Flag of Ed Island

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Ed Island
Ed Island Flag.svg
Name Flag of Ed Island
Nickname Phoenix
Usage National flag
Proportions 3:5
Design Black flag with yellow, red,
and orange phoenix
Adoption 1942
Ed Island Imperial Flag.png
Name Flag of Imperial Ed Island
Nickname Schwarz-weiß-orange
Usage National flag
Proportions 3:5
Design Black-white-orange tricolor
Adoption 1812, 1942

The current Flag of Ed Island was adopted in 1942 and consists of a red, yellow, and orange phoenix on a black background.

National Flags[edit]

The first national flag of Ed Island was a black-white-orange tricolor, which was used until 1916, when the monarchy was overthrown and the Republic of Ed Island was formed. The new flag replaced the black in the tricolor with orange, as black was said to represent the monarchy. This flag remained in use up to the end of the Wulfen War, when the Republic collapsed and the monarchy returned into power. The redesigned flag consists of a solid black background with the phoenix national symbol, symbolizing Ed Island rising from the "ashes" of the civil war. In 2016 the Lumenburg Reforms gave the Imperial tricolor equal standing as the phoenix flag, as it was already a prominent symbol on the ensigns and other flags.

During the Wulfen War, the flag used by the Wulfen consisted of the Khanzem flag with the 'W' insigna replacing the 'K' of Khanzem's. Since 1942, the flag was altered with the disk now resembling the Moon. This flag has been officially recognized as a flag of the colony since early 2015, after the reunification of the two.

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