Flag Elections of NIBI

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Flag Elections of New Ice Berg Island
NIBI Elections.png
The current flag of the New Ice Berg Island. It was a rendered edition of the original one shown below.
Background information
Participants Conservatives, Ovals, Democrats, Republicans and Labours
Date 6 February 2009
Location Polling stations across USA.

Flag Elections of New Ice Berg Island was an event whereby the island-government parties of New Ice Berg Island: Beywards Party, Ovals, Democrats, Republicans and Labours allow USA citizens to vote for the new flag of New Ice Berg Island. Eventaully, the Conservatives (formerly Beywards) won the election, and "rendered" their design partially. When a re-poll was conducted, the results were nonetheless similar.

Cause of Elections[edit]

New Ice Berg Island needed a flag for the island. The island was almost complete, but without an identity, they may end up like their predecessor. To prevent such an incident from happening, the government decided to start the 'Flag Elections of NIBI', which took place on 9 February 2009.

Location of Polling Stations[edit]

The USA government had to spread their poll stations evenly across the USA. They had a total of 55 polling stations, most of them conducted at shops to save expenditure. 50 cities had one polling station. Those which had two include: South Pole City, Pengu Town, Shiverpool, Club Penguin City and Frostborough.

Entries and Voting[edit]

Each party in New Ice Berg Island had to submit their proposed design. Their designs had to describe the most out of NIBI.

Following that, voters of any age are allowed to vote in various polling stations around USA. The results were released on 16 February 2009, exactly a week after the votes were cast.

Using Paint tools instead of Powerpoint/Excel, it describes the votes percentage of each party.

Eventually, the then 'Beywards Party' won the election, and their design was chosen to be the official flag of New Ice Berg Island.

Flag Rendition and Controversy[edit]

In April 2010, the Conservatives, which was formerly the 'Beywards Party', decided to render their flag. They eliminated two mountains, and made changes to the island and horizon. This sparked heated controversy, since 'their submission SHOULD be the flag, instead of a new one'. The USA government decided to recontest and eventually, the results were slightly different-with Conservatives earning another 1% for improved quality. Therefore, the controversy ended on a happy note.

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