First Hontanan War

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The First Hontanan War
Date April 1, 2000 - March 19, 2001
(11 months, 2 weeks and 4 days)
Location Hontana
Result Yow and Frankterre become allies
Casus belli USA wants possession of Hontana
All of Hontana is given to Yow Kingdom
Yowien Empire flag.png Yow
FrancterreFlag.png Frankterre
USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
Yowien Empire flag.png Alexander Clanin
FrancterreFlag.png Naples Bon Appetit
USA flag.PNG Billybob
Support from Frankterre Powerful army
Small soldier count Small soldier count
Newly found nation

The First Hontanan War was a small war fought between the Yow Kingdom and Frankterre, against the newly-found United States of Antarctica.

Pre-war Events[edit]

On January 1st, 2000, the Constitution of the United States of Antarctica was drafted. It was, however, not yet ratified. Yet at the same time, the USA was already acting like a powerful nation. The USA was already going around collecting states, many of them unwillingly. This ruined the USA's reputation for some time, and was already getting war threats from other nations.

Hontana was now a year old nation, and was currently a Oligarchy. Not many migrated to Hontana after it was declared an independent land by Frankterre. Hontana had no true military, and in rural areas there was completely anarchy. The nation was in a wreck, and was vulnerable to invaders. Fortunately no one invaded them; however, the USA was thinking about instating them as a state.

Yow Kingdom was celebrating its 10th birthday, and was building up its military. King Alexander held a 2 hour speech on New Years, stating that Yow will rise to power and become great. He also vowed to keep Yow's government running, and debt-free. Alexander and the Frankish ambassador, Ace Martin, were discussing future relations between Yow and Frankterre. If it wasn't for these beforehand meetings, the war could have turned into a 3-way war.

Frankterre was mourning the loss of its last colony: Hontana. The citizens were displeased, because Hontana had many coal and gold resources that supported the mother country in its industry. The government had no choice but to let Hontana go, or else a bloody revolution would had occurred. A week after the independence of Hontana, January 30, protesters gathered outside the capital building, and protested against the independence of Hontana. The government paid little attention, until 4:20pm, when the protesters grew in size. Soon they became an angry mob, and were becoming violent. Rocks were thrown at the capital building, breaking windows, and injuring politicians. Eventually the military was sent in to disperse the crowd, and get them away the capital building. Lethal force was used, and 3 soldiers and 1 civilian were killed. The day after, it was discovered that the mob was made of industrialist who lost vasts of money from the independence of Hontana. Unfortunately, two days later, protests in Bordeau and Strauzbourg were stirred up. One civilian was shot and injured, but 5 soldiers were killed by a mob.

The mobs and killings struck fear into the Frankish citizens, and news quickly raced to Hontana, Yow, and the USA. It was that day that each nation decided it was time to take action. King Alexander, however, wanted to avoid war. So he invited Emperor Naples Bon-Appetit, President Billy Bob, and Chancellor William Sweets to Golden City for a summit. The four leaders discussed the current events related to Hontana and Frankterre over tea, and at first things went smoothly. All until Billy Bob offered Hontana becoming an Antarctican state. That angered Naples, since he willingly gave up Hontana, and he got into a heated debate with Billy Bob. Soon things got out of hand, and Alexander had to send the two back to their nations. But as they left The Yowien Castle, Billy Bob said he would get Frankterre or Hontana to join the new union.

The day the leaders returned to they nations, they prepare their forces for war. Billy Bob drafted a declaration of war against Frankterre, while Naples prepared his army for their last war. Alexander and William attempted to stop a war from occurring, but it was futile. Billy Bob was sent battleships to the Ninja Archipelago on March 27, commanding them to encircle Frankterre. This haltered trade, and hurt the Frankish economy greatly. Frankish navy were sent to destroy the Antarctican vessels, but their navy was too small to defeat them alone. So Naples called for Alexander's aid, and asked him to aid him in removing the vessels. Alexander reluctantly agreed to, and Yowien naval ships were sent on March 30. They reached Frankterre by April 1, and a small naval battle took place. The Yowiens and Frankish had two ships attack one Antarctican ship at a time, and slowly divided and conquered. The Frankish and Yowiens successfully removed the Antarcticans from the Ninja Archipelago, but suffered a great loss of ships. That night at 9:45, Billy Bob and the United States of Antarctica declared war on Frankterre. He also declared Hontana an Antarctican state, and sent a large military force and governor there. At the same time Alexander established the legal borders of the Yowien Sea, and declared Hontana a territory of Yow Kingdom. This caused turmoil in both Hontanan and Frankterre, and they weren't sure what to do. So Hontana nullified its declaration of independence from Frankterre, and rejoined its mother country to defend itself from the USA. When Antarctican forces arrived to take over Hontana, they were met by great military resistance. The next week, Yowien naval ships arrived to Hontana. Before a battle occurred between the two, Yow and Frankterre became allies to defeat the USA. Thanks to the previous discussions between King Alexander and ambassador Ace Martin, the war did not became a three way war. Naples and Alexander decided to keep the USA from taking islands past the imaginary Ace Borderline.

Course of the War[edit]

Establishing Strongholds[edit]

After the Cerne Vessel Battle, the USA realized that this would be a much more difficult war to win. Yet, they gained a stronghold in the Hontanan port city of Ridney, and headed west on Highway 4, conquering each town they came across. Each town they came to they met military resistance, and most the time nearly lost. The finally reached Hendive on April 3th, where they built a fort. It was important for them to take Hendive so they could have a triangular stronghold that included Stone River, and a sea port. From there they could send reinforcements either south, west, or east. The war was only 2 days in, and the USA had a firm stronghold in Hontana.

Frankish military forces in the east soon got word of the USA's new stronghold, and were informed that it would be extremely difficult to take down. So Frankish soldiers marched down to the Longue Rivière, and built Fort Bois (which after the war would become a lumber town). From there they marched to Albertson, before Antarctican ships arrived there.

Frankish soldiers at Fort Bois.

Receiving news of this, Yowien soldiers quickly marched on April 5 to Gordan and Kila, and walled the cities to protect them from Antarctican invasion. The timber walls were fitted with large cannons, and reinforced with concrete pillars. The Yowiens and Frankish (now unofficially called the Yofra army), soon established a large boundary around the Antarcticans. The Yofra army planned to invade the Antarctican army's strongholds on April 10; enough time to send in enough troops to protect the fortified cities and strongholds.

On April 8th, Antarctican soldiers sneak attacked Fort Bois in an attempt to take it. The Antarcticans underestimated the Frankish however, and sent in less troops than needed. Fifty Antarctican soldiers were killed, 20 were imprisoned, and 30 retreated. The 30 soldiers retreating were killed off one-by-one by Hontanan rebels who were hunting when the war started off. The USA now knew that the Hontanans were against statehood, and wanted to be free from them. Billy Bob, however, did not let the war end; he wanted Hontana's vast resources of gold and salt, and to place a state in the Yowien Sea. After the failed sneak attack, the Yofra army rejoiced; the civilians were on their side now. News of the failed sneak attack spread like wildfire across Hontana, and soon citizens all over were rebelling against the Antarcticans.

Redneck Rebels[edit]

After the citizens started to rebel, the tables turned quickly for the USA. Unlike other nations, Hontana has an abundance of firearms. At the time the war began, it was estimated that there were 500,000 firearms owned by civilians on the island; also, about 91% of the population didn't like the USA's presence, yet only 75% of that 91% were able to fight. At that time many Hontanans were obese, or were much too young to fight in the war. Fortunately, the Yofra army would receive enough support from the civilians during the war.

On April 5, Cooper Oaks established the Redneck Freedom Militia (still in order today). The RFM had at least 10 members in each city, including the ones conquered by the USA. Cooper was an intelligent penguin, and found ways to sneak supplies and messages across the war boundary. Despite being conquered, shipping was still going to and out of the cities. So Cooper, befriending the shipping bureau of the island, had secret messages placed inside common items such as timber, corn, and cotton (nothing shipped from a foreign island). The USA only inspected shipments from foreign islands, so the messages got through easily. The RFM members inside the conquered cities knew where the messages were because of a daring crossing of the boundary, which the RFM wasn't willing to do more than twice.

Alexander supported the RFM a lot by giving them food, ammunition, and advanced communication devices. Naples followed in Alexander's footsteps by supporting the RFM with intense military training. The support that the RFM greatly helped a lot, and on April 10, they became a temporary recon and information branch of the Yofra army. It didn't take long for the USA to learn about the RFM, and start hunting them down in the conquered cities. However, the RFM members acted exactly live normal citizens. It was too difficult to sniff them out, yet Billy Bob still demanded the searches. Only one citizen was found suspect of being an RFM member, and upon further investigation, was discovered to not be a member at all; in fact, he was a sympathizer to the USA. After that, on April 28, Billy Bob ended all searches for RFM members. On the same day, though, he stopped all shipping in and out of the conquered cities. This action starved the citizens within two weeks, causing riots. Billy Bob, to calm the citizens, had to have the military to give 40% of their food supplies to the citizens. This weakened the army's supplies, and caused great turmoil. Things were looking bleak for the USA, all because of the formation of the RFM.

The RFM was now set with the task to guard every port city on the south side of the island. The RFM had the cities Baker Port, Beaucoup Ressources, and Hoardus walled in, and defended with cannons and 100 soldiers each. These defenses haltered the USA's expected quick conquer of the towns, but forced all Antarctican ships and reinforcements to be focused on the already conquered area (making it even harder to take it back from the USA).

The USA's Rise[edit]

When news from the battlefield reached South Pole City in May about the USA's great losses, Billy Bob became extremely frustrated. He consulted with Antarctican judges and expert generals on what to do, but it seemed like there was no way to defeat the Yofra army. Then, to make matters worse, Billy Bob soon received news that 10% of the Antarctican army quit and transferred to the Yofra army. Billy Bob had it, but he wanted to take Hontana so bad. So on May 3, he took 10% of the coast guard and national guard, and put them in the front lines of the battle. This weakened national defenses by much, and allowed unrelated terrorists to attack the mainland easily. Billy Bob tried to blame the Yofra army for the attacks, but Alexander and Naples said that they were keeping the battle in Hontana. Which ruined Billy Bob's appearance to the public.

Finally Billy Bob took a major step forward. He hired bounty hunters and terrorists to join the Antarctican army, in order to capture Hontana. He tried to keep this secret to the public, and paid the mercenaries out of his own pocket. That made him broke quickly, however, and had to take many loans from banks. It didn't take long for the government to find out what Billy Bob was doing, and as well the public. But despite public opinion, Billy Bob's efforts did affect the war greatly. The USA's war boundary was growing quickly, and they were already making efforts to take other port cities. On May 20, the USA launched battleships into the Longue Rivière, in order to split the Yofra army. The Yofra army planned ahead, unfortunately, and mined the river just perfectly so only Antarctican battleships would explode.

After the failure on Longue Rivière, Billy Bob forced the military to put more effort into taking all the south port cities of Hontana. He had continuous bombardments on all the port cities, and some cities did fall. But retreating Yofra soldiers kept going to the next port city, arming it with more soldiers and weapons. Therefore, the next invasion became harder and harder for the USA. Eventually the USA lost too many battles to continue, and now decided to focus on expanding northwards.

On May 25, Billy Bob had USA forces push its boundaries on Hontana northwards. The USA pushed five miles north until they stopped by Yofra forces. The Antarcticans dug trenches along their new border, which they would do everytime they expanded for the rest of the war. Yofra forces in Gordon assembled an invasion of the the USA's new trench line, that was foolishly placed at the foot of a hill. Yofra generals planned grenadiers to bombard the Antarctican soldiers from behind trees, and take out their ammunition supplies. Then snipers in tree stands would kill of the rest of the soldiers. The goal of the invasion was to take valuable supplies from the USA.

Mainly Frankish soldiers did the invasion, now known as Battle of Grenades. Things went as plan for the Yofra army, and they took the enemy by surprise. However, it was not known that the enemy soldiers had mined the hill with remote controlled mines. Before the invasion ended, the entire hill blew up. All the invading Yofra soldiers were killed, and the hill's soil has been rumored to land 10 miles away from the blast zone. After the failure at the Battle of Grenades, Yofra reinforcements were sent from Quilton Village to Gordon to prepare for a impending invasion. However, the invasion didn't happen for another two months. Billy Bob unexpectedly had USA forces march eastwards and invade Beaucoup Ressources on May 31. The Yofra forces there weren't prepared for such a night invasion, and suffered great losses. They did however, keep the city. After the failed invasion, the Antarctican troops marched back into safe territory. There they regrouped, and prepared for a second invasion.

On June 5, Antarctican troops marched back to Beaucoup Ressources. They carried with them advanced artillery, and unlike last time, attacked at 12:36pm. The Yofra forces were reinforced too, however, and easily defeated with the aid of the RFM the Antarcticans. The battle was so intense, that many soldiers simply died of shock. As a result, only 20 of the 200 invading soldiers returned. This was the biggest lost in the war so far, and struck fear into the Antarctican citizens. But it gave great joy to the Frankish and Yowiens, for they believed the defeat was a sign that things were going to get better. However, mobs and protestors were collecting in the capitals of the waring nations. The war was about to leave Hontana's soil.

Mobs and Hippies Fight Warfare[edit]

Since the 1980's, the hippie population of Antarctica and nearby islands had grown greatly. The sheer amount of war in the past few years have hurt economies, destroyed communities, and brought rise to the Age of Peace. In 1999, the hippies calmed down much, but were always on the tip of rising up again. The waring nations did not pay any attention to the small protesting groups before, but things would soon become violent.

On June 10, Opple3 Green gathered with his friends at South Pole City, and openly protested the war. They blamed the Antarctican government for being violent, evil, and greedy. The guards and politicians paid no attention to the protestors when it first started out. By 1:25pm, however, the group had tripled in size. This meant that it wasn't all hippies now, more violent and cruel penguins got in the group. By 2:00pm, the exact thing that happened in Frankterre happened in the USA. The once peaceful protestors became a dangerous mob, and they started throwing soda cans, and sandwiches at the the capital building. The mob then started to surround the building, not letting any politicians leave until they agreed to aid the end of the war. The USA's special mob control was sent into to calm the crowd, and get them out of the area. But their efforts were futile, as the mob grew even larger. Law enforcement was beat 5 to 1, and soon many protestors started using lethal weapons. Seven guards were either shot or trampled to death, as the mob stormed the capital building. They turned over tables, and knocked over book shelves. They took 10 politicians hostage, and attempted to set the building ablaze.

The protestors (known by the media as terrorists) took the hostages into the deep woods of Eastshield, where it was difficult for SWAT and military to find them. Eventually the protestors were found in a cave on June 17, where they starved the politicians nearly to death. The protestors were charged with taking hostages, breaking into federal property, and killing a guard. The protestors were executed the next week.

Fearing he would be blamed for the chaos of June 10, Opple3 packed his stuff, declared bankruptcy, and took a boat to the June Islands. He faked the sinking of his house boat, and was thought dead for the rest of the war. He made it to Nilo on June 17, and started a new life there under a new identity. He started a protest in Golden City on June 21, which got out of control, but wasn't as violent as the last one. After this second riot, Opple3 stopped protesting the war. He went on to protest the lumber industry. Even without Opple3 starting protests, they still popped up amongst the warring countries. The mobs got so violent and large that there a slight "time out" in the war, as in the warring nations put more focus into the mobs than the war itself. Fortunately it was happening in all 3 nations, so no nation could take advantage of the mob issue. The mob issue was finally resolved on June 24, when each nation allowed law enforcement to kill any violent protestor. On June 25, it was discovered that over 1,000 penguins and puffles related to the mob crisis died. Either by being shot, trampled, or another way. The mob issue extremely hurt each warring nation, and they called June 25 6/25, or Polideath Day.

The war started rolling again on June 31, when the USA continued to push north. But during the mob crisis, Frankterre sent over 2,000 fresh soldiers to Hontana, and Naples was leading the army himself now. He left his adviser in charge of the mainland.

"Ne jouez pas avec Naples!"[edit]

Naples fresh invasion force instantly marched down to the USA's war boundary. They brought tanks with them, so the march was slow. On August 3, the first battle in the war led directly by Naples took place. The Frankish settled on a hill in the night, and when the Antarcticans marched into the valley, they were bombarded by RPG's and other explosive ammunition. The exposed enemy soldiers hid behind rocks, to avoid being hit; but many still died. The Antarctican soldiers had to run back to where they came from, or hide in cramped tanks and trucks. The Antarcticans could not return fire, and they were loosing many soldiers. When they tried to retreat, they were stopped when their only way out was guarded by Frankish grenadiers. All 500 Antarctican soldiers were killed in the battle, even after the last 20 tried to surrender. Naples has been blasphemed for doing such an act, but he's explained that he never saw a sign of surrender. This act however would cost his position of emperor.

After the battle, Naples had his 2,000 soldiers march further south; and destroy any enemy they saw. Between August 3 and August 15, Naples led 5 battles against the Antarcticans. He used cunning tactics to defeat the enemy, and easily pushed their war boundary southwards. Naples only lost 52 soldiers in all 5 battles, whereas the Antarcticans lost 467. This major loss to the USA struck fear into Billy Bob, and he had to make drastic changes to the way the USA was fighting the war. He decided to resign from the position of commander 'n chief of the military, and gave that position to a council of profound generals and some politicians. This action excited the Yofra army, and they begun to believe that victory was even more possible. Naples' skillful commanding was about to embarrass the USA.

On August 20, the Yow Kingdom was losing its focus on the war. The citizens became sick of the war, and started to seek exploration. After the discovery of the Barbearer Islands, local explorers stirred up the citizens to support exploration. As a result, the Exploration Society of Yow was established. The Society quickly found dozens of small islands and atolls throughout the Yowien Sea, and the national focus switched to exploration. This worried Alexander and Naples, but in a way, Alexander was glad that Yow may be able to find more islands to conquer. Yow did conquer more islands, but hardly any of them made a difference in the nation (they are barely even inhabited). Alexander himself even started to loose focus on the war, and sometimes didn't even know when the last battle took place. He even started pulling naval vessels out of the war to help the ESY; therefore, the Yofra army's defenses began to drop. Naples was really angry at Alexander for his actions, and asked Alexander to get his focus back on the war. Nothing worked until August 27, when Naples announced to Alexander that if the Yofra army won the war, Hontana would belong to Yow. Instantly Alexander stopped all Yowien navy aid of the ESY, and focused the government's attention back on the war. He even pushed forward on the war effort, by paying pirates to raid any Antarctican war vessel. He even had some skillful Yowien sailor attack port cities of the USA, and even King George's Island. This naval attacks pushed USA reinforcements back towards the mainland, and weakened the invasion force.

The sudden rise of the Yofra army frustrated the USA war counsel even more, and some began to question the possibility of defeating Yow and Frankterre. In fact, the war nearly ended on August 30, when the war counsel voted if they should continue with the war. Because of General Rawthorn's "nay" vote, the USA army continued to fight The First Hontanan War. When Billy Bob tried to undo the war counsel's vote, he was reminded that he resigned from being commander 'n chief of the military until the war ended. Hearing about this consensus, Naples and his army rejoiced. They realized that they were even closer to defeating the Antarcticans, and keep them from crossing the Ace Borderline. In joy, Naples sent this mocking message to Billy Bob, "Ne jouez pas avec Naples!" (Do not play with Naples.) Billy Bob crumbled up the letter, threw it into his furnace, took the ashes and then flushed them down the toilet. His butler recorded the whole thing, and published it on PengTube in 2003.

"Ne jouez pas avec Naples!" soon became a common and a joyful chant amongst the Yofra army; but any Antarctican soldier that said it was likely to be killed. The USA was loosing its first war to two nations dozens of times smaller, and thought to be less powerful. Billy Bob and the Antarctican war counsel were embarrassed. They then made a decision, they would bring the war to the other nations' own land. On September 10, an Antarctican bomber flew north towards Frankterre. The plane was picked up by Frankish radar stations, then escaped into the mountains where it was undetected. The bomber flew back out the next day, and dropped the most powerful bomb (second to a nuke) on Courseica's smallest city. When the bomber tried to escape into safe airspace, it was destroyed. Only 100 penguins and 80 puffles were killed, but the Frankish government and people were furious.

Ending the War[edit]

After the bombing of Courseica, the Naples had the Frankish navy invade King George's Island; he also had the air force aid them. The Frankish navy destroyed all the harbors and ports on KGI, and one airport there. Yow then had its navy invade an Antarctican naval block between Hontana and the mainland. On September 20, the USA lost its naval route to Hontana. Quickly the Antarctican soldiers in Hontana began to starve, and die off. Worse of all, they kept being attacked by RFM members; depleting their ammunition stores. The Antarctian war counsel reacted by flying in supplies to their forces in Hontana, but 5 out of 6 cargo planes were shot down before they even saw the island of Hontana.

Once the Yofra army got their stronghold in the Yowien Sea back, they decided to attack Antarctica on its own turf. So they sent a fleet of some of the army's best naval ships on September 29 to invade Habitton, and build a military base there for future invasions. The invasion was a success, and therefore, Naples and Alexander had the Yofra invading force invade the shores of Olympia. From that point on to the end of the war, Shporgshel and Intake would be continually bombed by Yofra air force. These bombings destroyed infrastructure and local economies in the Antarctic Peninsula, which was exactly what Naples and Alexander wanted. The war was about to get much more violent, as the Antarctican war counsel had a massive fleet of ships attack Frankterre.

On October 10, a fleet of Antarctican ships attacked Courseica again. They easily took the entire island, and used it as a leap pad for air strikes on the Frankish mainland. The Yofra army attempted to remove the Antarcticans from Couresica, but the USA had placed a firm stronghold there. The Frankish had to continually bomb the Antarctican air fields on Couresica in order to stop any possible air invasion on the Frankish mainland. All three nations stopped battling for some time on Hontanan soil, and started warring on each others' territory. As soon as the USA got a stronghold near Frankterre, they started to attack Yowien islands. Nilo on Yow Kingdom Island was invaded on October 27 by the USA, and the Yofra army barely defeated the Antarcticans. At this point King Alexander became extremely mad, and demanded that a 6 year old, atom bomb missile be launched on the USA. The order was given on the morning of October 31, and the bomb hit the city of Intake. The Yofra camps in Olympia were unaffected. The USA became furious after this, and demanded a massive, full blown, invasion on the Yowien stronghold of King George's Island. The Yofra forces were pushed off KGI, but the forces in Olympia were not invaded.

After the Yofra forces were forced to retreat KGI, a Frankish air fleet invaded Couresica on November 5. They killed nearly 50% of the Antarctican soldiers there, and took 20% of them as prisoners. The USA lost Couresica, and decided to focus its attention on Yow. Antarctican forces invaded Nilo on Yow Kingdom Island again on the night of November 17, once again being defeated. The Antarctican ships in the Yowien Sea were finally found by the Yofra army, and were destroyed; no survivors. The USA soon lost all possessions near Frankterre and within the inner Yowien Sea. As a result, they turned their attention to the Yofra camp in the Antarctic Peninsula. The Antarctican war counsel and BillyBob decided to invade the camp on November 30, and thus they did.

At 2:45am on November 30, Antarctican forces invaded the Yofra's military camp on the Antarctic Peninsula. The invasion, known as The Camp Battle, was one of the most gruesome battles in the war. Nearly 30% of both side were being destroyed, and neither side was winning. Eventually both the Yofras and Antarcticans gave up, and the USA retreated back to their ships. The battle shined a new light on the war, and by now, the majority of Antarcticans wanted to end the war. This mentality sneaked into the Antarctican war counsel, and soon, steps to end the war were being made by the USA. The USA decided to stop all further invasions on Yow and Frankterre's territories, they also attempted to have peaceful summits with the two nation leaders in Castilla (which was neatrul during the war).

On December 10, a successful summit took place at Sadize. The USA and Yofra army decided to end the official war; however, the Redneck Freedom Militia and Antarctican mafias would continue on the war. The three nations signed the Fin a esta guerra declaration, which ended the war. This declaration allowed the USA to keep its claimed territory on Hontana, and Yow and Frankterre to joint-own the Yofra camp on the Antarctic Peninsula. However, many citizens in all three nations disliked the declaration. Hontanans didn't like it because the USA kept its territory in Hontana, and Antarcticans didn't like it because the Yofras kept its military camp on the Antarctic Peninsula. Even though the war officially ended, violence continued. Rogue soldiers on both sides, mafias, and gangs decided to keep the war going.

The "Unofficial" War[edit]

Even though the Redneck Freedom Militia was told to stop fighting the USA, they retaliated. The RFM believed that the USA should not keep its claimed territory on Hontana, and the small agency declared war on the USA. Breaking the Fin a esta guerra, the RFM led a small invasion on the USA's capital building in Hontana. On December 14, 9:50pm, the USA's Hontanan capital building was attacked, and later bombed by the RFM. The next day, the nearest Antarctican military base was bombed. This attack stimulated rouge citizens to act; in Hontana and the USA. RFM commander 'n chief Cooper Oaks openly announced on a news channel that the RFM had declared war against the USA, and demanded that they leave Hontana immediately. These acts of rebellion and treason stirred up with every nation in Antarctica, when everyone soon realized that the Hontanans wanted to remove the USA for good. King Alexander Clanin and Emperor Naples Bon-Appetit tried to coax and even bribe Cooper Oaks from declaring war on the Antarcticans, declaring to him that the war was done with. Cooper would not listen, even when Alexander said that his small militia would be destroyed by the USA. This discussion between the three leaders spread throughout Antarctica fast, and many citizens made their choices. On December 26, over 100,000 Hontanans, Yowiens, and Frankish joined the RFM to fight the USA. Cooper led terrorist attacks on both the USA's strongholds on Hontana, and even the Antarctican mainland.

These terrorists attacks were highly annoying to the Antarcticans, and they quickly assumed that the Yofra army was actually backing up the RFM's attacks. Propaganda spread throughout the USA, and soon many citizens wanted BillyBob and the war counsel to break the agreement. However, such an act could drag Castilla (in that time more powerful than the USA) into the war. Warring against two empires and one monarchy would be too much for the USA to handle. BillyBob tried to discuss with Alexander and Naples on how to fix the situation, but Alexander and Naples were still angry with BillyBob. So, the terrorists attacks became much more frequent.

On December 30, a bomb was discovered near the capital building in Parie, Frankterre. Fortunately, the bomb was a dud, and was no serious danger to the workers within the capital building. The bomb was removed, and detonated in a nearby military training field. The bomb worried the Frankish, so the government dove deep to figure out who placed the bomb. Bermudo Castill, a Yowien detective, was hired by the Frankish government to find the the penguin or puffle who placed the bomb. Bermudo, after three days of searching, decided that an Antarctican mafia placed the bomb. He was not able to pinpoint which one, but narrowed it down to two. Now the Frankish were really mad, especially when another bomb was found in Parie on January 3.

On January 4, a true working bomb was found just across the street from The Yowien Castle. The bomb was removed by a bomb squad, but they didn't detonate it. They took pictures of the bomb, and sent them to Bermudo. Bermudo knew what mafia placed them instantly; he declared that the True Government Mafia planted both bombs. Frankish soldiers hunted down the TGM members in Parie, and Yowien soldiers found their bomb planter hiding in Sall on January 13. During this whole time, despite the bomb dangers, the RFM was still warring against the USA. On January 12, a bomb (planted by the RFM), was found strapped to the roof of the Antarctican capital building in Hontana. The bomb was remote control, and was the most powerful bomb that any civilian has ever constructed. The RFM demanded that unless the Antarcticans left Hontana, the bomb would go off and kill everyone within the building. BillyBob and the war counsel were personally dragged into the situation, and BillyBob was taken to Hontana in order to negotiate.

On January 14, BillyBob traveled to Hontana. When his plane landed, he expected a great crowd to gather. To his dismay, only reporters and photographers arrived. They also, did not seem pleased to see BillyBob. This worried BillyBob, as he saw the same emotions on the citizens' faces. When BillyBob's limo arrived at the capital building, he found himself surrounded by an angry mob. He had soldiers protecting him, however. On his trip to Hontana, BillyBob realized that the Hontanans really didn't want the USA ruling them. Fortunately he was able to negotiate with the RFM member holding the detonator, though they never spoke face to face, to release the hostages. BillyBob never thought about letting go of Hontana, until the terrorist attacks become much more frequent and violent.

On January 20, the Yofra military camp on the Antarctic Peninsula was attacked by a militia of USA rebels. These rebels consisted of penguins who were affected by the atom bomb dropped on Intake. They were armed with civilian weapons, and received little training. Which explains why they were so easily defeated by the Yofra army. However, the attack was alarming to Naples and Alexander. It became apparent that the Antarcticans didn't want them on the mainland either. After the attack, the Frankish and Yowien government dismissed the Ace Borderline Act; which was created to stop any mainland nations from passing the Ace Borderline. Alexander and Naples abolished it, because they realized that there would be no way to enforce it.

Rebel attacks continued as gangs and mafias tried to rid foreigners of their land. Hontana received the most violence, with the Antarctican territory on it becoming a hotbed of violence. It was declared on January 25 that the USA's territory on Hontana was the 10th most dangerous populated area in Antarctica. This feared the USA, and forced them to try harder to end the violence. The RFM was responsible for all the violence, and they were surprisingly proud of it. This angered Alexander, Naples, and Billybob greatly; with all this violence, boundaries on Hontana and laws were pushed aside. The terrorist attacks on the USA's claim to Hontana caused much chaos and anarchy on the rest of Hontana. Eventually, BillyBob had had enough. He declared war on Cooper Oaks himself, and hired 100's of bounty hunters to find and capture him. The one who would capture him would receive 5,000 pounds in reward. However, BillyBob allowed the bounty hunters to lead Antarctican soldiers outside of the boundaries they had in Hontana.

When Antarctican troops crossed the boundary, Naples and Alexander were extremely angry. They ordered that all Antarctican soldiers found past the border be captured, disarmed, and sent back to their part of Hontana. When Antarctican troops were being robbed of their supplies, and taking prisoner by Yofra's, that angered the Antarcticans as well. Very soon, the USA citizens were demanded war on the Yofra army, and the possession of all of Hontana. This worried Naples and Alexander, and they demanded a summit with the USA once again in Castilla. Therefore, on February 10, the three nation leaders met in Castilla to discuss the happenings in Hontana. Very quickly into the summit, Naples and BillyBob got into fight. Despite Alexander's and the Castillan's attempts, the two would not calm down. Naples and BillyBob got into an argument when BillyBob accidentally insult Naple's mother, and the argument transformed into the USA conquering territory without pride or kindness. Naples left the summit in a hurry, last stating that he would join the RFM and destroy all Antarcticans left on Hontana. The war was being stirred up again.

The Last Battles[edit]

On February 13, the RFM led a massive terrorist attack on two Antarctican forts. The RFM bombed the forts, destroyed the exteriors, and ran inside to combat the Antarcticans. The two forts were along the border, where it begins to bend in on itself like a triangle. The RFM planned to destroy the forts, and separate the Antarctican forces. After taking the two forts, both forces then marched towards each other to dig trenches along the border they had made. The inland Antarctican territory was now cut off from friendly supplies, and was in a dangerous situation. BillyBob combat this problem by having supplies shipped to the territory by planes and helicopters. However, just a week after, the RFM received anti-aircraft weapons from an unknown source. On February 20, the Antarctican war counsel voted to send troops to the RFM border and destroy the resistance. So on February 21, Antarctican soldiers in Ridney traveled down to the new border. The Antarctican soldiers arrived at the border with tanks, and other advanced equipment. The RFM, not being prepared for such weapons, were suddenly bombarded by explosive artillery. It is known that at 3:30pm, the RFM soldiers tried to surrender. The Antarctican general in command even knew about it, but did not take action. As a result, 10,000 of the 20,000 RFM soldiers were killed. The battle was named Bataille Boucher by Naples, who became extremely mad about the battle. He blamed the Antarctican forces for killing soldiers who tried to surrender and tried to not shoot back, but because the Antarcticans wouldn't listen they couldn't. The battle was on newspapers throughout all of Antarctica the next day, and many Antarcticans turned on their government. Very soon, the USA military was blamed for breaking universal military law, and many nations were on the verge of war with them.

On February 25, the Frankish military broke the Fin a esta guerra, and aided the RFM by giving them vast amounts of munitions. Their act angered Castilla greatly, and worried the public that have been affected by the war. Naples said that he would not tolerate mainlanders on Hontana, and that he would remove them once and for all. On February 28, the military bases at Hendive were bombed by Frankish planes, and on the same day Frankish submarines were sent to attack Ridney. The Antarctican bases at Hendive were devastated, and very soon the ports at Ridney were destroyed. BillyBob became extremely mad, and declared that Antarctican bombers destroy all Frankish forts within 50 miles of the USA's territory on Hontana. He and the war counsel didn't want to restart the war, because of the fear of Castilla getting involved.

On February 28, the RFM merged with the Frankish military, and they signed a declaration declaring that Hontana will be under Frankish control for certain. Now, with that declaration, Alexander became worried. He feared that soon the Yowiens would be pushed off Hontana, and his nation couldn't bear to loose that opportunity of resources and land. Alexander sent more soldiers to the Yowien camps on Hontana, and commanded that all RFM agents and Frankish soldiers peacefully leave the camps. The next month, he started to talk with Naples weekly. On March 2, Naples ensured Alexander that Hontana will be under Yowien control after the Antarcticans were removed. However, Alexander began to stop trusting Naples.

On March 8, Antarctican and Frankish soldiers started to march towards the northern center coast of the island. The two armies traveled to Gordon, where the final battle of the war would take place. Unannounced to them, a massive Yowien naval fleet waited for them at Gordon. Alexander was tired of the war, and how there was no way to end it. With the help of Antarctican, Yowien, and Frankish mafias/gangs, Alexander's generals had assembled a massive army that force the Frankish and Antarcticans to end the war and agree to a peace treaty written by the Frankish ambassador to Yow. On March 15, the Frankish and Antarctican military met at the battlefield. Instantly the battle began, and the two armies didn't even notice the Yowien fleet off the coast. The battle lasted for five hours until the two armies regroup to break, and then they realized shortly realized the fleet. Alexander himself and Ace Martin met Naples and the Antarctican general in the center of the field. Naples and the Antarctican were commanded to be come unarmed and peacefully. There the group negotiated for a way to end the war, but Naples stood his ground and would not compromise. The negotiations then failed when a misfired bullet came from the Frankish side, and killed the Antarctican general. Within minutes the Yowien and Frankish soldiers were fighting for their lives against the mad Antarctican armies.

The battle lasted till March 19, and was named the Quatre Jours Battle. It ended at 9:20pm when the Yofra army scared the Antarcticans away. The Antarcticans retreated back to their claim to Hontana. The next day, BillyBob ordered all Antarctican military agents to leave Hontana and fullback to the USA; after, of course, no valuable minerals or materials were found in the Hontanan area claimed by the USA. The Yowiens, Frankish, and Hontanans celebrated the end of the war, and had a massive feast. Naples began work on a treaty to hand Hontana over to Yow, while at the same time political thinking in Frankterre changed.


After the war ended, the Frankish Empire dissolved into a republic. Naples was removed from power, and became an average citizen. However, due to this, Frankterre's military was weakened when soldiers loyal to Naples quit. In 2006, Deuchland invaded Frankterre.

Hontana was completely given to Yow, without price. Alexander had Yowien forts built on all the major port cities of the island, and reinforced the military there. The want for more islands excited Alexander, as Yow started to gain more islands in future years.

The United States of Antarctica eventually grew into an extremely powerful nation, and created several Deletion Bombs. Relations between the USA and Yow dropped when the two nations argued more about Yow's territories, and who owns what islands in the Yowien Sea.

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