and singer, her brother, Phineas34720, who plays keyboard and drums, and Agent Meltie, the backup singer/guitarist. It is currently with AirPlay Records. Fire and Ice has toured Freezeland, Happyface State, and Club Penguin Island during their two years as musicians, and are still writing new riffs.


Agent Meltie's classic Emoguin misery caused her to learn guitar. She wrote music based on real events in her life, and pretty soon, the band was formed.


The band was formed by Rocket Slug, Lexi, Agent Meltie and Phineas34720 (who usually isn't seen onstage, as he runs lighting for most of their concerts, but when they don't need much lights or they're preset, he plays drums or keyboard.) for a Penguin Academy talent show where the band got into the finals but came second. They were initially disappointed with the result however they continued with the work. They decided to work on their own lyrics and the songwriting was argued about. Finally, it was decided that they all write the songs together or alone. They have fifteen singles and three albums out so far.


Their first song, Party All You Want, was unsuccessfully performed at the Penguin Academy talent show. Secretly, their tech-crazy buddy, Ferb90210, was illegally recording the song to post on the internet for a digital download on RS' blog. Even though the original made second place, the web download made triple platinum. After Phineas (also their blog producer) saw this, he realized how many times the single was downloaded, so he gave the band a name without anybody but Ferb knowing (Fire and Ice) and told the gang to record it again, featuring Ferb. The new version was also posted online, but it went quadruple platinum, gaining them stardom. Nobody found out about the name until 2009.

2010 and onwards[edit]

Throughout the Christmas holidays the band worked on a Christmas album, digitally released on December 12th. Rocket Slug realized the three singles on the album were too good to be "left alone," as she put it, so they made music videos for them and uploaded them online. Then, she produced music videos for the rest of the songs, as well as from previous albums. They rushed to do this. These videos gained some money for the band (about 100 F) which they split equally among members. Almost as soon as they received the money, Penguin TV was calling, asking to show the music videos as commercials during Penguin Tales. The success of this phone call led them to creating more songs, but not releasing most of them to the public.


Once signed up to AirPlay, they will begin to work on an album which will feature hit singles from their previous albums remixed by DJ Cadence and Crow, plus three new ones and an iceTunes exclusive. Following that up, they will take part in the Club Penguin Music Festival and will perform four singles each from both albums Explosion! and Rollermuffin. It will feature a new single which will be released on the album and elsewhere as a standalone. For the rest of 2011, they will tour Eastshield, the Happyface State, Freezeland and Weddell.


Studio albums[edit]

2008 Album details Chart peak positions
2011 Explosion!

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