Fizz Master Brand Soda

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Fizz Master Brand Soda
You know you want it!
Type Caffeinated soft drink
Effects Hyperactivity, insanity (in very rare cases)
Source The Fizz Factory
Location Rockhopper's Soda Barn, people's fridges and freezers.
Cost to buy 21 coins a pack
Cost to sell 31 coins a pack

Fizz Master Brand Soda is a delicious, popular soda beverage that anyone can drink! (Unless, of course, you don't want to.) The drink comes in five flavors: Original, Diet, Strawberry, Orange and Cherry. The drink has become extremely popular over the years.


Fizz Master began in 1937 when a 26-year-old business owner named Timothy Fizz was tired of drinking Polka Pola. After timeless efforts and even access to the Polka Pola secret ingredient (it's sugar), he created his own sugar-free, decaffeinated soda brand marketed to hyperactive chicks called "Fizz Friends."

A few years later, a company going by the name of Yummy Inc. bought his brand for 4.5 million coins. In 1945, the beverage's name and essential ingredients were modified under the new name "Tasty Sweet", but soon, the head of Yummy had a better idea for the name: "Fizz Master."


  • Rocket Slug loves this drink. That's why she's insane.
  • Agent Meltie refuses to drink this.
  • The drink was once recalled after a loyal customer was infected with X-Virus after drinking a bottle.
  • Like all soda, Fizz Master is prohibited in Mattress Village.
  • Snow sometimes drinks this. Either this or Pop's Fizz.
  • When Mcdonalds394 first drank the soda, he said "Personally, I would hate this if they still have caffeine in it."

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